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1621 - King James I of England gives Sir Alexander Sterling royal charter for colonisation of Nova Scotia
1898 - Empress Dowager Cixi seizes power and ends the Hundred Days' Reform in China, imprisoning the Guangxu Emperor.
1922 - Pres Warren G Harding signs a joint resolution of approval to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine
1949 - Chinese Communist leaders proclaim People's Republic of China
1949 - Federal Republic of [West] Germany created under 3-power occupation
1954 - 1st nuclear submarine, USS Nautilus, commissioned under Commander Eugene P. Wilkinson

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1945 - Publisher Malcolm Forbes (26) weds Roberta Remsen Laidlaw
1996 - Supermodel Christie Brinkey marries for 4th time to Peter Cook
1996 - Elder son of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and magazine publisher John F. Kennedy Jr. (35) weds Caroline Bisset (30) at the wood-frame Brack Chapel of the First African Baptist Church in Cumberland Island, Georgia
2013 - US billionaire investor and active supporter of liberal political causes George Soros (83) weds health care and education consultant Tamiko Bolton (42) at his estate in Bedford, New York
2013 - Golden Globe-winning actor Andy Samberg (35) weds singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom (31) at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California

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1995 - Actor and host Wayne Brady (23) divorces Diana Lasso after almost 2 years of marriage

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