Famous Birthdays for January 1986

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1st - Glen Davis, American basketball player
1st - Vidya Balan, Indian actress
3rd - Lloyd Polite, American R&B singer
3rd - Jacob Timpano, Australian soccer player
4th - James Milner, English footballer
4th - Steve Slaton, American football player
5th - Deepika Padukone, Indian model and actress
5th - Teppei Koike, Japanese actor and singer
6th - Paul McShane, Irish footballer
6th - Alex Turner, English musician (Arctic Monkeys)
7th - Grant Leadbitter, English footballer
8th - Jaclyn Linetsky, Canadian actress (d. 2003)
8th - David Silva, Spanish footballer
10th - Saleisha Stowers, American model
12th - Miguel Ángel Nieto, Spanish footballer
13th - Joannie Rochette, Canadian figure skater
14th - Gary Brolsma, American internet celebrity
14th - Cristina Aicardi, Peruvian badminton player
15th - Fred Davis, American football player
16th - Mason Gamble, actor (Dennis the Menace)
21st - Coffin Joe, English drummer (The Horrors)
22nd - Lee Pa-ni, South Korean model
22nd - Daniel Wayne Smith, American actor, reality television personality (d. 2006)
23rd - Steven Taylor, English footballer
24th - Mischa Barton, English-born American actress
24th - Raviv Ullman, Israeli-born American actor
25th - Chris O'Grady, English footballer
25th - Shahriar Nafees, Bangladeshi cricketer
26th - Gerald Green, American basketball player
26th - Matt Heafy, American musician (Trivium)
26th - Shantelle Taylor, Canadian professional wrestler
28th - Shruti Haasan, Indian actress
28th - Jessica Ennis, English heptathlete
29th - Mark Howard, English football player
29th - Simon Vukčević, Montenegrin football player
29th - Chris Bourque, American pro hockey player
29th - Drew Tyler Bell, American actor
30th - Sam Duckworth, British singer-songwriter
30th - Nick Evans, American baseball player
31st - Yves Makabu-Makalambay, Belgian football goalkeeper

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