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1889-06-12 - 88 are killed in the Armagh rail disaster near Armagh in what is now Northern Ireland.
1921-05-24 - 1st parliament for Northern Ireland elected
1921-12-06 - Anglo-Irish Treaty signed; Ireland receives dominion status; partition creates Northern Ireland
1942-01-26 - 1st US force in Europe during WW II go ashore in Northern Ireland
1969-01-10 - Pirate Radio Station Free Derby begins operation by Northern Ireland
1969-08-14 - British troops intervene militarily in Northern Ireland
1969-12-18 - House of Lords votes to abolish the death penalty in England, Wales and Scotland (Northern Ireland 25 July 1973)
1971-08-14 - British begin internment without trial in Northern Ireland
1972-03-24 - Great Britain imposes direct rule over Northern Ireland
1973-12-09 - Sunningdale Agreement in Northern Ireland
1974-05-29 - Northern Ireland is brought under direct rule from Westminster
1976-08-14 - 10,000 Northern Ireland women demonstrate for peace in Belfast
1985-11-27 - Republic of Ireland gains consultative role in Northern Ireland
1987-05-08 - The Loughgall ambush: The SAS kill 8 IRA members and 1 civilian, in Loughgall, Northern Ireland.
1993-12-15 - British premier Major/Irish premier Reynolds signs Downing Street Declaration concerning Northern Ireland self determination
1994-08-31 - Northern Ireland Sinn Fein proclaims ceases-fire
1997-12-27 - Protestant paramilitary leader Billy Wright is assassinated in Northern Ireland.
1998-03-21 - Good Friday Agreement signed in Northern Ireland.
1998-05-23 - The Good Friday Agreement is accepted in a referendum in Northern Ireland with 75% voting yes.
1998-08-15 - Omagh bomb in Northern Ireland, the worst terrorist incident of The Troubles, killed 29 people and injured about 220
1998-12-26 - Severe gales over Ireland, northern England, and southern Scotland cause widespread disruption and widespread power outages in Northern Ireland and southern Scotland.
1999-12-02 - The United Kingdom devolves political power in Northern Ireland to the Northern Ireland Executive.
2001-10-23 - The Provisional Irish Republican Army of Northern Ireland commences disarmament after peace talks.
2002-02-14 - Fishing vessel Tullaghmurray Lass sinks off the coast of Kilkeel, County Down, Northern Ireland killing three members of the same family on board
2005-07-28 - The Provisional Irish Republican Army call an end to their thirty year long armed campaign in Northern Ireland.
2007-05-08 - A new Northern Ireland Executive is formed under the leadership of Ian Paisley of the Democratic Unionist Party as First Minister and Martin McGuinness of Sinn Féin as Deputy First Minister.
2007-07-31 - Operation Banner, the presence of the British Army in Northern Ireland, and longest-running British Army operation ever, comes to an end.

Famous Birthdays

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1889-04-06 - Barry Macollum, Northern Ireland
1903-11-01 - Max Adrian, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Irish actor (Devils, Music Lover)
1919-01-31 - Robert Lowry, Baron Lowry. Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland and a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary.
1920-05-10 - Basil Kelly, Lord Justice of Appeals (Northern Ireland)
1926-04-21 - Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, London UK, Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, 1952- )
Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth IIQueen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II (1926-04-21) 1927-05-09 - John McDermott, Lord Justice of Appeal (Northern Ireland)
1931-12-31 - Bob Shaw, Belfast, Northern Ireland, sci-fi author (Light of Other Days, The Ragged Astronauts)
1933-07-05 - Terence Cooper, Northern Ireland, actor (Casino Royale)
1946-05-22 - George Best, footballer/soccer player (Manchester United, Northern Ireland)
1946-10-31 - Stephen Rea, Belfast, Northern Ireland, film and stage actor (Crying Game, Michael Collins)
1947-09-14 - Sam Neill, Northern Ireland, actor (Jurassic Park, Dead Calm, Piano)
1966-01-03 - Martin Galway, Northern Ireland composer
1981-08-12 - Tony Capaldi, Northern Ireland footballer
Actor Sam NeillActor Sam Neill (1947-09-14) 1989-05-04 - Rory McIlroy, Holywood Northern Ireland, Professional Golfer

Famous Weddings

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2006-01-05 - Adult film actress Linsey Dawn McKenzie (27) weds former Wimbledon F.C. and Northern Ireland footballer Mark Williams (35) at the central London register office

Famous Deaths

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1971-12-12 - Jack Barnhill, Northern Ireland senator, assassinated
King of Great Britain Edward VIIIKing of Great Britain Edward VIII (1972-05-28) 1972-05-28 - Edward VIII, King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland dies at 77
2005-11-25 - George Best, former footballer dies at age 59 after suffering multiple organ failures (Manchester United, Northern Ireland)

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