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Historical Events

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Jan 4th - Netherlands, England & France sign Triple Alliance
Jan 5th - Prussian King Frederik Willem I buys conscript for nobles
Jan 14th - German mob leader "Sjako" sentenced to death in Amsterdam
Feb 1st - Henri d'Aguesseau's 1st appointment as chancellor of France
Mar 2nd - The Loves of Mars and Venus becomes the first ballet performed in England.
Mar 31st - A sermon on "The Nature of the Kingdom of Christ" by Benjamin Hoadly, the Bishop of Bangor, provoked the Bangorian Controversy.
Jun 24th - 1st Free Masons' grand lodge founded in London
Jul 17th - Handel's "Water Music" premieres on the river Thames in London
Jul 28th - Prussian king Frederik Willem I gives compulsory education to 5-12 yrs
Aug 16th - Prince Eugenius of Savoye occupies Belgrade
Composer George Friedrich HandelComposer George Friedrich Handel Aug 17th - France, Russia & Prussia sign agreement
Aug 22nd - Spanish troops lands on Sardinia
Nov 28th - Blackbeard attacks a French merchant vessel called "La Concorde", which he would capture and rename as the "Queen Anne's Revenge"
Dec 5th - Blackbeard ransacks the merchant sloop "Margaret" and keeps her captain, Henry Bostock, prisoner for 8 hours before releasing him. Bostock would later provide the first recorded of Blackbeard's appearance, with specific reference to his "very black beard", providing the source for his name
Dec 25th - Floods ravage Dutch coast provinces, thousands killed

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 32 of 32

Jan 4th - Antonio Maria Mazzoni, composer
Jan 5th - William Wildman Shute Barrington, British statesman (d. 1793)
Jan 28th - Mustafa III, Ottoman Sultan (d. 1774). Reigned 1757-74.
Jan 29th - Jeffrey Amherst, English gov-gen of America/fieldmarshal
Feb 2nd - Ernst Gideon Freiherr von Laudon, Austrian field marshal (d. 1790)
Feb 10th - Pierre de La Garde, composer
Feb 19th - David Garrick, actor/producer/writer (Aboan-Oroonoko), (d. 2013)
Feb 24th - Bernhard Hupfeld, composer
Feb 26th - John Randall, composer
Mar 26th - Manuel Jeronimo Romero de Avila, composer
Mar 31st - Florian Wrastill, composer
Apr 9th - Georg Matthias Monn, composer
Apr 30th - Guillaume Gommaire Kennis, composer
May 13th - Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria (Wife of emperor Franz I)
Jun 8th - John Collins, American politician (d. 1795)
Jun 19th - Johann Wenzel Anton Stamitz, composer
Jun 20th - Jacques Saly, French sculptor (d. 1776)
Jun 27th - Louis Guillaume Lemonnier, French botanist (d. 1799)
Jul 5th - Pedro III of Portugal, consort of Maria I of Portugal (d. 1786)
Aug 13th - Christoph Nichelsmann, German composer
Aug 13th - Louis François I, Prince of Conti, French military leader (d. 1776)
Aug 15th - Blind Jack, English roadbuilder (d. 1810)
Sep 4th - Job Orton, English minister (d. 1783)
Sep 22nd - Pehr Wilhelm Wargentin, Swedish astronomer (d. 1783)
Sep 24th - Horace Walpole, England, British horror writer (Castle of Otranto)
Oct 5th - Marie-Anne de Mailly-Nesle duchess de Châteauroux, French mistress of King Louis XV of France (d. 1744)
Enlightenment Philosopher Jean-Baptiste Le Rond d'AlembertEnlightenment Philosopher Jean-Baptiste Le Rond d'Alembert (Nov 16th) Nov 16th - Jean-Baptiste Le Rond d'Alembert, French Enlightenment philosophe/mathematician (Encyclopédie), (d. 1783)
Dec 9th - Johann J Winckelmann, German archaeologist (History of Ancient Art)
Dec 16th - Elizabeth Carter, English writer (d. 1806)
Dec 20th - Charles Gravier, comte de Vergennes, French statesman and diplomat (d. 1787)
Dec 25th - Pius VI, [Giovanni A Braschi], Italy, Pope (1775-99)
Dec 27th - Pope Pius VI (d. 1799)

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 13 of 13

Mar 3rd - Pierre Allix, French/British theologist/vicar, dies at about 75
Mar 19th - John Campbell, 1st Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, Scottish royalist
Apr 3rd - Jacques Ozanam, French mathematician (b. 1640)
Apr 5th - Jean Jouvenet, French painter (b. 1647)
May 10th - John Hathorne, American magistrate (b. 1641)
May 20th - John Trevor, British statesman (b. 1637)
Jun 9th - Jeanne-Marie Bouvier de la Mothe-Guyon, French mystic, dies at 69
Jun 9th - Louis Le Quointe, composer, dies at 64
Jul 21st - Niccolo Amenta, Italian poet (La Gostanza), dies
Aug 10th - Nicolaas Witsen, etcher/mayor (Amsterdam), dies
Oct 26th - Catherine Sedley, English mistress of James II of England (b. 1657)
Nov 2nd - Johann Jacob Walther, composer, dies
Nov 26th - Daniel Purcell, British composer (b. 1664)

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