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Historical Events

Events 1 - 28 of 28

Jan 1st - The Irish Parliament votes to join the Kingdom of Great Britain, forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Jan 1st - The dwarf planet Ceres is discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi.
Jan 20th - John Marshall appointed US chief justice
Feb 9th - France & Austrian sign Peace of Luneville
Feb 17th - US House of Representatives breaks electoral college tie, chooses Thomas Jefferson President over Burr
Feb 27th - Washington DC placed under Congressional jurisdiction
Mar 3rd - 1st US Jewish governor, David Emanuel, takes office in Georgia
Mar 4th - 1st US President inaugurated in Washington DC (Thomas Jefferson)
Mar 7th - Massachusetts enacts 1st state voter registration law
Mar 8th - British drive French forces from Abukir, Egypt
Mar 10th - First census in Great Britain
US President Thomas JeffersonUS President Thomas Jefferson Mar 24th - Aleksandr Pavlovich Romanov becomes Tsar Alexander I of Russia
Apr 2nd - Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Copenhagen - The British destroy the Danish fleet.
Apr 8th - Soldiers riot in Bucharest, kill 128 Jews
Apr 11th - Johann von Schiller's "Die Jungfrau von Orleans" premieres in Leipzig
Apr 24th - 1st performance of Joseph Haydn's oratorio "Die Jahreszeiten"
May 10th - First Barbary War: The Barbary pirates of Tripoli declare war on the United States of America.
Jun 6th - Peace of Badajoz: Spain-Portugal
Jun 10th - Tripoli declares war on US for refusing tribute
French Emperor Napoleon BonaparteFrench Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte Jul 6th - Battle at Algeciras: French fleet beats British
Jul 7th - Toussaint L'Ouverture declares Haitian independence
Jul 11th - French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons discovers his 1st comet
Jul 12th - Battle at Algeciras: British fleet beats French & Spanish
Jul 16th - Pope Pius VII & 1st consul Napoleon sign concord
Jul 20th - Elisha Brown Jr pressed a 1,235 pound cheese ball at his farm
Oct 1st - England & France signs Preliminary of London
Nov 10th - Kentucky outlaws dueling
Nov 16th - 1st edition of New York Evening Post

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 62 of 62

Jan 11th - John Lodge Ellerton, composer
Jan 21st - Ramon Vilanova y Barrera, composer
Jan 29th - Johannes Bernardus van Bree, Dutch violinist/composer (Felix Meritis)
Feb 1st - Adolf Fredrik Lindblad, composer
Feb 1st - Thomas Cole, US, romantic landscape painter (Hudson River School)
Feb 1st - Émile Littré, French lexicographer (d. 1881)
Feb 7th - John Rylands, England, merchant/philanthropist
Feb 21st - Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda, composer
Feb 21st - John Henry Newman, England, cardinal/author (Dream of Gerontius)
Mar 15th - Coenraad J van Houten, Dutch cocoa manufacturer
Mar 21st - Maria Theresa of Tuscany, Queen of Sardinia (d. 1855)
Mar 23rd - Peterus D Regout, Dutch industrialist (Sphinx, Maastricht)
Apr 7th - Henry Eagle, Commander (Union Navy), died in 1882
Apr 11th - Claude Tillier, French journalist/writer (My Uncle Benjamin)
Apr 12th - Henry de Cock, Dutch reformed vicar/secession leader
Apr 12th - Josef Franz Karl Lanner, Austria, composer/violist
Apr 19th - Gustav T Fechner, [Dr Mises], German philosopher/physicist
Apr 26th - Ambrose Dudley Mann, American diplomat (d. 1889)
May 6th - George Sears Greene, Bvt Mjr General (Union volunteers), died in 1899
May 9th - Samuel Cousins, mezzotint engraver
May 11th - Henri Labrouste, French architect (d. 1875)
May 16th - William H. Seward, United States Secretary of State, bought Alaska at 2 ¢/acre (d. 1872)
May 31st - Johann Georg Baiter, Swiss philologist (d. 1887)
Jun 1st - Brigham Young, painter/religious leader (Mormon church)/polygamist
Jun 3rd - Frantisek Jan Skroup, composer
Jun 4th - James Pennethorne, architect
Jun 14th - Heber C. Kimball, American religious leader (d. 1868)
Jun 15th - Benjamin Raymond, Mayor of Chicago (d. 1883)
Jun 16th - Julius Plücker, German mathematician and physicist (d. 1868)
Jun 23rd - Daniel Smith Donelson, Major General (Confederate Army), died in 1863
US Civil War Admiral David FarragutUS Civil War Admiral David Farragut (Jul 5th) Jul 5th - David Farragut, Campbell's Station, Tennessee, US Admiral ("Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!")
Jul 12th - John Hill Hewitt, composer
Jul 14th - Johannes Peter Müller, German physiologist (d. 1858)
Jul 26th - John Drake Sloat, Ret Major General Comm (Union Navy), died in 1867
Jul 27th - George Biddle Airy, 7th Astronomer Royal
Jul 29th - George Bradshaw, English publisher (d. 1853)
Aug 3rd - Joseph Paxton, English landscape architect (Crystal Palace)
Aug 10th - Robert Woodward Barnwell, MC (Confederacy), died in 1882
Aug 21st - Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer, WW II Dutch statesman/historian
Aug 28th - Antoine A Cournot, French philosopher/mathematician (rule of Cournot)
Sep 10th - Marie Laveau, American Voodoo practitioner (d. 1881)
Sep 12th - Giuseppe Concone, Italian singing-teacher
Sep 17th - Edward William Lane, translator (Thousand & 1 Nights)
Sep 24th - Mikhail Vasilievich Ostrogradsky, Ukrainian scientist (d. 1862)
Oct 6th - Hippolyte Carnot, French statesman (d. 1888)
Oct 7th - Adolf Muller, composer
Oct 12th - Friedrich Frey-Herosé, Swiss statesman (d. 1873)
Oct 14th - Joseph AF Plateau, Belgium, physicist (blinded-stared at Sun 25 secs)
Oct 23rd - Gustav Albert Lortzing, composer
Oct 28th - Karl Georg Lickl, composer
Nov 3rd - Karl Baedeker, Germany, published travel books
Nov 3rd - Vincenzo Bellini, Italian opera composer (La Sonnambula, Norma)
Nov 10th - Vladimir Dal, Russian lexicographer (d. 1872)
Nov 13th - Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria, queen of Prussia (d. 1873)
Nov 13th - Amalie Auguste of Bavaria, queen of Saxony (d. 1877)
Nov 24th - Ludwig Bechstein, German poet (d. 1860)
Nov 27th - Alexander Egorovich Varlamov, composer
Dec 7th - Johann Nepomuk Nestroy, Austrian actor (Judith und Holofernes)
Dec 11th - Grabbe, writer
Dec 17th - Johan NMJ, king of Saxon (1854-73) (translated Divina Commedia)
Dec 27th - Guillaume L Baud, Dutch minister of Colonies (1848-49)
Dec 28th - James Barnes, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1869

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 37 of 37

Jan 2nd - Johann C Lavater, Swiss vicar/philosopher, dies at 59
Jan 11th - Domenico Cimarosa, Italian composer (Matrimonio segreto), dies at 51
Feb 7th - Daniel Chodowiecki, Polish painter (b. 1726)
Feb 8th - Johann Chrysostomus Drexel, composer, dies at 43
Mar 14th - Christian Friedrich Penzel, composer, dies at 63
Mar 17th - Juan de Sesse y Balaguer, composer, dies at 64
Mar 21st - Andrea Lucchesi, composer, dies at 59
Mar 23rd - Tsar Paul I of Russia (1796-1801) is struck with a sword, strangled, and trampled to death in his bedroom at St. Michael's Castle aged 46
Mar 25th - Anthony Ziesenis, architect/sculptor (Camper), dies at 69
Mar 25th - Novalis, writer, dies at 28
Mar 28th - Ralph Abercromby, English army commander (North Holland), dies at 66
Apr 2nd - Thomas Dadford Junior, British canal engineer (b. circa 1761)
Apr 7th - Noël François de Wailly, French lexicographer (b. 1724)
May 5th - Philippe-Lambert-Joseph Spruyt, Flemish painter/engraver, dies at 74
May 12th - Nicholas Repnin, Russian statesman (b. 1734)
May 14th - Johann Ernst Altenburg, composer, dies at 66
May 15th - Louis C count Barbiano de Belgioioso, Austrian diplomat, dies at 73
May 17th - William Heberden, English physician (b. 1710)
May 19th - Herman H Vitringa, politician (National Meetings), dies
May 22nd - Heinrich Gottfried Reichard, composer, dies at 58
Jun 4th - Frederick Muhlenberg, American statesman (b. 1750)
US Defector General Benedict ArnoldUS Defector General Benedict Arnold (Jun 14th) Jun 14th - Benedict Arnold, Revolutionary War general, dies in London at 60
Jun 23rd - Bendix Friedrich Zinck, composer, dies at 58
Jul 3rd - Johann Nepomuk Went, composer, dies at 56
Jul 26th - Daniel Dal Barba, composer, dies at 86
Aug 22nd - Pieter G van Overstraten, gov-gen of Neth-Indies, dies at 46
Aug 24th - Jacques-Denis Antoine, French builder (La Monnaie Paris), dies at 68
Sep 1st - Robert Bage, English writer (Hermsprong), dies
Sep 10th - Jason Fairbanks, American murderer (b. 1780)
Oct 3rd - Philippe Henri, marquis de Ségur, Marshal of France (b. 1724)
Oct 23rd - Johann Gottlieb Naumann, German composer, dies at 60
Nov 4th - William Shippen, American physician and delegate to the Continental Congress (b. 1712)
Nov 5th - Norinaga Moto'ori, Japanese scientist, dies
Nov 6th - Christian Friedrich Gregor, composer, dies at 78
Nov 9th - Carl Philipp Stamitz, composer, dies at 56
Nov 24th - Franz Moritz Graf von Lacy, Austrian field marshal (b. 1725)
Nov 28th - Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu, French geologist (b. 1750)

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