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Historical Events

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Jan 5th - California Exchange opens
Jan 18th - British blockade Piraeus, Greece to enforce mercantile claims
Jan 20th - Investigator, first ship to effect northwest passage, leaves England
Jan 22nd - Alta California becomes a daily paper, 1st such in Calif
Jan 26th - 1st German language daily newspaper in US published, NYC
Jan 29th - Henry Clay introduces a comprise bill on slavery to US Senate
Feb 5th - Adding machine employing depressible keys patented, New Paltz, NY
Feb 12th - Original Washington's Farewell Address manuscript sells for $2,300
Feb 18th - California Legislature creates nine Bay Area counties
Feb 28th - The University of Utah opens in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mar 5th - The Britannia Bridge across the Menai Strait between the Isle of Anglesey and the mainland of Wales is opened.
Mar 7th - Daniel Webster endorses Compromise of 1850
Mar 11th - Woman's Medical College of Penn (1st female medical school)
American Statesman Daniel WebsterAmerican Statesman Daniel Webster Mar 12th - 1st US $20 gold piece issued
Mar 16th - Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Scarlet Letter" published
Mar 18th - Henry Wells & William Fargo forms American Express in Buffalo
Mar 29th - SS Royal Adelaide sinks in storm; 200 die
Mar 31st - US population hits 23,191,876 (Black population: 3,638,808 (15.7%))
Apr 1st - SF County government established
Apr 4th - City of Los Angeles incorporated
Apr 15th - City of San Francisco incorporated
Apr 25th - Paul Julius Reuter, use 40 pigeons to carry stock market prices
May 1st - John Geary becomes 1st mayor of San Francisco
May 11th - Work starts on 1st brick building in San Francisco
May 27th - Mormon Temple in Nauvoo, Illinois, destroyed by tornado
Jun 4th - Empire Engine Company No 1 organized
Jun 4th - Self-deodorizing fertilizer patented in England
Fashion Designer Levi StraussFashion Designer Levi Strauss Jun 6th - Levi Strauss make his 1st pair of blue jeans
Jun 14th - Fire destroys part of San Francisco
Jun 17th - Paddle-wheeler "G P Griffith" burns off Mentor Ohio (206 die)
Jun 29th - British ex-Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel falls off his horse; de died three days later
Jun 29th - Autocephaly Officially Granted by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople to The Church of Greece.
Jul 1st - At least 626 ships lie at anchor around SF Bay
Jul 2nd - Benjamin Lane patents gas mask with a breathing apparatus
Jul 7th - Scottish explorer Edward Eyre reaches Albany, W-Australia
Jul 10th - Millard Fillmore sworn in as president of US (replacing Taylor)
Jul 12th - Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts establishment of Provincial States
Jul 14th - 1st public demonstration of ice made by refrigeration
Jul 15th - John Wisden bowls all 10 South batsmen, North v South at Lord's
13th US President Millard Fillmore13th US President Millard Fillmore Jul 17th - Harvard Observatory takes 1st photograph of a star (Vega)
Jul 19th - Airship Elizabeth leaves in storm for Fire Island, crashes (42 die)
Jul 23rd - 17th Postmaster General: Nathan K Hall of NY takes office
Jul 25th - Gold discovered in Oregon (Rogue River)
Aug 23rd - 1st national women's rights convention convenes in Worcester Mass
Aug 28th - Richard Wagner's opera "Lohengrin" premieres at Weimar, Germany
Aug 30th - Honolulu, Hawaii, becomes a city
Aug 31st - California pioneers organized at Montgomery & Clay Streets
Sep 9th - Territories of New Mexico & Utah created
Sep 9th - California is admitted as the thirty-first U.S. state
Sep 11th - "Swedish Nightingale" Jenny Lind gives 1st US concert
Sep 17th - Great fire in San Francisco
Sep 18th - Congress passes Fugitive Slave Law as part of Compromise of 1850
Sep 20th - Slave trade abolished in DC, but slavery allowed to continue
Composer Richard WagnerComposer Richard Wagner Sep 24th - Papal Bull issued, establishes Roman Catholic hierarchy in England
Sep 28th - US Navy abolishes flogging as punishment
Oct 12th - First women's medical school (Women's Medical College of Penns), opens
Oct 17th - Knickerbocker Engine Co Number 5 organized
Nov 6th - 1st Hawaiian fire engine
Nov 6th - Yerba Buena & Angel Islands (SF Bay) reserved for military use
Nov 19th - Alfred Tennyson becomes British Poet Laureate, succeeding William Wordsworth
Nov 29th - The treaty, Punctation of Olmütz, signed in Olomouc means diplomatic capitulation of Prussia to Austrian Empire, which took over the leadership of German Confederation.
Dec 16th - Ships the Charlotte-Jane and the Randolph bring the first of the Canterbury Pilgrims to Lyttelton, New Zealand
Poet Alfred TennysonPoet Alfred Tennyson Dec 20th - Hawaiian post office established
Dec 27th - Hawaiian Fire Dept established
Dec 28th - Rangoon, Burma, destroyed by fire

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 108

Jan 5th - Theodoor Verstraete, Flemish painter/etcher
Jan 6th - Eduard "Ede" Bernstein, German marxist (New Era)
Jan 6th - Franz Xaver Scharwenka, German pianist/composer (Mataswintha)
Jan 10th - John Wellborn Root, American architect (d. 1891)
Jan 11th - J C Arthur, Lowville NY, botanist (studied rusts)
Jan 11th - Philipp la Renotiere von Ferrary, famous philatelist
Jan 13th - Leon Francis Victor Caron, composer
Jan 14th - Jean de Reszke, [Jan Mieczyslaw], Polish tenor
Jan 14th - Pierre Loti, French writer (d. 1923)
Jan 15th - Mihail Eminesco, [Eminovici], Romanian poet (Samanul Dionis)
Jan 15th - Sofia Kovalevskaya, Russian mathematician. (d. 1891)
Jan 17th - Alexander Sergeyevich Taneyev, St Petersburg Russia, composer
Jan 18th - Seth Low, American politician (d. 1916)
Founder of the American Federation of Labor Samuel GompersFounder of the American Federation of Labor Samuel Gompers (Jan 27th) Jan 27th - Samuel Gompers, American labor union leader (American Federation of Labor), born in London, England
Jan 27th - Edward J. Smith, English captain of the Titanic (d. 1912)
Jan 29th - Ebenezer Howard, pioneer of garden cities, born in London, England
Jan 29th - Lawrence Hargrave, inventor (box kite)
Feb 2nd - Carel V Gerritsen, Dutch free thinker
Feb 12th - Amaat Vyncke, Flemish missionary (Flemish Flag)
Feb 16th - Octave Mirbeau, France, writer (Journal of a Lady's Maid)
Feb 17th - Anton Urspruch, composer
Feb 17th - Ludwig Bonvin, composer
Feb 18th - George Henschel, composer
Feb 20th - Nérée Beauchemin, Canadian physician and poet (d. 1931)
Feb 22nd - Isaac L Rice, Germany, (namesake of Columbia Univ's Rice stadium)
Feb 23rd - César Ritz, Swiss hotelier (d. 1918)
Feb 27th - Henry Edwards Huntington, US, railroad exec
Feb 28th - Hermann Schell, German theologist/philosopher (Gott und Geist)
Mar 5th - Daniel Brink Towner, composer
Mar 7th - Tomés G Masaryk, Czechoslovakia, Father/Pres of Czech (1918-35)
Mar 7th - Champ Clark, American politician (d. 1921)
Mar 9th - Alexandre Luigini, composer
Mar 10th - Mary Mills Patrick, US, 1st pres of Istanbul Woman's College
Mar 10th - Spencer Gore, British tennis player and cricketer (d. 1906)
Mar 13th - Emilio Serrano y Ruiz, composer
Mar 24th - Silas Hocking, British novelist and preacher (d. 1935)
Mar 26th - Edward Bellamy, author (Looking Backward)
Apr 8th - William Henry Welch, US, pathologist (founded John Hopkins)
Apr 9th - Herman Zumpe, composer
Apr 13th - Arthur Matthew Weld Downing, British astronomer (d. 1917)
Apr 15th - John Munroe Longyear, US, capitalist/bank president
Apr 16th - Herbert Baxter Adams, US, historian (American Historical Association)
Apr 19th - Edward John Gregory, painter/engraver
Apr 19th - Theo Mann-Bouwmeester, Dutch actress (Pink Bernd, Hedda Gabler)
Apr 20th - Daniel Chester, French/American sculptor (Minute Man)
Apr 27th - Hans Hartwig von Beseler, German general (d. 1921)
May 1st - Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, Governor General of Canada (d. 1942)
May 8th - Ross Barnes, baseball player (d. 1915)
May 10th - Thomas Johnstone Lipton, Glasgow, yachtsman/tea magnate (Lipton Tea)
May 12th - Henry Cabot Lodge, U.S. statesman (d. 1924)
May 16th - Arthur Henry Mann, organist/composer
May 17th - Antonio Scontrino, composer
May 18th - Oliver Heaviside, physicist (predicted ionosphere), born in London, England
May 20th - Eaton Faning, composer
May 21st - Giuseppe Mercalli, Italian volcanologist (d. 1914)
May 22nd - Johann Schrammel, composer
May 24th - Ernest Albert Waterlow, water-color painter
May 26th - Christine [Elizabeth C] Poolman, Dutch actress (Stupid force)
May 27th - Thomas Neill Cream, Glasgow, Scotland, serial killer (Lambeth poisoner), (d. 1892)
Jun 5th - Pat Garrett, American Western lawman (d. 1908)
Jun 6th - Karl F Braun, Germany, co-developed wireless telegraphy (Nobel 1909)
Jun 18th - Richard Heuberger, composer
Jun 19th - David Jayne Hill, American diplomat (d. 1932)
Jun 24th - Horatio Herbert Kitchener, County Kerry, Ireland, commander of the British forces during Anglo-Boer War
Jun 27th - Ivan Vazov, Bulgaria, poet/novelist/playwright (Under the Yoke)
Jun 27th - Jacob Adolf Hagg, composer
Jun 27th - Lafcadio Hearn, US, journalist/author (Chita)
Jun 27th - Jørgen Pedersen Gram, Danish mathematician (d. 1919)
Jun 29th - Joseph Paul Skelly, composer
Jul 3rd - Alfredo Kiel, composer
Jul 4th - Ole Olsen, composer
Jul 11th - Annie Armstrong, American missionary leader (d. 1938)
Jul 12th - Otto Schoetensack, German anthropologist (d. 1912)
Jul 15th - Francesca Xavier Cabrini, [Mother Cabrini], 1st US saint
Jul 18th - Rose Hartwick Thorpe, American poet (d. 1939)
Aug 3rd - Paul A Daum, Dutch writer/founder/editor (Batavian Newspaper)
Aug 3rd - Reginald Heber Roe, 2nd Headmaster of Brisbane Grammar School (d. 1926)
Aug 5th - Anton Simon, composer
Aug 5th - Guy de Maupassant, France, author (Boule de Suif)
Aug 14th - Earnest YY [Bachigaloupi] Tourniaire, actor (Kloris & Roses)
Aug 26th - Charles Richet, French physiologist (anaphylaxis-Nobel 1913)
Sep 2nd - Albert Spaulding, baseball player/founded Spaulding sports company
Sep 2nd - Eugene Field, author/journalist (Little Boy Blue)
Sep 2nd - Woldemar Voigt, German physicist (d. 1919)
Sep 4th - Luigi Cadorna, Italian fieldmarshal/earl (WW I-Caporetto)
Sep 6th - Louis F H "Louis" Apol, painter/etcher/literary
Sep 9th - Harishchandra, India, poet/dramatist/father of modern Hindi
Sep 9th - Leopoldo Miguez, composer
Oct 4th - John W McGraw, (Gov-R-Wash) (1893-97)
Oct 5th - Sergey Muromtsev, Russian lawyer and politician, and President of the First Imperial Duma (d. 1910)
Oct 8th - Henri Louis le Chatelier, French chemist (d. 1936)
Oct 18th - Francis Thome, composer
Oct 19th - Annie S Peck, mountain climber/explorer/diplomat
Nov 5th - Ella Wheeler Wilcox, American author and poet (d. 1919)
Nov 8th - Karel Komzak, composer
Nov 9th - Lewis Lewin, Germany, toxicologist/father of psychopharmacologist
Nov 12th - Mikhail Chigorin, Russian chess player (d. 1908)
Novelist Robert Louis StevensonNovelist Robert Louis Stevenson (Nov 13th) Nov 13th - Robert Louis Stevenson, Edinburgh, Scotland, author (Treasure Island), (d. 1894)
Nov 20th - Arthur Goring Thomas, English composer
Nov 26th - Henricus Van de Wetering, archbishop of Utrecht (1895-1929)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 5 of 5

Mar 14th - French writer and playwright Honoré de Balzac marries Ewelina Hańska in Berdyczów, Ukraine
Union General William Tecumseh ShermanUnion General William Tecumseh Sherman (May 1st) May 1st - Soldier William Tecumseh Sherman (30) weds Eleanor Boyle Ewing in Washington, D.C.
Jun 13th - Poet laureate Alfred Tennyson (40) weds Emily Sellwood (36)
Jun 19th - Swedish/Norwegian crown prince Charles weds Dutch princess Wilhelmina
Jul 22nd - Composer Stephen Foster (24) weds Jane Denny McDowell at Trinity Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 49 of 49

Jan 1st - Raphael G Kiesewetter, Austria musicologist, dies at 76
Jan 14th - Anthony van Hoboken, Rotterdam merchant/ship owner, dies at 93
Jan 20th - Adam Oehlenschläger, Danish poet (b. 1779)
Jan 22nd - Vincenzo Pallotti, Italian saint, dies at 54
Jan 26th - Francis Jeffrey, Baron Jeffrey, judge/literary critic, dies
Jan 27th - J Gottfried Schadow, German sculptor/cartoonist/writer, dies at 85
Jan 27th - Philipp Roth, composer, dies at 70
Feb 1st - Edward Baker Lincoln, son of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln
Feb 25th - Daoguang, Emperor of China (b. 1782)
Mar 3rd - Oliver Cowdery, American religious leader (b. 1806)
Mar 19th - Adalbert Gyrowetz, Bohemian composer, dies at 87
Mar 21st - Miguel Pedrorena, American settler
Mar 27th - Wilhelm Bear, German banker/astronomer (Moon Map), dies at 53
Mar 28th - Gerard C. Brandon, American politician (b. 1788)
Politician John C. CalhounPolitician John C. Calhoun (Mar 31st) Mar 31st - John C. Calhoun, American politician, dies of tuberculosis at 68
Apr 3rd - Vaclav Jan Krtitel Tomasek, organist/pianist/composer, dies at 75
Apr 7th - William Lisle Bowles, English poet (14 Sonnets), dies at 87
Apr 9th - William Prout, physician/chemist, dies
Apr 12th - Adoniram Judson, American Baptist missionary (b. 1788)
Apr 16th - Marie [Gresholtz] Tussaud, maker of wax figures, dies at 88
Apr 23rd - William Wordsworth, poet, dies at 80
Apr 24th - Louis Alexandre Piccinni, composer, dies at 70
May 9th - Louis-Joseph Gay-Lussac, chemist/physicist, dies
May 24th - Jane Porter, novelist (Scottish Chiefs), dies at 74
Jun 4th - Willem F Mauritius HK, prince of Orange, dies at 74
Jun 12th - Jean V Constant de Rebecque, Swiss/Dutch army leader, dies at 77
Jun 16th - William Lawson explorer of New South Wales, Australia (b. 1774)
Jun 18th - Antoni Weinert, composer, dies at 99
British Prime Minister Robert PeelBritish Prime Minister Robert Peel (Jul 2nd) Jul 2nd - Robert "Bobbie" Peel, British PM/founder London Police, dies at 62
Jul 4th - William Kirby, English entomologist (b. 1759)
Jul 8th - Prince Adolphus, 1st Duke of Cambridge (b. 1774)
Jul 9th - Sajjid Ali Mohammed Bab, Persian founder of Babism
Jul 9th - Zachary Taylor, 12th US president (1849-50), dies in White House at 65
Jul 14th - August Neander, German theologian (b. 1789)
Jul 19th - Giovanni Ossoli, Italian marquis/revolutionary, drowned
Jul 19th - [Sarah] Margaret Fuller Ossoli, US feminist/revolutionary, dies
Jul 28th - Stefano Pavesi, composer, dies at 71
Aug 4th - Frantisek Tucek, composer, dies at 68
Aug 6th - Edward Walsh, Irish poet (b. 1805)
Aug 17th - Jose de San Martin, South American revolutionary hero and general, dies at 72
Revolutionary Leader José de San MartínRevolutionary Leader José de San Martín (Aug 17th) Aug 18th - H de Balzac, writer, dies at 51
Aug 22nd - Nikolaus Lenau, writer, dies at 48
Aug 26th - Louis-Philippe of France (b. 1773)
Sep 23rd - José Gervasio Artigas, Uruguayan hero (b. 1764)
Oct 2nd - Sarah Biffin/Beffin, limbless miniature painter, dies
Oct 11th - Louisa Maria, queen of Belgium (1832-50)/wife of Leopold I, dies at 38
Nov 5th - Ferdinand KJ, archduke of Austria, dies at 69
Nov 19th - Richard Mentor Johnson, American politician (b. 1780)
Dec 10th - François Sulpice Beudant, French mineralogist and geologist (b. 1787)

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