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Historical Events

Events 1 - 90 of 90

Jan 1st - Belgium disbands salt tax
Jan 2nd - King Amadeus I of Spain inaugurated at 25
Jan 3rd - Oleomargarine patented by Henry Bradley, Binghamton, NY
Jan 16th - Jefferson Long of Georgia sworn in as 2nd black congressman
Jan 17th - 1st cable car patented, by Andrew S Hallidie (begins service in 1873)
Jan 18th - 2nd German Empire proclaimed by Kaiser Wilhelm I & Bismarck
Jan 19th - 1st Negro lodge of US Masons approved, New Jersey
Jan 26th - British Rugby Union forms
Jan 26th - US income tax repealed
Jan 28th - Paris surrenders to Prussians
Jan 31st - Millions of birds fly over western SF, darkening the sky
Feb 1st - Jefferson Long of Georgia is 1st black to make an official speech in House of Reps (opposing leniency to former Confederates)
Feb 9th - Federal fish protection office authorized by Congress
Feb 27th - Meeting of Alabama claims commission
Feb 28th - 2nd Enforcement Act gives federal control of congressional elections
Mar 1st - J Milton Turner named minister to Liberia
Mar 3rd - US Congress changes Indian tribes status from independent to dependent
Mar 3rd - US Congress establishes the civil service system
Mar 16th - 1st fertilizer law enacted
Politician Otto Von BismarckPolitician Otto Von Bismarck Mar 17th - National Association of Professional Base-Ball players organized
Mar 18th - Communards revolt in Paris
Mar 21st - Journalist Henry M Stanley begins his famous expedition to Africa
Mar 21st - Otto von Bismarck elevated to rank of Fürst (Prince)
Mar 22nd - William Holden of NC becomes 1st governor removed by impeachment
Mar 26th - Paris Commune founded
Mar 27th - 1st international rugby game-Scotland 1, England 0
Mar 28th - SF Art Association holds open reception at 430 Pine
Mar 29th - Albert Hall opened by Queen Victoria in London
Mar 29th - Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences opens
Apr 10th - William Hammond Hall's maps & surveys of Golden Gate Park accepted
Apr 14th - Canada sets denominations of currency as dollars, cents, & mills
Apr 16th - German Empire ends all anti-Jewish civil restrictions
Apr 20th - 3rd Enforcement Act (President can suspend writ of habeas corpus)
Apr 23rd - Blossom Rock in SF Bay blown up
Apr 30th - The Camp Grant Massacre of Apaches in Arizona Territory, perpetrated by white & Mexican adventurers; 144 die
May 4th - 1st baseball league game (National Association of Baseball Players), (Ft Wayne 2, Cleveland 0) Deacon Jim White gets 1st hit, a double
May 8th - English-US treaty ends Alabama dispute
May 10th - Peace of Frankfurt-am-Main concluded between France & Germany ends Franco-Prussian war
May 12th - Segregated street cars integrated in Louisville, Ky
May 17th - Indians fighter Gen Sherman escapes in ambulance vs Comanches
May 21st - -July 28] French regular troops attack Commune of Paris; 17,000 die
May 28th - Paris communards revolt put down
Outlaw Jesse JamesOutlaw Jesse James Jun 3rd - Jesse James & his gang robs Obocock Bank (Corydon Iowa), of $15,000
Jun 10th - 5th Belmont: W Miller aboard Harry Basset wins in 2:56
Jun 10th - Sinmiyangyo: Captain McLane Tilton leads 109 Marines in naval attack on Han River forts on Kanghwa Island, Korea.
Jun 13th - Hurricane kills 300 in Labrador
Jun 15th - Phoebe Couzins is 1st woman graduate of a US collegiate law school
Jun 16th - Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of Mystic Shrine founded, NYC
Jun 16th - The University Tests Act allows students to enter the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Durham without religious tests, except for courses in theology.
Jun 20th - Ku Klux Klan trials began in federal court in Oxford Miss
Jun 30th - Guatemala revolts for agrarian reforms
Jul 1st - The decimal currency system is made uniform in Canada
Jul 3rd - Jesse James robs bank in Corydon, Iowa ($45,000)
Jul 5th - Trial against Kiowa chief Satanta (White Bear) & Big Tree, begins
Jul 20th - British Columbia joins the confederation of Canada.
Jul 25th - Carousel patents by Wilhelm Schneider, Davenport, Iowa
Aug 29th - Emperor Meiji orders the Abolition of the han system and the establishment of prefectures as local centers of administration. (Traditional Japanese date: July 14, 1871).
Sep 7th - Bay of Biskaje: English warship HMS Captain capsizes, 500 killed
Sep 17th - Mont Cenis railway tunnel Switzerland opens
Sep 20th - Bishop John Coleridge Patteson martyred on the island of Nukapu, a Polynesian outlier island now in the Temotu province of the Solomon Islands. He was the first bishop of Melanesia.
Oct 1st - General Dutch Werkliedenverbond (ANWV), forms in Utrecht
Oct 2nd - Brigham Young, mormon leader, arrest for bigamy
Oct 6th - Fisk Jubilee Singers begin 1st national tour
Oct 7th - 16-hour fire injures 30 of Chicago's 185 firefighters
Oct 8th - Gas explosion destroys Peshtigo, Wisconsin
Oct 8th - Great Fire kills 200, destroys over 4 square miles (10 square km) of Chicago buildings, & original Emancipation Proclamation
Oct 11th - Great Chicago Fire is finally extinguished after 3 days, 300 killed
Oct 12th - Pres Grant condemns Ku Klux Klan
Oct 13th - The Delphic Fraternity is founded as the Delphic Society at the State Normal School in Geneseo, New York.
Oct 17th - Great Britain annexes Griqualand South Africa
Oct 17th - President Grant suspends writ of habeas corpus
Oct 21st - 1st US amateur outdoor athletic games (NY)
Oct 23rd - Columbia & Sappho (US) beat Livonia (UK) in 3rd America's Cup
Oct 24th - Mob in LA hangs 18 Chinese
Oct 27th - Boss Tweed (William Macy Tweed), Democratic leader of Tammany Hall, arrested after NY Times exposed his corruption
Oct 30th - Phila Athletics beat Chicago for 1st Natl Association baseball pennant
Oct 31st - Founding of Netherland Protestant Union in Dokkum
Nov 6th - Cameroon reaches coast of Angola after trip through Africa
Physician and Explorer David LivingstonePhysician and Explorer David Livingstone Nov 10th - Henry Morton Stanley in Ujiji, Central Africa, encounters David Livingstone with the immortal words 'Dr Livingstone, I presume?'
Nov 18th - American suffragette Susan B Anthony arrested after voting on the 5th November in Rochester NY
Nov 21st - Moses F Gale patents a cigar lighter (NYC)
Nov 21st - The 1st human cannonball, Emilio Onra, is shot
Nov 23rd - Railway bridge over Dutch Deep opens
Nov 24th - National Rifle Association organized (NYC)
Nov 28th - Ku Klux Klan trials began in Federal District Court in South Carolina
Dec 12th - Jules Janssen discovers dark lines in solar corona spectrum
Dec 19th - Albert L Jones (NYC), patents corrugated paper
Dec 24th - Giusseppi Verdi's "Aida" premieres in Cairo, at the opening of the Suez canal
Dec 26th - Gilbert and Sullivan collaborate for the first time, on their lost opera, Thespis. It does modestly well, but the two would not collaborate again for four years.
Dec 27th - World's 1st cat show (Crystal Palace, London)

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 141

Jan 5th - Frederick Shepherd Converse, Newton Mass, composer
Jan 7th - Émile Borel, French mathematician and politician (d. 1956)
Jan 8th - James Craig, 1st Viscount Craigavon, Irish politician (d. 1940)
Jan 9th - Charles Kortright, British(?) cricket player
Jan 10th - Enrica Freiin von Handel-Manzetti, Austrian author (Jesse & Maria)
Jan 12th - Paul Guthnick, German astronomer
Jan 14th - Pauline Beersmans, [PLJM van Cuyck], Flemish actress (Hofslachter)
Jan 15th - Bertram Shapleigh, composer
Jan 17th - David Richard Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty, British Admiral of the Fleet, Nantwich, Cheshire, England
Jan 17th - David Earl Beatty British admiral (d. 1936)
Jan 22nd - Leon Jessel, composer
Jan 26th - Warner Fabian, [Samuel H Adams], US journalist/writer (Average Jones)
Jan 29th - Eduardo Lopez-Chavarri y Marco, composer
Jan 30th - Seymour Hicks, St Helier Jersey, actor-manager (Scrooge)
Jan 30th - Wilfred Lucas, actor (Pardon Us, Chump at Oxford)
Feb 4th - Friedrich Ebert, German politician, 1st Reichspräsident of the Weimar Republic (d. 1925)
Feb 5th - Jovan Ducic, Serb poet (Blue Legends)
Feb 7th - Karl Wilhelm Eugen Stenhammer, composer
Feb 9th - Franc S Finzgar, Slovenian clergyman/writer (Our Blood)
Feb 9th - Howard T Ricketts, US pathologist (studied typhus fever)
Feb 14th - Gerda Lundequist, Swedish actress (d. 1959)
Feb 18th - Harry Brearley, English inventor (d. 1948)
Feb 25th - Oliver Samuel Campbell, tennis champ (US Open-1890)
Mar 1st - Ben Harney, American composer and ragtime pianist (d. 1938)
Mar 3rd - Maurice Garin, French cyclist (d. 1957)
Mar 4th - Boris Galerkin, Russian mathematician (d. 1945)
Mar 5th - Maria do Carmo Geronimo, Brazilian lives to be at least 126
Mar 5th - Rosa Luxemburg, Socialist revolutionary (d. 1919)
Mar 15th - Betsy van den Arend, Dutch [Betje], actress (Miss Hobbs)
Mar 19th - Joseph McGinnity, Rock Island Ill, baseball pitcher (NY Giants)
Mar 19th - Schofield Haigh, cricketer ("Sunshine of the Yorkshire 11")
Mar 26th - Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana'ole of the Kingdom of Hawaii (d. 1922)
Mar 27th - Heinrich Mann, Germany, novelist/essayist (Blue Angel); bros of Thomas
Mar 27th - Petrus J M Aalberse, Dutch minister of Labor (1918-25)
Mar 28th - Willem Mengelberg, Utrecht Neth, conductor (NY Philharmonic 1922-30)
Mar 29th - Tom Hayward, cricketer (great England batsman of the Golden Age)
Mar 31st - Arthur Griffith, President of Ireland (d. 1922)
Apr 1st - F Melius Christiansen, composer
Apr 3rd - Jose Juan Tablada, Mexican poet (El Florilegio)
Apr 5th - Jeanne Bougeois, [La Mistinguette], artist (French revue)
Apr 5th - Mirko Seljan, Croatian explorer (d. 1913?)
Apr 6th - Alexander, grandson of England's Queen Victoria
Apr 8th - Clarence Hudson White American photographer (d. 1925)
Apr 9th - Arthur Fickenscher, composer
Apr 12th - Ioannis Metaxas, Greek general/dictator (1936-41)
Apr 16th - John Millington Synge, Ireland, dramatist/poet (Riders to the Sea)
Apr 16th - Martin Lunssens, composer
Apr 18th - Henry Stephenson, Brit WI, actor (Conquest, Little Old NY, Mr Lucky)
Apr 20th - William Henry Davies, Wales, poet (Autobiography of a Super Tramp)
Apr 21st - Leo Blech, composer
Apr 21st - Vojtech Rihovsky, composer
Apr 25th - Sara Amsel, Indonesian/Dutch actress
Apr 27th - Arthur Finlay Nevin, composer
Apr 29th - Louis William Stern, German/US philosopher (Intelligence of Children)
May 4th - Mynona, writer
May 5th - Alberto Cametti, composer
May 6th - August Reusner, composer
May 6th - Ch Morgenstern, writer
May 6th - Victor Grignard, French chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1935)
May 11th - Frank Schlesinger, American astronomer (d. 1943)
May 17th - Henricus P Bremmer, art historian (Modern Kunstwerken)
May 18th - Franiska zu Reventlow, writer
May 23rd - Sigurd Lie, composer
May 26th - Camille Huysmans, Belgian premier (1946-47)
May 27th - Georges-Henri Rouault, Fr expressionist painter (Miserere et Guerre)
May 30th - Olga Engl, Austrian actress (d. 1946)
Jun 14th - Jacob Ellehammer, Danish inventor (d. 1946)
Jun 17th - James Weldon Johnson, lawyer (1st black admitted to Florida Bar)
Jun 17th - Nicolae Iorga, writer/poet/literature historian/pres of Romania
Jun 22nd - William McDougall, British psychologist and polymath (d. 1938)
Jul 3rd - Vicente Arregui Garay, composer
Jul 8th - Clement Harris, composer
Jul 8th - Kornelis ter Laan, 1st Dutch socialist mayor (Zaandam)
Jul 10th - Marcel Proust, France, novelist (Remembrance of Things Past)
Jul 11th - Stjepan Radic, founder/leader (Croatian Farmers' Party)
Jul 15th - Kunikida Doppo, Japanese writer (d. 1908)
Jul 17th - Lyonel C A Feininger, US cartoonist/painter
Jul 18th - Giacomo Balla, Italian painter (Dog at a Rope)
Jul 18th - Sada Yacco, Japanese stage actress (d. 1946)
Jul 22nd - Akos Buttykai, composer
Aug 1st - Oskar Fried, composer
Aug 1st - John Lester, American cricketer (d. 1969)
Aug 2nd - John French Sloan, American artist (d. 1951)
Aug 3rd - Vernon Louis Parrington, author (Romantic Revolution, Pulitzer 1928)
Aug 6th - Emanuel Querido, [Joost Mendes], author/publisher
Aug 8th - William Henry Squire, composer
Aug 13th - Karl Liebknecht, German revolutionary marxist (Sparta Party)
Aug 16th - Zakhary Petrovich Paliashvili, composer
Aug 18th - Johan J Arch, graphic artist (wood cutter)
Aviator Orville WrightAviator Orville Wright (Aug 19th) Aug 19th - Orville Wright, Dayton OH, aviator (Wright Brothers), (d. 1912)
Aug 21st - Leonid N Andrejev, Russian journalist/writer (Red Laugh)
Aug 27th - Theodore Dreiser, US, novelist (Sister Carie, American Tragedy)
Aug 29th - Albert Lebrun, French politician (d. 1950)
Aug 30th - Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson, New Zealand physicist and father of nuclear physics (Nobel 1908), (d. 1937)
Aug 31st - James E. Ferguson, Texan governor (d. 1944)
Sep 1st - J. Reuben Clark, Jr., American Undersecretary of State (d. 1961)
Sep 10th - Charles Collett, British mechanical engineer (d. 1952)
Sep 12th - Friedrich, Prince of Liechtenstein, Romania
Sep 13th - Alma Kruger, Pittsburgh PA, actress (Made For Each Other)
Sep 19th - Fritz Schaudinn, German animal expert (examined syphilis)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 2 of 2

Dec 25th - Inventor Thomas Edison (24) marries 1st wife Mary Stilwell (16)
Dec 25th - Writer Ambrose Bierce (29) weds Mary Ellen Day

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 45 of 45

Jan 10th - Pierre A du Terrail, French writer, dies at 41
Jan 21st - John J Rochussen, gov-general of Neth-Indies (1845-51), dies at 73
Jan 29th - Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé, French Canadian writer and Seigneur (b. 1786)
Feb 1st - Alexander Nikoleyevich Serov, composer, dies at 51
Feb 7th - Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, piano manufacturer (Steinway & Sons) (b. 1797)
Feb 20th - Paul Kane, Irish-born painter (b. 1810)
Feb 26th - Charles Niellon, Belgian brigade general, dies at 76
Mar 18th - Augustus De Morgan, Indian-born British mathematician and logician (b. 1806)
Mar 19th - Wilhelm Karl Ritter von Haidinger, Austrian mineralogist (b. 1795)
Mar 20th - Antonio Buzzolla, composer, dies at 56
Mar 22nd - Johnny Cuzens, cricketer (Australian aboriginal tourist 1868), dies
Mar 30th - W F A A Louisa/Lovisa, queen of Sweden/Norway, dies at 42
Apr 5th - Georg Andreas Henkel, composer, dies at 66
Apr 7th - Alexander, grandson of English queen Victoria, dies at 1 day old
Apr 7th - Wilhelm Freiherr von Tegetthoff, Aus adm (Helgoland/Lissa), dies at 43
Apr 7th - Alexander Lloyd, Mayor of Chicago (b. 1805)
Apr 8th - Charles-Louis Hanssens, composer, dies at 68
Apr 18th - Omar Pasha, [Michael Lats], Croatian governor, dies at 64
Apr 21st - Elisabeth Grube, writer, dies
Apr 27th - Sigismond Fortune Francois Thalberg, composer, dies at 59
Apr 29th - John Gelinde van Blom, Fries notary/author, dies at 75
May 7th - Louis Papineau, political reformer, dies
May 11th - John Herschel, cataloguer of southern hemisphere stars, dies at 79
May 12th - Daniel-Francois-Esprit Auber, French opera composer, dies at 89
May 12th - John F W Herschel, British astronomer (Catalogue of Nebulae), dies
May 24th - Francisco Salvador Daniel, composer, dies at 40
May 26th - Aime Maillart, composer, dies at 54
Jun 8th - Satank, Kiowa indian chief, shot to death
Jul 5th - Cristina di Trivulzio di Belgioioso, Italian princess, dies
Jul 6th - Antonio de Castro Alves, Brazilian poet (O navio negreiro), dies at 34
Jul 16th - Tad Lincoln, son of U.S. president Abraham Lincoln
Jul 17th - Karl Tausig, composer, dies at 29
Aug 27th - William Whiting Boardman, American politician (b. 1794)
Sep 3rd - Vaclav Horak, composer, dies at 71
Sep 7th - Cowper Phipps Coles, English inventor (Steel warships), drowns
Sep 7th - Mehmed E Ali Pasja, Turkish statesman, dies
Sep 8th - Etienne-Joseph Soubre, composer, dies at 57
Sep 12th - Karl Collan, Finnish composer, dies at 43
Sep 23rd - Alexander N Afanasjev, Russian story teller, dies at 45
Sep 25th - Arvir A Afzelius, Swedish story teller, dies
Sep 26th - Philip Cipriani Hambly Potter, composer, dies at 78
Inventor Charles BabbageInventor Charles Babbage (Oct 20th) Oct 20th - Charles Babbage, English mathematician/inventor (calculator), dies at 78
Nov 22nd - Oscar J Dunn, (Lt Gov-La), dies suddenly, charges he was poisoned
Dec 16th - Willibald Alexis, German writer (Schloss Avalon), dies at 73
Dec 29th - Ferdinand Marcucci, composer, dies at 71

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