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Historical Events

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Jan 1st - Post office begins parcel post deliveries
Jan 2nd - National Woman's Party forms
Jan 2nd - Mahatma Gandhi leaves the Tolstoy Farm in Transvaal, South Africa.
Jan 6th - Attempting to end hostilities in the Balkans, the London Peace Conference breaks down because Turkey refuses to cede Adrianpole, the Aegean island, and Crete
Jan 7th - William M Burton patents a process to "crack" petroleum
Jan 8th - Frank Chance becomes Yankee manager
Jan 11th - 1st sedan-type car (Hudson) goes on display at 13th Auto Show (NYC)
Jan 12th - After using other pseudonyms over the years, Josef Dzhugashvili signs himself as Stalin ('man of steel) in a letter to the the paper, Social Democrat
Jan 13th - Delta Sigma Theta, the world's largest Black Women's Sorority is founded at Howard University, Washington DC
Jan 16th - British House of Commons accepts Home Rule for Ireland (but the Great War gets in the way of it happening)
Jan 17th - Raymond Poincaré elected president of France
Jan 18th - Turkish-Greek sea battle near Troy
Soviet Union Premier Joseph StalinSoviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin Jan 19th - Raymond Poincaré installed as president of France
Jan 21st - Aristide Briand forms French government
Jan 23rd - The Young Turks lead a coup d'etat against the Turkish Government
Jan 24th - Franz Kafka stops working on "Amerika"; it will never be finished
Jan 26th - Jim Thorpe relinquishes his 1912 Olympic medals for playing as a professional
Jan 29th - Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, at Howard University, incorporates
Jan 30th - UK House of Lords rejects Irish Home Rule Bill
Feb 2nd - NY football Giants sign Jim Thorpe
Feb 2nd - NYC's Grand Central Terminal opens
Feb 3rd - 16th Amendment, federal income tax, ratified
Feb 3rd - Golden/Cawthorne's musical "Sunshine Girl" premieres in NYC
Feb 4th - Louis Perlman patents demountable auto tire-carrying wheel rim
Feb 4th - National Institute of Arts & Letters founded
Versatile Athlete Jim ThorpeVersatile Athlete Jim Thorpe Feb 9th - -18] 10 Day Tragedy of Mexico-City; 3,000 die
Feb 10th - Edward Sheldon's "Romance" premieres in NYC
Feb 15th - 1st avant-garde art show in America opens in NYC
Feb 16th - President Taft agrees not to intervene in Mexico
Feb 17th - 1st minimum wage law in US takes effect (Oregon)
Feb 17th - NY Armory Show introduces Picasso, Matisse, Duchamp to US public
Feb 18th - French painting "Nude Descending a Staircase" displayed in NYC
Feb 18th - President Francisco Madero of Mexico is overthrown
Feb 19th - 1st prize inserted into a Cracker Jack box
Feb 19th - Mexican General V Huerta takes power with US support
Feb 20th - King O'Malley drives in the first survey peg to mark commencement of work on the construction of Canberra.
Feb 22nd - Lowell HS, SF opens (on its 1st campus)
Feb 25th - The 16th Amendment to the US Constitution becomes law, providing the legal basis for the institution of a graduated income tax
Artist Pablo PicassoArtist Pablo Picasso Feb 28th - 6.8-m, 4000-kg elephant seal killed, South Georgia (S Atlantic)
Mar 1st - 1st state law requiring bonding of officers & state employees, ND
Mar 1st - US federal income tax takes effect (16th amendment)
Mar 3rd - Ida B Wells-Barnett demonstrates for female suffrage in Washington DC
Mar 4th - 1st US law regulating the shooting of migratory birds passed
Mar 4th - US Department of Commerce & Labor split into separate departments
Mar 4th - Gabriel Faure's opera "Penelope" premieres in Monte Carlo
Mar 4th - NY Yankees are 1st to train outside US (Bermuda)
Mar 4th - Woodrow Wilson inaugurated as 28th US President
Mar 8th - Federal League organizes with 6 teams
Mar 8th - Internal Revenue Service begins to levy & collect income taxes
Mar 10th - Stanley Cup: Quebec Bulldogs sweep Sydney (NS) Millionaires in 2 games
28th US President Woodrow Wilson28th US President Woodrow Wilson Mar 10th - William Knox becomes 1st in American Bowling Congress to bowl 300
Mar 12th - Foundation stone of the Australian capital in Canberra laid
Mar 13th - Kansas legislature approved censorship of motion pictures
Mar 14th - John D. Rockefeller gives $100 million to Rockefeller Foundation
Mar 14th - South African Supreme Court declares that marriages not celebrated according to Christian rites and/or not registered by the Registrar of Marriages, are invalid; all Muslim and Hindu marriages are therefore declared invalid
Mar 15th - 1st US presidential press conference (Woodrow Wilson)
Mar 15th - Cleveland establishes 1st small claims court
Mar 17th - The Uruguayan Air Force is founded.
Mar 18th - King George I of Greece is assassinated in the recently liberated city of Thessaloniki.
Mar 21st - -26] Flood in Ohio, kills 400
Mar 24th - Netherlands soccer team's 1st victory over England
Oil Industrialist John D. RockefellerOil Industrialist John D. Rockefeller Mar 24th - Palace Theater opens at 1564 Broadway NYC
Mar 25th - Great Dayton Flood
Mar 25th - Home of vaudeville, Palace Theatre, opens (NYC) starring Ed Wynn
Mar 26th - Bulgaria captures Adrianople, ending the 1st Balkan War
Mar 26th - Dayton, Ohio almost destroyed when Scioto, Miami, & Muskingum River reach flood stage simultaneously
Mar 28th - Guatemala becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
Apr 3rd - British suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst sentenced to 3 years in jail
Apr 4th - The Greek aviator Emmanuel Argyropoulos becomes the first pilot victim of the Hellenic Air Force when his plane crashes.
Apr 8th - 17th amendment, requiring direct election of senators, ratified
Apr 8th - Opening of China's 1st parliament takes place in Peking (now Beijing)
Apr 9th - Brooklyn Dodger's Ebbets Field opens, Phillies win 1-0
Apr 10th - President Woodrow Wilson throws out 1st ball, Senators beat Yankees 2-1
MLB Pitcher Walter JohnsonMLB Pitcher Walter Johnson Apr 10th - Walter Johnson begins string of 56 consecutive scoreless innings
Apr 10th - During the Montenegrin siege of Scutari, the Montenegrin coastline is blockaded
Apr 14th - Belgium begins general strike for voting rights
Apr 16th - The Bulgarians and the Turks agree to an armistice that will be accepted by the other nations involved
Apr 19th - 17th Boston Marathon won by Fritz Carlson of Minn in 2:25:14.8
Apr 21st - German passenger ship Imperator runs aground
Apr 22nd - Montenegro troops march into Skoetari, North-Albania
Apr 24th - Skyscraper, the Woolworth Building in New York City is opened
Apr 26th - Panama-Pacific International Exposition opens in SF
Apr 26th - Sun Yet San calls for revolt against pres Yuan Shikai in China
May 1st - Longacre Theater opens at 220 W 48th St NYC
May 6th - King Nikita I of Montenegro vacates Skoetari, northern Albania
May 7th - British House of Commons rejects women's right to vote
May 7th - An ambassadorial conference in St Petersburg, Russia, awards the town of Silistria to Rumania in compensation for Bulgaria's other territorial gains in the First Balkan War
May 9th - 17th amendment provides for election of senators by popular vote
May 10th - 39th Kentucky Derby: Roscoe Goose aboard Donerail wins in 2:04.8
May 10th - Yanks commit 8 errors & still beat Tigers 10-9 in 10 innings
May 12th - Harry Green runs world record marathon (2:38:16.2)
Aviator Igor SikorskyAviator Igor Sikorsky May 13th - 1st four-engined aircraft built and flown (Igor Sikorsky, Russia)
May 14th - Frans Hals museum opens in Haarlem, Netherlands
May 14th - Wash Senator Walter Johnson ends record scorless streak at 56 innings
May 19th - Webb Alien Land-Holding Bill passes, forbidding Japanese from owning land
May 20th - 38th Preakness: James Butwell aboard Buskin wins in 1:53.4
May 26th - US Actors' Equity Association forms (NYC)
May 26th - Emily Duncan becomes Great Britain's first woman magistrate.
May 29th - Igor Stravinsky's ballet score The Rite of Spring is premiered in Paris, provoking a riot.
May 30th - 1st Balkan War ends, Treaty of London

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 536

Jan 1st - Eliot Janeway, financial writer (Economics of Chaos)
Jan 2nd - Ernest Sidey, British air marshal
Jan 2nd - Gardner Read, Evanston, Illinois, composer
Jan 2nd - Juanita E Jackson Mitchell, US head (NAACP)
Jan 2nd - Leon P Teisserenc de Bort, France, meteorologist
Jan 2nd - Anna Lee, Ightham, Kent, English actress (General Hospital, How Green Was My Valley)
Jan 4th - Malietoa Tanumafili II, King of West-Samoa (1962- )
Jan 6th - Edward Gierek, party leader (Polish CP)
Jan 6th - Loretta Young, Salt Lake City Ut, actress (Farmer's Daughter, Stranger)
Jan 6th - Tom Brown, actor (Ed-Gunsmoke, Lt Rovacs-Mr Lucky), born in NYC, New York
Jan 7th - Francis De Wolff, England, actor (From Russia With Love)
Jan 7th - Shirley Ross, actress (Cafe Society, Prison Farm), born in Omaha, Nebraska
Jan 7th - Johnny Mize, American baseball player (d. 1993)
Jan 8th - Horace Smith, cricketer (NZ, only Test wkt off his 1st ball (Paynter))
Jan 9th - Lavad "Dr Hepcat" Durst, vocal/piano
Jan 9th - Peter John Norton, naval diplomat/artist
37th US President Richard Nixon37th US President Richard Nixon (Jan 9th) Jan 9th - Richard Nixon, Yorba Linda, California, 37th President (R) of the United States (1969-74)
Jan 10th - Gustav Husak, president of Czechoslavakia (1975-89)
Jan 10th - Haywood Frank Henry, sax player
Jan 10th - Mehmet Shehu, Albanian politician (d. 1981)
Jan 13th - Jeff Morrow, actor (Bart-Union Pacific, Temperatures Rising), born in NYC, New York
Jan 13th - Ralph Edwards, Merino Colo, TV host (This is Your Life)
Jan 14th - Tillie Olsen, American writer (Tell Me a Riddle)
Jan 15th - Lloyd Bridges, San Leandro California, actor (Sea Hunt, Roots, Airplane)
Jan 15th - Miriam Hyde, Australian composer (d. 2005)
Jan 15th - Alexander Marinesko, captain of the S-13 submarine, which sank the German ship Wilhelm Gustloff (d. 1963)
Jan 17th - Werenfried [Flip] van Straaten, founder (Oostpriesterhulp)
Jan 17th - Yuvraj of Patiala, cricketer (scored 24 & 60 in only Test India v Eng)
Jan 18th - Danny Kaye, Brooklyn New York, American UNICEF/comedian/actor (Danny Kaye Show)
Jan 19th - Phyllis Flowerdew, school Reading text author
Jan 19th - Rex Ingamells, Australian poet (d. 1955)
Jan 19th - "Minnesota Fats", American billiards player (d. 1996)
Jan 22nd - Verdina Shlonsky, composer
Jan 22nd - William Cardinal Conway, Northern Irish clergyman (d. 1977)
Jan 22nd - Carl F. H. Henry, American theologian and publisher (d. 2003)
Jan 24th - Mark Goodson, TV game-show proudcer (Goodson-Toddman)
Jan 24th - Norman Dello Joio, [Dello Ioio], composer, born in NYC, New York
Jan 25th - Luis Marden, American photojournalist (d. 2003)
Jan 26th - Jimmy Van Heusen, songwriter (Love & Marriage)
Jan 26th - William Prince, Nichols NY, actor (City in Fear, Cyrano de Bergerac)
Jan 27th - Milton Adolphus, composer
Jan 27th - Valery Viktorovich Zhelobinsky, composer
Jan 28th - Jan Masseus, composer
Jan 28th - Oliver Chesterton, chartered surveyor
Jan 29th - Victor Mature, Louisville KY, actor (1 Million BC, Samson & Delilah) (d. 1999)
Jan 29th - Daniel Taradash, American screenwriter (d. 2003)
Jan 29th - Peter von Zahn, German journalist and writer (d. 2001)
Jan 30th - Dicky Fuller, cricketer (one Test WI v England 1935, 1, 0-12)
Jan 30th - Percy Thrower, English radio host
First Wide Receiver in NFL History Don HutsonFirst Wide Receiver in NFL History Don Hutson (Jan 31st) Jan 31st - Don Hutson, Pine Bluff Arkansas, first NFL wide receiver (Green Bay Packers)
Jan 31st - Hector Iglesias Villoud, composer
Jan 31st - Wayne Millner, NFL end (Boston/Washington Redskins)
Feb 1st - Jeffrey Kindersley Quill, Test pilot
Feb 2nd - Poul Reichhardt, Danish actor (d. 1985)
Feb 3rd - Richard Seaman, British racing driver (d. 1939)
Feb 4th - Rosa Parks, Tuskegee Alabama, American civil rights activist (bus protestor)
Feb 5th - Rozelle Claxton, pianist/arranger
Feb 6th - John Lund, actor (Wackiest Ship in the Army), born in Rochester, New York
Feb 6th - Mary Nicol Leakey, palaeontologist
Feb 8th - Betty Field, actress (Kings Row, Bus Stop), born in Boston, Massachusetts
Paleoanthropologist Mary LeakeyPaleoanthropologist Mary Leakey (Feb 6th) Feb 8th - John Grandy, Brits RAF-marshal
Feb 9th - Leo van der Kar, masseur/businessman/founder (Sports funds)
Feb 10th - Philippa Bevans, actress (Notorious Landlady, World of Henry Orient)
Feb 10th - Ragnhild Marie Hatton, historian
Feb 11th - Lucio Diestro San Pedro, composer
Feb 12th - Pedro Gastao de Orleans e Braganca, grandson of emperor Pedro I
Feb 13th - Arthur Carleton Hetherington, public servant
Feb 13th - Guiseppe Dossetti, politician/priest
Feb 14th - Woody Hayes, [Wayne], college football coach (Ohio, 1968 coach of the year)
Feb 14th - Ab [Albert] Visser, Dutch poet/writer (Man Without a Head)
Feb 14th - James Pike, bishop (Beyond Anxiety), born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Feb 14th - Jimmy Hoffa, Teamsters leader who disappeared in 1975
Feb 14th - Mel Allen, Birmingham Alabama, American sportscaster (voice of NY Yankees)
Feb 15th - Willy Vandersteen, Belgian cartoonist (Suske & Wiske)
Feb 15th - Erich Eliskases, Austrian chess player (d. 1997)
Feb 17th - Josephine F "Fietje" van Anrooy, Dutch actress/director
Feb 17th - Oskar Danon, composer
Feb 17th - Rene Leibowitz, composer
Feb 18th - Artur Axmann, nazi youth leader
Feb 18th - Dane Clark, Bkln, actor (Wire Service, Bold Venture, Perry Mason)
Feb 19th - Alvin Derold Etler, composer
Feb 20th - Jozef Kresanek, composer
Feb 20th - Mary Durack, author
Feb 20th - Rex Tucker, TV writer/director
Feb 21st - Glenn M Anderson, (Rep-D-CA, 1969- )
Feb 21st - Roger Laurent, Belgian racing driver (d. 1997)
Feb 23rd - Charles Leonard, US, pentathelete (Olympic-1936)
Feb 23rd - Edward Fiennes-Clinton, 18th Earl of Lincoln
Feb 24th - Richard Murphey Goodwin, economist
Feb 25th - Gert Froebe, Saxony Germany, actor (Goldfinger)
Feb 25th - Jim Backus, Cleve, actor (Mr Magoo, Thurston Howell III-Gilligan Is)
Feb 26th - George G Barker, English poet (Calamiterror, Anno Domini)
Feb 26th - Hermann Lenz, writer
Feb 27th - Frank Allaun, British MP (L)
Feb 27th - Irwin Shaw, US, novelist (Rich Man Poor Man)
Feb 27th - Kazimierz Sabbat, Polish president (d. 1989)
Mar 1st - Helmut Erich Robert Gernsheim, photogrpaher/collector
Mar 2nd - Godfried [Jan Arnold] Bomans, Dutch humorist/writer (Pieter Bas)
Mar 2nd - Marjorie Weaver, Crossville Tennessee, actress (Young Mr Lincoln)
Mar 2nd - Mort Cooper, baseball player (NL MVP 1942)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 8 of 8

US Admiral Chester NimitzUS Admiral Chester Nimitz (Apr 9th) Apr 9th - US Admiral Chester Nimitz (28) weds Catherine Freeman (21) in Wollaston, Massachusetts
Apr 12th - Author Upton Sinclair (34) weds writer Mary Craig (31)
Jun 4th - Author A.A. Milne (31) weds Dorothy Daphne de Selincourt
Jul 19th - Billboard publishes earliest known "Last Week's 10 Best Sellers among Popular Songs" Malinda's Wedding Day is #1
Oct 1st - Writer and poet Vita Sackville-West (21) marries diplomat Harold Nicolson (26)
Oct 14th - Athlete Jim Thorpe (25) weds Margaret Iva Miller at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Oct 15th - Author Beatrix Potter (47) weds solicitor William Heelis at St Mary Abbots in Kensington, London
Nov 25th - 28th US President Woodrow Wilson's daughter Jessie marries in The White House

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 68 of 68

Jan 2nd - Leon P Teisserenc de Bort, Fr meteorologist (stratosphere), dies at 57
Jan 4th - Alfred von Schlieffen, Prussian general-field marshal, dies at 79
Jan 6th - Frederick Hitch, English Victoria Cross Winner (b. 1856)
Jan 7th - Jack Boyle, American baseball player (b. 1866)
Jan 13th - Thomas P Krag, Norw author/novelist (Jon Graeff, Ulf Ran), dies at 44
Jan 17th - Carl Baermann, composer, dies at 73
Jan 18th - Edmond R H Regout, Dutch industrialist/politician, dies at 49
Jan 19th - David Emlyn Evans, composer, dies at 69
Jan 22nd - Ferdinand van der Haeghen, Flemish librarian/bibliographer, dies at 82
Jan 23rd - Nazim Pasha, Turkey's PM, assassinated
Jan 24th - Gustav Luders, composer, dies at 47
Feb 22nd - Ferdinand Mongin de Saussure, Swiss linguist, dies at 55
Feb 22nd - Francisco Indalecio Madero, Mex pres, assassinated in milt coup at 39
Feb 22nd - Suarez, Mexican vice pres, assassinated in a miltary coup
Feb 23rd - Jimmy Sinclair, cricketer (3 centuries in 25 Test S Afr career), dies
Feb 26th - Felix Draeseke, composer, dies at 77
Feb 27th - Adam Sedgwick, English zoologist (Peripatus), dies at 58
Feb 28th - Elephant seal, 6.8-m, 4000-kg, killed in S Georgia (South Atlantic)
Mar 7th - Emily Pauline Johnson, Native Canadian poet
Mar 9th - Eberhard Nestle, German biblical scholar, dies at 61
Abolitionist Harriet TubmanAbolitionist Harriet Tubman (Mar 10th) Mar 10th - Harriet Tubman, abolitionist, conductor on Underground RR, dies in NY at about 93
Mar 12th - Joseph Bayer, composer, dies at 61
Mar 18th - George I, king of Greece (1861-1913), assassinated by Schinas at 67
Mar 19th - John Thomas, composer, dies at 87
Mar 20th - Christian Barnekow, composer, dies at 75
Mar 20th - Song Jiao-ren, leader Chinese Guomindang-Party, dies
Mar 22nd - Sung Chiao-jen, Chinese Nationalist (b. 1882)
Mar 31st - John Pierpont Morgan, US banker/CEO (US Steel Corp), dies at 75
Apr 6th - Jose Marraco y Ferrer, composer, dies on 78th birthday
Apr 14th - Karl Hagenbeck, German animal trainer (Von Tieren), dies at 68
May 1st - John Barclay Armstrong, Texas Ranger and U.S. Marshal (b. 1850)
May 16th - Louis Perrier, member of the Swiss Federal Council (b. 1849)
May 18th - Otto Reubke, composer, dies at 70
May 28th - Lord Avebury, [John Lubbock], British banker/politician, dies
Jun 3rd - Josef Richard Rozkosny, composer, dies at 79
Jun 5th - Chris von der Ahe, baseball pioneer (b. 1851)
Jun 8th - Emily Wilding Davison, suffragette, trampled to death by a horse
Jun 11th - Machmud Shevket Pasha, Turks grand vizier, murdered
Jun 21st - Stefan O Iosif, Romanian poet (Beautiful Irine), dies at 37
Jun 24th - Frank Lynes, composer, dies at 55
Jun 28th - Manoel Ferraz de Campos Salles, President of Brazil (b. 1841)
Jul 5th - Alfred Lyttelton, cricketer (Eng wk 1880-84 demon lob bowler), dies
Jul 7th - Edward Burd Grubb, American Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General (b.1841)
Jul 8th - Louis Hémon, French-born writer (b. 1880)
Jul 19th - Clímaco Calderón, President of Colombia (b. 1852)
Jul 29th - Tobias MC Asser, lawyer (Nobel 1911), dies
Jul 31st - John Milne, British Geologist, Seismologist, and Anthropologist who developed the first modern seismograph, dies of Bright's disease at 62
Aug 7th - David Popper, composer, dies at 70
Aug 13th - F August Bebel, German social-democrat, dies
Sep 9th - Count Paul J Smet de Naeyer, Belgian politician, dies
Sep 12th - Major R B Stewart, cricketer (scored 4 & 9 in S Afr's 1st Test), dies
Sep 13th - Alfred Gaul, composer, dies at 76
Sep 29th - Rudolph C K Diesel, German constructer (Diesel Motor), dies at 55
Oct 1st - Eugene O'Keefe, Canadian businessman and philanthropist (b. 1827)
Oct 5th - Hans von Bartels, German painter (b. 1856)
Oct 10th - Katsura Taro, Prime Minister of Japan (b. 1848)
Oct 10th - Adolphus Busch, American brewer (Anheuser-Busch) (b. 1839)
Oct 20th - Leander Schlegel, composer, dies at 69
Oct 23rd - Edwin Klebs, German Physician and Bacteriologist (bacterial theory of infection, diphtheria bacillus), dies at 79
Oct 31st - William Evans-Gordon, British politician (b. 1857)
Nov 3rd - Hans Bronsart von Schellendorf, composer, dies at 83
Naturalist, biologist, and explorer Alfred Russel WallaceNaturalist, biologist, and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace (Nov 7th) Nov 7th - Alfred Russel Wallace, British naturalist and biologist (b. 1823)
Nov 25th - Robert S Ball, Irish mathematician/astronomer (Ball Screw), dies
Dec 7th - Luigi Oreglia di Santo Stefano, Italian Catholic churchman and last surviving cardinal of Pius IX (b. 1828)
Dec 12th - Emperor Menelek II of Ethiopia (b. 1844)
Dec 17th - Stefano Gobatti, composer, dies at 61
Dec 22nd - Menelik II, King of Ethiopia (1896-1913), dies at 69
Dec 23rd - James Middleton, cricketer (24 wkt of lefty pace S Af 1895-1903), dies

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