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Historical Events

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Jan 1st - 1st football game in Rose Bowl (Washington State-Brown)
Jan 1st - 1st issue of "Journal of Negro History" published
Jan 5th - Austria-Hungary offensive against Montenegro
Jan 7th - German troops conquer Fort Vaux at Verdun
Jan 7th - In response to pressure from President Wilson, Germany notifies the State Department that it will abide by strict international rules of maritime warfare
Jan 8th - World War I: Allied forces withdraw from Gallipoli.
Jan 9th - The Ottoman Empire prevails in the Battle of Çanakkale, as the last British troops are evacuated.
Jan 10th - Russian offensive in Kaukasus
Jan 10th - In retaliation for President Wilson's recognition of the Carranza government, members of Pacho Villa's revolutionary army take 17 American mining engineers from a train and shoot 16 of them in cold blood
Jan 11th - French troops capture/Serbian army flees to Corfu
Jan 12th - Britain proclaims Gilbert & Ellice Is colony in Pacific
Jan 14th - Dutch Zuiderzee dyke cracks
Jan 17th - 1st PGA Championship: Jim Barnes at Siwanoy CC Bronxville NY
Jan 17th - Professional Golfer Association (PGA) forms in NYC
Jan 18th - A 611 gram chondrite type meteorite stikes a house near the village of Baxter in Stone County, Missouri.
Jan 23rd - Temp falls from 44°F (7°C) to -56°F (49°C) night of 23-24, Browning MT
Jan 24th - The Military Service Bill, calling for conscription of men for war services, passes in the British House of Commons
Jan 25th - Montenegro surrenders to Austria-Hungary
Jan 27th - Communist party "Spartacus Letters" 1st published in Berlin
Jan 28th - 1st Jewish Supreme Court justice, Louis Brandeis, appointed by Wilson
Jan 28th - German colony of Cameroon surrenders to Britain & France
Jan 28th - Opera "Goyescas," premieres (NYC)
Jan 29th - 1st bombing of Paris by German Zeppelins takes place
Jan 31st - Dutch Girl Guides form
Feb 3rd - Canada's original Parliament buildings, in Ottawa, burns down
Feb 3rd - Tristan Tzar publishes Dada-manifest in Zurich Switzerland
Feb 5th - Enrico Caruso recorded "O Solo Mio" for the Victor Talking Machine Co
Feb 8th - French cruiser "Admiral Charner" torpedoed off Syrian coast, kills 374
Feb 8th - NL votes down Charlie Ebbets proposal to limit 25 cent seats
Feb 9th - Britain's military service act enforced (conscription)
Feb 9th - NL votes down a proposal by Giants, Braves, & Cubs to increase club player limit from 21 to 22 (The Reds want to decrease to 20)
Feb 10th - Military conscription begins in Britain
Feb 11th - Baltimore Symphony Orchestra presents its 1st concert
Feb 11th - Emma Goldman arrested for lecturing on birth control
Feb 11th - Germany and Austria-Hungary notify the US that they will sink any armed merchant ships starting on 1 March
Feb 12th - 1st edition of Joseph Patterson/Sidney Smith strip "Gumps"
Feb 15th - NY Yankees buy Frank "Home Run" Baker from the Athletics for $37,500
Feb 16th - Russian troops conquer the Ottoman Empire city of Erzurum during WWI
Feb 16th - The US rejects the right of Germany and Austria-Hungary to sink armed merchant ships
Feb 16th - The German ambassador in Washington announces that Germany will pay an indemnity for American lives lost on the Lusitania
Feb 17th - Romberg/Hanley/Atteridge/Smith' musical premieres in NYC
Feb 18th - The last German garrison in the German colony of Cameroons surrenders
Feb 21st - Battle of Verdun in WW I begins (1 million casualties)
Feb 22nd - The House-Grey Memorandum, drafted by US and Britain, states: 'Should the Allies accept [the American idea of a conference to end the war] and should Germany refuse it, the United States would "probably" enter the war against Germany'
Feb 23rd - Congress authorizes McKinley Memorial $1 gold coin
Feb 23rd - French artillery kills entire French 72nd division at Samogneux Verdun
Feb 25th - German troops conquer Fort Douaumont near Verdun
Feb 26th - Germans sink French transport ship Provence II, killing 930
Comedian/Actor/Filmaker Charlie ChaplinComedian/Actor/Filmaker Charlie Chaplin Feb 26th - Mutual signs Charlie Chaplin to a film contract
Feb 26th - Russian troops conquer Kermansjah Persia
Mar 1st - Germany begins attacking ships in the Atlantic
Mar 8th - US invades Cuba for 3rd time, this to end corrupt Menocal regime
Mar 9th - Mexican General Francisco "Pancho" Villa invades US (18 killed)
Mar 9th - Germany declares war against Portugal
Mar 12th - French airship sinks British submarine D3
Mar 14th - Battle of Verdun - German attack on Mort-Homme ridge, West of Verdun
Mar 15th - Dutch merchant ship Tubantia torpedoed by German submarine & sinks in North Sea
Mar 15th - Gen Pershing and 15,000 troops chase Villa into Mexico; they stay 10 for 10 months
Mar 15th - University of Gent goes under Dutch control
Mar 16th - James Barries' "Kiss for Cinderella" premieres in London
Mar 16th - US & Canada sign migratory bird treaty
Mar 20th - Allies attack Zeebrugge Belgium
Mar 21st - JP Van Limburg Stirum succeeds AWF Idenburg as gov-gen of Neth Indies
Mar 24th - German submarines torpedo the French Channel packet 'Sussex' which is unarmed
Mar 25th - Heavyweight Jess Willard & Franc Moran fight to no decision in NYC
Mar 25th - Jess Willard fights Frank Moran to no decision in 10 for boxing title
Mar 25th - Women are allowed to attend a boxing match
Mar 26th - Birdman of Alcatraz receives solitary
Mar 30th - Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens (NHA) beat Portland Rosebuds (PCHA), 3 games to 2
Mar 31st - Dutch government ends all military engagements
Apr 1st - 1st US national women's swiming championships held
Apr 2nd - German troops overtake Bois de Caillette
Apr 4th - US Senate agrees (82-6) to participate in WW I
Apr 5th - French troops occupy Bois de Caillette
Apr 6th - German parliament OKs unrestricted submarine warfare
Apr 8th - Norway approves active & passive female suffrage
Apr 8th - In Corona, California, racecar driver Bob Burman crashes, killing three and badly injuring five spectators.
Apr 10th - 1st professional golf tournament held
Apr 10th - The Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) is created in New York City.
Apr 18th - US Secretary of State Warns Germany that the USA may break diplomatic relations unless torpedo attacks on unarmed ships stop
Apr 19th - "Bing Boys are Here" opens in London
Apr 19th - 20th Boston Marathon won by Arthur Roth of Mass in 2:27:16.4
Apr 19th - Italians troops conquer Col di Lana at Merano
Apr 20th - German-British sea battle off Belgian coast
Apr 20th - Weeghman Park (Wrigley Field) in Chicago opens, Cubs beat Cin Reds 7-6
Apr 21st - Sir Roger Casement, an Ulster Protestant and ardent Irish nationalist, lands on the coast from a German submarine; he attempts to get German aid for an uprising against the British
Apr 22nd - France battles at Fort Douaumont
Apr 23rd - Lord Dunsany's "Night at an Inn" premieres in NYC
Apr 24th - Easter rebellion of Irish against British occupation begins
Apr 24th - Ernest Shackleton and five men of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition launch a lifeboat from uninhabited Elephant Island in the Southern Ocean to organise a rescue for ice-trapped ship Endurance.
Apr 29th - Irish nationalists set post office on fire in Dublin
Apr 30th - Chicago Cubs play 1st game at Weeghman Park (Wrigley Field) beat Reds
May 2nd - US president Wilson signs Harrison Drug Act
May 2nd - 2nd Ave & Bronx Terrace renamed Bronx Blvd; Seward Pl renamed Sycamore Ave; Herald Ave renamed Dickinson Ave; Monroe & Selwyn Avenue named
May 3rd - The leaders of the Easter Rising are executed in Dublin.
May 4th - At request of US, Germany curtails its submarine warfare
May 5th - US marines invade Dominican Republic, stay until 1924
May 6th - Belgian troop march into Kigali, German East-Africa
May 8th - German munitions bunker in Fort Douaumont explodes
May 9th - British-France Sykes-Picot meet over division of Turkey

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 486

Jan 1st - Earl Wrightson, Balt Md, singer (Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue)
Jan 3rd - Antonio Estevez, composer
Jan 3rd - Betty Furness, NYC, actress/journalist/consumer activist (Studio 1)
Jan 3rd - Bernard Greenhouse, American cellist
Jan 4th - Catherina Elisabeth "Tootje" Vreede, portrait painter
Jan 4th - Robert Parrish, Columbus Ga, director (Casino Royale)
Jan 4th - Slim Gaillard [Bulee], Edinburgh, Scotland, American Jazz singer/songwriter (d. 1991)
Jan 4th - Lionel Newman, American film music composer (d. 1989)
Jan 6th - Philip Bezanson, composer
Jan 6th - Vincent Serventy, Australian writer and conservationist (d. 2007)
Jan 7th - Gerrit Schulte, [Le Fou Pedalant], Dutch 6 day bicyclist
Jan 7th - Paul Keres, USSR, chess grandmaster (1950)
Jan 9th - Alain Bernardin, impressario (Crazy Horse Saloon)
Jan 9th - Vic Mizzy, Brooklyn New York, American orchestra leader (Don Rickles Show)
Jan 9th - Peter Twinn, English World War II code-breaker (d. 2004)
Jan 10th - Sune Bergström, Swedish biochemist, Nobel laureate (d. 2004)
Jan 10th - Don Metz, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2007)
Jan 11th - Bernard Blier, Buenos Aires Argentina, actor (Les Miserables)
Jan 11th - James H [Jimmy] Quillen, (Rep-R-TN, 1963- )
Jan 12th - A P[ieter] W Botha, Orange Free State, president of South Africa
Jan 12th - Jay McShann, American musician (d. 2006)
Jan 12th - William Pleeth, British cellist (d. 1999)
Jan 13th - Bella Lewitsky, choreographer
Jan 13th - Osa Massen, Copenhagen Denmark, actress (Jack London, Rocketship XM)
Jan 14th - John Oliver Killens, novelist
Jan 15th - Mikki Doyle, journalist
Jan 16th - Frederick Stewart, British geologist
Jan 17th - Joel Herron, Chicago Ill, orchestra leader (Jaye P Morgan Show)
Jan 18th - Alec Coxon, cricketer (England pace bowler in one Test, 2-90 & 1-82)
Jan 18th - James Crow, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, geneticist and influential educator (Genetic Theories and Influences: Comments on the Value of Diversity), (d. 2012)
Jan 20th - Jopie [Johan A] Pengel, premier of Suriname (1963-69)
Jan 20th - Walter Bartley, biochemist
Jan 21st - [JW] Al James Woodie exander, songwriter/vocalist
Jan 22nd - Henri Dutilleux, Angers France, composer
Jan 22nd - Harilal Upadhyay, Gujarati Author, Poet, Astrologist (Gujarat is a State of India) (d. 1994)
Jan 23rd - Airey Neave, British Major, politician and indictment server at the Nuremberg Trials (d. 1979)
Jan 23rd - David Douglas Duncan, American photo-journalist
Jan 24th - John Corner, scientist
Jan 24th - Vic Stollmeyer, cricketer (bro of Jeff Scored 96 in only Test innings)
Jan 24th - Jack Brickhouse, American sports broadcaster (d. 1998)
Jan 26th - Lothar Jensch, composer
Jan 28th - Peter Crossley-Holland, composer
Jan 29th - Barbara Skelton, writer
Jan 31st - Ciro D Crown, premier of Dutch Antilles (1968-69)
Jan 31st - Frank A Parker, tennis champ (US Open-1944)
Jan 31st - Violet Cane, statistician
Feb 1st - Gordon Hobday, Lord Lieutenant (Nottinghamshire)
Feb 2nd - Xuân Diệu, Vietnamese poet (d. 1985)
Feb 3rd - Vivien Signy, nurse
Feb 4th - Basil Hembry, farmer/campaigner
Feb 4th - Colin Morris, playwright/documentary filmmaker
Feb 4th - David Vassall Cox, composer
Feb 4th - Gavin Buchanan Ewart, English poet (Pleasures of the Flesh)
Feb 4th - Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha, 41st master of the Oveyssi-Shahmaghsoudi Sufi Order (d. 1980)
Feb 6th - Bill Doggett, rocker
Feb 6th - John Crank, British mathematician (d. 2006)
Feb 9th - Tex Hughson, American baseball player (d. 1993)
Feb 10th - Edward R Roybal, (Rep-D-CA, 1963- )
Feb 11th - Bernice Levin Neugarten, social scientist/gerontologist
Feb 12th - Joseph L Alioto, (Mayor-SF)
Feb 12th - Karl Hubert Rudolf Schiske, Austrian composer (Vom Tode)
Feb 13th - James Griffith, Los Angeles California, actor (Sheriff of Cochise)
Feb 14th - Edward Platt, Staten Island NY, actor (Chief-Get Smart)
Feb 14th - Masaki Kobayashi, Japanese director (Joi-uchi)
Feb 14th - Wawrzyniec Jerzy Zulawski, composer
Feb 14th - Marcel Bigeard, French general
Feb 15th - Ian Ballantine, publisher (Ballantine Books)
Feb 15th - Mary Jane Croft, American actress (d. 1999)
Feb 16th - William Ballard Doggett, jazz musician
Feb 17th - Don Tallon, cricketer (perhaps Australia's greatest wicket-keeper)
Feb 17th - Raf Vallone, Tropea Italy, actor (El Cid, 2 Women, Greek Tycoon)
Feb 17th - Alexander Obolensky, Russian prince and famed Rugby Union footballer who played for England.(d. 1940)
Feb 18th - Betty Phyllis Gathergood, curator
Feb 18th - Jean Drapeau, mayor of Montreal (1954- )
Feb 19th - Eddie Arcaro, jockey (1958 Racing Hall of Fame, 2 triple crowns)
Feb 20th - Jackie Gleason, Brooklyn New York, American comedian (Ralph Kramden-Honeymooners)
Feb 20th - Julius Juzeliunas, composer
Feb 20th - Paul Tripp, NYC, TV host (Mr I Magination)
Feb 23rd - George Abel, Canada, ice hockey player (Olympic-gold-1972)
Feb 23rd - Martindale Sidwell, organist/conductor
Feb 23rd - William Walsh, academic
Feb 24th - Gene Mitchell, museum director
Feb 25th - Ian Wallace, British CEO
Feb 25th - Ralph Baldwin, harness driver (set 11 major world records)
Feb 25th - Reinhard Bendix, German sociologist (d. 1991)
Feb 26th - Mordecai Seter, composer
Feb 26th - Ross Gregory, cricketer (Australian batsman 1936-37, died in WW II)
Mar 2nd - Anne Vondeling, Dutch politician (PvdA)
Mar 2nd - Bernard George Stevens, composer
Mar 4th - Giorgio Bassani, Italian writer (Botteghe Oscure)
Mar 4th - Hans Eysenck, psychologist
Mar 5th - Horace Ian Parrott, composer
Mar 6th - Rochelle Hudson, Oklahoma City OK, actress (That's My Boy)
Mar 8th - R W Schnell, writer
Mar 8th - John Seybold, American economist and computer typesetting pioneer (d. 2004)
Mar 10th - Manuel A "Manny" Greenhill, record producer
Mar 11th - [James] Harold Wilson, (L) British PM (1964-70, 1974-76)
Mar 11th - Ezra Jack Keats, children's literature author (d. 1983)
Mar 13th - Corinne Boggs, political administrator
Mar 13th - Lindy Boggs, (Rep-D-LA, 1973-1991), (d. 2013)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 8 of 8

Writer and Academic J. R. R. TolkienWriter and Academic J. R. R. Tolkien (Mar 22nd) Mar 22nd - British writer ('Lord of the Rings'), poet and professor J.R.R. (John Ronald Reuel) Tolkien marries Edith Mary Bratt at St. Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic Church, Warwick
Mar 27th - Actress Gloria Swanson (17) weds actor Wallace Beery (30)
May 27th - Naval commander Karl Donitz (24) weds nurse Ingeborg Weber
Jul 1st - Dwight Eisenhower marries Mary `Mamie' Geneva Doud in Denver, Colorado
Oct 9th - Heavyweight boxing champ Jack Dempsey (21) weds Maxine Gates in Farmington, Utah
Oct 17th - Cartoonist Rube Goldberg (33) weds Irma Seeman
Nov 29th - Erwin Rommel marries Lucie "Lu" Mollin
Dec 30th - MLB player Honus Wagner (42) weds Bessie Baine Smith (26) at St John's Church in Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 128

Jan 3rd - Grenville M. Dodge, American Civil War Union Army Major General (b. 1831)
Jan 8th - Ada Rehan, Irish-born American actress (b. 1860)
Jan 8th - Rembrandt Bugatti, Italian sculptor (b. 1884)
Jan 14th - Otto Ammon, German anthropologist/sociologist, dies at 73
Jan 15th - Modest Tchaikovsky, Russian writer (b. 1850)
Jan 16th - Arnold Aletrino, Dut physician-criminologist (From Death), dies at 57
Jan 22nd - Iwan Knorr, composer, dies at 63
Jan 29th - Edward Hubertus Joannes Keurvils, composer, dies at 62
Feb 1st - Anton Simon, composer, dies at 65
Feb 6th - Anne C A I van Diest, Belgian physician/feminist, dies at 73
Feb 6th - Rubén Darío, Nicaraguan writer (b. 1867)
Feb 9th - Hynek Ignac Frantisek Vojacek, composer, dies at 90
Feb 9th - Jack Barrett, cricketer (2 Tests for Australia 1890), dies
Feb 12th - J W Richard Dedekind, German mathematician, dies
Feb 14th - Petko J Todorov, Bulgaria writer (Zmejova), dies at 36
Feb 15th - Nikolay Nikolayevich Lodizhensky, composer, dies at 73
Feb 16th - Jeltje de Bosch Kemper, Dutch feminist, dies at 79
Feb 16th - [Gerard] Jan Ligthart, Dutch educator (Ot & Sien), dies at 57
Feb 19th - Ernst Mach, Austrian physicist/philosopher/psychologist, dies at 78
Feb 20th - Klas Pontus Arnoldson, Swedish politician (Nobel 1908), dies at 71
Feb 23rd - George Clement Martin, composer, dies at 71
Feb 28th - Henry James, US/British writer (Bostonians), dies in London at 72
Feb 29th - Edward H J Keurvels, Flemish conductor/composer (Parisina), dies at 62
Mar 2nd - Elisabeth OL, [Carmen Sylva], Queen of Romania, dies at 72
Mar 4th - Franz Marc, German painter/co-founder (Blaue Reiter), killed at 36
Mar 9th - Ken Hutchings, cricketer (exciting England batsman, WW I), dies
Mar 12th - M v Ebner-Eschenbach, writer, dies at 39
Mar 19th - Vasily Surikov, Russian painter (b. 1848)
Mar 20th - Ota Benga, Congolese pygmy (b. 1884)
Mar 21st - Victor de Stuers, Dutch art expert, dies at 72
Mar 24th - Enrique y Campina Granados, Sp opera composer (Goyescas), drowns at 48
Apr 1st - Gabrielle Petit, Belgian resistance fighter, executed
Apr 9th - Vicente Goicoechea Errasti, composer, dies at 62
Apr 11th - Richard Harding Davis, journalist, dies at 52
Apr 15th - Alfred Cogniaux, Belgian botanist, dies at 75
Apr 16th - Tom Horan, cricketer (15 Tests for Aust, 471 runs, 11 wickets), dies
Apr 19th - Ephraim Shay, American inventor (b. 1839)
Apr 29th - Jørgen Pedersen Gram, Danish mathematician (b. 1850)
May 4th - Joseph Mary Plunkett, Irish revolutionary (b. 1887)
May 6th - Dirk Bos, Dutch MP (Liberal), dies at 53
May 6th - Earl Ross Drake, composer, dies at 50
May 11th - Karl Schwarzschild, German astronomer (s-effect), dies
May 11th - Max Reger, German composer/pianist/organist, dies at 43
May 12th - James Connolly, Irish socialist (b. 1868)
May 13th - Sholem Aleichem, yiddish writer (Fiddler on the Roof), dies
May 17th - Gervais Bernard Gaston Salvayre, composer, dies at 68
May 17th - Boris Borisovich Galitzine, Russian physicist (b. 1862)
May 25th - Jack Marsh, cricketer (Aboriginal bowler played for NSW 1900-03), dies
May 27th - Joseph S Gallieni, General/military governor of Paris, dies
May 28th - Ivan Franko, Ukrainian writer (b. 1856)
The Gray Ghost John Singleton MosbyThe Gray Ghost John Singleton Mosby (May 30th) May 30th - John Singleton Mosby, American Confederate officer, dies at 82
May 31st - Rear Admiral Sir Horace Lambert Alexander Hood, dies in Battle of Jutland
Jun 4th - Mildred J Hill, composer/musician (Happy Birthday To You), dies at 56
Jun 5th - Horatio H Kitchener, British General (Sudan), drowns at 65
Jun 6th - Yuan Shikai, president of China, dies at 56
Jun 7th - Émile Faguet, French writer and critic (b. 1847)
Jun 14th - João Simões Lopes Neto, Brazilian writer (b. 1865)
Jun 18th - Helmuth J L von Moltke, German chief general of staff, dies at 67
Jun 18th - Max Immelmann, German pilot (WW I), killed
Jun 23rd - Victor Chapman, US legionaire/WW I pilot, killed
Jun 25th - Thomas Eakins, American artist (b. 1844)
Jun 28th - Ştefan Luchian, Romanian painter (b. 1868)
Jul 1st - William Booth, cricketer (WW I 2 Tests for England 1913-14), dies
The Witch of Wall Street Hetty GreenThe Witch of Wall Street Hetty Green (Jul 3rd) Jul 3rd - henrietta (Hetty) Green, (Witch of Wall Street), dies at 81
Jul 4th - Alan Seeger, American war poet (b. 1888)
Jul 6th - Odilon Redon, French painter (b. 1840)
Jul 11th - Rik Wouters, Belgian painter/sculptor (Doll Virgin), dies
Jul 12th - Aritius S Talma, Dutch minister of Agriculture, dies at 52
Jul 16th - Ilja [Elias] Metsjnikov, Russ bacteriologist (Nobel 1908), dies
Jul 16th - Ludwig P Scharwenka, German composer (Album Polonaise), dies at 70
Jul 16th - Victor Alexander Haden Horsley, physician, dies
Jul 16th - Ilya Mechnikov, Russian microbiologist, Nobel laureate (b. 1845)
Jul 18th - Benjamin C. Truman, American journalist and author
Jul 22nd - James Whitcomb Riley, American author and poet (b. 1849)
Jul 23rd - William Ramsey, chemist, dies
Jul 26th - Gellio Benevenuto Coronaro, composer, dies at 52
Jul 27th - Charles Fryatt, British capt of SS Brussels, executed by Germans, dies
Jul 30th - Albert Neisser, German physician who discovered the bacterias that cause gonorrhea and leprosy, dies of septicemia at 61
Aug 1st - Claude Newberry, South African cricket All-rounder (v England 1913-14), dies
Aug 2nd - Hamish MacCunn, composer, dies at 48
Aug 3rd - Sir Roger Casement, an Ulster Protestant and ardent Irish nationalist, executed by the British at 51
Aug 5th - George Sainton Kaye Butterworth, composer, dies at 31
Aug 5th - Nikolay Ivanovich Kazanli, composer, dies at 46
Aug 7th - Charles E Manning, Australian judge/major, dies in battle at 36
Aug 13th - Fritz Steinbach, composer, dies at 61
Aug 18th - Edward D Pain, English journalist (NY World), dies in battle at 36
Aug 28th - Francis W Warre-Cornish, Engl vice-provost of Eton (1893-1916), dies
Sep 4th - José Echegaray y Eizaguirre, Spanish writer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1832)
Sep 10th - Friedrich Gernsheim, composer, dies at 77
Sep 14th - Josiah Royce, US philosopher (Conception of Immortality), dies
Sep 15th - Isidore Edouard Legouix, composer, dies at 82
Sep 25th - Julius Fucik, composer, dies at 44
Sep 27th - Emile A G Verhaeren, Belgian writer (Les Heures du Soir), dies at 61
Oct 2nd - Benjamin Kidel, English sociologist (Social Evolution), dies at 58
Oct 16th - Klaas/old stick Kater, christian worker's union leader, dies at 73
Oct 21st - Karl von Storgkh, premier Austria, assassinated
Oct 28th - Cleveland Abbe, American meteorologist (b. 1838)
Oct 28th - Oswald Boelcke, German pilot (b. 1891)
Oct 30th - Silas Gamaliel Pratt, composer, dies at 70
Oct 31st - Charles Taze Russell, American founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses (b. 1852)

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