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Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 299

Jan 1st - Norway's capital Christiania changes name to Oslo
Jan 2nd - Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region established (now in Tadzhik SSR)
Jan 3rd - Benito Mussolini dissolves Italian parliament/becomes dictator
Jan 4th - French psychologist Emil Coué brings his self-esteem therapy to US "Every day in every way I am getting better & better"
Jan 5th - James Gleason & Richard Tabers "Is zat so?" premieres in NYC
Jan 5th - Nellie Taylor Ross became governor of Wyoming, 1st woman gov in USA
Jan 5th - Under Polish control, Danzig establishes Port Gdansk post office
Jan 5th - French Baseball Federation awards silver medals to John McGraw, Charlie Comiskey, & Hugh Jennings
Jan 6th - Paavo Nurmi, sets indoor record, 4:13.6 mile & 14:44.6 5,000m
Jan 7th - Musical "Big Boy" with Al Jolson premieres in NYC
Jan 8th - 1st all-female US state supreme court appointed, Texas
Jan 9th - German Postal Minister A Hofle resigns due to corruption
Jan 10th - France-Saarland forms
Jan 10th - Miriam (Ma) Ferguson sworn in as TX gov, nation's 2nd woman governor
Jan 11th - Frank Kellogg replaces Charles Hughes on as US Sect of State
Jan 12th - John Howard Lawson's "Processional," premieres in NYC
Jan 14th - Alban Berg's atonale opera "Wozzeck," premieres in Berlin
Jan 15th - Hans Luther forms German government, with DNVP
Jan 16th - Gen M Froense replaces Trotsky as People's Commissioner of Defense
Russian Revolutionary Leon TrotskyRussian Revolutionary Leon Trotsky Jan 16th - Leon Trotsky dismissed as CEO of Russian Revolution Military Council
Jan 19th - -48°F (-44°C), Van Buren, Maine (state record)
Jan 20th - USSR & Japan sign treaty of Peking, Seychelles back to USSR
Jan 21st - Albanian parliament announces itself a republic; Ahmed Zogoe president
Jan 22nd - Albania Republic proclaimed under Pres Achmed Zogu
Jan 24th - Moving picture of a solar eclipse taken from dirigible over Long Island
Jan 24th - Sandler follows Branting as premier of Sweden
Jan 28th - -46°F (-43°C), Pittsburgh, New Hampshire (state record)
Jan 29th - British Liberal Party chooses David Lloyd George as leader
Jan 30th - Turkish government throws out Constantine VI of Constantinople
Jan 31st - Premier Ahmed Zogu becomes president of Angola
Feb 1st - 1st national conference of KPD's Rotfrontkämpferbund in Berlin
Feb 2nd - Belgian episcopacy rejects liberalism, communism & socialism
Feb 2nd - Dogsleds reach Nome with emergency diphtheria serum after 1000-km
Feb 2nd - NL holds Golden Jubilee Year meeting at same hotel where NL began
US Secretary of State Frank KelloggUS Secretary of State Frank Kellogg Feb 8th - Kaufman & Berlin's "cocoanuts," premieres in NYC
Feb 8th - Marcus Garvey enters federal prison in Atlanta
Feb 9th - German Minister Stresemann proposes security treaty with France
Feb 9th - Haifa Technion (Israel), opens
Feb 10th - 1st waterless gas storage tank put into service, Michigan City, Ind
Feb 10th - AL decides to alternate leagues for game 1 of World Series each year
Feb 12th - 1st federal arbitration law approved by Congress
Feb 12th - E Thieffry departs with Handley Page for the Belgian Congo
Feb 12th - Estonia bans communist Party
Feb 13th - US Congress makes Surpreme Court appeal more difficult
Feb 14th - State of emergency crisis in Bavaria ends, NSDAP re-allowed
Feb 21st - 1st issue of "New Yorker" magazine published
Feb 21st - Mass meeting of SPD's Reichsbanner Black-Red-Gold in Magdeburg
Feb 24th - Thermite explosive 1st used to break up ice jam, Waddington, NY
Feb 25th - Glacier Bay National Monument established in Alaska
Feb 25th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Beatrix Loughran
Feb 25th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Nathaniel Niles
Feb 25th - The diplomatic relations between Japan and the Soviet Union were established.
Feb 26th - Jihad against Turkish government
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler Feb 27th - Hitler's resurrects NSDAP political party in Munich
Feb 27th - Test Cricket debut of Clarrie Grimmett, who took 5-45 & 6-37 v England
Feb 28th - "Tea For Two" by Marion Harris hit #1
Feb 28th - Congress authorizes a special handling stamp
Feb 28th - Longest win streak in Toronto Maple Leaf history (9 games)
Feb 28th - Theater Museum of Amsterdam forms
Mar 2nd - Dutch Socialists demand drastic disarmament
Mar 2nd - Japan's House of Representatives recognizes male suffrage
Mar 2nd - Nationwide road numbering system & US shield marker adopted
Mar 2nd - SDAP-Second-Faction of parliament demands drastic disarmament
Mar 4th - Pres Coolidge's inauguration broadcast live on 21 radio stations
Mar 4th - Swain's Island (near American Samoa) annexed by US
Mar 6th - Belgium annexes Eupen, Malmö dy & Sankt Vith
Mar 7th - American Negro Congress organizes
Mar 9th - Pink's War, the first RAF operation conducted independently of the Army or Navy, begins.
Mar 10th - Walter Mittelholzer is 1st to flies over Demawend mountain, Iran
Mar 12th - British government of Baldwin refuses to ratify Geneva agreement
Mar 13th - NHL Championship: Montreal Canadiens sweep Toronto Arenas in 2 games
Mar 13th - Tennessee makes it unlawful to teach evolution
Mar 18th - (8) 60-MPH tornadoes speed Mo, In, Il, Ky, & Tn kills 689
262nd Pope John XXIII262nd Pope John XXIII Mar 19th - Angelo G Roncalli (later Pope John XXIII) becomes a bishop
Mar 21st - Edinburgh's Murreyfield Stadium officially opens
Mar 21st - Iran adopts Khorshidi solar Hijrah calendar
Mar 23rd - Tennessee becomes 1st state to outlaw teaching theory of evolution
Mar 24th - KSL-AM in Salt Lake City UT begins radio transmissions
Mar 30th - Stalin supports rights of non-Serbian Yugoslavians
Mar 30th - Stanley Cup: Vict Cougars (WCHL) beat Canadiens (NHL), 3 games to 1
Mar 31st - WOWO-AM, Ft Wayne Indiana begins radio transmission (500 watts)
Apr 1st - 1st transmission of Danish state radio
Apr 1st - Hebrew University, Jerusalem dedicated [see May 9, 1925]
Apr 3rd - Great Britain goes back to gold standard
Apr 3rd - Netherlands & Belgium sign accord of Westerschelde
Apr 5th - Belgian Workers Party wins parliamentary election
Apr 5th - Yankees whip Dodgers in exhibition 16-9 but Babe Ruth collapses in NC due to an ulcer
Apr 6th - 1st film shown on an airplane (British Air)
Baseball Great Babe RuthBaseball Great Babe Ruth Apr 9th - Babe Ruth rushed to hospital
Apr 10th - Czarina re-amed Stalingrad (now Volgograd)
Apr 10th - Scribners publishes "The Great Gatsby" by F Scott Fitzgerald
Apr 11th - Abd el-Krims Rifkabylen beats French army in Morocco
Apr 13th - Virginia Theater (ANTA, Guild) opens at 245 W 52nd St NYC
Apr 14th - 1st regular-season Cubs game to be broadcast on radio (WGN)
Apr 15th - NHL's NY Americans (formerly Hamilton Tigers) 1st game, lose 3-1
Apr 16th - During the Communist St Nedelya Church assault in Sofia, 150 are killed and 500 are wounded.
Apr 17th - NY Yankee Babe Ruth has ulcer surgery
Apr 17th - Paul Painlevé follows Edouard Herriot on as French premier
Apr 18th - World's Fair opens in Chicago
Apr 20th - 29th Boston Marathon won by Charles Mellor of Ill in 2:33:00.6

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 660

Jan 1st - George Conner, NFL tackle, linebacker (Chicago Bears)
Jan 1st - Valentina Cortesa, Milan Italy, actress (Kidnap Syndicate)
Jan 1st - Matthew "Stymie" Beard, American actor (d. 1981)
Jan 1st - Raymond Pellegrin, French actor
Jan 2nd - Andry Maryanovich Nikodemovich, composer
Jan 2nd - William J Crowe Jr, Kentucky, chairman joint chief of staff
Jan 2nd - Larry Harmon, American entertainer and TV producer (d. 2008)
Jan 4th - Veikko Hakulinen, Finland, 30K/50K cross country skier (Oly-gold-1956)
Jan 5th - Wolf Morris, actor (Decoy)
Jan 6th - John Z DeLorean, former automaker (DeLorean)
Jan 7th - Gerald Malcolm Durrell, Britain, zoologist/writer (Mockery Bird)
Jan 8th - James Saunders, English chemist/playwright (Ark)
Jan 8th - Helmuth Hubener, German activist (d. 1942)
Jan 9th - Abdelhamid Benhadugah, novelist
Jan 9th - Lee Van Cleef, NJ, actor (For a Few Dollars More, Escape from NY)
Jan 10th - Maxwell Roach, composer
Jan 12th - Bill Burrud, Hollywood California, host (Safari to Adventure, Animal World)
Jan 12th - Laurentiu Profeta, composer
Jan 12th - Ralph Legall, cricket wicket-keeper (WI v India 1954)
Jan 12th - Scottie MacGregor, American actress
Jan 13th - Gwen Verdon, LA, actress/singer/dancer (Cotton Club, Sweet Charity)
Jan 13th - Rosemary Murphy, Munich Germany, actress (Margaret-Lucas Tanner)
Jan 14th - Yukio Mishima, Japan, novelist (Temple of Golden Pavilion)
Jan 14th - Louis Quilico, Canadian baritone (d. 2000)
Jan 15th - Keith Bentley, international racing cyclist
Jan 15th - Ruth Slenczynska, Sacramento, California, pianist
Jan 17th - A H Kardar, cricketer (Pak 1st Test capt, prev played for India)
Jan 17th - Annie Delorie, Dutch opera singer (Scenes & Arias)
Jan 17th - Duane Hanson, US sculptor
Jan 17th - Robert Cormier, American author (d. 2000)
Jan 17th - Edgar Ray Killen, American convict, former preacher and K.K.K. member
Jan 18th - Anthony Joly de Lotbiniere, TV producer
Jan 18th - Gilles Deleuze, philosopher
Jan 18th - Roepie Kruize, Dutch field hockey player (Olympic-Bronze-48/Silver-52)
Jan 19th - Nina [Mary] Bawden, English author (Afternoon of a Good Woman), (d. 2012)
Jan 20th - E Cardenal, writer
Jan 20th - Edwin Gordon, NYC, VOA correspondant
Jan 20th - Eugen Gomringer, writer
Jan 20th - George Connol, NFL Hall-of-Famer
Jan 21st - Lola Flores, Cadiz Spain, singer/actress (Kuma Ching, Faraona)
Jan 21st - Oswald "Ossie" Stevens Nock, railway writer
Jan 22nd - Leslie Silver, English paint manufacturer/multi-millionaire
Jan 23rd - Marty Paich, Oakland California, orchestra leader (Sonny & Cher, Glenn Campbell)
Ballerina Maria TallchiefBallerina Maria Tallchief (Jan 24th) Jan 24th - Maria Tallchief, Fairfax Ok, ballerina, (d. 2013)
Jan 24th - William Hudson, California, actor (I Led 3 Lives)
Jan 25th - Eric Dempster, cricketer (NZ slow bowl of mid-50's, bowling avg 109.5)
Jan 25th - Giorgos Zampetas, Greek musician and songwriter (d. 1992)
Jan 26th - David Jenkins, Bishop (Durham)
Jan 26th - Desmond Cassidi, British admiral
Jan 26th - Joan Leslie, Detroit, actress (High Sierra, Yankee Doodle Dandy)
Jan 26th - Paul Newman, Cleve, racer/popcorn mogul/actor (Hud, Hombre, Hustler)
Jan 26th - Claude Ryan, Quebec newspaper editor (d. 2004)
Jan 27th - Geoffrey Tucker, British political consultant
Jan 27th - John Bury, designer
Jan 28th - Henry Harris, British professor of medicine
Jan 29th - Anthony George, Endicott NY, actor (Untouchables, Checkmate)
Jan 29th - Lane of Horsell, Lord
Jan 29th - Pier Tania (Meinte Piet), radio/TV host (ANP, De Bezetting)
Jan 30th - Dorothy Malone, Chic, actress (At Gunpoint, Night & Day, Peyton Place)
Jan 30th - Douglas Engelbart, American computer scientist, (d. 2013)
Jan 31st - Benjamin Hooks, civil rights leader
Jan 31st - Charles Aidman, Frankfort Ind, narrator (New Twilight Zone)
Jan 31st - Fred Catherwood, MP
Feb 2nd - David Abell Wood, priest
Feb 2nd - Michel Paul Philippot, composer
Feb 2nd - Elaine Stritch, Detroit, Michigan, American actress (30 Rock, Company)
Feb 3rd - John Fiedler, Platville Wisc, actor (Mr Peterson-Newhart)
Feb 3rd - Joop C Swart, Dutch publisher/founder (World Press Photo)
Feb 3rd - Leon Schlumpf, member of the Swiss Federal Council
Feb 4th - Russell Hoban, US children's book author (Riddley Walker/Pilgermann)
Feb 7th - Arthur Berry, artist
Feb 7th - H Eisenreich, writer
Feb 7th - Marius Constant, Rumania, Dutch composer/conductor (Paradise Lost)
Feb 7th - Romolo Valli, actor (Bobby Deerfield, Fistful of Dynamite, La Viaccia)
Feb 8th - Alvin Brehm, composer
Feb 8th - Jack Lemmon, Boston Mass, actor (Days of Wine & Roses, Missing)
Feb 8th - Raimondo d'Inzeo, It, equestrian (Oly-gold/2 silver/3 bronze-1948-76)
Feb 9th - Vic Wertz, baseball player
Feb 9th - Burkhard Heim, German physicist (d. 2001)
Feb 11th - Kim Stanley, [Patricia Reid], Tularosa NM, actress (Right Stuff)
Feb 11th - Peter Berger, British vice-admiral
Feb 11th - Virginia E Johnson, doctor/sexologist (Masters & Johnson)
Feb 11th - Kim Stanley, American actress (d. 2001)
Feb 12th - Sir Anthony Berry, British politician (d. 1984)
Feb 12th - Joan Mitchell, Chicago USA, American painter and printmaker
Feb 13th - Gene Ames, singer
Feb 13th - Jan Arends, Dutch poet/author
Feb 14th - Elliot Lawrence, Phila, orchestra leader (Guide Right, Howard Cosell)
Feb 16th - David Emms, director (London Goodenough Trust for Overseas Graduates)
Feb 16th - John Schlesinger, London England, director (Midnight Cowboy, Darling)
Feb 16th - PER Bailey, director (Gatwick & Stansted Airports)
Feb 16th - Carlos Paredes, Portuguese guitar master (d. 2004)
Feb 17th - Fritz Behrendt, German/Dutch cartoon character (The Slogan)
Feb 17th - Hal Holbrook, Cleveland, actor (All the President's Men, Mark Twain)
Feb 17th - Ron Goodwin, English composer and conductor (d. 2003)
Feb 18th - George Kennedy, NYC, actor (Cool Hand Luke, Airport, Blue Knight)
Feb 18th - Marcel Barbeau, Quebec artist
Feb 19th - Jindrich Feld, composer
Feb 19th - Leslie Laing, Linstead Jamaica, 4X400m relayer (Olympic-gold-1952)
Feb 20th - Alex La Guma, Cape Town South Africa, novelist (A Walk in the Night)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 6 of 6

Jan 28th - Actress Gloria Swanson (25) weds aristocrat Henri de la Falaise (26) in Paris, France
Feb 7th - Heavyweight boxing champ Jack Dempsey (29) weds actress Estelle Taylor (30)
Apr 15th - Russian writer ("Lolita") Vladimir Nabokov (26) marries fellow Russian writer Vera Evseevna Slonim (23) in Berlin
Jun 7th - Three Stooges leader Moe Howard (28) weds Helen Schonberger
Jul 4th - American writer ("Gone with the Wind") Margaret Mitchell (24) marries 2nd husband John Marsh (29)
Jul 13th - Film producer and co-founder of Walt Disney Productions Walt Disney (23) weds Lillian Bounds (26) at Lewiston's Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Lewiston, Idaho

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 106

Jan 12th - Oskar Brefeld, German botanist, dies at 85
Jan 14th - Willem Devout, self employed (V & Dreesmann), dies
Jan 25th - Ivan Vucetic, Croatian anthropologist (b. 1858)
Jan 30th - Jakab Gyula Major, composer, dies at 66
Jan 30th - John F Mellaerts, Flemish social founder (Boerenbond), dies at 79
Feb 2nd - Antti Aarne, Finnish sociologist, dies at 57
Feb 3rd - Jaap Eden, Dutch World champion bicyclist/speed skating, dies at 51
Feb 18th - James Lane Allen, US writer (Choir Invisible), dies at 75
Feb 21st - Alfred Baldwin Sloan, composer, dies at 52
Feb 22nd - Georges/Joris Helleputte, Belgian Catholic minister, dies at 72
Feb 22nd - Nina David, [Mrs Radcliffe N Salomon], poet/author, dies
Feb 22nd - Thomas C Allbutt, English physiologist, dies at 88
Feb 24th - Hjalmar Branting, Prime Minister of Sweden, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1860)
Feb 25th - Pedro Miguel Marques y Garcia, composer, dies at 81
Feb 28th - Friedrich Ebert, soc-dem president Germany, dies
Mar 4th - Moritz Moszkowski, Polish/German composer, dies at 70
Mar 4th - James Ward, English psychologist and philosopher (b. 1843)
Mar 4th - John Montgomery Ward, American baseball player (b. 1860)
Mar 11th - Andreas Hallen, composer, dies at 78
Mar 12th - Sun Yat-Sen, Chinese revolutionary president, dies at 58
Mar 13th - Lucille Ricksen, American actress (b. 1909)
Mar 14th - Walter Camp, father of American football, dies at 65
Mar 20th - George N Curzon, British Foreign minister (1919-22), dies at 66
Mar 23rd - Aleksei Kuropatkin, Russian general/minister of War, dies at 76
Mar 27th - Carl G Neumann, German mathematician/physicist, dies at 92
Mar 30th - Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher (anthroposophy), dies at 64
Apr 1st - Francis William Davenport, composer, dies at 77
Apr 14th - Pieter D van Essen, Dutch artillery officer, dies at 54
Apr 15th - John Singer Sargent, US portrait painter, dies at 69
Apr 18th - Charles Ebbets, Pres (Dodgers), dies
Apr 22nd - Andre Caplet, composer, dies at 46
Apr 23rd - Andre Caplet, French composer (Le miroir de Jesus), dies at 45
Apr 25th - George Stephanescu, composer, dies at 81
Apr 28th - Louis F J Bouwmeester, actor (Shakespeare), dies
May 7th - William Hesketh Lever, First Viscount Leverhulme (b. 1851)
May 12th - Alfred Milner, British governor (Cape Colony)/minister, dies at 71
May 12th - Amy Lowell, writer, dies at 51
May 12th - Artur Napoleao dos Santos, composer, dies at 82
May 12th - Amy Lowell, American poet (b. 1874)
May 13th - Boris V Savinkov, Russian writer/terrorist, dies
May 14th - Henry Rider Haggard, English writer (Dawn, She), dies
May 22nd - John [Denton Pinkstone] French, Brit field marshall (WWI), dies at 72
May 27th - Ed McKeever, pres (Bkln Dodgers), dies of pneumonia
May 30th - Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, German historian (b. 1876)
Jun 4th - Gheorghe Dima, composer, dies at 77
Jun 4th - Pierre Louys, [PF Louis], French writer (Aphrodite), dies
Jun 16th - Chittaranjan Das, Indian patriot and freedom fighter (b. 1870)
Jun 16th - Emmett Hardy, American musician (b. 1903)
Jun 20th - Wilhelm Posse, composer, dies at 72
Jun 20th - Josef Breuer, Austrian psychologist (b. 1842)
Jun 21st - Jan H Leopold, poet/classical (translated Omar Khayyam), dies at 60
Jun 22nd - Felix Klein, German mathematician (b. 1849)
Jul 1st - Erik Alfred Leslie Satie, French composer (Dreamy Fish), dies at 59
Jul 1st - Jan P Veth, Dutch painter/lithographer/art historian, dies at 61
Jul 5th - Hjalmar Borgstrom, composer, dies at 61
Jul 7th - Clarence Hudson White American photographer (b.. 1871)
Jul 13th - Gerben Postma [Ids], Fries writer (Lytse Fryske Spraekleare), dies
Jul 14th - Pancho Villa, Filipino world boxing champion (b. 1901)
Jul 18th - Louis Nazaire Bégin, Roman Catholic cardinal and Archbishop of Quebec (b. 1840)
Jul 26th - William Jennings Bryan, lawyer (Scopes-monkey trial), dies at 65
Jul 26th - Antonio Ascari, Italian racing driver (b. 1888)
Aug 1st - John Pieter Veth, painter/lithographer/etcher/writer, dies at 61
Aug 3rd - William Bruce, cricketer (drowns 14 Tests for Australia 1885-95), dies
Aug 4th - Alfons Van de Perre, Flemish physician, dies
Aug 5th - Jennie Lee (actor), American actress (b. 1848)
Aug 15th - Konrad Mägi, Estonian artist (b. 1878)
Aug 17th - Ioan Slavici, Transylvanian writer of Romanian origin (b. 1848)
Aug 25th - Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf, Austro-Hungarian field marshal (b. 1852)
Sep 7th - John Wesley Work, composer, dies at 52
Sep 7th - René [Raphael] Viviani, French premier (1914-15), dies
Sep 16th - Leo Fall, Austria operetta composer (That Pink von Stambul), dies
Sep 16th - Leopold Fall, composer, dies at 52
Sep 16th - Alexander Alexandrovich Friedman, Russian physicist (b. 1888)
Sep 29th - E Runar Schildt, Finnish writer (Galgmannen), dies at 36
Sep 29th - Leon VA Bourgeois, French premier (1895-96, Nobel 1920), dies at 74
Sep 30th - Philip Hutchinson, cricketer (2 Tests for S Afr 1889), dies
Oct 7th - Hubert Platt Main, composer, dies at 86
Oct 7th - Christy Mathewson, American baseball player (b. 1880)
Oct 8th - Abraham PC of Karnebeek, liberal foreign minister (1918-27), dies
Oct 11th - Karl M Lybeck, Fin/Swedish language poet (Samlade Arbeten), dies at 71
Oct 23rd - Vyacheslav Gavrilovich Karatigin, composer, dies at 50
Oct 24th - Jindrich S Baar, Czech pastor/writer (Lusy), dies at 56
Oct 27th - Wilhelm Gericke, composer, dies at 80
Oct 31st - Max Linder, actor (Man in the Silk Hat), dies at 41
Nov 2nd - Antonius J Derkinderen, Dutch painter/etcher, dies at 65
Nov 6th - Khải Định, Emperor of Vietnam
Nov 9th - Daniel Josephus Jitta, lawyer/Dutch state advisor, dies at 71
Nov 12th - Roman Statkowski, composer, dies at 65
Nov 14th - Agnes Marie Jacobina Zimmermann, composer, dies at 78
Nov 20th - Alexandra, Danish princess/Queen of Great Britain, dies at 80
Nov 26th - Johannes Haarklou, composer, dies at 78
Nov 27th - Roger de la Fresnaye, French sculptor/painter, dies
Nov 29th - Karl Flodin, composer, dies at 67
Dec 1st - Vicente Arregui Garay, composer, dies at 54
Dec 2nd - Julio Garreta, composer, dies at 50
Dec 5th - Wilhelmina E Drucker, [Lensing], Dutch feminist, dies at 78
Dec 6th - Dat So la Lee "Dabuda" or Louise Keyser, Native American (Washoe) basket weaver dies aged about 96
Dec 9th - Eugene Gigout, composer, dies at 81
Dec 17th - A N "Monkey" Hornby, cricketer (England capt at Oval 1882), dies
Dec 19th - Jose Ignacio Quinton, composer, dies at 44

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