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Historical Events

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Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 401 - 500 of 698

Jul 20th - Diana Rigg, Doncaster England, actress (Emma Peel-Avengers, Hospital)
Jul 20th - Jo Ann Campbell, Jacksonville Fla, Lawrence Welk's champagne lady
Jul 20th - Lord McGowan
Jul 20th - Natalie Wood, [Natasha Gurdin], SF, (Gypsy, Rebel Without a Cause)
Jul 20th - Roger Hunt, English footballer
Jul 21st - Anton Emil Kuerti, composer
Jul 21st - Janet Reno, US attorney general (1993- )
Jul 21st - Les Aspin, (Rep-D-Wisc, 1971-93)/Minister of Defense (1993-94)
Jul 22nd - Terence Stamp, English actor (The Collector, Billy Budd), born in London, England
Jul 23rd - Ronny Cox, Cloudcroft Mass, actor (St Elsewhere)
Jul 23rd - Götz George, German actor
Jul 24th - Colin Southgate, CEO (Thorn EMI)
Jul 24th - John Sparling, NZ cricket all-rounder (11 Tests 1958-64)
Jul 24th - Mike Mainieri, rocker
Jul 24th - Eugene J. Martin, American painter, artist
Jul 26th - Keith Peters, physician
Jul 26th - Peter Hall, diplomat
Jul 26th - Bobby Hebb, Nashville Tn, country singer/songwriter (Sunny)
Jul 26th - Darlene Love, American singer
Jul 27th - Shirley Anne Field, England, actress (Alfie, War Lover) [or Jun 27]
Jul 27th - Isabelle Aubret, French singer
Jul 27th - Gary Gygax, American role-playing game creator (d. 2008)
Jul 28th - Alberto Fujimoro, president of Peru (1990- )
Jul 28th - George Cummings, rocker (Dr Hook & Medicine Show)
Jul 28th - Luis Aragonés, Spanish football manager
Jul 28th - Robert Hughes, Australian art critic and writer (Barcelona), born in Sydney, New South Wales (d. 2012)
Journalist and T.V. News Anchor Peter JenningsJournalist and T.V. News Anchor Peter Jennings (Jul 29th) Jul 29th - Peter Jennings, Toronto Canada, news anchor (ABC Evening News)
Jul 29th - Jean Rochon, Quebec politician
Jul 30th - Vayachselav Ivanenko, USSR, 50K walker (Olympic-gold-1988)
Jul 30th - Hervé de Charette, French politician
Aug 2nd - Brunhilde Hendrix, German FR, relay runner (Olympic-silver-1960)
Aug 2nd - Pierre de Bané, French Canadian politician
Aug 3rd - George Memmoli, actor (Earl-Hello Larry), born in NYC, New York
Aug 3rd - Terry "5 Wigs" Wogan, British talk show host (Irish Days)
Aug 4th - Ellen Schrecker, American college professor
Aug 5th - Hayes Wendell Jones, Sturksville Mich, 110m hurdler (Oly-gold-1964)
Aug 6th - Carry Tefsen, Dutch actress (Say A)
Aug 6th - Paul Bartel, Brooklyn NY, director/actor (Eating Raoul)
Aug 6th - Peter Bonerz, Portsmouth NH, actor (Jerry-Bob Newhart Show, 9 to 5)
Aug 7th - Dewi Lorwerth Ellis Bebb, rugby international/journalist
Aug 7th - Helen Caldicott, Australian physician/anti-war activist, born in Melbourne, Victoria
Aug 8th - Connie Stevens, Bkln, singer/actress (Hawaiian Eye, Back to Beach)
Aug 8th - Jacques Hetu, composer
Aug 9th - Dick Anthony Williams, actor (Our Family Honor), born in Chicago, Illinois
Tennis Player Rod LaverTennis Player Rod Laver (Aug 9th) Aug 9th - Rod Laver, Australia, tennis ace (1962, 1969 Grand Slam)
Aug 9th - Leonid Kuchma, Ukrainian politician
Aug 9th - Otto Rehhagel, German football manager
Aug 11th - Charles Hugh Shirley, publisher
Aug 11th - Allegra Kent, ballerina, born in Santa Monica, California
Aug 11th - Rainer Boesch, composer
Aug 11th - Branko Stanovnik, Slovenian chemist
Aug 12th - Anthony Joliffe, mayor of London
Aug 12th - Jean-Paul L'Allier, Canadian Mayor of Quebec
Aug 13th - Dave "Baby" Cortez, American pop keyboardist
Aug 14th - Betsy Cullen, LPGA golfer
Aug 14th - Niara Sudarkasa, [Gloria M Clark], educator/pres (Lincoln College)
Aug 14th - Stuart McKinnon, high court judge
Aug 15th - Maxine Waters, (Rep-D-California)
Aug 15th - Stephen Breyer, Supreme Court justice
Aug 15th - Janusz A. Zajdel, Polish writer
Aug 16th - Oleg Grigoryevich Kononenko, Russia, cosmonaut
Aug 17th - Abu Bakar Bashir, Indonesian Muslim cleric
Aug 17th - Theodoros Pangalos, Greek politician
Aug 18th - Joe Frank, American radio personality
Aug 19th - Diana Muldaur, actress (McCloud, Star Trek Next Gen, LA Law), born in NYC, New York
Aug 19th - Valentin Mankin, USSR, finn class yachtsman (Olympic-gold-1968)
Aug 20th - Jean-Loup Jaques Marie Chretien, France, cosmonaut (T-6, TM-7, STS 86)
Aug 20th - Alain Vivien, French politician
Country Singer Kenny RogersCountry Singer Kenny Rogers (Aug 21st) Aug 21st - Kenny Rogers, singer (Through the Years), born in Houston, Texas
Aug 22nd - Dale Hawkins, music writer (Suzy Q)
Aug 22nd - Paul Maguire, American football commentator
Aug 23rd - Roger Greenaway, composer
Aug 23rd - Ronny Cox, actor/singer (Robocop, Dr John Gideon-St Elsewhere)
Aug 24th - David Freiberg, rock bassist (Quicksilver Messenger), born in Boston, Massachusetts
Aug 24th - Mason Williams, Abilene Tx, writer (Smother Brothers Hour)
Aug 24th - Halldór Blöndal, Icelandic politician
Aug 25th - Frederick Forsyth, author (Day of the Jackal, Deceiver, Odessa File)
Aug 25th - David Canary, American actor
Aug 26th - Francine York, Aurora Minn, actress (Slattery's People)
Aug 26th - Maurice Williams, rocker
Aug 26th - Jet Black, English drummer, one of the founding members of The Stranglers
21st Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin21st Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin (Aug 28th) Aug 28th - Paul Martin, Windsor Ontario, 21st Prime Minister of Canada (2003-2006)
Aug 28th - Maurizio Costanzo, Italian television journalist
Aug 29th - Elliott Gould, Queens NY, actor (M*A*S*H, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice)
Aug 29th - Robert Rubin, United States Secretary of the Treasury
Aug 30th - Steve Delaney, Dobbs Ferry NY, newscaster (Monitor)
Aug 31st - Martin Bell, British journalist
Sep 1st - Alan Dershowitz, attorney (Claus Von Bulow, OJ Simpson), born in NYC, New York
Sep 1st - Art Agnos, US, politician(?)
Sep 2nd - Glyn Worsnip, broadcaster
Sep 3rd - Caryl Churchill, English playwright
Sep 3rd - Ryoji Noyori, Japanese chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
Sep 4th - Leonard Frey, Brooklyn New York, American actor (Best of West, Mr Smith)
Sep 6th - Alan Charles Downes, cameraman
Sep 6th - Joan Tower, New Rochelle NY, composer (Breakfast Rhythms)
Sep 8th - Sam Nunn, American politician (Sen-D-Georgia, 1972 - 1997)
Sep 8th - Kenichi Horie, Japanese adventurer
Sep 9th - Richard Sharpe, English rugby player
Sep 11th - Charles Patrick, rocker (Monotones)
Sep 12th - Tatiana Troyanos, mezzo-soprano (Octavian-Der Rosenleavalier), born in NYC, New York

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