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Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 654

Jan 1st - France joins the UN
Jan 1st - German air raid on allied airports at Eindhoven/Saint-Trond/Brussels
Jan 2nd - Allied air raid on Neurenberg
Jan 2nd - Kentucky begins 130 home basketball game win streak, ends in 1955
Jan 2nd - Radio Orange ends cooperation at Liese-Aktion
Jan 3rd - Allies land on west coast of Burma, conquer Akyab
Jan 3rd - British Premier Winston Churchill visits France
Jan 3rd - Cato-Meridian School, NY, installs germicidal lamps in every room
Jan 3rd - Greek General Plastiras forms government
Jan 3rd - John Patrick's "Hasty Heart," premieres in NYC
Jan 3rd - US aircraft carriers attack Okinawa
Jan 4th - Germans execute resistance fighters in Amsterdam
Jan 4th - US jeep-aircraft carrier Ommaney Bay sinks after kamikaze attack
Jan 5th - Pepe LePew debuts in Warner Bros cartoon "Odor-able Kitty"
Jan 5th - Surprise attack on Liese-Aktion-office on Marnix St, Amsterdam
Jan 7th - Lord Haw-Haw reports total German victory in the Ardennes
Jan 8th - "Youth for Christ" organizes
Jan 9th - US soldiers led by Gen Douglas MacArthur invades Philippines
Jan 10th - Baseball writers again fail to elect a new Hall of Famer
WW2 General Douglas MacArthurWW2 General Douglas MacArthur Jan 10th - LA Railway (with 5 streetcar lines) forced to close
Jan 10th - No one is elected to baseball's Hall of Fame
Jan 12th - German forces in Belgium retreat in Battle of Bulge
Jan 12th - US Task Force 38 destroys 41 Jap ships in Battle of South China Sea
Jan 12th - World War II: The Soviets begin a large offensive against the Nazis in Eastern Europe.
Jan 13th - Prokofchev's 5th Symphony premieres in Moscow
Jan 15th - "Make Mine Manhattan" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 429 perfs
Jan 15th - Every Amsterdammer gets 3 kg of sugar beets
Jan 15th - Red Army frees Crakow-Plaszow concentration camp
Jan 16th - Scottish 52nd land division/1st Commando brigade-assault at Heinsberg
Jan 16th - US 1st & 3rd army meet at Houffalise
Jan 17th - Auschwitz concentration camp begins evacuation
Jan 17th - Gilbert Dodds, record miler (4:05.3), retires to do gospel work
Jan 17th - Liberation of Warsaw by Soviet troops (end of Nazi occupation)
Jan 17th - Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazis, arrested by secret police in Hungary
Jan 18th - Warsaw freed by Soviet army
32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt Jan 20th - FDR sworn-in for an unprecedented 4th term as president
Jan 20th - Hungary ends its involvement in the Second World War, agreeing to an armistice with the Allies.
Jan 21st - British troops land on Ramree, near coast of Burma
Jan 22nd - Burma highway reopens
Jan 22nd - Heavy US air raid on Okinawa
Jan 23rd - Dutch Premier Gerbrandy, exiled in London, offers his resignation
Jan 23rd - World War II: Karl Dönitz launches Operation Hannibal.
Jan 24th - Scottish 52nd Lowland division occupies Heinsberg
Jan 25th - Dan Topping, Del Webb & Larry MacPhail purchase NY Yanks for $2.8 mil
Jan 25th - Grand Rapids, Michigan becomes 1st US city to fluoridate its water
Jan 25th - Japanese occupiers of Batavia arrest Indo-European youths
Jan 25th - NY Yankees sold by Ruppert estate to construction magnate Del Webb and partners Dan Topping and Larry MacPhail for $2.8 million
Jan 25th - West Africa 82nd division occupies Myohaung, Burma
Jan 26th - Soviet forces reach Auschwitz concentration camp
Jan 27th - Nazi occupiers forbid food transport to West (The Netherlands)
Navy Commander Karl DonitzNavy Commander Karl Donitz Jan 27th - Russia liberates Auschwitz & Birkenau Concentration Camp (Poland)
Jan 27th - S Romberg, H&D Fields' musical premieres in NYC
Jan 27th - Wally van Hall, "banker in defiance," arrested
Jan 28th - Dutch airplanes dump pamphlets on Java
Jan 28th - Gen "Vinegar Joe" Stillwell & truck convoy reopen Burma Road to China
Jan 28th - Swedish ships bring food to starving Netherlands
Jan 30th - "Wilhelm Gustloff" torpedoed off Danzig by Soviet sub-c 9,400 die
Jan 31st - US 4th Infantry division occupies Elcherrath
Feb 1st - US Army arrives at Siegfriedlinie
Feb 2nd - Escape attempt at Mauthausen concentration camp
Feb 3rd - Almost 1,000 Flying Fortresses drop 3,000 tons of bombs on Berlin
Feb 3rd - Walt Disney's "3 Caballeros" released
Feb 4th - FDR, Churchill & Stalin meet at Yalta
Feb 5th - Big Racket becomes fastest race horse at 69t.6 kph (440 yd/20.8 s)
Feb 5th - British premier Churchill arrives in Yalta, the Crimea
Soviet Union Premier Joseph StalinSoviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin Feb 5th - US troops under General Douglas MacArthur enter Manilla
Feb 6th - US 8th Air Force bombs Magdeburg/Chemnitz
Feb 6th - Russian Red Army crosses the river Oder
Feb 7th - General Douglas MacArthur returns to Manila
Feb 7th - Harry Truman appoints Irwin C Mollison judge of US Customs Court
Feb 7th - US 76th/5th Infantry divisions begin crossing Sauer
Feb 8th - Allied air attack on Goch/Kleef/Kalkar/Reichswald
Feb 9th - -Feb 10] Germany destroys Ruhrdammen
Feb 9th - WAAF-corporal flies along the tail of a Spitfire
Feb 9th - The Battle of the Atlantic the HMS Venturer sinking U-Boat 864 off the coast of Norway.
Feb 10th - "Rum & Coca Cola" by Andrews Sisters hits #1
Feb 11th - 1st gas turbine propeller-driven airplane flight tested, Downey, CA
Feb 11th - Yalta agreement signed by FDR, Churchill & Stalin
Feb 12th - SF selected for site of UN Conference
Feb 13th - Allied planes bomb Dresden Germany; 135,000 die
Feb 13th - Gerbrandy Dutch government refuses Dutch Jewish right to buy
Feb 13th - USSR captures Budapest, after 49-day battle with Germany; 159,000 die
Feb 14th - US 8th Air Force bombs Dresden
Feb 14th - Peru, Paraguay, Chile & Ecuador joins UN
Feb 14th - World War II: Prague is bombed probably due to a mistake in the orientation of the pilots bombing Dresden.
Feb 14th - World War II: Mostar is liberated by Yugoslav partisans.
Feb 16th - US forces land on Corregidor, complete conquest on March 3
Feb 16th - Venezuela declares war on Nazi Germany
Feb 19th - 30,000 US Marines land on Iwo Jima
Feb 19th - 980 Japanese soldiers reportedly killed by crocodiles in 2 days on Ramree Island, Burma
Feb 19th - Brotherhood Day-1st celebrated
Feb 19th - US 5th Fleet launches invasion of Iwo Jima against the Japanese
Feb 21st - Archbishop De Jong calls for help with war casualties
Feb 21st - British Army captures Goch
Feb 21st - US 10th Armour division overthrows Orscholz line
Feb 22nd - Arab League forms (Cairo)
Feb 22nd - British troops take Ramree Island, Burma
Feb 22nd - Canadian 3rd Division occupies Moyland
Feb 23rd - 2nd Dutch government of Gerbrandy forms in London
Feb 23rd - Canadian troops occupy Kalkar

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 792

Jan 1st - Jacques Ickx, Belgium, Le Mans auto race (6-time winner)
Jan 1st - Peter Duncan, Australian politician
Jan 3rd - Stephen Stills, Dallas TX, songwriter/guitarist (Cosby Stills & Nash)
Jan 4th - Jay Dee Maness, Loma Linda Ca, singer (Desert Rose Band-Love Reunited)
Jan 4th - Vesa-Matti Loiri, Finnish entertainer
Jan 4th - Richard R. Schrock, American chemist, Nobel laureate
Jan 5th - Sam Wyche, NFL coach (Cincinnati Bengals)
Jan 5th - Chuck McKinley, U.S. tennis player (d. 1986)
Jan 5th - Roger Spottiswoode, Canadian-born film director
Jan 6th - Barry Holstein Lopez, US author (Of Wolves & Men)
Jan 6th - Barry John, Welsh international rugby player
Jan 6th - Pepe Le Pew, cartoon skunk (Au Dorable Kitty)
Jan 6th - Allen Appel, American novelist
Jan 7th - Tony Conigliaro, Mass, baseball outfielder (Boston Red Sox)
Jan 7th - Dick Marty, Swiss politician
Jan 7th - Raila Odinga, Prime Minister of Kenya
Jan 8th - John Peters, rock drummer (Harpers Bizarre)
Jan 8th - Terry Sylvester, rocker (Hollies)
Jan 9th - Frank J Biondi Jr, president (HBO)
Jan 9th - Harun Farocki, actor/director (Nicht loeschbares Feur)
Jan 9th - John Doman, American actor
Singer Rod StewartSinger Rod Stewart (Jan 10th) Jan 10th - Rod Stewart, London, British singer (Maggie Mae, Do You Think I'm Sexy)
Jan 10th - Edward Wiskoski, American professional wrestler
Jan 11th - Christine Kaufmann, Austria, actress (Town Without Pity, Red Lips)
Jan 11th - Samdech Preah Sanghareach Bour Kry, Supreme Patriarch of the Cambodian Dhammayutt Order
Jan 12th - Maggie Bell, Glasgow Scotland, rocker
Jan 13th - [Eileen] Joy[ce] Chant [Rutter], UK, sci-fi author (High Kings)
Jan 14th - Einar Hakonarson, Icelandic painter
Jan 14th - Maina Gielgud, British ballet dancer and administrator
Jan 15th - Vince Foster, Hope Arkansas, American lawyer (d. 1993)
Jan 15th - William R. Higgins, USMC colonel (d. 1990)
Jan 15th - Princess Michael of Kent, British royal
Jan 16th - Kabir Bedi, actor (Thief of Baghdad, Terminal Entry)
Jan 17th - William Hart, US singer (4 Gents, Delfonics-I'm Sorry)
Jan 17th - Javed Akhtar, Indian lyricist, poet and scriptwriter
Jan 19th - Charles Amirkhanian, composer
Jan 19th - Rod Evans, rocker (Deep Purple-Come Taste the Band)
Jan 19th - Vadim Abdrashitov, director (Fox Hunt, Parade of Planets)
Jan 20th - Eric Stewart, rock guitarist (10cc-I'm Not in Love)
Jan 20th - Peter Beckwith, English real estate developer/multi-millionaire
Jan 20th - Christopher Martin-Jenkins, cricket commentator and correspondent
Jan 21st - Andrew Stein, pres of NYC council (D)
Jan 21st - Chris Britton, rocker (Troggs-Rock & Roll Goldmine)
Jan 22nd - Michael Cristofer, actor/writer (Little Drummer Girl)
Jan 22nd - Oliver, rocker
Jan 23rd - Mike Harris, Canadian politician, Premier of Ontario
Jan 24th - D. Todd Christofferson, LDS apostle
Jan 24th - John Garamendi, American politician
Jan 25th - Leigh Taylor-Young, Wash DC, actress (Peyton Place, Alice B Toklas)
Jan 26th - Mick Hill, cricketer (NSW all-rounder 1964-75)
Jan 26th - Barbara Kruger, Newark USA, American conceptual artist
Jan 26th - Jacqueline du Pré, English cellist (d. 1987)
Jan 27th - Mairead Corrigan-Maguire, North Irish peace activist (Nobel 1976)
Jan 27th - Harold Cardinal, Cree political leader (d. 2005)
Jan 28th - Nick Raynsford, British MP
Jan 28th - José Luis Perales, Spanish singer
Jan 28th - Robert Wyatt, English musician
Jan 29th - Donna Marie Caponi Young, Detroit, LPGA golfer (US Open 1969, 70)
Jan 29th - James Nicholson, British MEP
Actor Tom SelleckActor Tom Selleck (Jan 29th) Jan 29th - Tom Selleck, Detroit Mich, actor (Lance-Rockford Files, Magnum PI)
Jan 29th - Jim Nicholson, Irish politician
Jan 30th - Michael Dorris, writer
Jan 30th - Robert Wittinger, composer
Jan 31st - Noah Creshevsky, composer
Feb 1st - Ole Buck, composer
Feb 2nd - Ronnie Goodson, rocker
Feb 3rd - Bob Griese, NFL quarterback (Miami Dolphins, 1971 Player of Year)
Feb 3rd - Johnny Cymbal, rocker (Mr Bass Man)
Feb 3rd - Willeke Alberti, [Verbruggen], Dutch vocalist/actress (Small Truth)
Feb 4th - David Brenner, Phila, comedian/TV talk show host (Nightlife)
Feb 6th - Bob [Robert Nesta] Marley, Nine Mile St Ann, Jamaican reggae musician and singer-songwriter (Wailers-No Woman)
Feb 7th - Gerald Davies, British rugby player
Feb 7th - Pete Postlethwaite, actor (The Boxer)
Feb 7th - Ian Jack, Scottish journalist
Reggae Musician Bob MarleyReggae Musician Bob Marley (Feb 6th) Feb 9th - Bill Bergey, NFLer
Feb 9th - Mia [Maria] Farrow, LA, actr (Rosemary's Baby, Purple Rose of Cairo)
Feb 10th - John Hayes, secretary-general (British Law Society)
Feb 10th - Klas Tuinstra, Dutch MP (CDA)
Feb 12th - Cliff De Young, Los Angeles California, actor (F/X, Hunger, Shock Treatment)
Feb 12th - Joe Schermie, Madison Wi, bassist (3 Dog Night-Joy to the World)
Feb 12th - Maud Adams, Lulea Sweden, actress (Octopussy, Rollerball, Tattoo)
Feb 13th - Keith Nichols, jazz pianist
Feb 13th - King Floyd, rocker
Feb 13th - Roy Dyke, Liverpool, rock drummer (Ashton, Gardner & Dyke)
Feb 13th - David Tremlett, English Artist
Feb 14th - Gregory Hines, NYC, actor/dancer (White Nights, Taps)
Feb 14th - Hans Adam, prince of Liechtenstein
Feb 14th - K M Jenkins, British director of personnel (Royal Mail)
Feb 14th - Vic Briggs, England, rocker (Animals)
Feb 14th - William Hill Boner, (Rep-D-TN, 1979- )
Feb 14th - Ladislao Mazurkiewicz, Piriápolis, Uruguay, football goalkeeper, (d. 2013)
Feb 15th - John Helliwell, British musician (Supertramp)
Feb 15th - Douglas Hofstadter, American academic and writer
Feb 16th - Frank Welker, American voice actor
Feb 17th - Brenda Fricker, Dublin Ireland, actress (My Left Foot)
Feb 17th - Patricia Morrow, actress (Rita-Peyton Place)
Feb 17th - Willie J L Swildens-Rozendal, Dutch MP (PvdA)
Feb 18th - Judy Rankin, St Louis Mo, LPGA golfer (Vare Trophy 1976-77)
Feb 18th - Michael Nader, St Louis Mo, actor (Peter-Gidget, Dex Dexter-Dynasty)
Feb 19th - Jon Whiteley, actor (Moonfleet)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 19 of 19

Jan 6th - Future US President George H W Bush marries Barbara Pierce at the First Presbyterian Church in Rye NY
Jan 6th - US First Lady Barbara Bush (19) weds 41st president George H. W. Bush (20) at the First Presbyterian Church in Rye, New York
Jan 29th - Actress Gloria Swanson (45) weds William N. Davey
Apr 29th - Adolf Hitler marries Eva Braun
May 21st - Director Akira Kurosawa (35) weds actress Yoko Yaguchi (23)
Jun 2nd - Athlete Jim Thorpe (57) weds Patricia Askew
Jun 13th - "Three Smart Girls" actress Deanna Durbin (23) weds film writer, producer and actor Felix Jackson at The Little Church Of The West in Las Vegas
Jul 21st - Master of quick wit and widely considered one of the best comedians of the modern era Groucho Marx (54) weds Kay Marvis
Sep 1st - Author Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (23) weds childhood sweetheart Jane Marie Cox
Sep 7th - "Star Trek" actor DeForest Kelley (25) weds Carolyn Dowling
Sep 19th - Actress Shirley Temple (17) weds actor John Agar (24) in an Episcopal ceremony at Wilshire Methodist Church
Sep 21st - Publisher Malcolm Forbes (26) weds Roberta Remsen Laidlaw
Sep 27th - Actor Richard Cromwell (35) weds actress Angela Lansbury (19) in Independence, California
Oct 5th - Actress Janet Leigh (18) weds Stanley Reames at Morris Chapel in Stockton, California
Oct 17th - Actress Ava Gardner (22) weds band leader Artie Shaw (35) in Hollywood
Oct 22nd - Argentine military officer and politician Juan Peron (50) weds Eva Peron (26) on a civil ceremony in Junin
Oct 22nd - Actress Eva Peron-Duarte (26) weds military officer Juan Perón (50)
Nov 30th - Actress Bette Davis (37) weds artist William Grant Sherry
Dec 5th - Actor Eddie Albert (39) weds actress Margo (28)

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 2 of 2

Dec 21st - American author and journalist "The Old Man and the Sea" Ernest Hemingway and journalist Martha Gellhorn divorce after 5 years of marriage.
Dec 25th - Actor John Wayne (38) divorces Josephine Saenz (37) after 12 years of marriage

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 221

Jan 1st - Vit Nejedly, composer, dies at 33
Jan 2nd - Betram Home Ramsay, Engl adm/Cmdr Naval Forces (Normandy), dies at 61
Jan 3rd - Fyodor Akimenko, composer, dies at 68
Jan 3rd - Edgar Cayce, American psychic (b. 1877)
Jan 3rd - Ferdynand Antoni Ossendowski, Polish writer (b. 1879)
Jan 6th - Vladimir Vernadsky, Russian mineralogist (b. 1863)
Jan 8th - Jac[obus] P Thijsse, Dutch biologist (Omgang met planten), dies at 79
Jan 8th - Karl Krafft, Swiss astrologer who was manipulated by the Nazi regime (b. 1900)
Jan 9th - Jüri Uluots, Estonian Prime Minister (b. 1890)
Jan 10th - Rudolf Borchardt, writer, dies at 67
Jan 14th - Sandor Vandor, composer, dies at 43
Jan 16th - Dennis Donnini, Brit rifleman (Victoria Cross), dies in battle at 19
Jan 19th - Ernest B Allo, French theologist, dies at 71
Jan 22nd - A Wolfenstein, writer, dies at 61
Jan 22nd - Carlo Felice Boghen, composer, dies a day before 76th birthday
Jan 22nd - Johan Eykman, theologist (World Church), dies at 52
Jan 22nd - Else Lasker-Schuler, German-born poet (b. 1869)
Jan 23rd - Helmuth J Moltke, German politician ("July 20th Plot"), executed at 37
Jan 28th - Philip "Felix" Bekkers, actor (We Go on Trip), dies at 37
Jan 30th - Gottlieb J Haberlandt, Hungarian/German botanist, dies at 90
Jan 30th - William Busch, composer, dies at 43
Jan 31st - Eddie Slovik, 1st US executed for desertion since Civil War at 25
Feb 1st - Johan Huizinga, Dutch culture historian (Homo Ludens), dies at 72
Feb 2nd - Karl F Goerdeler, mayor (Leipzig)/"July 20th plot", hanged at 60
Feb 3rd - Jose Rolon, composer, dies at 61
Feb 3rd - Roland Freisler, German Nazi judge (July 20th plotter case), dies
Feb 6th - Jan Bos, Dutch resistance fighter, executed
Feb 6th - Paul Bos, Dutch resistance fighter, executed
Feb 9th - George J L Maduro, resistance fighter (Madurodam), dies in Dachau
Feb 9th - Jan Bakker, resistance fighter, executed at 26
Feb 10th - Juan de Hernandez, composer, dies at 63
Feb 10th - Anacleto Diaz, Filipino jurist (b. 1878)
Feb 11th - Al Dubin, Swiss songwriter (Tiptoe Thru The Tulips), dies at 53
Feb 11th - J S H Lokerman, Dutch resistance fighter, dies in Neugengamme
Feb 12th - Henrietta Szold, founder (Hadassah, Youth Aliyah), dies
Feb 12th - Walraven [Wally] van Hall, Dutch banker/resisted Nazis, executed at 39
Feb 12th - Antonio Villa-Real, Filipino jurist (b. 1880)
Feb 13th - George Studd, cricketer (4 Tests with brother v Aus 1882-83), dies
Feb 16th - Billy Frank, cricketer (Test South Africa v Eng 1896, 5 & 2, 1-52), dies
Feb 16th - Rudolf Vornlund, Swedish playwright (Upproret), dies at 45
Feb 19th - Wim Speelman, Dutch resistance fighter, executed at 26
Feb 21st - Eric Liddell, Scottish runner (Olympic-gold 1924), dies at 43
Feb 22nd - Osip Brik, Russian writer (b. 1888)
Feb 23rd - Aleksei Tolstoi, Russian poet/writer (Pjotr Peroyj), dies at 62
Feb 23rd - Aubrey Cousins, Canadian sergeant (Victoria Cross), dies in battle
Feb 24th - Ahmed Maher Pasha, Egypt's PM, assassinated in parliament
Feb 25th - Mário de Andrade, Brazilian writer and photographer (b. 1893)
Feb 27th - HJ Lochtman, Dutch chaplain/resistance fighter, dies in Bergen-Belsen
Mar 2nd - Emily Carr, Canadian artist (b. 1871)
Mar 3rd - Arthur Vanderpoorten, Flemish Internal minister (1940), dies at 61
Mar 3rd - Koos Speenhoff, Dutch singer, killed in bombing raid at 75
Mar 4th - Lucille La Verne, American actress (b. 1872)
Mar 4th - Mark Sandrich, American film director, writer and producer (b. 1900)
Mar 5th - Lena Baker, American murderer (b. 1901)
Mar 6th - Jan Thijssen, Dutch resistance fighter, executed at Savage Farm
Mar 6th - Rudolph Karel, composer, dies at 64
Mar 7th - Adolf Bartels, German writer/racist, dies at 82
Mar 8th - H J Jamin, Dutch resistance fighter, dies in Buchenwald
Mar 8th - Jan Beekes, resistance fighter, executed at 26
Jewish Victim & Diarist of the Holocaust Anne FrankJewish Victim & Diarist of the Holocaust Anne Frank (Mar 12th) Mar 12th - Anne Frank, diarist (Diary of Anne Frank), killed in Belsen Camp aged 15
Mar 13th - Herbert Bedford, composer, dies at 78
Mar 15th - Herman B Wiardi Beckman, Dutch MP (SDAP), dies at 41
Mar 16th - Pierre Drieu la Rochelle, French writer/poet, commits suicide at 52
Mar 16th - Börries von Münchhausen, German poet (b. 1874)
Mar 18th - William Grover-Williams, British racing driver
Mar 19th - Fritz Fromm, German supreme commander of Reserve army, executed
Mar 21st - J Woortman, Dutch resistance fighter, dies in Bergen-Belsen at 39
Mar 21st - Artur Nebe, German SS officer {b. 1894)
Mar 22nd - J Postuma, Dutch resistance fighter, dies
Mar 24th - J S Nicklin, Lt-Col/Canada's 1st parachutist, dies
Mar 24th - Thomas Rennie, Gen-Maj (Dutch command 51st Highland Division), dies
Mar 26th - David Lloyd George, British (L) premier (1916-22), dies at 82
Mar 26th - Isaack Stouten, resistance fighter, shot to death at 29
Mar 27th - Jorgen Nielsen, Danish writer (romance), dies at 42
Mar 29th - Karl T Sapper, German geographer/geologist (Vulkankunde), dies at 79
Mar 30th - Karel Moor, composer, dies at 71
Physicist and Nobel Laureate Hans FischerPhysicist and Nobel Laureate Hans Fischer (Mar 31st) Mar 31st - Hans Fischer, German physicist (Nobel 1930), dies at 63
Mar 31st - Maurice Rose, 1st US general in Nazi Germany, killed in action at 45
Apr 3rd - Joseph Weinheber, Austria poet/writer (Vienna Verbatim), dies at 43
Apr 5th - Huldreich Georg Fruh, composer, dies at 41
Apr 6th - Benjamin M Telders, president (Dutch Liberal States Party), dies at 42
Apr 9th - Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German theologist/antifascist, hanged
Apr 9th - Hans Oster, German major-general/spy, "July 20th plot", hanged
Apr 9th - Hans von Dohnanyi, "July 20th plotter", hanged
Apr 9th - Wilhelm Canaris, Admiral/headed Germany Abwehr, hanged
Apr 9th - Georg Elser, failed assassin of Hitler (b. 1903)
Apr 10th - Hendrik N Werkman, resistance/painter (Blue Boat), executed at 63
Apr 10th - Charles Nordhoff, English-born writer (b. 1887)
Apr 11th - Kamiel van Baelen, Flemish resistance fighter (in Dachau), dies at 29
Apr 12th - Franklin Roosevelt, 32nd US President (D) (1933-1945), dies at 63
Apr 13th - Ernst Cassirer, German philosopher (b. 1874)
32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Apr 12th) Apr 17th - Hannie Schaft, "Girl with red hair," executed
Apr 17th - Ion Pillat, Romaniams poet/senator (Umbra timpului), dies
Apr 17th - Walter Model, German fieldmarshal, commits suicide at 54
Apr 18th - Ernest T Pyle, British/US newscaster, killed in WW II at 44
Apr 18th - John Ambrose Fleming, electrical engineer, dies
Apr 18th - Ernie Pyle, American journalist (b. 1900)
Apr 19th - J P Heyboer, resistance fighter, executed
Apr 21st - John Poston, British major/Montgomery's ADC, dies in battle at 25
Apr 22nd - Kathe Kollwitz, German graphic artist, dies at 77

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