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Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 418

Jan 1st - Massive Chinese/North Korean assault on UN-lines
Jan 2nd - Philip Barry's "Second Threshold," premieres in NYC
Jan 3rd - 9 Jewish Kremlin physicians "exposed" as British/US agents
Jan 3rd - Fred Wilt wins AAU Sullivan Memorial Trophy (US athlete of 1950)
Jan 4th - During Korean conflict, Chinese forces capture Seoul
Jan 5th - Babe Didrikson-Zaharias wins LPGA Ponte Vedra Beach Women's Golf Open
Jan 6th - "Pardon Our French" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 100 perfs
Jan 6th - Indianapolis beats Rochester 75-73 in NBA-record 6 overtimes
Jan 8th - Thought extinct since 1615, a Cahow (the Bermuda petrel) is rediscovered in Bermuda
Jan 9th - Life After Tomorrow, 1st film to receive an "X" rating, premieres
Jan 9th - Washington Capitals NBA club folds
Jan 10th - 1st jet passenger trip made
Jan 10th - UN headquarters opens in Manhattan NY
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Ezzard CharlesBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion Ezzard Charles Jan 12th - Ezzard Charles TKOs Lee Oma in 10 for heavyweight boxing title
Jan 13th - German general Christian Hansen freed early from Dutch prison
Jan 14th - NFL Pro Bowl: 1st since 1942, Americans beat Nationals 28-27
Jan 15th - "Cloud of Death" rolls down Mount Lamington, New Guinea kills 3-5,000
Jan 15th - Supreme Court rule "clear & present danger" of incitement to riot is not protected speech & can be a cause for arrest
Jan 16th - Viet Minh offensive against Hanoi
Jan 16th - World's largest gas pipeline opens (Brownsville Tx, to 134th St, NYC)
Jan 17th - China refuses ceases-fire in Korea
Jan 18th - 1st use of lie detector in Netherlands
Jan 18th - Hermann Flake sentenced to death due to "hate campaign against GDR"
Jan 18th - NFL rules tackles, guards & centers ineligible for forward pass
Jan 18th - NFL takes control of failing Baltimore Colts
Jan 21st - Babe Didrikson-Zaharias wins LPGA Tampa Women's Golf Open
Jan 22nd - Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Johncrowe Ransom
Jan 22nd - Fidel Castro is ejected from a Winter League baseball game after hitting a batter
Jan 23rd - 3rd Emmy Awards: Alan Young Show, Alan Young & Gertrude Berg win
Jan 24th - Dutch government Drees-van Schaik resigns
Jan 25th - UN begins counter offensive in Korea
Jan 26th - Mel Ott & Jimmie Foxx elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
Jan 27th - "Peter Pan" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 320 performances
Jan 27th - US begins 126 nuclear tests at Nevada Test Site
Jan 28th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Jan 28th - "La Vie Commence Demain", which depicted artificial insemination & is the 1st X-rated movie, opened in London
Jan 29th - "Where's Charley?" opens at Broadway Theater NYC for 56 performances
Jan 29th - Baseball signs 6 year All-Star pact for TV-radio rights for $6 million
Jan 30th - Belgium refuses to allow communists to make speeches on radio
Feb 1st - -50°F (-46°C), Gavilan, New Mexico (state record)
Feb 1st - 1st X-ray moving picture process demonstrated
Feb 1st - 1st telecast of atomic explosion
Feb 1st - Alfred Krupp & 28 other German war criminals freed
Feb 1st - UN condemns People's Republic of China as aggressor in Korea
Feb 1st - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Feb 2nd - -35°F (-37°C), Greensburg, Indiana (state record until 1994)
Feb 2nd - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Feb 3rd - "Victor Borge Show," debuts on NBC TV
Feb 3rd - Dick Button wins US skating title for 6th time
Feb 3rd - Largest purse to date in horse racing, $144,323, won by Great Circle
Playwright Tennessee WilliamsPlaywright Tennessee Williams Feb 3rd - Tennessee Williams' "Rose Tattoo," premieres in NYC
Feb 4th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Sonya Klopfer
Feb 4th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Richard Button
Feb 6th - "Broker Special" train crashes in Woodbridge NJ, killing 84
Feb 6th - Radio commentator Paul Harvey arrested for trying to sneak into Argonne National Laboratory, a nuclear test site located 20 miles (32 km) west of Chicago
Feb 6th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site Argonne Atomic Lab (Ill), to demonstrate lax in security
Feb 9th - St Louis Browns sign pitcher Satchel Paige, 45
ABC Radio Broadcaster Paul HarveyABC Radio Broadcaster Paul Harvey Feb 10th - "John & Marsha" by Stan Freberg peaks at #21
Feb 11th - Kwame Nkrumah wins 1st parliamentary election on Gold coast (Ghana)
Feb 14th - Sugar Ray Robinson defeats Jake LaMotta & takes middleweight title
Feb 16th - NYC passes bill prohibiting racism in city-assisted housing
Feb 16th - SF City Hall dome fire
Feb 18th - 3 City College of NY basketball players admit to accepting bribes
Feb 18th - Nepal becomes a constitutional monarchy
Feb 18th - Netherlands Radio School forms
Feb 21st - SC House urges "Shoeless Joe" Jackson be reinstated
Feb 24th - "Bless You All" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC after 84 perfs
Middle/welterweight championship boxer Sugar Ray RobinsonMiddle/welterweight championship boxer Sugar Ray Robinson Feb 24th - Ice Pairs Championship at Milan won by Ria Baran & Paul Falk of GER
Feb 24th - Ladies Figure Skating Champion in Milan won by Jeanette Altwegg of GRB
Feb 24th - Men's Figure Skating Championship in Milan won by Richard Button USA
Feb 25th - "Michael Todd's Peep Show" closes at Winter Garden NYC after 278 perf
Feb 25th - 1st Pan American Games opens (Buenos Aires Argentina)
Feb 25th - Babe Didrikson-Zaharias wins Orlando Florida 2 Ball Golf Tournament
Feb 26th - Bread rationing in Czechoslovakia
Feb 27th - 22nd amendment ratified, limiting US Presidents to 2 terms
Feb 28th - French government of Pleven dissolves
Feb 28th - Senate committee reports of at least 2 major US crime syndicates
Mar 2nd - 1st NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 111-94 at Boston
Mar 3rd - Bill Mikvy (Temple) scores NCAA basketball record 73 pts
Mar 6th - Belgium extends conscription to 24 months
Mar 7th - Ezzard Charles beats Jersey Joe Walcott in 15 for hw boxing title
Mar 7th - Lillian Hellman's "Autumn Garden" premieres in NYC
Mar 8th - Intl Table Tennis Federation bans Egypt (for refusing to play Israel)
Physicist Edward TellerPhysicist Edward Teller Mar 9th - Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam submit a classified paper at the Los Alamos lab, in which they proposed their revolutionary new design, staged implosion, for a practical megaton-range hydrogen bomb
Mar 10th - "Where's Charley?" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 56 perfs
Mar 10th - FBI director J. Edgar Hoover declines post of baseball commissioner
Mar 12th - Baseball Commish Happy Chandler loses fight (9-7) to stay in office
Mar 12th - Communist troops driven out of Seoul
Mar 13th - 2nd Dutch government of Drees forms
Mar 13th - Israel demands DM 6.2 billion compensation from Germany
First Director of the FBI J. Edgar HooverFirst Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover Mar 14th - During Korean War, US/UN forces recapture Seoul
Mar 14th - Earthquake at Euskirchen, Germany
Mar 15th - Persia nationalizes Anglo-Iranian Oil Company
Mar 17th - Government of Drees takes power
Mar 17th - Test Cricket debut of Brian Statham, England v NZ Christchurch
Mar 18th - Pat O'Sullivan wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
Mar 19th - Herman Wouk's "Caine Mutiny" published
Mar 20th - Indonesian army offensive against Darul Islam on Java
Mar 20th - Fujiyoshida, a city located in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, in the center of the Japanese main island of Honshū is founded.
Mar 21st - 2,900,000 US soldiers in Korea

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 768

Jan 1st - Frans Kellendonk, author (Ruin, The Good for Nothing)
Jan 1st - Ashfaq Hussain, Urdu poet
Jan 1st - Nana Patekar, Indian film and stage actor
Jan 1st - Hans-Joachim Stuck, German race car driver
Jan 2nd - Nadia Cassini, [Gianna Lou Muller], Woodstock NY, model (Oui)
Jan 2nd - Alexander Pogrebinsky, Russian painter
Jan 3rd - Frank Chikane, sec-gen of S Afr Council of Churches
Jan 3rd - Gary Nairn, Australian politician
Jan 4th - Barbara Ann Cochran, Claremont NH, slalom skier (Olympic-gold-1972)
Jan 4th - Peter Haycock, rock guitarist (All Along the Watchtower), (d. 2013)
Jan 5th - Steve Arnold, English footballer
Jan 6th - Kim Wilson, rocker (Fabulous Thunderbirds)
Jan 6th - Don Gullett, American baseball player
Jan 7th - Talgat Amangeldyyevich Musabayev, Russian mjr/cosmonaut (TM-19, TM-27)
Jan 7th - Mike Ward, Democratic Congressman for Kentucky & radio talk show host
Jan 8th - John McTiernan, Albany NY, actor (Predator, Die Hard, Medicine Man)
Jan 8th - Paul Dresher, composer
Jan 8th - Kenny Anthony, Saint Lucian politician
Jan 9th - Crystal Gayle, Ky, country singer (Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue)
Jan 10th - Kathleen Bradley, Youngstown Oh, model (Price is Right)
Jan 11th - Willie Maddren, English former footballer (d. 2000)
Jan 12th - Bill Madlock, 4X NL batting champ (Chicago Cubs)
Jan 12th - Chris Bell, Memphis Tn, rock guitarist (Big Star)
Jan 12th - Drew Pearson, former NFL all-pro receiver
Jan 12th - Kirstie Alley, Wichita Ks, actress (Star Trek II, Cheers-Rebecca)
Jan 12th - Larry Hoppens, rocker (Orleans-Still the One, Dance With Me)
Jan 12th - Rush Limbaugh, Girardeau Missouri, American right wing radio personality
Jan 12th - Ann Althouse, American law professor
Jan 14th - Gil Pak Jong, Korea PR, judo (Olympic-1976)
Jan 14th - William Risrook, rocker (BT Express-Here Comes the Express)
Actress CharoActress Charo (Jan 15th) Jan 15th - Charo [Maria Baeza], Spanish-American actress, comedienne and flamenco guitarist (Chico and the Man, Love Boat)
Jan 15th - Martha Davis, California, vocalist/guitar (Motels-Only the Lonely, Shame)
Jan 16th - Richard Thompson, rocker (BT Express-Here Comes the Express)
Jan 17th - Rolando Thoeni, Italy, slalom (Olympic-bronze-1972)
Jan 18th - Bob Latchford, English footballer
Jan 18th - Bram Behr, Surinamese journalist (d. 1982)
Jan 20th - Magomed Omarovich Tolboyev, Russian cosmonaut
Jan 20th - Ivan Fischer, Hungarian conductor
Jan 21st - Eric Holder, 82nd Attorney General of the United States, born in NYC, New York
82nd Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder82nd Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder (Jan 21st) Jan 22nd - Ondrej Nepela, Slovak figure skater (d. 1989)
Jan 23rd - Margaret Johnson Bailes, Bronx NY, 4X100 runner (Olympic-gold-1968)
Jan 23rd - Michael Matz, equestrian show jumper (Olympics-silver-96)
Jan 24th - Yakov Smirnoff, Russia, comedian (It's a wonderful country)
Jan 25th - Steve Prefontaine, Coos Bay Oregon, 5K (Olympics-4th-1972)
Jan 26th - Andy Hummell, Memphis Tn, rock bassist (Big Star)
Jan 26th - David Briggs, rock guitarist (Little River Band-Help is on it's Way)
Jan 26th - Jarmila Kratochvilova, Czech, 400m/800m runner (Olympic-silver-1980)
Jan 26th - Walt Willey, Ottawa Ill, actor (Jackson Montgomery-All My Children)
Jan 27th - Brian Downey, rock drummer (Thin Lizzy-Boys are Back in Town)
Jan 27th - Scott Lane, actor (Gary-McKeever & the Colonel), born in NYC, New York
Jan 27th - Seth Justman, Wash DC, rock keyboardist (J Geils Band-Centerfold)
Jan 28th - Gordon Prentice, British MP
Jan 28th - Leonid Konstantinovich Kadenyuk, Kkishkov Ukraine, astronaut (STS 87)
Jan 28th - William Nelson Jr, US bassist (Connections & Disconnections)
Jan 28th - Brian Bilbray, American politician
Jan 29th - Andy Roberts, cricketer (brilliant WI quickie with 202 wickets 74-84)
Jan 30th - Bobby Stokes, footballer
Jan 30th - Charles S Dutton, Balt Md, actor (Alien 3, Crocodile Dundee 2, Roc)
Jan 30th - Clifford Leon Anderson, rocker (Cure)
Jan 30th - Marv Ross, rocker (Quarterflash)
Jan 30th - Phil Collins, England, singer/drummer (Genesis-Against All Odds)
Jan 30th - Trevor Laughlin, cricketer (Australian all-rounder 1978-79)
Jan 31st - Harry Casey, [KC], rock vocalist (KC & Sunshine Band-Give It)
Jan 31st - Phil Manzanera, rock guitarist (Roxy Music-Let's Stick Together)
Jan 31st - Presiley Baxendale, British QC
Jan 31st - Dave Benton, Aruban-born singer
Feb 1st - Andrew Smith, British MP
Feb 2nd - Alphonso Johnson, jazz bassist
Feb 2nd - Kim Zimmer, Mich, actress (Guiding Light, Doctors, One Life to Live)
Feb 3rd - Felipe Munoz, Mexico, 200m backstroke swimmer (Olympic-gold-1968)
Feb 3rd - Eugenijus Riabovas, Lithuanian football manager
Feb 4th - Patrick Bergin, Irish actor
Feb 4th - Dariush Eghbali, Iranian singer and musician
Feb 4th - Stan Papi, American baseball player
Feb 5th - Elizabeth Swados, composer/playwright (1972 TONY), born in Buffalo, New York
Feb 6th - Maria Christina, Belgian princess/daughter of Leopold III
Feb 6th - Marco Antônio, Brazilian footballer
Feb 6th - Margo [Margeret Catherine O'Donnell ], County Donegal Ireland, Irish singer
Feb 6th - Jacques Villeret, French film actor (d. 2005)
Feb 7th - Benny Ayala, baseball player
Feb 7th - Manfred Schumann, German FR, bobsled (Olympic-silver/bronze-1976)
Feb 8th - Camille LaPierre, NHLer
Feb 8th - Z'EV, American text/sound artist (born Stefan Weisser)
Feb 9th - Dennis "Dee Tee" Thomas, saxophonist (Kool & Gang-Celebration)
Feb 9th - Jay Inslee, (Rep-D-Washington)
Feb 9th - Penny Peyser, Irvington NY, actress (Rich Man Poor Man, Knots Landing)
Feb 10th - Roxanne Pulitzer, Glendale California, author (Prize Pulitzer)
Feb 10th - Zeudi Araya, Asmara Ethiopia, Miss Ethiopia (1969)
Feb 10th - Robert Iger, American entertainment executive
Feb 12th - Gil "The Bird" Moore, rocker (Triumph)
Feb 12th - Steven Parent, Manson murder victim (d. 1969)
Feb 13th - David Naughton, Hartford Ct, actor (My Sister Sam, Separate Vacations)
Feb 13th - Greg Fulginiti, American mastering engineer
Feb 14th - Kevin Keegan, British soccer player/manager (Newcastle United)
Feb 14th - Michael Doucet, singer/musician (Beausoleil)
Feb 14th - JoJo Starbuck, American ice skater
Feb 15th - Jane Seymour, [Joyce Frankenberg], England, actress (Dr Quinn)
Feb 15th - Melissa Manchester, Bronx NY, vocalist (Don't Cry Out Loud)
Feb 16th - William Katt, American actor (Greatest American Hero, Carrie), born in Los Angeles, California
Feb 18th - Isabel Preysler, Philippines-born Spanish socialite

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 16 of 16

Actor Burgess MeredithActor Burgess Meredith (Jan 8th) Jan 8th - Actor Burgess Meredith (43) weds ballerina Kaja Sundsten
Feb 10th - Shah of Persia marries 19 year old Soraja Esfandiara Bakhtiari
Feb 27th - Activist W.E.B. Du Bois (83) weds award-winning author Shirley Graham (54) in Queens, New York
Apr 10th - Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser (68) weds nurse Alyce Chester
Apr 18th - Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz (28) weds Joyce Halverson
Jun 2nd - "The Thin Man" actress Myrna Loy (45) weds UNESCO delegate Howland H. Sargeant
Jun 4th - Actress Janet Leigh (23) weds actor Tony Curtis (26) in Greenwich, Connecticut
Author, Poet and Actress Maya AngelouAuthor, Poet and Actress Maya Angelou (Jul 3rd) Jul 3rd - Author Maya Angelou (23) weds Thomas J. Angelos
Jul 31st - Musician Ray Charles (20) weds Eileen Williams in Georgia
Aug 1st - Actor Max Von Sydow (22) weds actress Christina Olin
Sep 15th - Actor Peter Sellers (26) weds actress Anne Howe n London, England
Nov 7th - Entertainer Frank Sinatra (34) marries 2nd wife film star Ava Gardner (26)
Nov 14th - Musician Louis Jordan (43) weds dancer Vicky Hayes
Dec 13th - Future British PM Margaret Roberts Thatcher marries Denis Thatcher
Dec 13th - British PM Margaret Thatcher (26) weds businessman Denis Thatcher (36) at Wesley's Chapel in City Road, London
Dec 23rd - MLB centerfielder Mickey Mantle (20) weds author Merlyn Mantle (19) in Commerce, Oklahoma

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 3 of 3

Actress Elizabeth TaylorActress Elizabeth Taylor (Jan 29th) Jan 29th - Actress Elizabeth Taylor's 1st divorce from hotel heir Conrad Hilton Jr
Sep 20th - Actor Jackie Coogan (36) divorces Ann McCormack after 5 years of marriage
Oct 29th - Singer/actor Frank Sinatra and 1st wife Nancy (Barbato) divorce due to infidelity after 12 years of marriage

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 176

Jan 2nd - Sir William Campion, Governor of Western Australia (b. 1870)
Jan 3rd - Fred Barlow, composer, dies at 69
Jan 5th - Andrei P Platonov, Russian author (Prok, Kotlovan), dies at 51
Jan 7th - Johanna C H "Nelly" Bodenheim, painter (Luilekkerland), dies at 76
Jan 7th - René Guénon, French-Egyptian author (b. 1886)
Jan 10th - Athos Palma, composer, dies at 59
Jan 10th - Harry Sinclair Lewis, US writer (Nobel 1930), dies at 65
Jan 10th - Sinclair Lewis, writer, dies at 65
Jan 10th - Yoshio Nishina, Japanese physicist (b. 1890)
Jan 18th - Robert Mark, US chairman (Caste World Congress), dies at 41
Jan 19th - Constantin Nottara, composer, dies at 60
Jan 22nd - Eastwood Lane, composer, dies at 71
Jan 22nd - Karl Nessler, inventor of the perm (b. 1872)
Jan 28th - Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, president of Finland (b.1867)
Jan 29th - James Bridie, [Osborne Henry Mavor], dramatist, dies
Jan 29th - Frank Tarrant, Australian cricketer (b. 1880)
Jan 30th - Ferdinand Porsche, German car inventor (Porsche), dies at 75
Feb 9th - Eddy Duchin, American musician (b. 1910)
Feb 10th - Joseph Bovet, composer, dies at 71
Feb 12th - Choudhary Rehmat Ali, Pakistani nationalist (b. 1897)
Feb 13th - Lloyd C. Douglas, American author (b. 1877)
Feb 16th - Henri Velge, 1st chairman (Belgian Council of State), dies at 65
Feb 17th - Nikoghayos Fadeyi Tigranyan, composer, dies at 94
Feb 18th - Piet A W Hopmans, bishop of Breda (Crusade), dies at 85
Writer André GideWriter André Gide (Feb 19th) Feb 19th - Andre Gide, French writer (Nobel 1947), dies of pneumonia at 81
Feb 20th - Howard Brockway, composer, dies at 80
Feb 21st - Anton Roemer, Dutch actor (Gay Death), dies at 63
Feb 27th - Henry Louis Smith, American physicist who made the first X-ray photograph, dies at 91
Mar 6th - Ivor Novello, actor/writer (Lodger, Phantom Fiend), dies at 58
Mar 6th - Volodymyr Vynnychenko, Ukrainian politician and statesman (b. 1880)
Mar 7th - Ali Razmara, Shah of Iran (1950-51), assassinated
Mar 7th - Ivor Novello, British writer (Keep the Home Fires Burning), dies at 58
Mar 7th - Shah Ali Razmara, of Iran, assassinated
Mar 8th - Honeymoon Killers, dies in electric chair
Mar 8th - John Winter Thompson, composer, dies at 83
Mar 10th - Kijūrō Shidehara, Prime minister of Japan (b. 1872)
Mar 11th - Philippe of Isacker, Belgian minister, dies at 66
Mar 13th - Alfred Hugenberg, German RC pres-dir of Krupp/media magnate, dies
Mar 13th - James I Wedgwood, British theosophist/Catholic bishop, dies at 67
Mar 15th - John S. Paraskevopoulos, Greek-born astronomer (b. 1889)
Mar 20th - Jan Ingenhoven, composer, dies at 74
Mar 20th - Kathleen Lockhart Manning, composer, dies at 60
Mar 22nd - J Willem Mengelberg, Dutch conductor (Mattheus Passion), dies at 79
Mar 25th - Edward Collins, Hall of Fame infielder (White Sox, A's), dies at 63
Mar 25th - Eddie Collins, American baseball player (b. 1887)
Mar 26th - James F. Hinkle, American politician, sixth Governor of New Mexico (d. 1864)
Mar 31st - Ralph Forbes, actor (Riptide, Shock, Shock), dies at 45
Apr 1st - Clement D'Hooghe, composer, dies at 51
Apr 2nd - Simon Barere, pianist, dies while perfoming at Carnegie Hall
Apr 3rd - Johannes C Kielstra, Dut economist/gov (Suriname 1933-44), dies at 72
Apr 4th - Al Christie, Canadian film director and producer (b. 1881)
Apr 4th - George Albert Smith, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS or Mormon Church) (b. 1870)
Apr 5th - Edward Rigby, dies at 72
Apr 6th - Halfdan Cleve, composer, dies at 71
Apr 9th - Sadiq Hidajat, Persian writer (Hadji Aga), dies
Apr 9th - Vilhelm F K Bjerknes, Norwegian/US physicist/meteorology, dies at 89
Apr 12th - Harold Vincent Milligan, composer, dies at 62
Apr 16th - Emile Erens, Dutch hagiographer (Pastor of Ars), dies at 85
Apr 18th - António Óscar Carmona, 97th Prime Minister of Portugal and 11th President of Portugal (b. 1869)
Apr 20th - Ivanoe Bonomi, Prime Minister of Italy (b. 1873)
Apr 22nd - Stanley Ridges, actor (possessed, Sgt York, Mr Ace), dies at 59
Apr 22nd - Horace Donisthorpe, British entomologist (b. 1870)
Apr 23rd - Charles G. Dawes, Vice President of the United States, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1865)
Apr 25th - Jerzy Fitelberg, composer, dies at 47
Apr 26th - John Alden Carpenter, US composer (Sea Drift), dies at 75
Apr 26th - Arnold Sommerfeld, German physicist (b. 1868)
Apr 27th - Philip Albert Myburgh Hands, cricketer (7 Tests for South Africa), dies
Apr 29th - Jules Verstraete, [Julien G de Graef], actor (Boefje), dies at 67
Apr 29th - Ludwig J J Wittgenstein, Austria/English philosopher, dies at 62
May 5th - Eddie Dunn, comedian (Face to Face, Spin the Picture), dies at 54
Golfer and Two-Time PGA Champion Leo DiegelGolfer and Two-Time PGA Champion Leo Diegel (May 5th) May 5th - Leo Diegel, American golfer, dies of throat and lung cancer at 52
May 6th - Élie Cartan, French mathematician (b. 1869)
May 7th - Warner Baxter, dies at 62
May 9th - Marie Ault, dies at 80
May 12th - Oscar DePriest, (Rep-D-Ill), dies at 80
May 13th - Marianne [Goudeket-]Philips, author (Issue Beukennoot), dies at 65
May 17th - Karl Heinrich David, composer, dies at 66
May 25th - Paula von Preradović, Croatian-born writer (b. 1887)
May 26th - Lincoln Ellsworth, artic explorer, dies at 71
May 27th - Thomas Blamey, soldier, dies
May 29th - Dimitrios Levidis, composer, dies at 66
May 29th - Fanny Brice, Zeigfield Girl (Baby Snooks Show), dies at 59
May 29th - Josef Bohuslav Foerster, composer, dies at 91
May 29th - Robert Kahn, composer, dies at 85
May 30th - Hermann Broch, writer, dies at 64
Jun 1st - Rafael Altamira Crevea, Spanish lawyer/historian, dies at 85
Jun 2nd - Alain, [Emile-Auguste Chartier], French philosopher, dies at 83
Jun 2nd - John Erskine, US writer/poet/pianist (Venus Love Goddess), dies at 71
Jun 4th - Serge Koussevitsky, conductor/composer, dies at 76
Jun 6th - Lionel Hallam, cricketer (England capt 1921), dies
Jun 6th - Olive Tell, American actress (b. 1894)
Jun 7th - Bobel, Braune, Naumann, Ohlendorf, Pohl, Schallenmair & Otto Schmidt, Nazi war criminals, hanged
Jun 8th - Eugène Fiset, French Canadian military officer and politician (b. 1874)
Jun 11th - Montagu Odd, cricket bat-maker (W G Grace), dies
Jun 14th - Hendrik Baels, Belgian politician, dies at 73
Jun 17th - Carl Vogler, composer, dies at 77
Jun 19th - Angelos Sikelianos, Greek poet (b. 1884)
Jun 21st - Charles Dillon Perrine, American astronomer (b. 1867)
Jun 23rd - Armin Knab, German composer (Wunderhorn), dies at 70
Jul 2nd - Earnest F Sauerbruch, German nazi/surgeon, dies at 75

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