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Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 595

Jan 1st - Ernest Blochs "Suite Hebraique," premieres
Jan 1st - WBRE TV channel 28 in Wilkes-Barre Scranton, PA (NBC) 1st broadcast
Jan 1st - The Bantu Education Act (later renamed the Black Education Act) commenced, providing the legal underpinning of several aspects of the apartheid system, most importantly in education
Jan 1st - The first TV detector van, used to track down users of unlicensed television sets, begins operation in the UK
Jan 2nd - NBA Baltimore Bullets begin a 32 game road losing streak
Jan 3rd - Frances Bolton and her son, Oliver from Ohio, become the first mother and son to serve simultaneously in the U.S. Congress.
Jan 4th - KTSM TV channel 9 in El Paso, TX (NBC) begins broadcasting
Jan 5th - -6] Passenger ships Willem Ruys & Orange collide in the Red Sea
Jan 5th - Samuel Beckett's "En Attendant Godot" premieres in Paris
Playwright, novelist, and poet Samuel BeckettPlaywright, novelist, and poet Samuel Beckett Jan 6th - WKBN TV channel 27 in Youngstown, OH (CBS) begins broadcasting
Jan 7th - US President Harry Truman announces American development of the hydrogen bomb
Jan 8th - Indians bar night games with Browns (who refuse to share TV receipts)
Jan 8th - René Mayer forms French government
Jan 9th - Bevo Francis, Rio Grande College, scores 116 pts in basketball game
Jan 9th - Korean ferryboat "Chang Tyong-Ho" sank off Pusan killing 249
Jan 10th - "My Darlin' Aida" closes at Winter Garden Theater NYC after 89 perfs
Jan 10th - Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Archibald MacLeish
33rd US President Harry Truman33rd US President Harry Truman Jan 10th - NFL Pro Bowl: National Conference beats American Conference 27-7
Jan 11th - J. Edgar Hoover declines 6 figure offer to become president of International Boxing Club
Jan 12th - 9 "Jewish" physicians arrested for "terrorist activities" in Moscow
Jan 13th - Gas explosion in Belgium coal mine kills 14
Jan 13th - KOLD TV channel 13 in Tucson, AZ (CBS) begins broadcasting
Jan 13th - Marshal Josip Tito chosen president of Yugoslavia
Jan 14th - Vaughan William's "Sinfonia Antartica" premieres in Manchester
Jan 14th - WALA TV channel 10 in Mobile, AL (NBC) begins broadcasting
First Director of the FBI J. Edgar HooverFirst Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover Jan 14th - Yugoslavia elects its 1st president (Marshal Tito)
Jan 15th - 16 car Federal Express train loses brakes & crashes in Washington DC station
Jan 15th - GDR Min of Foreign affairs Georg Dertingen arrested for "espionage"
Jan 15th - East Germany purges senior officials, accused of spying for 'imperialistic powers' and plotting against the state
Jan 16th - 27th Australian Women's Tennis: Maureen Connolly beat J Sampson (6-3 6-2)
Jan 16th - 41st Australian Men's Tennis: Ken Rosewall beats Mervyn Rose (6-0 6-3 6-4)
Jan 16th - Egyptian Premier Gen Naguib disbands all political parties
Jan 16th - KXLY TV channel 4 in Spokane, WA (ABC/CBS) begins broadcasting
Tennis Player and Eight-Time Major Champion Ken RosewallTennis Player and Eight-Time Major Champion Ken Rosewall Jan 18th - Louise Suggs wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open
Jan 19th - Jesse Owens named Illinois Athletic Commission secretary
Jan 20th - 1st US telecast transmitted to Canada-from Buffalo NY
Jan 20th - 1st live US coast-to-coast inauguration address (Eisenhower)
Jan 21st - John Foster Dulles appointed as US Secretary of State
Jan 22nd - Arthur Miller's "Crucible," premieres in NYC
Jan 23rd - Bobby Simpson makes 1st-class debut for NSW 16 yrs 357 days
Jan 23rd - NFL Dallas Texans become Baltimore Colts (now Indianapolis Colts)
Playwright Arthur MillerPlaywright Arthur Miller Jan 23rd - NFL's National & American conference become Eastern & Western conf
Jan 25th - WABI TV channel 5 in Bangor, ME (CBS) begins broadcasting
Jan 25th - Yuri Sergejev skates world record 500m in 40.9 sec
Jan 27th - Netherlands end Marshall aid
Jan 28th - J Fred Muggs (the chimp) joins NBC's "Today Show"
Jan 28th - WJTV TV channel 12 in Jackson, MS (CBS) begins broadcasting
Jan 28th - 19-year old Derek Bentley is hanged in Wandsworth Prison, London, controversially convicted of the murder of a police officer. He was pardoned on 30th July 1998.
Jan 29th - 1st movie in Cinemascope (The Robe) premieres
Jan 31st - "Princess Victoria" capsized off Stanraer Scotland; 133 die
Jan 31st - Hurricane-like winds flood Netherlands drowning 1,835
Jan 31st - NY, Cleveland, & Boston retaliate at Bill Veeck, forcing the Browns to play afternoon games to avoid sharing TV revenues
Feb 1st - "General Electric Theater" premieres on CBS TV; Ronald Reagan later hosts
Broadcast Journalist Walter CronkiteBroadcast Journalist Walter Cronkite Feb 1st - "You Are There" with Walter Cronkite premieres on CBS television
Feb 1st - Dr A de Waal appointed as Neth 1st female asst sect of state
Feb 1st - Flooding in Netherlands kills 1,835
Feb 1st - WEEK TV channel 25 in Peoria, IL (NBC) begins broadcasting
Feb 3rd - J Fred Muggs, a chimp, becomes a regular on NBC's Today Show
Feb 5th - "Peter Pan" by Walt Disney opens at Roxy Theater, NYC
Feb 5th - 5th Emmy Awards: I Love Lucy, Thomas Mitchell & Helen Hayes win
Feb 5th - Sweet rationing imposed in WWII ends in Britain
Feb 6th - Ian Craig makes Test Cricket debut at 17 yrs 239 days, youngest Aussie
Feb 6th - US controls on wages & some consumer goods lifted
Feb 8th - Betty Jameson wins LPGA Serbin Golf Open
Feb 8th - WLVA (now WSET) TV channel 13 in Lynchburg-Roanoke, VA (ABC) begins
Feb 9th - "Adventures of Superman" TV series premieres in syndication
Feb 9th - WNEP TV channel 16 in Scranton Wilkes-Barre, PA (ABC) 1st broadcast
Feb 9th - General Walter Bedell Smith, USA, ends term as 4th director of CIA Allen W Dulles, becomes acting director of CIA
Feb 10th - Ice Dance Championship at Davos won by Westwood & Demmy GRB
Feb 10th - Ice Pairs Championship at Davos won by Jennifer & John Nicks of GRB
Feb 10th - Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Davos won by Tenley Albright USA
Feb 10th - Men's Figure Skating Champion in Davos won by Hayes Alan Jenkins USA
Feb 11th - "Hazel Flagg" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 190 performances
Feb 11th - J Styne/B Hilliard's musical "Hazel Flagg," premieres in NYC
Feb 11th - Pres Eisenhower refuses clemency appeal for Rosenberg couple
Feb 11th - USSR breaks diplomatic relations with Israel
Feb 12th - USSR breaks relations with Israel
Feb 13th - A's change name of Shibe Park to Connie Mack Stadium
Baseball Player Ted WilliamsBaseball Player Ted Williams Feb 16th - Ted Williams safely crash-lands his damaged Panther jet, later awarded the Air medal
Feb 17th - DSB soccer team forms in Eindhoven
Feb 18th - "Bwana Devil," the 1st 3-D movie, opened in New York
Feb 18th - "Maggie" opens at National Theater NYC for 5 performances
Feb 18th - KOLN TV channel 10 in Lincoln, NB (CBS) begins broadcasting
Feb 18th - Premiere of 1st 3-D feature film-"Bwana Devil" (NYC)
Feb 19th - Georgia approves US 1st literature censorship board
Feb 19th - William Inge's "Picnic," premieres in NYC
Feb 20th - August A Busch buys the Cards for $3.75 million
Feb 20th - US Court of Appeals rules that Organized Baseball is a sport & not a business, affirming the 25-year-old Supreme Court ruling
Feb 21st - "Maggie" closes at National Theater NYC after 5 performances
Molecular biologist Francis CrickMolecular biologist Francis Crick Feb 21st - F Crick & J Watson discover structure of DNA-molecule
Feb 21st - Longest collegiate basketball game (6 OTs) Niagara beats Siena 88-81
Feb 25th - "Wonderful Town" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 559 perfs
Feb 26th - Allen W Dulles, promoted from deputy to 5th director of CIA
Feb 28th - Stalin meets with Beria, Bulganin, Khrushchev & Malenkov
Mar 1st - Babe Didrikson-Zaharias wins LPGA Sarasota Golf Open
Mar 1st - KAUZ TV channel 6 in Wichita Falls, TX (CBS) begins broadcasting
Mar 1st - KTNT (now KSTW) TV channel 11 in Tacoma-Seattle, WA (IND) begins
Soviet Union Premier Joseph StalinSoviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin Mar 1st - WJZ-AM in NYC becomes WABC; WJZ-TV in Baltimore final transmission
Mar 1st - WTAJ TV channel 10 in Altoona, PA (CBS) begins broadcasting
Mar 1st - Joseph Stalin suffers a stroke and collapses. He dies four days later.

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 674

Jan 1st - Alpha Blondy, [Seydou Kone], Ivory coast, reggae singer (Jerusalem)
Jan 1st - Kevin Hangon, composer
Jan 1st - Rochelle S Abramson, violinist
Jan 1st - Greg Carmichael, British guitarist (Acoustic Alchemy)
Jan 3rd - Angelo Parisi, France, heavyweight judo (Olympic-gold-1980)
Jan 4th - Norberto Alonso, Argentine footballer
Jan 5th - Pamela Sue Martin, Westport Ct, actress (Nancy Drew, Fallon-Dynasty)
Jan 5th - Steve Archer, American singer (The Archers)
Jan 5th - Mike Rann, Australian politician
Jan 5th - George Tenet, American CIA director
Jan 6th - Malcolm Young, Glasgow Scotland, guitarist (AC/DC-Highway to Hell)
Jan 7th - Agha Zahid, cricketer (open batting for Pak v WI 1975, scored 14 & 1)
Jan 7th - Earl Wilber Force "Wire" Lindo, rocker (Bob Marley & the Wailers)
Jan 8th - Bruce Sutter, pitcher (Cubs, Cards, Braves)
Jan 9th - Morris Gleitzman, British-Australian children's author
Jan 10th - Bobby Rahal, Indy-car racer (over 15 wins)
Jan 10th - Pat Benatar, [Andrezejewski], Brooklyn New York, American singer (Hell Is for Children)
Jan 11th - Anna Marchesini, Italian entertainer
Jan 11th - John Sessions, Scottish actor
Jan 15th - Boris Blank, rocker (Yello)
Jan 15th - Randy White, NFL tackle (Dallas Cowboys)
Jan 15th - Kent Hovind, American evangelist
Jan 15th - Ta-Tanisha, American actress
Jan 16th - Robert Jay Mathews, American neo-Nazi (d. 1984)
Jan 17th - Sheila Hutchinson, rocker
Jan 18th - Brett Hudson, Portland Ore, comedian (Bonkers, Hudson Brothers Show)
Jan 19th - Linda Hayden, Stanmore, Middlesex, English actress (The Blood on Satan's Claw, The Boys from Brazil)
Jan 19th - Desi Arnaz Jr, actor (Craig-Here's Lucy, Fakeout, Joyride), born in Los Angeles, California
Jan 19th - Richard Legendre, Canadian politician
Jan 21st - Fausto Bara, Mexico, actor (Gaucho-Renegades)
Jan 21st - Paul Allen, American entrepreneur, co-founder of Microsoft
Jan 22nd - Myung-Whun Chung, Seoul South Korea, pianist/conductor (Chung Trio)
Jan 22nd - Jim Jarmusch, American director
Jan 23rd - Lamont Robin Zander, rocker (Cheap Trick)
Jan 23rd - Pat Haden, Westbury, NY, NFL quarterback (LA Rams)
Jan 23rd - Antonio Villaraigosa, Hispanic-American 52nd Mayor of Los Angeles
Jan 24th - Brian Matthews, Phila, actor (Burning)
Jan 25th - Malcolm Green, rocker (Split Enz-I Got You)
Jan 25th - The Honky Tonk Man, American professional wrestler
Jan 25th - Mark Weil, Uzbek theatre director (d. 2007)
Jan 26th - Andree C van Es, Dutch MP (PSP)
Jan 26th - Bert Heerink, Amsterdam, rock vocalist
Jan 26th - Lucinda Williams, singer
Jan 26th - Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Denmark
Jan 28th - Debbie Steinbach, LPGA golfer
Jan 28th - Michael Day, rocker
Jan 29th - Dalila di Lazzaro, Udine Italy, covergirl/model (Vogue)
Jan 29th - Hwang Woo-Suk, South Korean biomedical scientist
Jan 29th - Teresa Teng, Taiwanese singer (d. 1995)
Jan 29th - Lynne McGranger, Australian actress
Jan 30th - Fred Hembeck, Yaphank, New York, American cartoonist
Jan 31st - Aart Mol, Dutch bassist (Catapult)
Feb 1st - Andy Mill, skier/husband of Chris Everet
Feb 1st - C A Barnett, headmaster (Whitgift School)
Feb 1st - Brendan Batson, English former footballer
Feb 2nd - James Mndaweni, South African worker's union leader/president (NACTU)
Feb 2nd - Penny Pulz, LPGA golfer
Feb 2nd - Duane Chapman, American bounty hunter
Feb 3rd - Savvas Tsitouridis, Greek politician
Feb 4th - Svetlana Ulmasova, USSR, 3K (world title 1978)
Feb 4th - Kitaro, Japanese composer
Feb 5th - John Beilein, American basketball coach
Feb 6th - Susie Hutchison, Flintridge California, equestrian show jumper (Olymp-96)
Feb 7th - Robert Brazile, NFLer
Feb 7th - Dan Quisenberry, baseball player (d. 1998)
Feb 8th - Mary Steenburgen, Newport Ark, actress (Parenthood, Time After Time)
Feb 8th - Roger Clavet, Québécois politician
Feb 9th - Andre Sevard, NHLer
Feb 9th - Antonius GM "Toon" Agterberg, Dutch actor (Hunk)
Feb 9th - Gary Franks, (Rep-R-Connecticut)
Feb 9th - Gabriel Rotello, American television documentary producer
Feb 10th - Carl Joseph Stone, composer
Feb 10th - John Shirley, US, sci-fi author (Eclipse Penumbra, Eclipse Corona)
Feb 11th - Alan Rubin, music figure (Blues Brothers)
Feb 11th - Philip Anglim, SF California, actor (Dane-Thorn Birds)
Feb 11th - Stephen D Thorne, Frankfurt-on-Main, German FR, Lt Cmdr USN/astronaut
Feb 11th - Jeb Bush, American politician
Feb 12th - Joanna Kerns, [de Varona], SF California, actress (Maggie-Growing Pains)
Feb 12th - Simon MacCorkindale, Cambridge, actor (Falcon Crest, Manimal) [or 2/2]
Feb 12th - Nabil Shaban, British actor
Feb 12th - Robin Thomas, American actor
Feb 13th - Sharon Wyatt, Lebanon Tenn, actress (Tiffany-General Hospital)
Feb 13th - Suleiman Nyambui, Tanzanian runner (world record 5k indoor)
Feb 13th - Rico J. Puno, Filipino pop singer
Feb 14th - Wayne Siegel, composer
Feb 15th - Derek Conway, British MP
Feb 15th - Tony Adams, Irish film producer (d. 2005)
Feb 16th - Andre St Lauren, NHLer
Feb 16th - George Martin, NFLer (NY Giants)
Feb 16th - Mike Ford, Canadian Tour golfer (1976 Port Jefferson Open), born in NYC, New York
Feb 16th - Roberta Williams, computer game designer
Feb 17th - Janice Dickinson, Brooklyn New York, American model (Vogue)
Feb 18th - Derek Pellicci, rock drummer (Little River Band-Help Is On It's Way)
Feb 18th - Nico Arzbach, rock guitarist/singer (Stampei, Dike)
Feb 18th - Robin Bachman, Winnipeg, guitarist (BTO-You Aint Seen Nothing Yet)
Feb 19th - Bill Kirchenbauer, actor/comedian (Coach-Just the 10 of Us)
Feb 19th - Cristina Elisabet Fernández - Argentinian politician
Feb 20th - Carol Cummins, Clintwood Va, 2nd of 5 siblings born on 2/20
Feb 20th - Riccardo Chailly, Milan Italy, conductor (West Berlin Symph Orch)
Feb 20th - Poison Ivy, American musician (The Cramps)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 24 of 24

Actress Agnes MooreheadActress Agnes Moorehead (Feb 14th) Feb 14th - Actress Agnes Moorehead (52) weds actor/film director Robert Gist (35)
Apr 6th - MLB baseball player Ernie Banks (22) weds Mollye Louise
Apr 9th - Biologist Alexander Fleming (34) weds doctor Amalia Koutsouri-Vourekas (41)
Apr 15th - Ice hockey player Gordie Howe (25) weds sports agent Colleen Joffa (20) at Calvary Presbyterian Church
May 23rd - John F. Kennedy's sister Eunice Kennedy (31) weds activist and attorney Sargent Shriver at Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York City
Jun 15th - Sci-Fi author Arthur C. Clarke (35) weds Marilyn Torgenson in New York
Jun 18th - Civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. (24) marries fellow activist and singer Coretta Scott (26)
Singer James BrownSinger James Brown (Jun 19th) Jun 19th - Singer James Brown (20) weds Velma Warren at Trinity CME Church in Toccoa, Georgia
Jul 2nd - British writer ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory") Ronald Dhal marries American actress Patricia Neal
Jul 2nd - Author Roald Dahl (36) weds stage actress Patricia Neal (27) at Trinity Church in New York
Jul 6th - "James Bond" actor Roger Moore (25) weds Welsh singer Dorothy Squires (38) in Jersey City
Aug 6th - NHL goaltender Terry Sawchuk (23) weds Patricia Ann Morey
Aug 30th - Future NYC mayor David Dinkins marries Joyce Burrows in NYC
Sep 3rd - Explorer Edmund Hillary (34) weds Louise Mary Rose
Actress Lana TurnerActress Lana Turner (Sep 8th) Sep 8th - Actress Lana Turner (32) weds "Tarzan of the Apes" actor Lex Barker (34)
Sep 12th - American Senator John F. Kennedy (36) weds Jacqueline Bouvier (24) in Newport, Rhode Island
Sep 24th - Singer Dick Haymes (35) weds Hollywood actress Rita Hayworth (34) at The Sands hotel-casino in Las Vegas
Sep 25th - Statesman Mikhail Gorbachev (22) weds Raisa Maximovna (21) at a Komsomol wedding ceremony
Sep 29th - US Senator Joseph McCarthy (43) weds researcher Jean Kerr at St. Matthews Cathedral in Washington, D.C.
Oct 3rd - MLB player and manager Sparky Anderson (19) weds childhood sweetheart Carol Valle
Oct 6th - MLB baseball player Hank Aaron (19) weds Barbara Lucas
Tennis Player and Five-Time Major Champion Tony TrabertTennis Player and Five-Time Major Champion Tony Trabert (Oct 26th) Oct 26th - Tennis champion Tony Trabert (23) weds beauty queen Shauna Wood at the Salt Lake Country Club in Salt Lake City, Utah
Dec 8th - Prime Minister of Canada John Diefenbaker (58) weds second wife Olive Palmer (51) at Park Road Baptist Church in Toronto, Canada
Dec 27th - Broadcasting pioneer Roone Arledge (22) weds Joan Heise at St. Frances de Chantal Parish in Wantagh, New York

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 1 of 1

Jazz Musician Ella FitzgeraldJazz Musician Ella Fitzgerald (Aug 28th) Aug 28th - Jazz musician Ella Fitzgerald (36) divorces bass player Ray Brown (27) after 6 years of marriage

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 175

Country Music Singer and Songwriter Hank WilliamsCountry Music Singer and Songwriter Hank Williams (Jan 1st) Jan 1st - Hank Williams, country singer (Cold Cold Heart), dies at 29
Jan 4th - Arthur Hoyt, actor (Gold Rush Gertie, Lost World), dies at 78
Jan 7th - Osa Johnson, American explorer (b. 1894)
Jan 8th - Heinrich Kaspar Schmid, composer, dies at 78
Jan 8th - Admiral Sir Hugh Binney, British naval commander and Governor of Tasmania (b. 1883)
Jan 9th - Hans Aanrud, Norwegian author (Storken), dies at 89
Jan 10th - Theo Mackeben, German pianist/composer (Golden Cage), dies at 56
Jan 11th - Ernst H Ridder Rappard, Dutch Nazi founder (NSNAP), dies at 53
Jan 11th - Marcel Canneel, Flemish painter, dies at 58
Jan 11th - Noach Zjordanija, Georgian Premier (1918-21), dies at 84
Jan 12th - Simeon Roncal, composer, dies at 82
Jan 13th - Paul Niggli, Swiss Mineralogist (crystal structures), dies at 64
Jan 15th - Viktor Patrick Vretblad, composer, dies at 76
Jan 24th - [Karl R] Gerd von Rundstedt, gen-field marshal (Normandy), dies at 77
Jan 26th - Martinus Nijhoff, Dutch poet/interpreter/linguist, dies at 58
Jan 26th - Athanase David, French Canadian politician and businessman (b. 1882)
Jan 28th - James Scullin, 9th Prime Minister of Australia (b. 1876)
Jan 28th - Derek Bentley (b. 1933) (executed)
Jan 30th - Louis H N Bosch van Rosenthal, Dutch resistance fighter, dies at 68
Feb 2nd - Gustav Strube, composer, dies at 85
Feb 4th - Alexander Loudon, Dutch diplomat (League of Nations), dies at 60
Feb 8th - Cliff Clark, actor (Golden Hoofs, Kid Glove Killer), dies at 63
Feb 24th - Karl R G von Rundstedt, Germ gen-field marshal (Ardennes), dies at 77
Feb 25th - Jesus Garcia Leoz, composer, dies at 49
Feb 26th - Elisabeth "Ilse" Kuyper, Dutch/US (opera)composer, dies
Mar 1st - Anton GO Ridder Van Rappard, painter/lithographer/etcher, dies
Mar 2nd - Jim Lightbody, American runner (b. 1882)
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. JeffriesBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. Jeffries (Mar 3rd) Mar 3rd - James J. Jeffries, American heavyweight boxer, dies at 77
Mar 4th - Sergei S Prokoviev, Russian composer (Peter & the wolf), dies at 61
Mar 5th - Joseph Stalin, Premier of the Soviet Union (1941-53), dies at 73
Mar 5th - Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev, Ukrainian composer, dies at 61
Mar 5th - Herman J. Mankiewicz, American screenwriter (b. 1897)
Mar 10th - Charles Gordon Curtis, inventor of (Curtis-steam turbine), dies at 92
Mar 14th - Klement Gottwald, premier/president of Czechoslovakia, dies at 56
Mar 17th - Conrado del Campo y Zabaleta, composer, dies at 73
Soviet Union Premier Joseph StalinSoviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin (Mar 5th) Mar 20th - Graciliano Ramos, Brazilian author (Vidas Secas), dies at 60
Mar 22nd - James Anderson II, (Jo-Northern Exposure), dies
Mar 23rd - Raoul Dufy, painter, Forcalquier, France
Mar 24th - Mary, [Victoria Mary] of Teck, Queen of Great Britain and consort of George V, dies at 85
Mar 24th - Felix M Abel, French dominican/biblical scholar, dies at 74
Mar 24th - Mary, queen of Great-Britain/North-Ireland, dies at 85
Mar 26th - Albert Spalding, composer, dies at 64
Mar 27th - Narciso Garay, composer, dies at 76
Mar 28th - Jim Thorpe, versatile American athlete (Olympic gold 1912), dies at 64
Versatile Athlete Jim ThorpeVersatile Athlete Jim Thorpe (Mar 28th) Mar 30th - Roderich Mojsisovics-Mojsvar, composer, dies at 75
Apr 2nd - Jean Epstein, French director (Vive la Vie), dies at 56
Apr 4th - Carol II, King of Romania (1930-40), dies at 59
Apr 4th - Rachilde, [Marguerite Vallette-Eymery], French author, dies at 93
Apr 6th - Idris Davies, Welsh poet (b. 1905)
Apr 11th - Kid Nichols, American baseball player (b. 1869)
Apr 14th - Emmanuel K de Bom, Flemish writer (Scheldelucht), dies at 84
Apr 20th - Erich Weinert, writer, dies at 62
Apr 22nd - Top Naeff, [Anthonetta van Rhijn-N], Dutch writer, dies at 75
Apr 29th - Moise Kisling, Polish/French painter (La souris boiteuse), dies at 62
May 4th - Edward B B Shanks, British poet/critic, dies at 60
May 4th - Thomas Tertius Noble, composer, dies at 85
May 7th - Ormerod Pearse, cricketer (55 runs & 3 wkts in 3 Tests for S Af), dies
May 11th - Jean Adair, dies at 80
May 14th - Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Japans/US painter/etcher, dies at 59
May 16th - Django Reinhardt, Belgian musician (b. 1910)
May 17th - Eric De Lamarter, composer, dies at 73
May 18th - Tom Killick, cricketer (at the crease 2 Tests for Eng 1929), dies
May 19th - Damasco Berenguer y Fuste, Spanish gen/min of War, dies at 79
May 22nd - Vaclav Klicka, composer, dies at 70
May 24th - Cor Hermus, actor (Bleeke Bet, William of Orange, Jantes), dies at 63
May 27th - Jesse Burkett, American baseball player (b. 1868)
May 28th - Hori Tatsuo, Japanese writer (b. 1904)
May 29th - Man Mountain Dean, American professional wrestler (b. 1891)
May 30th - George Barnes, cinematographer, dies at 60
May 30th - Dooley Wilson, American musician and actor (b. 1886)
Jun 5th - Bill Tilden, tennis champ, dies at 60
Jun 5th - Roland Young, actor (David Copperfield, Irene, Dulcy), dies at 65
Jun 5th - William Farnum, actor (Drifter, Scarlet Letter), dies at 76
Jun 8th - Godfrey Tearle, actor (39 Steps, Mandy, At Dawn We Die), dies at 68
Jun 9th - Ugo Betti, dramatist, dies
Jun 10th - Grzegorz Fitelberg, Polish composer, dies at 73
Jun 16th - Margaret Bondfield, English politician and feminist (b. 1873)
Jun 17th - Walter Niemann, composer, dies at 76
Jun 19th - Ethel Rosenberg, executed at Sing Sing, in 5 tries
Jun 19th - Julius Rosenberg, NYC, 1st US civilian executed for espionage at 37
Jun 20th - Hendrik de Man, sociologist (Belgian Working people Party), dies at 67
Jun 25th - Algy Gehrs, cricketer (6 Tests for Australia 1904-11), dies
Jun 29th - Jules van Nuffel, composer, dies at 70
Jun 30th - Elsa Beskow, (Maartman), Swedish author (children's book), dies at 79
Jun 30th - Gote Carlid, composer, dies at 32
Jun 30th - Charles William Miller, father of football in Brazil (b. 1874)
Jul 1st - Azzedine Bey, Tunisian heir to the throne, murdered
Jul 1st - Jacob D du Toit [Totius], South African poet/theologist, dies
Jul 10th - Sidney Homer, composer, dies at 88
Jul 12th - Joseph Jongen, Belgian composer, dies at 79
Jul 12th - Marie-Alphonse-Nicolas-Joseph Jongen, composer, dies at 79
Jul 15th - Servant of God Archbishop Mar Ivanios (b.1882)
Jul 16th - Joseph Hilaire Pierre Belloc, author (Path to Rome), dies at 82
Jul 17th - Bernhard van den Sigtenhorst Meyer, composer, dies at 65
Jul 17th - Maude K Adams, US actress (Little Minister), dies
Jul 18th - Lucy Booth, Daughter of William and Catherine Booth (b. 1868)
Jul 20th - Dumarsaid Estime, President of Haiti (b. 1900)
Jul 20th - Jan Struther, British author (b. 1901)
Jul 22nd - Cy Kendall, actor (Mysteries of Chinatown), dies at 55
Jul 26th - Nikolaos Plastiras, Greece premier (1945-50, 51-2), dies

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