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Historical Events

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Jan 1st - KSLA TV channel 12 in Shreveport, LA (CBS) begins broadcasting
Jan 1st - Rose & Cotton Bowl are 1st sport colorcasts
Jan 1st - WWTV TV channel 9 in Cadillac-Traverse City, MI (CBS) 1st broadcast
Jan 1st - Yugoslav parliament chairman/VP Milovan Djilas criticize communism
Jan 2nd - Herman Wouks "Caine Mutiny," premieres in NYC
Jan 4th - Elvis Presley records a 10 minute demo in Nashville
Jan 4th - Soap Opera "The Brighter Day" premieres
Jan 7th - Georgetown-IBM experiment, the first public demonstration of a machine translation system, is held in New York at the head office of IBM.
Jan 8th - Elvis Presley pays $4 to a Memphis studio & records his 1st two songs, "Casual Love" & "I'll Never Stand in Your Way"
Jan 9th - -87°F (-66°C), Northice Station, Greenland (Greenland record)
Singer & Cultural Icon Elvis PresleySinger & Cultural Icon Elvis Presley Jan 9th - Bert Olmstead, Mont Canadiens, ties NHL record of 8 points in game
Jan 9th - Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Louise Bogan & Leonie Adams
Jan 10th - Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to W H Auden
Jan 11th - 2 ton locomotive swept into ravine by avalanche 10 die (Austria)
Jan 12th - Austria's worst avalanche-kills 200; 9hrs later 2nd one-kills 115
Jan 12th - Queen Elizabeth II opens NZ parliament
Jan 13th - Military rule in Egypt; 318 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested
Jan 13th - WEAR TV channel 3 in Pensacola-Mobile, FL (ABC) begins broadcasting
Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth IIQueen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II Jan 14th - Sandy Wilson's musical "Boyfriend," premieres in London
Jan 14th - The Hudson Motor Car Company merges with Nash-Kelvinator Corporation forming the American Motors Corporation.
Jan 16th - "South Pacific" closes at Majestic Theater NYC after 1928 performances
Jan 17th - Jacques Cousteau's 1st network telecast airs on "Omnibus" (CBS)
Jan 17th - NFL Pro Bowl: East beats West 20-9
Jan 17th - Suggs Louise wins LPGA Sea Island Golf Open (Cloister)
Jan 18th - Fanfani forms Italian government
Jan 20th - -70°F (-57°C), Rogers Pass, Montana (US 48 state record)
Oceanographer, Explorer and Scientist Jacques CousteauOceanographer, Explorer and Scientist Jacques Cousteau Jan 20th - Dmitri Sjostakovitsj' "Concertino opus 94," premieres
Jan 20th - The National Negro Network is established with 40 charter member radio stations.
Jan 21st - 1st gas turbine automobile exhibited (NYC)
Jan 21st - USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine, launched on the Thames, Connecticut.
Jan 23rd - Harry van Thorn chosen chairman of Dutch KVP
Jan 23rd - Longest undefeated streak in Toronto Maple Leaf history (18 games)
Jan 24th - BPAA All-Star Tournament won by Don Carter
Jan 24th - Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Tampa Women's Golf Open
Jan 26th - Ground breaking begins on Disneyland
Jan 29th - Arnold Schoenberg's "De Profundis," premieres in Cologne
LPGA Golfer Betsy RawlsLPGA Golfer Betsy Rawls Jan 30th - Belgium ends trade agreement with USSR
Jan 30th - Fanfani government of Italy resigns
Feb 1st - 1st TV soap opera "Secret Storm" premieres
Feb 1st - Scapino Ballet Studio in Amsterdam destroyed by fire
Feb 1st - Soccer team The County froms in Doetinchem
Feb 2nd - Bevo Francis, Rio Grande College, scores 113 pts in basketball game
Feb 2nd - Pres Eisenhower reports detonation of 1st H-bomb (done in 1952)
Feb 2nd - Snow falls on Gibraltar
Feb 3rd - Jeen van den Berg wins Dutch Eleven Cities Skating race (7:32)
Feb 5th - WCDC TV channel 19 in Adams, MA (ABC) begins broadcasting
Feb 9th - Mario Scelba forms new government in Italy
Feb 10th - Eisenhower warns against US intervention in Vietnam
Feb 10th - Ice Dance Championship at Oslo won by Jean Westwood/Lawrence Demmy GRB
Feb 10th - Ice Pairs Championship at Oslo won by Frances Dafoe/Norris Bowden CAN
Feb 10th - Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Oslo won by Gundi Busch GER
Feb 10th - Men's Figure Skating Championship in Oslo won by Hayes Alan Jenkins US
Feb 11th - 6th Emmy Awards: I Love Lucy, Donald O'Connor & Eve Arden win
Feb 13th - Frank Selvey scores 100 points for Furman beating Newberry 149-95
Feb 14th - Beverly Hanson wins LPGA St Petersburg Golf Open
Feb 14th - Sen John Kennedy appears on "Meet the Press"
Feb 14th - WTOC TV channel 11 in Savannah, GA (CBS) begins broadcasting
Feb 15th - 1st Bevatron particle accelerator in operation-Berkeley, California
Feb 15th - WRDW TV channel 12 in Augusta, GA (CBS) begins broadcasting
Feb 16th - WNEM TV channel 5 in Bay City, MI (NBC) begins broadcasting
Feb 17th - WAST (now WNYT) TV channel 13 in Albany-Troy, NY (NBC) 1st broadcast
Feb 18th - The first Church of Scientology is established in Los Angeles, California.
Feb 20th - Babe Didrikson-Zaharias wins LPGA Serbin Golf Open
Feb 20th - General Zahedi wins election in Persia
Medical Researcher and Virologist Jonas SalkMedical Researcher and Virologist Jonas Salk Feb 23rd - 1st mass inoculation with salk vaccine (Pittsburgh)
Feb 23rd - Syrian army drives out president Adib el-Shishakli
Feb 25th - Abdul Nasser appointed Egyptian premier
Feb 26th - 1st typesetting machine (photo engraving) used, Quincy Mass
Feb 26th - Michigan rep Ruth Thompson (R) introduces legislation to ban mailing "obscene, lewd, lascivious or filthy" phonograph (rock & roll) records
Feb 28th - Patty Berg/Pete Cooper wins LPGA Orlando Mixed Golf Tournament
Feb 28th - US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Bikini Island
Mar 1st - 4 Puerto Ricans open fire in US house of reps injuring 5 reps
Baseball Player Ted WilliamsBaseball Player Ted Williams Mar 1st - In spring training, baseballer Ted Williams breaks his collarbone
Mar 1st - Rebellion during visit of pres Naguib in Khartoum Sudan, 30 die
Mar 1st - US explodes Castle Bravo, 15 megaton hydrogen bomb at Bikini Atoll - most powerful nuclear device ever detonated by the US
Mar 4th - JE Wilkins appointed 1st Black US sub-cabinet member
Mar 4th - Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, announces the first successful kidney transplant.
Mar 5th - "Girl in Pink Tights" opens at Mark Hellinger NYC for 115 perfs
Mar 7th - Babe Didrikson-Zaharias wins LPGA Sarasota Golf Open
Mar 7th - Russia wins title in their 1st international ice hockey competition
Mar 8th - Herb McKinley sets quarter mile record of 0:46.8 in Melbourne, Australia
Mar 9th - 1st local color TV coml WNBT-TV (WNBC-TV) NYC (Castro Decorators)
US Senator Joseph McCarthyUS Senator Joseph McCarthy Mar 9th - Edward R Murrow criticizes Sen Joseph McCarthy (See it Now)
Mar 9th - WMUR TV channel 9 in Manchester, NH (ABC) begins broadcasting
Mar 11th - US Army charges Senator Joseph McCarthy used undue pressure tactics
Mar 12th - 1st performance of Arnold Schoenberg's "Moses und Aaron"
Mar 13th - Braves' Bobby Thomson breaks his ankle, he is replaced by Hank Aaron
Mar 13th - Viet Minh General Giap opens assault on That Bien Phu
Mar 14th - Braves Henry Aaron homers in his 1st exhibition game
Mar 14th - KDAL (now KDLH) TV channel 3 in Duluth-Superior, MN (CBS) begins
Mar 14th - Louise Suggs wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
Mar 14th - NBA Baltimore Bullets end a 32 game road losing streak
Broadcast Journalist Walter CronkiteBroadcast Journalist Walter Cronkite Mar 15th - "CBS Morning Show" premieres with Walter Cronkite & Jack Paar
Mar 15th - WSJV TV channel 28 in Elkhart-South Bend, IN (ABC) begins broadcasting
Mar 19th - 1st color telecast of a prize fight, Giardello vs Troy in Madison Square Garden, NYC
Mar 19th - 1st rocket-driven sled on rails tested in Alamogordo, NM
Mar 19th - US Ladies' Figure Skating championship won by Tenley Albright
Mar 19th - US Men's Figure Skating championship won by Hayes A Jenkins
Mar 19th - Weekes, Worrell & Walcott complete centuries in innings v England
Mar 20th - "King & I" closes at St James Theater NYC after 1246 performances

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 666

Jan 1st - Fr David, Paris France, rocker
Jan 1st - Bob Menendez, American politician
Jan 2nd - Ludmila Borozna, USSR, volleyball player (Olympic-gold-1972)
Jan 2nd - Henry Bonilla, American politician
Jan 2nd - Dawn Silva, American singer (The Brides of Funkenstein, P-Funk)
Jan 3rd - Ross The Boss, rocker
Jan 3rd - Dean Hart, Canadian wrestler (d. 1990)
Jan 3rd - Ned Lamont, American businessman
Jan 4th - Eugene Chadbourne, American composer and musician
Jan 5th - Bryan Hitt, rocker (REO Speedwagon-Keep on Loving You)
Jan 6th - Anthony Minghella, director (English Patient)
Jan 6th - Norbert Hahn, German DR, 2 man luge (Olympic-gold-1976, 80)
Jan 6th - Hans Robert Hiegel, German architect
Jan 6th - Yuji Horii, Japanese video game designer
Jan 6th - Trudie Styler, English actress
Jan 7th - Alan Butcher, cricketer (one Test England v India, scored 14 & 20)
Jan 9th - Lance Hoppens, rocker (Orleans-Still the One, Dance With Me)
Jan 11th - Saskia ten Batenburg, Dutch actress (Factory, Hunk)
Radio shock jock Howard SternRadio shock jock Howard Stern (Jan 12th) Jan 12th - Howard Stern, Roosevelt NY, "Radio's Bad Boy" (WKRK, WYSP, WJFK)
Jan 13th - Vicki McCarty, Los Angeles Ca, playmate (Sep, 1979)
Jan 14th - Jim Duggan, American wrestler
Jan 15th - Nikos Sarganis, Greek footballer
Jan 15th - Jose Dalisay, Jr., Filipino writer
Jan 17th - Janet Dykman, Monterey Park California, archer (Olympics-1996)
Jan 17th - Robert F Kennedy Jr, attorney (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Jan 17th - Susan Kiefel, Australian lawyer and judge
Jan 18th - Ted DiBiase, Retired Professional Wrestler
Jan 19th - Katey Sagal, Los Angeles, California, singer/actress (Peggy Bundy-Married With Children)
Jan 19th - Steve DeBerg, NFL quarterback (Broncos, Chiefs, Bucs, 49ers)
Jan 19th - Cindy Sherman, American artist
Jan 19th - Katharina Thalbach, German actress and film director
Jan 22nd - Chris Lemmon, Los Angeles California, actor (Brothers & Sisters, Duet) [or Jun 22]
Jan 22nd - Tully Blanchard, American professional wrestler
Jan 22nd - Peter Pilz, Austrian politician
Jan 23rd - Edward Ka-spel, English singer/songwriter (Legendary Pink Dots)
Jan 23rd - Franco De Vita, Caracas Venezuala, spanish singer (Extranjero)
Jan 23rd - Rick Finch, rocker (KC & Sunshine Band-Give It)
Jan 23rd - Trevor Hohns, cricketer (Australian leg-spinner 1989)
Jan 24th - Jo Gartner, Austrian racing driver (d. 1986)
Jan 25th - Condredge Holloway, Alabama, CFL quarterback (Ottawa, Toronto)
Jan 25th - Richard Finch, rock bassist (KC & Sunshine-That's the Way I Like It)
Jan 25th - Ricardo Bochini, Argentinian footballer
Jan 25th - Kim Gandy, American feminist
Jan 26th - Kim Hughes, cricketer (brilliant Australian batsman 1977-84)
Jan 26th - Martin Dunn, British editor (Today)
Jan 27th - Kimberly J "Kim" Hughes, Australian cricketer
Jan 27th - Peter Laird, American comic-book artist
Jan 27th - Joko Ninomiya, Japanese martial artist
Jan 28th - Anicee Alvina, Paris France, actress (Friends)
Jan 28th - Shawn Murray, rock drummer (Mink Deville)
Jan 28th - Rick Warren, American pastor and author
Jan 29th - Dick Manitoba, vocalist (Dictators)
Talk show host Oprah WinfreyTalk show host Oprah Winfrey (Jan 29th) Jan 29th - Oprah Winfrey, Kosciusko Mississippi, Talk show host and actress ('The Oprah Winfrey Show' 'Colour Purple')
Jan 29th - Doug Risebrough, Canadian ice hockey player, coach and executive
Jan 30th - Alides Hidding, singer/guitarist (Time Bandits)
Jan 31st - Adrian Vandenberg, Amsterdam Neth, rock guitarist (Whitesnake)
Jan 31st - Sheik Faoud Ahamul Bacchus, cricketer (West Indian bat late 70's)
Feb 1st - Billy Mumy, California, actor (Will Robinson-Lost in Space, Dear Brigitte)
Feb 1st - Mike Campbell, guitarist (Tom Petty & Heartbreakers-Breakdown)
Feb 1st - Chuck Dukowski, American musician (Black Flag)
Feb 2nd - Christie Brinkley, [Ex-Mrs Billy Joel], model/actress (SI, Vacation)
Feb 2nd - Jayantha Amerasinghe, cricketer (2 Tests for Sri Lanka v NZ 1983)
Feb 2nd - Ina Garten, American author and TV personality
Feb 2nd - Hansi Hinterseer, Austrian singer, actor, former skier
Feb 3rd - Tiger Williams, Canadian ice hockey player
Feb 5th - Roseanne Katan, Jamacia, playmate (Sep, 1978)
Feb 5th - Cliff Martinez, American musician
Feb 6th - Scott Kempner, "Top Ten" rocker (Del Lords)
Feb 7th - Miguel Ferrer, Santa Monica CA, actor (Robocop)
Feb 7th - Dieter Bohlen German composer
Feb 7th - Brian Morton, Scottish writer
Feb 8th - "Sensational" Sherri Martel, [Russell], New Orl, wrestler (WWF/AWA)
Feb 9th - Ulrich Walter, German FR, cosmonaut
Feb 9th - Mary Jo Duffy, American comic book writer and editor
Feb 9th - Christopher Gardner, American entrepreneur
Feb 9th - Kevin Warwick, Cyborg Scientist
Feb 10th - Larry McWilliams, baseball player
Feb 11th - Catherine Hickland, Fort Lauderdale, actress (Capitol, Star Trek IV)
Feb 11th - Noriyuki Asakura, Japanese composer
Feb 11th - Wesley Strick, American screenwriter
Feb 12th - Tzimis Panousis, Greek musician and stand-up comedian
Feb 12th - Philip Zimmermann, American cryptographer
Cartoonist Matt GroeningCartoonist Matt Groening (Feb 15th) Feb 15th - Matt Groening, cartoonist (Life in Hell, Simpsons)
Feb 15th - Armand Parmentier, Belgian athlete
Feb 16th - Iain [Menzies] Banks, UK, sci-fi author (Wasp Factory), (d. 2013)
Feb 16th - Michael Holding, cricket fast bowler (Whispering Death-Awesome for WI)
Feb 16th - Margaux Hemingway, Portland Or, actress (Lipstick, They Call Me Bruce)
Feb 17th - Rene Russo, actress (Ransom)
Feb 18th - John Travolta, Englewood NJ, actor (Welcome Back Kotter, Pulp Fiction)
Feb 19th - Frances Bucholz, rocker (Scorpions-Wind of Change)
Feb 19th - Jamie West-Oram, rock guitarist (Fixx)
Feb 19th - Socrates, Brazilian footballer
Feb 20th - Anthony Stewart Head, actor (Buffy Vampire Slayer)
Feb 20th - Jon Brant, rock bassist (Cheap Trick)
Feb 20th - Patty Hearst Shaw, SF, famous kidnap hostage (Tanya)
Feb 20th - Vasili Vasilyevich Tsibliyev, Rus col/cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-17, TM-25)
Feb 21st - Ivo van Damme, Belgium, 800/1500m dash (Olympic-silver-1976)
Feb 23rd - Viktor Yushchenko, President of Ukraine
Feb 24th - Constantine Phipps, 5th Marquess of Normanby
Feb 25th - Steve Rixon, Australian cricket wicket-keeper (1977-85)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 16 of 16

Baseball Player Joe DiMaggioBaseball Player Joe DiMaggio (Jan 14th) Jan 14th - NY Yankee Joe DiMaggio weds actress Marilyn Monroe (27) in her 2nd marraige at San Francisco City Hall
Jan 16th - Painter Marcel Duchamp (66) weds Alexina Duchamp (48) in New York City
Feb 21st - Actor Leonard Nimoy (22) weds actress Sandra Zober
Mar 27th - Actress Elizabeth Montgomery (20) weds socialite Frederick Gallatin Cammann
May 28th - "The Bad and the Beautiful" actor Kirk Douglas (37) weds producer Ann Buydens (24) at Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas
Jul 11th - Football coach Al Davis (25) weds Carol Segal
Jul 17th - Master of quick wit and widely considered one of the best comedians of the modern era Groucho Marx (63) weds actress Eden Hartford (24)
Jul 31st - "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts" guest host Steve Allen (32) weds actress Jayne Meadows (33)
Country Singer Johnny CashCountry Singer Johnny Cash (Aug 7th) Aug 7th - Musician Johnny Cash (22) marries 1st wife Vivian Liberto (20)
Sep 14th - Comedians Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara marry
Sep 17th - Film and theater actress Shirley MacLaine (20) weds Steve Parker in New York City
Sep 25th - "Roman Holiday" actress Audrey Hepburn (25) weds actor Mel Ferrer (37) in Burgenstock
Nov 1st - Actor John Wayne (47) weds actress Pilar Pallete in Kona, Hawaii
Nov 19th - Actress Vera-Ellen (33) weds millionaire Victor Rothschild at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Los Angeles
Nov 20th - NFL quarterback Johnny Unitas (21) weds his high school sweetheart Dorothy Hoelle
Dec 29th - Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (24) weds Joan Archer

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 1 of 1

Actor John WayneActor John Wayne (Nov 1st) Nov 1st - Actor John Wayne (47) divorces actress Esperanza Baur due to drunken violence after 7 years of marriage

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 162

Jan 1st - Duff Cooper, British diplomat and writer (b. 1890)
Jan 5th - Rabbit Maranville, American baseball player (b. 1891)
Jan 10th - Fred Raymond, composer, dies at 53
Jan 11th - Edgar Tytgat, Flemish painter/etcher/drawer, dies at 77
Jan 11th - Emmy Arbous, Dutch actress/cabaret performer (Boefje), dies at 56
Jan 11th - Oscar Straus, Austrian composer (Brave Soldier), dies at 83
Jan 13th - Roland Diggle, composer, dies at 69
Jan 16th - Michail M Prishvin, Russian writer, dies
Jan 18th - Sydney Greenstreet, actor (Conflict, Maltese Falcon), dies at 74
Jan 19th - Theodor Kaluza, German scientist (b. 1885)
Jan 20th - Fred Root, cricketer (England pace bowler in 3 Tests v Aus 1926), dies
Jan 20th - Warren Bardsley, cricketer (41 Tests for Australia, 2469 runs), dies
Jan 21st - Billy Jenkins, dies at 69
Jan 26th - Carl J Eldh, Swedish sculptor, dies at 80
Jan 27th - Paul-Marie Masson, composer, dies at 71
Jan 31st - Edwin H Armstrong, US radio inventor (FM), commits suicide at 63
Jan 31st - Florence Bates, actress (Kismet, I Remember Mama), dies at 65
Feb 1st - Julius P Hoste, Belgium minister/newspaper publisher, dies at 69
Feb 2nd - Theodor Rogalski, composer, dies at 52
Feb 4th - Vaclav Vackar, composer, dies at 72
Feb 5th - Vittorio Gnecchi, composer, dies at 77
Feb 7th - Jan Adam Maklakiewicz, composer, dies at 54
Feb 8th - Mabel Paige, actress (Lucky Jordan), dies at 73
Feb 11th - Adolph M. Christianson, justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court (b. 1877)
Feb 12th - Dziga Vertov, [Kaufman], Russian dir (3 Songs of Lenin), dies at 58
Feb 17th - Evert Gorter, children artist (Kindergeneeskunde), dies at 72
Feb 26th - William R Inge, English theologist/philosopher, dies at 93
Mar 4th - Georg Gohler, composer, dies at 79
Mar 4th - Noel Gay, [Richard Moxon Armitage], composer, dies at 55
Mar 5th - Julian Lowell Coolidge, mathematician (Study-Segre school), dies at 80
Mar 6th - Jan Kalf, Dutch literature/art historian, dies at 80
Mar 6th - Louis Zimmermann, violinist, dies at 80
Mar 7th - Otto Diels, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1876)
Mar 8th - Percy Twentyman-Jones, cricketer (pair in only Test for S Afr), dies
Mar 9th - Eva Ahnert-Rohlfs, German astronomer (b. 1912)
Mar 9th - V. Walfrid Ekman, Swedish oceanographer (b. 1874)
Mar 14th - Ludomir Michal Rogowski, composer, dies at 72
Mar 15th - Arthur Fickenscher, composer, dies at 82
Mar 17th - Victor Rousseau, Belgian sculptor, dies at 88
Mar 18th - Walter Mead, cricketer (one Test for England 1899), dies
Mar 19th - Walter Braunfels, composer, dies at 71
Mar 21st - Harry Lawrence Freeman, composer, dies at 84
Mar 28th - Francis B Young, Brit physician/writer (In South Africa), dies at 69
Apr 5th - Claude Delvincourt, composer, dies at 66
Apr 9th - Philip Greeley Clapp, composer, dies at 65
Apr 10th - Auguste Lumière, French photograph/movie pioneer, dies at 81
Apr 10th - Ludwig Curtius, German archaeologist (Die antike Kunst), dies at 79
Apr 10th - Oscar Mathisen, Norwegian speed skater (b. 1888)
Apr 12th - Pim [Willem JH] Mulier, Dutch journalist/sports-organizer, dies at 89
Apr 13th - Angus Lewis Macdonald, Canadian politician (b. 1890)
Apr 15th - Juan Vicente Lecuna, composer, dies at 54
Apr 17th - Lucreţiu Pătrăşcanu, Romanian communist activist (b. 1900)
Apr 25th - Joseph Hergesheimer, novelist (Java Head), dies
Apr 28th - Léon Jouhaux, French labor leader, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1879)
Apr 29th - Ernst Heldring, Dutch merchant/ship owner/financier, dies at 82
May 1st - Tom Tyler, actor (Lost Ranch, Coyote Trails), dies at 50
May 2nd - Pauline de Cock-Manifarges, singer, dies at 82
May 10th - George Hirst, cricketer (36,323 1st-class runs, 2739 wickets), dies
May 14th - Heinz Guderian, German General (b. 1888)
May 15th - William March, American writer (b. 1893)
May 16th - Clemens Krauss, Austrian conductor (Vienna State Opera), dies at 61
May 16th - Werner Bischof, Swiss photographer, dies accidentally at 38
May 19th - Aart A van Schelven, church historian (Willem of Orange), dies at 73
May 19th - Charles Edward Ives, US composer (Unanswered Question), dies at 79
May 21st - Janos Hammerschlag, composer, dies at 68
May 23rd - H R Bromley-Davenport, cricketer (batted in 4 Tests for England), dies
Photojournalist Robert CapaPhotojournalist Robert Capa (May 25th) May 25th - Robert Capa, Hungarian-born photojournalist (b. 1913)
May 26th - Franz Pfemfert, writer, dies at 74
May 26th - Lionel Conacher, Canadian athlete (b. 1900)
May 27th - Herzmanovsky-Orlando, writer, dies
May 28th - Achille Longo, composer, dies at 54
May 30th - Ahmad Amin, Egyptian historian/author, dies at 67
Jun 1st - Martin Andersen Nexø, Danish writer (b. 1869)
Jun 4th - Harold Hoffman, (Gov-NJ), dies at 58
Jun 7th - Alan M Turing, British mathematician (Turing), commits suicide at 41
Jun 10th - Will Rossiter, composer, dies at 87
Jun 13th - Nikolai Obouhov, composer, dies at 62
Jun 21st - Gideon Sundback, Swedish-American inventor, perfected the zipper (b. 1880)
Jun 22nd - Don Hollenbeck, newscaster (CBS Weekend News), dies at 49
Jun 25th - Eduard M Meijers, Dutch lawyer (Civil Code), dies at 74
Jun 27th - Francis L Casadesus, French violinist/composer/conductor, dies at 83
Jun 28th - Red deer, in Milwaukee Zoo, oldest known deer, dies at 26
Jul 3rd - Siegfried Handloser, German physician (b. 1895)
Jul 6th - Dirk Verbeek, actor/director (Hofstad Stage), dies at 70
Jul 10th - Calogero Vizzini, Sicilian mafioso (b. 1877)
Jul 13th - Irving Pichel, dies at 63
Jul 13th - M C Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter/wife of Diego Rivera, dies at 47
Jul 14th - Jacinto Benavente y Martinez, Spanish playwright, dies at 87
Jul 14th - Jackie Saunders, American silent screen actress (b. 1892)
Jul 17th - Dirk B Nanninga, painter, dies at 85
American Gangster George 'Machine Gun' KellyAmerican Gangster George 'Machine Gun' Kelly (Jul 18th) Jul 18th - George Machine Gun Kelly, American gangster, dies at 59
Jul 19th - Jean Roger-Ducasse, composer, dies at 81
Jul 20th - Blair Moody, (Sen-Mich), dies at 52
Jul 24th - Mary Church Terrell, educator/civil rights leader, dies at 90
Jul 26th - Hans Lodeizen, [Johan Frederik], poet (Travel to Congo), dies at 26
Jul 29th - Coen de Koning, Dutch speed skater (b. 1879)
Jul 31st - Onofre Marimón, Argentine racing driver (b. 1923)
Aug 1st - Charles-A Cingria, writer, dies
Aug 2nd - Rene Amengual, composer, dies at 42
Aug 3rd - Colette, [Sidonie-Gabrielle], French novelist (Vagabonde), dies at 81

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