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Historical Events

Events 401 - 500 of 553

Sep 21st - Kleffens appointed chairman of General Meeting UN
Sep 22nd - Bkln Dodger Karl Spooner strikes out 15 NY Giants in his 1st game
Sep 24th - Tonight Show premieres on NBC (Johnny takes over 8 years later)
Sep 24th - Yanks tie a record, 3 of their pinch hitters strike out in 1 inning
Sep 25th - Francois "Doc" Duvalier wins Haitian presidential election
Sep 25th - Indians win AL record 111 games
Sep 25th - WCBD TV channel 2 in Charleston, SC (ABC) begins broadcasting
Sep 26th - Japanese ferry boat Toya Maru sinks in Strait of Tsugaru, 1172 die
Sep 26th - KODE TV channel 12 in Joplin, MO (ABC) begins broadcasting
Sep 26th - KUTV TV channel 2 in Salt Lake City, UT (NBC) begins broadcasting
Sep 26th - Patty Berg wins LPGA Ardmore Golf Open
Sep 26th - Typhoon hits Japan - 5 ferryboats sink killing about 1,600
Sep 26th - WANE TV channel 15 in Fort Wayne, IN (CBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 26th - WCAX TV channel 3 in Burlington, VT (CBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 26th - A's defeats Yanks 8-6 in last game franchise will play in Phila
MLB Catcher and Manager Yogi BerraMLB Catcher and Manager Yogi Berra Sep 26th - Yogi Berra plays his only game at 3rd & Mickey Mantle plays shortstop
Sep 27th - 1st African American Supreme Court page is CV Bush
Sep 27th - School integration begins in Wash DC & Baltimore Md public schools
Sep 27th - Steve Allen's "Tonight Show" premieres
Sep 29th - "Barefoot Contessa" starring Ava Gardner premieres at the Capitol
Sep 29th - "Masquerade Party" TV game Show; moves to ABC
Sep 29th - "Star is Born" starring Judy Garland & James Mason premieres
Sep 29th - Bennekom soccer team forms in Bennekom
Sep 29th - KALB TV channel 5 in Alexandria, LA (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
MLB Legend Willie MaysMLB Legend Willie Mays Sep 29th - Willie Mays famous over-the-shoulder catch of Vic Wertz' 460' drive
Sep 30th - "Boy Friend" opens at Royale Theater NYC for 483 performances
Sep 30th - USS Nautilus, 1st atomic-powered vessel (sub), commissioned by the US Navy
Oct 1st - British colony of Nigeria becomes a federation
Oct 2nd - 8th NHL All-Star Game: All-Stars beat Detroit 2-2 at Detroit
Oct 2nd - Former French possession of Chandernagore made part of West Bengal
Oct 2nd - NY Giants sweep Cleve Indians, in 51st World Series
Oct 3rd - "Father Knows Best" premieres
Oct 3rd - KFVS TV channel 12 in Cape Girardeau, MO (CBS) begins broadcasting
Oct 5th - Hurricane Hazel hits Eastern US
Oct 7th - Hassan el Hodeiby, leader of Moslem brothership, arrested in Egypt
Oct 7th - Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Ad Sinarum gentem
Oct 9th - KTIV TV channel 4 in Sioux City, IA (NBC) begins broadcasting
Vietnamese Communist Revolutionary Ho Chi MinhVietnamese Communist Revolutionary Ho Chi Minh Oct 10th - Ho Chi Minh enters Hanoi after withdrawal of French troops
Oct 11th - "On Your Toes" opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 64 performances
Oct 11th - Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Ad caeli Reginam
Oct 13th - RP Smith/M Shulman's "Tender Trap" premieres in NYC
Oct 14th - Israeli act of revenge in Qibiya Jordan, kills 53
Oct 15th - Hurricane Hazel strikes US & Canada, 348 die
Oct 15th - KLTV TV channel 7 in Tyler-Longview, TX (ABC) begins broadcasting
Oct 17th - Phila Eagle Adrian Burk passes for 7 touchdowns vs Wash (49-21)
Oct 18th - Hurricane Hazel (3rd of 1954) becomes most severe to hit US
Oct 18th - WBTW TV channel 13 in Florence, SC (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
Oct 18th - WNBC radio changes call letters to WRCA (NYC)
Oct 18th - Texas Instruments Inc. announces the first transistor radio.
Oct 19th - Egypt & Great Britain sign treaty; British troops departs
Oct 19th - KAKE TV channel 10 in Wichita, KS (ABC) begins broadcasting
Oct 19th - First ascent of Cho Oyu, sixth highest mountain in the world at 8,201 metres
Oct 20th - "Peter Pan" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 149 performances
Short Story Writer Dorothy ParkerShort Story Writer Dorothy Parker Oct 21st - Dorothy Parker/Arnaud d'Usseau's "Ladies of the Corridor" premieres
Oct 21st - Indonesian troops land in New-Guinea
Oct 22nd - West Germany joins North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Oct 23rd - Britain, England, France & USSR agree to end occupation of Germany
Oct 23rd - German FR joins NATO
Oct 23rd - Pakistan governor-general Ghoelan Mohammed disbands parliament
Oct 23rd - WSAU TV channel 7 in Wausau, WI (CBS) begins broadcasting
Oct 24th - Dwight D. Eisenhower pledges United States support to South Vietnam
Oct 26th - Chevrolet unveils V-8 engine
Oct 26th - Walt Disney's 1st television program, "Disneyland", premieres on ABC
Oct 26th - Trieste return to Italy.
Oct 27th - Pres Eisenhower offers aid to S Vietnam pres Ngo Dinh Diem
Oct 27th - WISN TV channel 12 in Milwaukee, WI (ABC) begins broadcasting
Animator Walt DisneyAnimator Walt Disney Oct 27th - Walt Disney's 1st TV show, "Disneyland", premieres on ABC
Oct 27th - Benjamin O. Davis Jr. becomes the first African-American general in the United States Air Force.
Oct 28th - Major league owners vote down sale of A's to a Phila syndicate
Oct 28th - N Richard Nash' "Rainmaker" premieres in NYC
Oct 28th - Nobel prize for literature awarded to Ernest Hemingway
Oct 29th - Colonel Nasser disbands Moslem Brotherhood
Oct 29th - Sweden begins experimental TV
Oct 30th - US Defense Department announces elimination of all racially segregated regiments
Author Ernest HemingwayAuthor Ernest Hemingway Oct 30th - 1st use of 24-sec shot clock in pro basketball (Rochester vs Boston)
Oct 31st - Algerian Revolution against French begins
Oct 31st - Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Texas Golf Open
Oct 31st - KREM TV channel 2 in Spokane, WA (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
Nov 1st - General Fulgencio Batista elected President of Cuba
Nov 1st - India takes over administration of 4 French Indian settlements
Nov 1st - KUON TV channel 12 in Lincoln, NB (PBS) begins broadcasting
Nov 1st - US Senate admonishes Joseph McCarthy because of his slander campaigns
US Senator Joseph McCarthyUS Senator Joseph McCarthy Nov 1st - The Front de Libération Nationale fires the first shots of the Algerian War of Independence against France.
Nov 2nd - Charles C Diggs Jr elected Michigan's 1st black congressman
Nov 2nd - JS Thurmond is 1st senator elected by write-in vote (SC)
Nov 2nd - Taiwan & US sign military pact
Nov 3rd - Nobel for physics awarded to Max Born & Walter Bothe
Nov 4th - "Fanny" opens at Majestic Theater NYC for 888 performances
Nov 4th - Philadelphia A's move to Kansas City
Nov 7th - US spy plane shot down North of Japan
Nov 7th - Cleveland Browns' Chet Hanulak sets club record with 7 punt returns & win by their largest margin of victory (59) beating Wash 62-3
Nov 8th - AL approves Philadelphia A's move to Kansas City
Nov 10th - Iwo Jima Memorial (servicemen raising US flag) dedicated in Arlington
Nov 10th - Lt Col John Stapp travels 632 mph in a rocket sled
Nov 12th - Ellis Island, immigration station in NY Harbor, closed
Nov 14th - Egyptian pres Naguib fire, state of emergency declared
Nov 15th - 1st regularly scheduled commercial flights over North Pole begins
Nov 18th - Yanks trade Woodling, Byrd, McDonald, Triandos, Miranada & Smith to Orioles for Turley, Larsen & Hunter as part of an 18 player deal
Nov 20th - KTRK TV channel 13 in Houston, TX (ABC) begins broadcasting
Nov 22nd - Humane Society forms

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 401 - 500 of 666

Aug 11th - M V Narasimha Rao, cricketer (Indian leg-spin all-rounder 1978-79)
Aug 11th - Yashpal Sharma, cricketer (Indian right-handed batsman early 80')
Aug 11th - Juan Maria Solare, Argentine composer
Aug 12th - Sam J. Jones [Samuel Gerald], American actor (Flash Gordon, Code Red), born in Chicago, Illinois
Aug 12th - Pat Metheny, jazz guitarist (As Wichita Falls)
Aug 13th - Lincoln Diaz-Balart, (Rep-R-Florida)
Aug 13th - Nico Assumpção, Brazilian bass player (d. 2001)
Aug 14th - Mark Fidrych, American baseball player
Aug 14th - Monica Baltodano, Leon, Nicaragua, Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution commander
Aug 15th - Mary Jo Salter, American poet
Author Stieg LarssonAuthor Stieg Larsson (Aug 15th) Aug 15th - Stieg Larsson [Karl Stig-Erland Larsson], Skelleftehamn, Swedish author (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
Aug 16th - James Cameron, Kapuskasing Ontario, writer/director (True Lies, Titanic)
Aug 17th - Eric Johnson, American guitarist
Aug 18th - Umberto Guidoni, Rome Italy, PhD/astronaut (STS 75)
Aug 19th - Oscar Larrauri, Argentine racing driver
Aug 20th - Al Roker, Queens NY, weatherman (NBC, Today)
Aug 20th - Theresa Saldana, Brooklyn New York, American actress (Rachel Scali-Commish)
Aug 20th - William Quinn Buckner, Phoenix Ill, basketballer (Olympic-gold-1976)
Aug 20th - Tawn Mastrey, American disc jockey (d. 2007)
Aug 20th - Don Stark, American actor
Writer/Director James CameronWriter/Director James Cameron (Aug 16th) Aug 21st - Archie Griffin, NFL runningback (won 2 Heisman Trophies, Ohio State)
Aug 21st - Steve Smith, rock drummer (Journey), born in Los Angeles, California
Aug 22nd - John Colwell, Kingston Ont, Canadian Tour golfer (1978 Simon Fraser)
Aug 24th - Alain Daigle, French Canadian ice hockey player
Aug 25th - Elvis Costello, [Declan Patrick McManus], Lon, rock vocalist (Allison)
Aug 25th - Gilbert "Gibus" Duclos-Lassalle, French cyclist
Aug 25th - Martin Jourard, keyboardist/vocalist (Motels-Only the Lonely)
Aug 26th - Michael Chetwood, rocker
Aug 26th - Sarah Lundy, horse trainer
Aug 26th - Steve Wright, Britain's wacky DJ/actor (Funny Man)
Aug 26th - Wally Murphy, rocker
Aug 26th - Efren Reyes, Filipino pool player
Aug 27th - Derek Warwick, race car driver
Aug 27th - John Lloyd, England, tennis star (former husband of Chris Everet)
Aug 27th - Mike Kelley, Wayne, Michigan, artist (More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid), (d. 2012)
Aug 28th - George Church, American geneticist
Aug 29th - Chet Catallo, guitarist (Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance)
Aug 29th - Julio Fernandez, jazz guitarist (Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance)
Aug 29th - Michael P[aul] Kube-McDowell, US, sci-fi author (Enigma, Empery)
Aug 30th - David Paymer, actor (Love Mary, Mr Saturday Night)
Aug 30th - Gerard Hadders, Dutch postage stamp designer (1991 children stamp)
Aug 30th - Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus
Aug 31st - Tula, [Barry Kenneth Cossey], England, transsexual (For Your Eyes Only)
Sep 1st - Gabor Ormai, viola Player
Sep 1st - Dave Lumley, Canadian ice hockey player
Sep 4th - José Castro, Swedish actor.
Sep 5th - Hans-Jorgen Gerhardt, German DR, bobsled (Olympic-gold-1980)
Sep 5th - Frederick Kempe, American author, journalist, and executive
Sep 6th - Banner Thomas, rocker (Molly Hatchet)
Sep 6th - Jon Erikson, US, 1st to triple cross English Channel (1981)
Sep 6th - Patrick O'Hearn, rock bassist (Missing Persons)
Sep 6th - Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard
Sep 7th - Benmont Tench, Gainesville Fl, rock keyboardist (Heartbreakers)
Sep 7th - Corbin Bernsen, North Hollywood California, actor (Arnie Becker-LA Law)
Sep 7th - Michael Emerson, American actor
Sep 8th - Clayton Norcross, actor (Bold & Beautiful, Colbys, Santa Barbara)
Sep 8th - Mark Foley, American politician
Sep 9th - Walter Paul Davis, Pineville NC, basketball player (Olympic-gold-1976)
Sep 9th - Jeffrey Combs, American actor
Sep 10th - Martha Nause, Sheboygan WI, LPGA golfer (1994 du Maurier Ltd Classic)
Sep 11th - Reed Birney, Alexandria Va, actor (Greatest Man in the World)
Sep 12th - Russell G. Alexander, creator of Today In History v1.2
Sep 12th - Adrian Adonis, American professional wrestler (d. 1988)
Sep 12th - Jeff Jarvis, American journalist
Sep 13th - Ted Mueller, rock drummer (Axe)
Sep 14th - Barry Cowsill, Newport RI, rock bassist (Cowsills-We Can Fly)
Sep 15th - 7th marquess of Bristol, English large landowner/multi-millionaire
Sep 15th - Hrant Dink, Turkish-Armenian newspaper editor (d. 2007)
Sep 16th - Colin Newman, English musician (Wire)
Sep 16th - Frank Reed, American singer (Chi-Lites), (d. 2014)
Sep 17th - Joël-François Durand, French composer
Sep 18th - Murtaza Bhutto, politician
Sep 18th - Takao Doi, Tokyo Japan, astronaut (STS 87)
Sep 18th - Tommy Tuberville, American football coach
Sep 20th - Anne Mcintosh, British member European parliament
Sep 20th - Brinke Stevens, [Charlene Brinkman] Ca, actress (Slumber Party Massacre)
Sep 20th - Silvio Leonard, Cienguegos Cuba, 100m runner (Olympic-silver-1980)
Sep 20th - Henry Samueli, American NHL team owner
Sep 21st - Philthy Animal, [Philip Taylor], rock drummer (Motorhead)
Prime Minister of Japan Shinzō AbePrime Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe (Sep 21st) Sep 21st - Shinzō Abe, Prime Minister of Japan (2006-07 and 2012-), born in Nagato
Sep 22nd - Shari Belafonte Harper, actress (Julie-Hotel), born in NYC, New York
Sep 22nd - Randy Lanier, American racing driver
Sep 23rd - Charlie Barnett, American actor (d. 1996)
Sep 24th - Stephen Jones, art historian
Sep 25th - Sylvester Croom, American college football coach
Sep 25th - Juande Ramos, Spanish Football Manager
Sep 26th - Craig Chaquico, rock guitarist (Jefferson Starship)
Sep 27th - Ray Hadley, Australian radio broadcaster
Sep 28th - George Lynch, rock guitarist (Lynch Mob-Wicked Sensations)
Sep 28th - Steve Largent, NFL wide receiver (Seattle Seahawks)
Sep 29th - Cindy Morgan, [Cichorski], actress (Tron), born in Chicago, Illinois
Sep 29th - Stephen Platt, editor (New Statesman & Society)
Sep 30th - Barry Williams, actor (Greg-Brady Bunch), born in Santa Monica, California
Sep 30th - Calvin Levels, actor (Knightwatch), born in Cleveland, Ohio
Sep 30th - Patrice Rushen, rock vocalist, born in Los Angeles, California
Oct 1st - Richard Schlesinger, news correspondent (CBS, 48 Hours), born in NYC, New York
Oct 1st - Martin Strel, Slovenian swimmer
Oct 2nd - Greg Jennings, country singer (Restless Heart-Wheels), born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oct 2nd - Lani O'Grady, Walnut Creek California, actress (Mary-8 is Enough)
Oct 2nd - Lorraine Bracco, Brooklyn New York, actress (Sopranos, Goodfellas)

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