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Historical Events

Events 1 - 61 of 61

1st - Cambodia President Lon Nol flees for Red Khmer
2nd - Vietnam War: Thousands of civilian refugees flee from the Quang Ngai Province in front of advancing North Vietnamese troops.
3rd - Bobby Fischer stripped of world chess title for refusing to defend it
3rd - James Rupers kills his family to inherit
4th - 130 killed as USAF plane evacuating Vietnamese orphans crashes
4th - Steve Miller is arrested for burning his girlfriend's clothes
4th - USAF transport carrying orphans from Saigon crashes killing 155
4th - Microsoft is founded as a partnership between Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
5th - "Letter for Queen Victoria" closes at ANTA Theater NYC after 18 perfs
5th - Soyuz 18A launch aborted short of orbit; cosmonauts return safely
6th - "Night... Made America Famous" closes at Barrymore NYC after 75 perfs
Microsoft Founder Bill GatesMicrosoft Founder Bill Gates 6th - "Rocky Horror Show" closes at Belasco Theater NYC after 45 perfs
6th - Bundy victim Denise Oliverson disappears from Grand Junction, Colo
6th - Fastest hat trick by a Wash Cap 3 mins 26 secs (Stan Gilbertson)
7th - Preliminary meeting in Paris on world economic crisis between oil-exporting, oil-importing, and non-oil Third World countries
8th - 47th Academy Awards - "Godfather II", Ellen Burstyn & Art Carney win
8th - Frank Robinson debuts as 1st black baseball mgr (Cleve, beats NY 5-3)
9th - 24 OECD members sign an agreement to establish a $25 billion lending facility to provide assistance to industrial nations hurt by high oil prices
10th - Rangers score 8 goals against Islanders in playoffs
Baseball Player Hank AaronBaseball Player Hank Aaron 11th - Hank Aaron returns as a Milwaukee player (Brewer)
11th - JP Parise 11 sec OT goal-Isles 1st playoff advance eliminates Rangers
12th - Linda Ronstadt releases "When Will I Be Loved"
12th - Six Catholic civilians are killed in a Ulster Volunteer Force gun and grenade attack on Strand Bar in Belfast, North Ireland
13th - 39th Golf Masters Championship: Jack Nicklaus wins, shooting a 276
13th - Chad military coup by General Odingar
13th - Christian Falange kills 27 Palestinians, begins Lebanese civil war
13th - Penguins 5-Isles 4-Quarterfinals-Penguins hold 1-0 lead
15th - 1st appearance of San Diego Chicken
15th - Gabon amends constitution
15th - Penguins 3-Isles 1-Quarterfinals-Penguins hold 2-0 lead
16th - Cambodian Red Khmer occupy Phnom Penh
17th - Khmer Rouge captures Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Kampuchea Natl Day)
17th - Penguins 6-Isles 4-Quarterfinals-Penguins hold 3-0 lead
Musician and Beatle John LennonMusician and Beatle John Lennon 18th - John Lennon releases "Stand by Me"
19th - India launches 1st satellite with help of USSR
20th - 29th Tony Awards: Equus & Wiz win
20th - 4th Colgate Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Sandra Palmer
20th - Penguins 1-Isles 3-Quarterfinals-Penguins hold 3-1 lead
21st - 4th Boston Women's Marathon won by Liane Winter of W Germ in 2:42:24
21st - 79th Boston Marathon won by Bill Rodgers of Mass in 2:09:55
21st - Last South Vietnam President Nguyen Van Thieu resigns after 10 years
21st - Liane Winter wins world record female Boston marathon (2:42:24)
Vietnamese Politican Nguyen Van ThieuVietnamese Politican Nguyen Van Thieu 22nd - Penguins 2-Isles 4-Quarterfinals-Penguins hold 3-2 lead
23rd - Harold Pinter's "No Man's Land" premieres in London
24th - Penguins 1-Isles 4-Quarterfinals-series tied at 3-3
24th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
25th - 1st Boeing Jetfoil revenue service, Hong Kong to Macao
25th - Mario Soares' Socialist Party wins Portugal's free election
25th - USSR performs underground nuclear test
25th - West German embassy blown-up in Stockholm Sweden
26th - Mario Soares' Socialist Party wins 1st free election in Portugal
26th - Penguins 0-Isles 1-Quarterfinals-Isles win series 4-3
26th - Phillies Mike Schmidt's 2 HRs ties NL record of 11 HRs in April
MLB Third Baseman Mike SchmidtMLB Third Baseman Mike Schmidt 27th - Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Charity Golf Classic
27th - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
28th - John Lennon appears on "Tonight" & Ringo Starr on "Smother Brothers"
28th - South-Vietnam Gen Duong Van Minh sworn in as president till April 30
29th - Ethiopia nationalizes all land
29th - Flyers 4-Isles 0-Semifinals-Flyers hold 1-0 lead
29th - Vietnam War: Operation Frequent Wind: The U.S. begins to evacuate US citizens from Saigon prior to an expected North Vietnamese takeover. U.S. involvement in the war comes to an end.
Beatles Drummer Ringo StarrBeatles Drummer Ringo Starr 30th - Last US helicopter leaves US embassy grounds, Saigon surrenders

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 84 of 84

1st - Kristine Quance, 100m breaststroke/200m medley (Olympics-96)
1st - Magdalena Maleeva, Sofia Bulgaria, tennis star (1995 Chicago Moscow)
1st - George Bastl, Swiss tennis player
1st - John Butler, Australian singer and musician
2nd - Deedee Magno, rocker (Party-Rodeo, That's Why)
2nd - Adam Rodriguez, American actor
3rd - Thomas Hamilton, NBA center (Boston Celtics)
3rd - Mickey Beyer Clausen, Danish entrepreneur and philanthropist
3rd - Aries Spears, American comedian
3rd - Yoshinobu Takahashi, Japanese professional baseball player
3rd - Koji Uehara, Japanese professional baseball pitcher
4th - Kisha Ford, WNBA guard/forward (NY Liberty)
4th - Delphine Arnault, French businesswoman
4th - Thobias Fredriksson, Swedish cross-country skier
4th - Pamela Ribon, American author, actress
5th - Nikki Dryden, Calgary Alberta, 800m swimmer (Olympics-6th-92, 96)
5th - John Hartson, Welsh footballer
6th - Dannon Phillip Pampolina, rapper/drummer (Party)
Actor Zach BraffActor Zach Braff (6th) 6th - Zach Braff, South Orange, New Jersey, American actor (Dr. John Dorian-Scrubs)
7th - Beverly Peele, super model (Elle)
7th - Ronde Barber, cornerback (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
7th - Tiki Barber, running back (NY Giants)
7th - Ronnie Belliard, American baseball player
8th - Anouk, Dutch singer
9th - Robbie Fowler, English footballer
9th - David Gordon Green, American filmmaker
10th - Eric Den Besten, Bettendorf Iowa, rower (Olympics-1996)
10th - Floris, Prince of Netherlands
10th - Steve Washburn, Ottawa, NHL center (Florida Panthers)
10th - Chris Carrabba, American singer
11th - Terry Cousin, NFL cornerback (Chicago Bears)
11th - Walid Soliman, Tunisian author
12th - Marcie Alberts, WNBA guard (Cleveland Rockers)
12th - Sofie Rahman, Miss Universe-Hong Kong (1996)
13th - Lou Bega, German-born musician and artist
13th - Bruce Dyer, English footballer
14th - Petra Begerow, Germany, tennis star (1996 quarter Hilton Head)
14th - Avner Dorman, Israeli composer
14th - Amy Dumas, American professional wrestler
14th - Veronika Zemanová, Czech model
14th - Anderson Silva, Brazilian mixed martial artist
15th - Paul Dana, American race car driver (d. 2006)
16th - Nicky Sualua, NFL fullback (Dallas Cowboys)
16th - Sean Maher, American actor
16th - Nick Pickard, British actor
17th - Trifun Zivanovic, Santa Monica, fig skater (1995 Pac Coast Jr champ)
17th - Gabriel Soto, Mexican actor
19th - Jason Gillespie, Australian cricketer (fast bowler, Australia 1996)
19th - Nazarena Almada, Miss Argentina Universe (1997)
19th - Temoc Suarez, Greenwood SC, soccer forward (Olympics-gold-96)
19th - Jussi Jääskeläinen, Finnish footballer
21st - Angela Michelle Hughes, Anderson SC, Miss America-SC (1997)
21st - Danyon Joseph Loader, Dunedin NZ, 200m/400m swimmer (Olymp-2 gold-96)
22nd - Brian Manning, wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
22nd - Stijn Haeldermans, Belgian soccer player (MVV)
22nd - Greg Moore, Canadian race car driver (d. 1999)
22nd - Carlos Sastre, Spanish cyclist
23rd - Bret Anderson, CFL slot back (BC Lions)
23rd - Jón Þór Birgisson, Icelandic musician and singer (Sigur Rós)
24th - Justin Boocock, Launceston Australia, canoeist (Olympics-96)
24th - Michael Stewart, NBA center (Sacramento Kings)
24th - Sam Doumit, American actress
25th - Jacque Jones, baseball outfielder (Olympics-bronze-96), born in San Diego, California
25th - Ruben Gomez, rocker (Menudo-Cannonball)
25th - Emily Bergl, English-American actress
25th - Chris Lilley, Australian actor, comedian, and writer
26th - Jabbar Threats, defensive end (Jacksonville Jaguars)
26th - Trudi Ferguson, Miss Universe-Jamaica (1996)
26th - Nathan "Joey" Jordison, American musician (Slipknot)
26th - Nerina Pallot, British singer
27th - Andre Gower, actor (Baby Makes 5, Fathers & Sons, Mr President)
27th - Kenny Harris, safety (Arizona Cardinals)
27th - Michael Booker, cornerback (Atlanta Falcons)
27th - Rabih Abdullah, former National Football League player
27th - Chris Carpenter, American baseball player
28th - James Thrash, wide receiver (Washington Redskins)
28th - Martin Lewis, NBA guard (Toronto Raptors)
29th - John Macready, gymnast (Olympics-5th-96), born in Los Angeles, California
29th - Béres Zoo, Hungarian radio DJ
29th - Rafael Betancourt, Venezuelan baseball player
30th - Beverley Peele, model [or Apr 7]
30th - Johnny Galecki, Bree Belgium, actor (American Dreamer, David-Roseanne)
30th - Elliott Sadler, American race car driver
30th - Mike Chat, American actor

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 1 of 1

Actress Jane CurtinActress Jane Curtin (2nd) 2nd - Actress Jane Curtin (27) weds television producer Patrick Lynch

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 31 of 31

1st - Eugeen Yoors, Flemish draftsman/glass painter, dies at 95
3rd - Mary Ure, Scottish actress (Sons & Lovers, Where Eagles Dare), dies at 42
5th - Inez Courtney, dies at 67
5th - Victor GM Marijnen, Dutch premier (1963-65), dies at 58
6th - Chiang Kai-Shek, Nationalist Chinese leader, dies at 87
10th - Marjorie Main, actress (Ma & Pa Kettle), dies at 85
10th - Sophia JW "Sophie" Hermse, actress (But a Dream), dies at 86
10th - Walker Evans, US photographer (Fortune Magazine), dies at 71
11th - Dorothy Patten, dies at 70
12th - Josephine Baker, US/French revue artist (Folies-Bergere), dies at 68
13th - Larry Parks, actor (Jazz Singer), dies at 60
13th - N'garta Tombalbaye, president Chad, dies
14th - Fredric March, American actor (Inherit the Wind), dies of prostate cancer at 77
15th - Charles Marshall, dies
15th - John B McKay, US test pilot (X-15), dies
15th - Richard Conte, actor (Four Just Men, Jean Arthur Show), dies at 65
17th - Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Indian philosopher (b. 1888)
18th - Rob Touber, [Robert J Noordervliet), chansonnier/director, dies at 38
21st - Jack Allan Westrup, composer, dies at 70
22nd - Mary Philips, actress (Farewell to Arms), dies at 75
23rd - Pete Ham, rocker (Badfinger), commits suicide by hanging himself at 27
23rd - R D Brinkmann, writer, dies
23rd - William Hartnell, actor (Dr Who), dies at 67
24th - William Hartnell, actor (Jackpot, This Sporting Life), dies at 67
25th - Mike Brant, Israeli singer (b. 1947)
27th - Nicholas Soussanin, actor (Last Command), dies at 86
28th - Jan A de Jonge, Dutch historian, dies at 48
29th - Charles McMahon Jr, US USMC lance corporal, killed in Vietnam
29th - Darwin Judge, USMC-corporal, 1 of last US soldiers killed in Viet
29th - Michael John Shea, USMC-lt/pilot, 1 of last soldiers killed in Vietnam
29th - William Craig Nystul, USMC capt, 1 of last US soldiers killed in Viet

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