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Historical Events

Events 1 - 65 of 65

1st - 11th AFC-NFC pro bowl, NFC wins 21-7
1st - 31st NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 123-120 at Cleveland
1st - Duke Ellington's musical "Sophisticated Ladies," premieres in NYC
1st - Dutch Antilles census is 231,932
1st - French government accord sends 60 Mirage fighter jets to Iraq
1st - NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 21-7
1st - Sandra Palmer wins LPGA Whirlpool Golf Championship of Deer Creek
1st - Trevor Chappell bowls underarm to Brian McKechnie, WSC Final MCG
3rd - Australia beats NZ 3-1 to win World Series Cup
3rd - Gro Harlem Brundtland elected premier of Norway
5th - "Piaf" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 165 performances
5th - Largest Jell-O made (9,246 gallons of watermelon-flavor) in Brisbane
Jazz-orchestra leader, Composer, Pianist Duke EllingtonJazz-orchestra leader, Composer, Pianist Duke Ellington 5th - Milt jury in NC convicts Robert Garwood of collaborating with enemy
6th - "Brady Brides," debuts on NBC TV
6th - Beatles Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr & George Harrison record a tribute to John Lennon
6th - Suleiman Nyambui runs world record 5k indoor (13:20.4)
8th - "5 O'Clock Girl" closes at Helen Hayes Theater NYC after 12 perfs
8th - "Brigadoon" closes at Majestic Theater NYC after 133 performances
8th - Sally Little wins LPGA Elizabeth Arden Golf Classic
8th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Elaine Zayak
8th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Scott Hamilton
Musician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartneyMusician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartney 10th - 33rd NHL All-Star Game: Campbell beat Wales 4-1 at LA
10th - 8 killed & 198 injured by fire at Las Vegas Hilton
10th - Dennis Lillee becomes Australian Cricket's top wicket-taker with 249
11th - Australia all out 83 v India at MCG chasing 143 to win
11th - Polish premier Jozef Pinkowski replaced by Wojciech Jaruzelski
12th - Admiral Bobby R Inman, USN, becomes deputy director of CIA
12th - Arbitrator Goetz declares Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk a free agent
12th - Cape Verde amends its constitution
12th - Pete Squires sets record for 1575 steps of Empire State Bldg, 10m
13th - Longest sentence published by NY Times-1286 words
13th - A series of sewer explosions destroys more than two miles of streets in Louisville, Kentucky.
14th - Stardust Disaster: A fire in a Dublin nightclub kills 48 people
15th - Joanne Carner wins LPGA S&H Golf Classic
15th - Rocket-powered ice sled attains 399 kph, Lake George, NY
17th - Chrysler Corp reports largest corporate losses in US history
Singer-Songwriter George HarrisonSinger-Songwriter George Harrison 19th - George Harrison is ordered to pay ABKCO Music $587,000 for "subconscious plagiarism" "My Sweet Lord" with "He's So Fine"
20th - Flight readiness firing of Columbia's main engines; 20 seconds
20th - James Sanford equals 50m indoor world record (5.61 sec)
21st - "Yorkshire Ripper" Peter Sutcliffe, murderer of 13 women, captured
21st - Charles Rocket clearly says "fuck" on Saturday Night Live
21st - Japan launches Hinotori satellite to study solar flares (580/640 k)
21st - NASA launches Comstar D-4
22nd - Amy Alcott wins LPGA Bent Tree Ladies Golf Classic
23rd - People mag features drug ordeal of Mackenzie & Papa John Phillips
23rd - Spanish coup under lt-col Antonio Tejero Molina fails
Princess of Wales Diana SpencerPrincess of Wales Diana Spencer 24th - Britain's Prince Charles announces engagement to Lady Diana Spencer
24th - Jean Harris is convicted of murdering Scarsdale diet doctor Tarnower
24th - An earthquake registering 6.7 on the Richter scale hits Athens, killing 16 people and destroying buildings in several towns west of the city.
25th - 23rd Grammy Awards: Sailing, Christopher Cross, Billy Joel wins
25th - Calgary Flames scored 11 goals against the Islanders
25th - Exec Board of Players' Association votes unanimously to strike on May 29
25th - L Calvo Sotelo elected premier of Spain
25th - NHL most penalized game; Bruins vs Northstars, 84 penalties (392 mins)
Pianist, songwriter, and composer Billy JoelPianist, songwriter, and composer Billy Joel 25th - NY Islanders give up their most goals (11) vs Calgary Flames
25th - Rita Jenrette (wife of Abscam congressman) appears on Donahue
25th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
25th - Exec Board of Baseball Players' Association votes unanimously to strike on May 29 if the issue of free-agent compensation remains unresolved
26th - 3 Anglican missionaries detained in Iran since Aug 1980 are released
26th - 84 penalties (406 mins) assessed for a brawl between NHL Minn & Bost
26th - French Train Grande Vitesse averages 380 kph on trial run
27th - Greatest passenger load on a commercial airliner-610 on Boeing 747
27th - Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder record "Ebony & Ivory"
28th - Calvin Murphy (Hou), sets NBA record with 78 consecutive free throws
28th - China PR throws out Neth ambassador due to submarine sale to Taiwan

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 66 of 66

1st - Luis Lamá, Angolan footballer
1st - Graeme Smith, South African cricketer
1st - Rob Austin, British racing driver
2nd - Jason Kapono, American basketball player
3rd - Maurice Ross, Scottish footballer
3rd - Alisa Reyes, American actress and singer
4th - Tom Mastny, Indonesian baseball player
4th - Johan Van Summeren, Belgian cyclist
4th - Ben Hendrickson, American baseball player
4th - Jason Kapono, America professional basketball player
5th - Loukas Vyntra, Greek football player
5th - Nora Zehetner, American actress
6th - Calum Best, American model
6th - Jens Lekman, Swedish musician
6th - Ty Warren, National Football League defensive lineman
8th - Tommy Michaels, Staten Island NY, actor (Timmy Hutton-All My Children)
8th - Myriam Montemayor Cruz, Mexican singer
9th - Joël Camathias, Swiss racing driver
9th - John Walker Lindh, American Taliban fighter
9th - James Owen Sullivan [The Rev], Huntington Beach California, drummer and songwriter (Avenged Sevenfold) (d.2009)
10th - Holly Willoughby, British TV presenter
10th - Tholomew Plague, drummer (Avenged Sevenfold)
10th - Natasha St-Pier, Canadian singer
10th - Andrew Johnson, English footballer
11th - Kelly Rowland, American singer
11th - Scot Thompson, American soccer player
13th - Luisão, Brazilian footballer
13th - Liam Miller, Irish footballer
13th - Luke Ridnour, American basketball player
15th - Diego Martínez, Mexican footballer
15th - Matt Hoopes, American musician (Relient K)
15th - Olivia Longott, American singer
15th - Jenna Morasca, American model
16th - Jay Howard, British racing driver
16th - Jerry Owens, American baseball player
16th - Qyntel Woods, American basketball player
17th - Donielle Thompson, Wheatridge CO, gymnast (World-bronze-95, Oly-96)
17th - Lisa Skinner, Queensland Australia, gymnast (Olympics-96)
Actress & Heiress Paris HiltonActress & Heiress Paris Hilton (17th) 17th - Paris Hilton, American actress and heiress
18th - Andrei Kirilenko, Russian basketball player
18th - Ivan Sproule, Irish footballer
18th - Kim Jae Won, South Korean actor
18th - Alex Rios, American baseball player
19th - Ronnie Arniell, Canadian professional wrestler
19th - Beth Ditto, American singer (The Gossip)
19th - Gil Reyes, American boxer
19th - Nicky Shorey, English footballer
19th - Vitas, Russian singer
19th - Daniel Letterle, American Actor and Singer
20th - Tony Hibbert, English footballer
20th - Chris Thile, American musician
22nd - Fredson Camara, Brazilian footballer
23rd - Gareth Barry, English footballer
23rd - Charles Tillman, American football player
24th - Lleyton Hewitt, Australian tennis player
24th - Mohammad Sami, Pakistani cricketer
25th - Park Ji-Sung, South Korean footballer
25th - Misty Giles, American beauty queen and Survivor contestant
25th - Jamie Lynn, American model
25th - Shahid Kapoor, Indian actor
26th - Kertus Davis, American NASCAR driver
26th - Johnathan Wendel, American professional video gamer
Singer Josh GrobanSinger Josh Groban (27th) 27th - Josh Groban, American singer (You Raise Me Up), born in Los Angeles, California
27th - Elodie Ouédraogo, Belgian athlete
28th - Brian Bannister, American baseball player
28th - Florent Serra, French tennis player

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 27 of 27

1st - Donald W Douglas, US aviation pionieer/builder, dies at 88
1st - Ernst Pepping, composer, dies at 79
1st - Nils Geirr Tveitt, composer, dies at 72
1st - Wanda Hendrix, actress (Sierra, Ride the Pink Horse), dies
2nd - Donald W Douglas, US aircraft pioneer/builder, dies at 88
2nd - Jan Donner, Dutch chairman of High Council, dies at 89
2nd - Louise Lorraine, actress (Adventures of Tarzan), dies
5th - Barend Barendse, Dutch sportscaster, dies at 73
5th - Kuda Bux, Indian mystic (I'd Like to See), dies at 75
5th - Ella Grasso, Governor of Connecticut (b. 1919)
6th - Hugo Montenegro, American film music composer (b. 1925)
6th - Frederika of Hanover, Queen Consort of Greece (b. 1917)
7th - Frederika of Hanover, Queen of Greece (b. 1917)
9th - Bill Haley, vocalist (Rock Around Clock), dies of heart attack at 55
12th - Jean Dixon, actress (Joy of Livng, You Only Live Once), dies
15th - Jack Crapp, cricketer (7 Tests for England 1948-49, 319 runs), dies
15th - Mike Bloomfield, American musician (Electric Flag), dies of a drug overdose at 37
15th - Thomas Beversdorf, composer, dies at 56
15th - Karl Richter, German conductor (b. 1926)
16th - Howard Hanson, composer, dies at 84
18th - John Knudsen Northrop, American aircraft manufacturer (b. 1895)
19th - Frank Merrik, composer, dies at 94
26th - FC Terborgh, [Reijnier Flaes], lawyer/writer (Turkish War), dies at 79
26th - Howard Hanson, US composer/conductor (Nordic), dies at 84
26th - Munabi, assistant to Uganda president Obote, murdered
26th - Robert Aickman, English writer and conservationist (b. 1914)
27th - Jacob H. Gilbert, American politician (b. 1920)

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