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Historical Events

Events 1 - 54 of 54

2nd - Andrei Gromyko appointed president of USSR
2nd - European Space Agency launches Giotto (Halley's Comet Flyby)
3rd - CBS announces a 21% stock buy-back to thwart Ted Turner's takeover
4th - Tinker Bell's nightly flight begins
5th - Premier Robert Mugabe wins Zimbabwe elections
5th - Nicholas Mark Sanders (England) begins circumnavigation of globe, covering 13,035 road miles in 78 days, 3 hr, 30 min
7th - 92nd Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Martina Navratilova beats Chrissie Evert (46 63 62)
7th - Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Mazda Hall of Fame Golf Championship
8th - 99th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Boris Becker beats K Curren (63 67 76 64)
8th - Marge Schott becomes CEO of Cincinnati Red
9th - South Africa police arrested Dutch ANC'er Klaas de Jong
10th - Coca-Cola Co announces it will resume selling old formula Coke
10th - French agents blow up Greenpeace boat Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbour, New Zealand
The Rainbow Warrior sunk in Auckland harbourThe Rainbow Warrior sunk in Auckland harbour

Pop Star MadonnaPop Star Madonna 10th - Playboy (and also Penthouse) publish nude pictures of Madonna
11th - Astros' Nolan Ryan, 1st to strike out 4000 (Mets' Danny Heep)
11th - Refurbished space shuttle Columbia moves overland from Palmdale to Dryden
11th - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
12th - "Singin' in the Rain" opens at Gershwin Theater NYC for 367 perfs
12th - Doctors discover a cancerous growth in President Reagan's colon
12th - STS 51-F launch scrubbed at T -3s because of main engine shutdown
13th - "Live Aid" concert raises over $70 million for African famine relief
13th - NY Yankees retire Roger Maris (9) & Elston Howard (32) uniforms
14th - 40th US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Kathy Baker
14th - Columbia returns to Kennedy Space Center via Offutt AFB, Neb
14th - Last USFL game-Baltimore Stars defeats Oakland Invaders, 28-24
American Baseball Player Roger MarisAmerican Baseball Player Roger Maris 15th - Deborah Carthy-Deu, of Puerto Rico, crowned 34th Miss Universe
16th - 56th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 6-1 at Humphrey Metrodome, Minn
16th - All star MVP: LaMarr Hoyt (SD Padres)
16th - Bill to abolish Greater London Council receives royal assent
16th - F-86 Sabre sets world aircraft speed record of 1152 kph (716 mph)
18th - USSR performs underground nuclear Test
19th - Christa McAuliffe chosen 1st school teacher to fly space shuttle
19th - Dam in Fiemme Valley Italy bursts; 200-300 die
19th - The Val di Stava Dam collapse killing 268 people in Val di Stava, Italy.
20th - Divers find wreck of Spanish galleon Atocha
20th - The government of Aruba passes legislation to secede from the Netherlands Antilles.
21st - "Leader of the Pack" closes at Ambassador Theater NYC after 120 perfs
21st - 114th British Golf Open: Sandy Lyle shoots a 282 at Royal St George
21st - Amina Fakir (Detroit), 23, crowned 18th Miss Black America
21st - Bernard Hinault wins his 5th & last Tour de France
21st - Judy Clark wins LPGA Boston Five Golf Classic
24th - Gandhi signs peace contract with Sikh leader Harchand Singh Longowai
24th - French DGSE officers Dominique Prieur and Alain Mafart are arrested and charged with murder over the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior
25th - Spokeswoman for Rock Hudson confirmed he had AIDS
25th - Steve Cram runs world record mile (3:46.32)
25th - US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
25th - USSR performs nuclear Test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
25th - Uganda suspends constitution following coup
LPGA Golfer Pat BradleyLPGA Golfer Pat Bradley 28th - 13th du Maurier Golf Classic: Pat Bradley
28th - Alan Garcia sworn in as president of Peru
28th - L Brock, Slaughter, A Vaughan, & H Wilhelm inducted into Hall of Fame
29th - 19th Space Shuttle Mission (51-F)-Challenger 8-launched
30th - Discovery moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS 51-I mission
30th - Valerie Lowrance, of Texas, 18, crowned America's Junior Miss

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 34 of 34

2nd - Rhett Bomar, American football player
2nd - Chad Henne, American football player
2nd - Ashley Tisdale, American actress and singer
3rd - Minami Keisuke, Japanese singer and actor.
5th - Stephanie McIntosh, Australian pop singer and actress
5th - Nick O'Malley, British musician (Arctic Monkeys)
8th - Jamie Cook, British musician (Arctic Monkeys)
9th - Paweł Korzeniowski, Polish swimmer
9th - Ashley Young, English footballer
10th - Mario Gómez, German footballer
11th - Aki Maeda, Japanese actress
12th - Luiz Ejlli, Albanian singer
12th - Natasha Poly, Russian supermodel
13th - Guillermo Ochoa, Mexican footballer
17th - Neil McGregor, Scottish footballer
17th - Tom Fletcher, British singer (McFly)
18th - Chace Crawford, American actor
20th - John Francis Daley, American actor
21st - Von Wafer, American basketball player
22nd - Takudzwa Ngwenya, Zimbabwean/American rugby player
22nd - Akira Tozawa, Japanese professional wrestler
23rd - Luis Ángel Landín, Mexican footballer
23rd - Matthew Murphy, English musician (The Wombats)
24th - Patrice Bergeron, Canadian hockey player
25th - James Lafferty, American actor
25th - Jasmine Lennard, English model
25th - Nelson Piquet Jr., Brazilian race car driver
26th - Gaël Clichy, French footballer
26th - Audrey De Montigny, Quebec singer
27th - Benedita Pereira, Portuguese actress
27th - Lou Taylor Pucci, American actor
28th - Dustin Milligan, Canadian actor
28th - Tynisha Keli, American singer
30th - Daniel Fredheim Holm, Norwegian footballer

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 2 of 2

NBA Point Guard and Head Coach Isiah ThomasNBA Point Guard and Head Coach Isiah Thomas (19th) 19th - NBA player Isiah Thomas (24) weds Lynn Kendall in Chicago
31st - Bee Gees member Robin Gibb (35) weds author and artist Dwina Murphy

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 30 of 30

2nd - David Purley, British Formula 1 driver (b. 1945)
3rd - Frank Selke, Canadian ice hockey manager (b. 1893)
4th - John de Quay, Dutch premier (1959-63), dies at 83
5th - Gerard Schmook, Flemish literature historian/custodian, dies at 86
5th - Jack Robertson, South African cricket spinner (3 Tests v Aust 1935-36), dies
5th - Marion Byron, actress (Steamboat Bill Jr), dies at 73
7th - Patti McCarty, actress (Gangster of the Frontier), dies at 64
8th - Gardner Cowles Jr, US publisher (Look Magazine), dies at 82
8th - Phil Foster, comedian (Frank De Fazio-Laverne & Shirley), dies at 72
8th - Simon Kuznets, US economist (Nobel 1971), dies at 84
9th - Rafael Campos, actor (Ramon-Rhoda, Sancho-V), dies of cancer at 49
9th - Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (b. 1896)
9th - Jimmy Kinnon, Scottish founder of Narcotics Anonymous (b. 1911)
10th - Fernando Pereira, military activist, murdered
16th - Wayne King, orchestra leader (Wayne King Show), dies at 84
16th - Heinrich Böll, German writer, Nobel laureate (b. 1917)
17th - Czeslaw Josef Marek, composer, dies at 93
17th - Margo, actress (Rumba, Viva Zapata), dies at 68 of a brain tumor
18th - Shahnawaz Bhutto, son of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
19th - Janusz A. Zajdel, Polish writer (b. 1938)
21st - Mickey Shaughnessy, actor (Chicago Teddy Bears), dies at 65
21st - Vicki Vola, actress (Miss Miller-Mr District Attorney)
23rd - Kay Kyser, bandleader (Kay Kyser's Kollege), dies at 79
23rd - Johnny Wardle, English cricketer (b. 1923)
27th - Joseph "Smoky Joe" Wood, pitcher (Boston Red Sox), dies at 95
28th - Grant Williams, actor (Shrinking Man), dies of toxic poisoning at 54
29th - James F Nolan, actor (Dante), dies of cancer at 69
30th - Julia Hall Bowman Robinson, American mathematician (b. 1919)
31st - Eugene Carson Blake, sec-gen World Council of Churches, dies at 78
31st - Murray Chapple, cricketer (14 Tests for NZ, 497 runs), dies

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