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Historical Events

Events 301 - 400 of 926

May 20th - Mike Schmidt hits his 535th HR, moving into 8th place
May 21st - "Da'Butt" by EU hits #35
May 21st - "Fat" by Weird Al Yankovic hits #99
May 21st - 114th Preakness: Eddie Delahoussaye aboard Risen Star wins in 1:56.2
May 21st - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
May 22nd - 34th LPGA Championship won by Sherri Turner
May 22nd - Károly Grósz succeeds party leader Janos Kádár in Hungary
May 23rd - Maryland stops sale of cheap pistols on Jan 1, 1990
May 24th - John Moschitta set record for fast talking: 586 words per minute
May 24th - Porntip Nakhirunkanok, 19, of Thailand, crowned 37th Miss Universe
May 24th - Power outage in Boston Garden in NHL's Stanley Cup finals
May 24th - Section 28 is passed as law by Parliament in the United Kingdom (prohibiting promotion of homosexuality). Repealed 2001/2004
May 25th - PSV wins Europe Cup
May 26th - Stanley Cup: Edmonton Oilers sweep Boston Bruins in 4 games
LPGA Golfer Sherri TurnerLPGA Golfer Sherri Turner May 27th - Senate ratified a treaty eliminating medium-range nuclear missiles
May 29th - Graeme Hick scores his 1,000th run of 1st-class cricket season
May 29th - Pakistan President Zia ul-Haq dismisses government and disbands parliament
May 29th - Sherri Turner wins LPGA Corning Golf Classic
Jun 1st - "Les Miserables" opens at Shubert Theatre, LA
Jun 1st - "Morton Downey Jr Show" debuts in TV syndication
Jun 1st - Train crash in Zeeland Neth, kills 2
Jun 2nd - 61st National Spell Bee: Rageshree Ramachandran wins spelling elegiacal
Jun 2nd - Consumer Reports calls for a ban on the Suzuki Samurai automobile
Jun 3rd - "Big" premieres in US
Jun 3rd - Margo Adams sues Red Sox 3rd baseman Wade Boggs for palimony
Jun 4th - "Cabaret" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 262 performances
Jun 4th - 42nd Tony Awards: M Butterfly & Phantom of the Opera win
Tennis Player Steffi GrafTennis Player Steffi Graf Jun 4th - 58th French Womens Tennis Open: Steffi Graf beats N Zvereva (6-0 6-0)
Jun 4th - Longest game in Balt Memorial Stadium (5:46) 14 inn (beat NY 7-6)
Jun 4th - Rickey Henderson steals 2 bases for record 249 as a NY Yankee
Jun 5th - 1st Children's Miracle Network Telethon raises $590,000
Jun 5th - 58th French Men's Tennis: Mats Wilander beats Henri Leconte (75 62 61)
Jun 5th - Kay Cottee sails into Sydney as 1st woman to circle globe alone
Jun 5th - Laura Davies wins LPGA Jamie Farr Toledo Golf Classic
Jun 5th - Longest champagne cork flight is 177'9 in NY
Jun 5th - Russian orthodox church celebrates 1,000th anniversary
Jun 6th - 22nd Music City News Country Awards: Randy Travis & Statler Brothers
Jun 6th - 3 giant turtles found in Bronx sewage plant
Jun 6th - George H W Bush makes campaign promise to support reparations for WW II to Japanese-American internees (promise broken, May 1989)
LPGA Golfer Laura DaviesLPGA Golfer Laura Davies Jun 7th - Aluminum contaminates Cornwall's water supply
Jun 8th - Nippon Airways announces that painting eyeballs on Jets cut bird collisions by 20%
Jun 9th - "Bloodsport (1987)" premieres in Germany
Jun 9th - Attorney General Meese orders Joseph Doherty deported to UK
Jun 10th - Greatest number of participants (31,678) on a bicycle tour (London)
Jun 11th - "Everything Your Heart Desires" by Daryl Hall & John Oates peaks at #3
Jun 11th - "Rooty Toot Toot" by John Cougar Mellencamp peaks at #61
Jun 11th - "We All Sleep Alone" by Cher peaks at #14
Jun 11th - 120th Belmont: Eddie Delahoussaye aboard Risen Star wins in 2:26.6
Jun 11th - 25th Curtis Cup: British Isles, 11-7
Jun 11th - Freedomfest - Mandela addresses Wembley Stadium London
Goddess of Pop  Cher Goddess of Pop Cher Jun 11th - Galina Chistyakova of USSR sets long jump woman's record (24"8½")
Jun 11th - Yanks' Rick Rhoden becomes 1st pitcher to DH (0 for 1 with an RBI)
Jun 12th - 6th Seniors Players Golf Championship: Billy Casper
Jun 12th - Andy Hampton is 1st American to win Round of Italy
Jun 12th - Mei-Chi Cheng wins LPGA Rochester Golf International
Jun 12th - The Republic of Ireland beats England 1-0 at Euro88 thanks to a headed goal by Ray Houghton. This is Ireland's first competitive match at a major football tournament.
Jun 13th - 45th time opposing pitchers hit HRS, Mark Davis (Padres)/Mike Krukow
Jun 13th - Boston Red Sox are 10 games back in AL, & go on to win AL East
Jun 13th - Fed jury finds Liggett liable in death of NJ woman of lung cancer
Jun 13th - George Harrison releases "This is Love"
Jun 13th - US Supreme Court refuses to hear Yonkers argument they aren't racist
Singer-Songwriter George HarrisonSinger-Songwriter George Harrison Jun 14th - Woman sues Chuck Berry for $5,000,000 alleges he hit her
Jun 15th - NASA launches space vehicle S-213
Jun 15th - Turkish premier Özal meets Greek premier Papandreou in Athens
Jun 16th - Boston Red Sox Barrett steals home
Jun 16th - In Santa Barbara, CA, a team of 32 divers begin cycling underwater on a standard tricycle, to complete 116.66 mi in 75 hrs 20 mins
Jun 17th - Givens' Family reports Mike Tyson beats his wife Robin Givens
Jun 17th - Microsoft releases MS DOS 4.0
Jun 17th - Soyuz TM-5 launches
Jun 17th - Women sentenced to 90 years in 1st product tampering murder case
Jun 18th - Jeff Hamilton, hits 8,000th Dodger home run
Jun 19th - 88th US Golf Open: Curtis Strange shoots a 278 at Country Club Mass
Jun 19th - Coup in Haiti
Jun 19th - Namphy takes control of Haitian government
Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike TysonHeavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson Jun 19th - Shirley Furlong wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
Jun 19th - World's Largest Sausage completed at 13 1/8 miles long
Jun 19th - 32 divers finish cycling underwater on a standard tricycle, to complete 116.66 mi in 75 hrs 20 mins
Jun 20th - Curtis Strange wins US Open golf tournament
Jun 20th - Haiti's general assembly dissolves
Jun 20th - NYC WABC-AM becomes flagship radio station of NJ Devils
Jun 20th - Price is Right model Janice Pennington is knocked out by a TV camera
Jun 20th - WABC officially becomes the NJ Devils new home radio
Jun 20th - Supreme Court upholds a law that made it illegal for private clubs to discriminate against women & minorities
Jun 21st - 42nd NBA Championship: LA Lakers beat Detroit Pistons, 4 games to 3
Jun 21st - Many killed at demonstration against general Ne Win in Rangoon
Jun 21st - Rascals begin 1st tour in 20 years
Jun 23rd - Charlotte Hornets & Miami Heat begin their NBA expansion draft
Jun 23rd - Yank manager Billy Martin's 5th term ends, Lou Pinella named manager
Jun 24th - Cleve pitcher Doug Jones sets record of 14 consecutive saves
Jun 24th - Red Sox begin AL record 23rd consecutive home win streak
Jun 25th - "Chess" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 68 performances
Jun 25th - 104°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in June
MLB Legend Cal Ripken JrMLB Legend Cal Ripken Jr Jun 25th - Cal Ripken Jr plays in his 1,000th consecutive game
Jun 25th - Expos Pitcher Floyd Youmans suspended for 60 days due to drugs
Jun 25th - Iceland's President Vigdis Finnbogadóttir elected (90+%)
Jun 25th - Kristen Logan, 17, of Mississippi, crowned America's Junior Miss
Jun 25th - Neth soccer team wins European Cup (2-0 against USSR)
Jun 25th - Roger Rabbit Cartoon Character debuts in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
Jun 26th - Kathy Postlewait wins LPGA McDonald's Golf Championship
Jun 27th - Mike Tyson KOs Michael Spink in 91 seconds, in Atlantic City ($67m)

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Famous Deaths

Deaths 301 - 342 of 342

Nov 16th - Lotte Stam-Beese, German/Neth architect, dies at about 85
Nov 17th - Sheilah Graham, gossip columnist, dies of heart failure at 84
Nov 19th - Christine Onassis, heiress, dies of heart failure at 37
Nov 21st - Carl Hubbell, American baseball player (b. 1903)
Nov 22nd - Erich Fried, writer, dies at 67
Nov 22nd - Janet Ertel, crooner, dies
Nov 22nd - Luis Barragán, Mexican architect (b. 1908)
Nov 22nd - Paul Vario, U.S. Italian Mafia of the Lucchese Family (b. 1914)
Nov 27th - Angela Aames, actress (Lost Empire, Basic Training), dies
Nov 27th - John Carradine, actor (Ten Commandments), dies of kidney failure at 82
Nov 27th - Karel Horky, composer, dies at 79
Nov 27th - [John] Hein Donner, chess grand master, dies at 61
Dec 2nd - Tata Giacobetti, Italian singer and lyricist (Quartetto Cetra)
Dec 4th - Osman Achmatowicz, Polish chemist (b. 1899)
Dec 6th - Bill Harris, US guitarist (Clovers-Love Potion No 9), dies at 63
Dec 6th - Roy Orbison, singer (Pretty Woman), dies of massive heart attack at 52
Dec 7th - Andrei P Ershov, Russian computer pioneer, dies
Dec 7th - Christopher Connelly, actor (Liar's Moon, Hawmps), dies at 47
Dec 7th - Peter Langan, Irish restaurateur (Langans London), dies in fire
Dec 8th - Anne Seymour, actress (Misty, Chevy Mystery Show), dies at 79
Dec 8th - Herbert "Tubo" Rhoad, US singer (Persuasions-Good news), dies at 44
Dec 10th - Dick Clair, comedian (Clair & McMahon, Facts of Life), dies of AIDS
Dec 10th - Richard Castellano, aqctor (Honor thy Father), dies at 55
Dec 12th - John Canning, NY Post managing editor, dies at 56
Dec 12th - Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano, American Mafia figure (b. 1917)
Dec 16th - H "Stork" Hendry, cricketer (11 Tests for Australia 1921-29), dies
Dec 16th - Sylvester, American singer (b. 1948)
Dec 20th - Max Robinson, 1st African American network (ABC) TV anchor, dies of AIDS at 49
Dec 20th - Alphonse Ouimet, Canadian television pioneer (b. 1908)
Dec 21st - Bob Steele, [Robert Bradbury], dies after short illness at 60
Dec 21st - Nicholas Tinbergen, Dutch/British biologist, dies at 81
Dec 22nd - Tucker Smith, singer/dancer (Cool-West Side Story), dies
Environmentalist Chico MendesEnvironmentalist Chico Mendes (Dec 22nd) Dec 22nd - Chico Mendes, Brazilian environmental activist and rubber tapper, assassinated at 44 by rancher Darcy Alves
Dec 25th - Ooka Shohei, Japanese novelist (b. 1909)
Dec 25th - Edward Pelham-Clinton, 10th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (b. 1920)
Dec 26th - John Loder, actor (Sabotage, Java Head), dies at 90
Dec 26th - Glenn McCarthy, American oil tycoon and businessman (b. 1907)
Dec 27th - Fox Harris, actor (Alienator, Warlords, Sid & Nancy), dies
Dec 27th - Hall Ashby, US director (Shampoo, 8 Million Ways to Die), dies at 59
Dec 28th - Hal Ashby, academy-award winning director, dies of cancer at 59
Dec 29th - Mike Beuttler, British racing driver (b. 1940)
Dec 30th - Yuli Daniel, Russian writer (b. 1925)

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