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Historical Events

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2nd - Rio de Janeiro is elected the host city of the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.
2nd - The economic crisis in Ireland is considered to be the driving force behind the largest migration of Irish people to London in 20 years, it is reported today
4th - George Papandreou's Panhellenic Socialist Movement defeats Greece's governing New Democracy party in an electoral landslide.
9th - First lunar impact of the Centaur and LCROSS spacecrafts as part of NASA's Lunar Precursor Robotic Program.
10th - After having closed borders for about two hundred years, Armenia and Turkey sign protocols in Zurich, Switzerland to open their borders.
18th - QB Tom Brady throws five second quarter touchdowns against the Tennessee Titans, an NFL record for touchdown passes in one quarter
23rd - The United Nations "Rotterdam Rules" convention regulating international maritime carriage of goods is ratified with its twentieth signature.
NFL Quarterback Tom BradyNFL Quarterback Tom Brady 23rd - The UK markets had contracted by 0.4% in the third quarter against what was expected to be a period of growth, as a result of unexpectedly poor performance by the service sector
24th - First International Day of Climate Action, organized with, a global campaign to address a claimed global warming crisis.
25th - The 25 October 2009 Baghdad bombings kills 155 and wounds at least 721.
28th - The 28 October 2009 Peshawar bombing kills 117 and wounds 213.
28th - NASA successfully launches the Ares I-X mission, the only rocket launch for its later-cancelled Constellation program.

Famous Weddings

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11th - "Mad Men" vixen Christina Hendricks (37) weds actor Geoffrey Arend (34) at the couple's favorite Il Buco restaurant in New York City
Musician Trent ReznorMusician Trent Reznor (17th) 17th - Musician Trent Reznor (44) weds vocalist Mariqueen Maandig in Los Angeles
25th - Socialite Ivanka Trump (27) weds New York Observer owner Jared Kushner (28) at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey

Famous Deaths

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3rd - Queen Fatima, former Libyan queen (b. 1918)
4th - Mercedes Sosa, Argentinian singer (b. 1935)
4th - Günther Rall, German fighter ace (b. 1918)
6th - Douglas Campbell, Scottish born Canadian actor (b. 1922)
7th - Irving Penn, American photographer (b. 1917)
10th - Stephen Gately, Irish singer (Boyzone) (b. 1976)
11th - Veronika Neugebauer, German actress and voice actress (b. 1969)
12th - Frank Vandenbroucke, Belgian cyclist (b. 1974)
12th - Dickie Peterson American musician (b. 1948)
13th - Stephen Barnett, American legal scholar who opposed the Newspaper Preservation Act of 1970 (b. 1935)
14th - Captain Lou Albano. American Professional Wrestler and Manager. (b. 1933)
17th - Vic Mizzy, American composer (themes to Green Acres and The Addams Family) (b. 1916)
18th - Nancy Spero, American feminist artist dies aged 83
19th - Howard Unruh, American spree killer (b. 1921)
19th - Joseph Wiseman, Canadian actor (b. 1918)
22nd - Don Lane, American-born Australian television personality (b. 1933)
22nd - Soupy Sales, American comedian and television personality (b. 1926)
26th - Teel Bivins, American politician (b. 1947)
26th - George Na'ope, American musician (b. 1928)
27th - David Shepherd, English cricket umpire (b. 1940)
30th - Claude Lévi-Strauss, French anthropologist and ethnologist (b.1908)
31st - Qian Xuesen, Chinese scientist (b. 1911)
31st - Tom Wheatcroft, English businessman (b. 1922)

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