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Historical Events

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Oct 8th - Irish professional darts player Brendan Dolan plays 1st perfect 9 dart game on TV in semi-final against James Wade at PDC World Darts Championship in Dublin
Oct 15th - Global protests break out in 951 cities in 82 countries.
Oct 15th - Legoland Florida (the world's largest Legoland theme park) opens in Winter Haven, Florida.
Oct 18th - Gilad Shalit is released.
Oct 20th - The former leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, and his son Moatassem Gaddafi are killed shortly after the battle of Sirte (2011) while in the custody of NTC fighters.
Oct 23rd - A powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Van Province, Turkey, killing 582 people and injuring thousands.
Oct 27th - The Royal Australian Navy announces that they discovered the wreck of a World War II submarine in Simpson Harbour, Papua New Guinea during Operation RENDER SAFE - it is likely to be Japanese.
Oct 29th - Record-breaking snowstorm in the northeastern United States leaves nearly 2 million residents without power for more than 36 hours.
Oct 31st - The world population reaches 7 billion inhabitants according to the United Nations
Nov 8th - The potentially hazardous asteroid 2005 YU55 passed 0.85 lunar distances from Earth (about 324,600 kilometres or 201,700 miles), the closest known approach by an asteroid of its brightness since 2010 XC15 in 1976.
Singer-songwriter Taylor SwiftSinger-songwriter Taylor Swift Nov 9th - 45th Country Music Association Award: Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton wins
Nov 9th - Shakira is honoured as Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year
Nov 11th - 25th Soul Train Music Awards: Cee-Lo Green, Jill Scott win
Nov 12th - Silvio Berlusconi resigns as Prime Minister of Italy due, in large part, to the European sovereign debt crisis.
Nov 18th - Former Filipino President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is arrested and held at Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City under charges of electoral sabotage
Nov 20th - 38th American Music Award: Adele, Bruno Mars & Taylor Swift win
Nov 23rd - Arab Spring: After 11 months of protests in Yemen, The Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh Signs a deal to transfer power to the vice president, in exchange for legal immunity.
Nov 25th - Sudden violent storms strike southern Sri Lanka, killing 27 people and drowning many fishermen caught by surprise. Thousands of homes lose their roofs and several more sustain damage. Landslides along with flooding was reported on the mainland.
Singer-songwriter AdeleSinger-songwriter Adele Nov 26th - 2011 NATO attack in Pakistan: NATO forces in Afghanistan attack a Pakistani checkpost in a friendly fire incident, killing 24 soldiers and wounding 13 others.
Nov 27th - 99th CFL Grey Cup: BC Lions defeats Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 34-23
Dec 4th - 100th Davis Cup: Spain beats Argentina in Seville (3-1)
Dec 15th - Barry Bonds is sentenced to 30 days of house arrest, two years of probation and 250 hours of community service, for an obstruction of justice conviction stemming from a grand jury appearance in 2003

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Famous Deaths

Deaths 101 - 200 of 309

Apr 22nd - Moin Akhter, Pakistani actor (b. 1950)
Apr 23rd - Geoffrey Russell, 4th Baron Ampthill (b. 1921)
Apr 23rd - John Sullivan, British comedy writer (b. 1946)
Apr 23rd - Tom King, American songwriter and musician (b. 1943)
Apr 24th - Sathya Sai Baba, Indian guru, spiritual figure (b. 1926)
Apr 24th - Marie-France Pisier, French actress (b. 1944)
Apr 27th - Marian Mercer, American actress (b. 1935)
Apr 30th - Dorjee Khandu, Indian, Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh (b. 1955)
May 1st - Ted Lowe, English snooker commentator (b. 1920)
Islamic Militant & Terrorist Osama bin LadenIslamic Militant & Terrorist Osama bin Laden (May 2nd) May 2nd - Osama bin Laden, leader of al-Qaeda and 'the most wanted man in the world' (b. 1957)
May 3rd - Thanasis Veggos, Greek actor (b. 1927)
May 3rd - Jackie Cooper, American actor, dies at 88
May 3rd - Sergo Kotrikadze, Georgian footballer (b. 1936)
May 5th - Yosef Merimovich, Israeli football player and manager (b. 1924)
May 5th - Claude Choules, last surviving World War I veteran (b. 1901)
May 7th - Seve Ballesteros, Spanish golfer, dies of brain cancer at 54
May 7th - Allyson Hennessy, Trindadian television presenter
May 7th - Big George, British broadcaster, composer, bandleader and musician (b. 1957)
May 8th - Lionel Rose, Australian boxer (b. 1948)
May 9th - Wouter Weylandt, Belgian cyclist (b. 1984)
May 10th - Michael Baze, American horse racing jockey (b. 1987)
Golfer and Five-Time Major Championship Winner Seve BallesterosGolfer and Five-Time Major Championship Winner Seve Ballesteros (May 7th) May 13th - Derek Boogaard, Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1982)
May 13th - Bruce Ricker, American jazz and blues documentarian (b. 1942)
May 16th - Bob Davis, Australian rules footballer (b. 1928)
May 16th - Bill Skiles, American comic (b. 1931)
May 16th - Edward Hardwicke, English actor (b. 1932)
May 17th - Harmon Killebrew, American baseball player (b. 1936)
May 19th - Garret FitzGerald, Irish politician and former Taoiseach (b. 1926)
May 20th - Randy Savage, American Pro-Wrestler (b. 1952)
May 24th - Huguette Clark, Heiress of the Clark Copper fortune, life-long reclusion from society. (b. 1906)
May 25th - Terry Jenner, Australian cricketer (b. 1944)
May 25th - Leonora Carrington, British-Mexican Surrealist artist dies aged 94
May 26th - Arisen Ahubudu, Sri Lankan scholar, author and playwright (b. 1920)
May 27th - Jeff Conaway, American actor (b. 1950)
May 27th - Margo Dydek, Polish basketball player (b. 1974)
May 27th - Gil Scott-Heron, American poet, musician and author (b. 1949)
May 29th - Ferenc Mádl, Hungarian politician, President of Hungary (b. 1931)
May 29th - Bill Clements, Governor of Texas (b. 1917)
May 29th - Sergei Bagapsh, Abkhazian president (b. 1949)
May 30th - Clarice Taylor, American actress (b. 1917)
Jun 2nd - Willem Duys, Dutch commentator and music producer (b. 1928)
Jun 3rd - Jack Kevorkian, American pathologist, right-to-die activist (b. 1928)
Jun 3rd - James Arness, American actor (d. 1923)
Jun 3rd - Andrew Gold, American singer, musician and songwriter. (b. 1951)
Jun 4th - Juan Francisco Luis, U.S. Virgin Islander governor (b. 1940)
Jun 4th - Andreas P. Nielsen, Danish author and composer (b. 1953)
Jun 7th - Nataraja Ramakrishna, Indian classical dancer and composer. (b. 1923)
Jun 7th - Paul Dickson, American football player and coach (b. 1937)
Jun 9th - M. F. Husain, Indian artist, painter (b. 1915)
Jun 10th - Brian Lenihan, Jnr, Irish Politician (b. 1959)
Jun 11th - Seth Putnam, American musician (b. 1968)
Tennis Player Kurt NielsenTennis Player Kurt Nielsen (Jun 11th) Jun 11th - Kurt Nielsen, Danish tennis player, dies at 80
Jun 15th - Bill Haast, American Herpetologist (b. 1910)
Jun 18th - Clarence Clemons, American saxophonist (b. 1942)
Jun 19th - Don Diamond, American actor (b. 1921)
Jun 20th - Ryan Dunn, American actor (b. 1977)
Jun 21st - Robert Kroetsch, Canadian author (b. 1927)
Jun 22nd - Harley Hotchkiss, Canadian businessman (b. 1927)
Jun 23rd - Peter Falk, American actor (b. 1927)
Jun 23rd - Dennis Marshall, Costa Rican footballer (b. 1985)
Jun 24th - Tomislav Ivić, Croatian football manager (b. 1933)
Jun 25th - Margaret Tyzack, English actress (b. 1931)
Jun 25th - Goff Richards, British brass band music composer/arranger
Jun 27th - Mike Doyle, English former footballer (b. 1946)
Jun 30th - Barry Bremen, American sports imposter and business man (b. 1947)
Jul 1st - Leslie Brooks, American actress (b. 1922)
Jul 2nd - Itamar Franco, Brazilian politician (b. 1930)
Jul 4th - Otto von Habsburg, last crown prince of Austria-Hungary and MEP (1979-1999) (b. 1912)
Jul 5th - Cy Twombly, American artist (b. 1928)
Jul 8th - Roberts Blossom, American actor and poet (b. 1924)
Jul 8th - Mary Fenech Adami, First Lady of Malta (b. 1933)
US First Lady Betty FordUS First Lady Betty Ford (Jul 8th) Jul 8th - Betty Ford, First Lady of the United States (b. 1918)
Jul 9th - Don Ackerman, American basketball player (b. 1930)
Jul 9th - Facundo Cabral, Argentine musician (b. 1937)
Jul 10th - Pierrette Alarie, Canadian operatic soprano (b. 1921)
Jul 10th - Roland Petit, French choreographer and dancer (b. 1924)
Jul 12th - Sherwood Schwartz, American Television Writer (b. 1916)
Jul 13th - Allan Jeans, Australian football player and coach (b. 1933)
Jul 15th - Googie Withers, British actress (b. 1917)
Jul 16th - Forrest Blue, American football player (b. 1944)
Jul 17th - David Ngoombujarra, Australian actor (b. 1967)
Jul 21st - Lucian Freud, Realist painter (b. 1922)
Jul 22nd - Cees de Wolf, Dutch footballer (b. 1945)
Jul 23rd - Amy Winehouse, British singer songwriter, dies from a alcohol intoxication at 27
Singer Amy WinehouseSinger Amy Winehouse (Jul 23rd) Jul 24th - Frank Dietrich, German politician (b. 1966)
Jul 25th - Mihalis Kakogiannis, Cypriot filmmaker (b. 1922)
Jul 26th - Margaret Olley, Australian artist (b.1923)
Jul 27th - Bejaratana Rajasuda, Princess of Thailand (b. 1925)
Jul 28th - Abdul Fatah Younis, Former Libyan Interior Minister, assassinated for pro-Gadaffi ties (b. 1944)
Aug 2nd - DeLois Barrett Campbell, American gospel singer (b. 1926)
Aug 3rd - Bubba Smith, American football player and actor (b. 1945)
Aug 4th - Naoki Matsuda, Japanese Soccer player (b. 1977)
Aug 5th - Andrzej Lepper, former Polish Deputy Prime Minister (b. 1954)
Aug 6th - Fe del Mundo, Filipino pediatrician and National Scientist (b. 1911)
Aug 7th - Nancy Wake, British war agent (b. 1912)
Aug 11th - Jani Lane, American heavy metal musician (Warrant) dies of alcohol poisoning aged 47
Aug 12th - Robert Robinson, British television presenter (Ask The Family, Call My Bluff) (b. 1927)
Aug 13th - Topi Sorsakoski, Finnish musician (b. 1952)
Aug 14th - Shammi Kapoor, Indian actor and director (b. 1931)
Aug 15th - Rick Rypien, Canadian hockey player (b. 1984)

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