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Historical Events

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Dec 15th - Barry Bonds is sentenced to 30 days of house arrest, two years of probation and 250 hours of community service, for an obstruction of justice conviction stemming from a grand jury appearance in 2003

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Famous Deaths

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Apr 22nd - Moin Akhter, Pakistani actor (b. 1950)
Apr 23rd - Geoffrey Russell, 4th Baron Ampthill (b. 1921)
Apr 23rd - John Sullivan, British comedy writer (b. 1946)
Apr 23rd - Tom King, American songwriter and musician (b. 1943)
Apr 24th - Sathya Sai Baba, Indian guru, spiritual figure (b. 1926)
Apr 24th - Marie-France Pisier, French actress (b. 1944)
Apr 27th - Marian Mercer, American actress (b. 1935)
Apr 30th - Dorjee Khandu, Indian, Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh (b. 1955)
May 1st - Ted Lowe, English snooker commentator (b. 1920)
Islamic Militant & Terrorist Osama bin LadenIslamic Militant & Terrorist Osama bin Laden (May 2nd) May 2nd - Osama bin Laden, leader of al-Qaeda and 'the most wanted man in the world' (b. 1957)
May 3rd - Thanasis Veggos, Greek actor (b. 1927)
May 3rd - Jackie Cooper, American actor (b. 1922)
May 3rd - Sergo Kotrikadze, Georgian footballer (b. 1936)
May 5th - Yosef Merimovich, Israeli football player and manager (b. 1924)
May 5th - Claude Choules, last surviving World War I veteran (b. 1901)
May 7th - Seve Ballesteros, Spanish golfer, dies of brain cancer at 54
May 7th - Allyson Hennessy, Trindadian television presenter
May 7th - Big George, British broadcaster, composer, bandleader and musician (b. 1957)
May 8th - Lionel Rose, Australian boxer (b. 1948)
May 9th - Wouter Weylandt, Belgian cyclist (b. 1984)
May 10th - Michael Baze, American horse racing jockey (b. 1987)
May 13th - Derek Boogaard, Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1982)
May 13th - Bruce Ricker, American jazz and blues documentarian (b. 1942)
May 16th - Bob Davis, Australian rules footballer (b. 1928)
May 16th - Bill Skiles, American comic (b. 1931)
May 16th - Edward Hardwicke, English actor (b. 1932)
May 17th - Harmon Killebrew, American baseball player (b. 1936)
May 19th - Garret FitzGerald, Irish politician and former Taoiseach (b. 1926)
May 20th - Randy Savage, American Pro-Wrestler (b. 1952)
May 24th - Huguette Clark, Heiress of the Clark Copper fortune, life-long reclusion from society. (b. 1906)
May 25th - Terry Jenner, Australian cricketer (b. 1944)
May 25th - Leonora Carrington, British-Mexican Surrealist artist dies aged 94
May 26th - Arisen Ahubudu, Sri Lankan scholar, author and playwright (b. 1920)
May 27th - Jeff Conaway, American actor (b. 1950)
May 27th - Margo Dydek, Polish basketball player (b. 1974)
May 27th - Gil Scott-Heron, American poet, musician and author (b. 1949)
May 29th - Ferenc Mádl, Hungarian politician, President of Hungary (b. 1931)
May 29th - Bill Clements, Governor of Texas (b. 1917)
May 29th - Sergei Bagapsh, Abkhazian president (b. 1949)
May 30th - Clarice Taylor, American actress (b. 1917)
Jun 2nd - Willem Duys, Dutch commentator and music producer (b. 1928)
Jun 3rd - Jack Kevorkian, American pathologist, right-to-die activist (b. 1928)
Jun 3rd - James Arness, American actor (d. 1923)
Jun 3rd - Andrew Gold, American singer, musician and songwriter. (b. 1951)
Jun 4th - Juan Francisco Luis, U.S. Virgin Islander governor (b. 1940)
Jun 4th - Andreas P. Nielsen, Danish author and composer (b. 1953)
Jun 7th - Nataraja Ramakrishna, Indian classical dancer and composer. (b. 1923)
Jun 7th - Paul Dickson, American football player and coach (b. 1937)
Jun 9th - M. F. Husain, Indian artist, painter (b. 1915)
Jun 10th - Brian Lenihan, Jnr, Irish Politician (b. 1959)
Jun 11th - Seth Putnam, American musician (b. 1968)
Jun 11th - Kurt Nielsen, Danish tennis player, dies at 80
Jun 15th - Bill Haast, American Herpetologist (b. 1910)
Jun 18th - Clarence Clemons, American saxophonist (b. 1942)
Jun 19th - Don Diamond, American actor (b. 1921)
Jun 20th - Ryan Dunn, American actor (b. 1977)
Jun 21st - Robert Kroetsch, Canadian author (b. 1927)
Jun 22nd - Harley Hotchkiss, Canadian businessman (b. 1927)
Jun 23rd - Peter Falk, American actor (b. 1927)
Jun 23rd - Dennis Marshall, Costa Rican footballer (b. 1985)
Jun 24th - Tomislav Ivić, Croatian football manager (b. 1933)
Jun 25th - Margaret Tyzack, English actress (b. 1931)
Jun 25th - Goff Richards, British brass band music composer/arranger
Jun 27th - Mike Doyle, English former footballer (b. 1946)
Jun 30th - Barry Bremen, American sports imposter and business man (b. 1947)
Jul 1st - Leslie Brooks, American actress (b. 1922)
Jul 2nd - Itamar Franco, Brazilian politician (b. 1930)
Jul 4th - Otto von Habsburg, last crown prince of Austria-Hungary and MEP (1979-1999) (b. 1912)
Jul 5th - Cy Twombly, American artist (b. 1928)
Jul 8th - Roberts Blossom, American actor and poet (b. 1924)
Jul 8th - Mary Fenech Adami, First Lady of Malta (b. 1933)
US First Lady Betty FordUS First Lady Betty Ford (Jul 8th) Jul 8th - Betty Ford, First Lady of the United States (b. 1918)
Jul 9th - Don Ackerman, American basketball player (b. 1930)
Jul 9th - Facundo Cabral, Argentine musician (b. 1937)
Jul 10th - Pierrette Alarie, Canadian operatic soprano (b. 1921)
Jul 10th - Roland Petit, French choreographer and dancer (b. 1924)
Jul 12th - Sherwood Schwartz, American Television Writer (b. 1916)
Jul 13th - Allan Jeans, Australian football player and coach (b. 1933)
Jul 15th - Googie Withers, British actress (b. 1917)
Jul 16th - Forrest Blue, American football player (b. 1944)
Jul 17th - David Ngoombujarra, Australian actor (b. 1967)
Jul 21st - Lucian Freud, Realist painter (b. 1922)
Jul 22nd - Cees de Wolf, Dutch footballer (b. 1945)
Singer Amy WinehouseSinger Amy Winehouse (Jul 23rd) Jul 23rd - Amy Winehouse, British singer songwriter, dies from a alcohol intoxication at 27
Jul 24th - Frank Dietrich, German politician (b. 1966)
Jul 25th - Mihalis Kakogiannis, Cypriot filmmaker (b. 1922)
Jul 26th - Margaret Olley, Australian artist (b.1923)
Jul 27th - Bejaratana Rajasuda, Princess of Thailand (b. 1925)
Jul 28th - Abdul Fatah Younis, Former Libyan Interior Minister, assassinated for pro-Gadaffi ties (b. 1944)
Aug 2nd - DeLois Barrett Campbell, American gospel singer (b. 1926)
Aug 3rd - Bubba Smith, American football player and actor (b. 1945)
Aug 4th - Naoki Matsuda, Japanese Soccer player (b. 1977)
Aug 5th - Andrzej Lepper, former Polish Deputy Prime Minister (b. 1954)
Aug 6th - Fe del Mundo, Filipino pediatrician and National Scientist (b. 1911)
Aug 7th - Nancy Wake, British war agent (b. 1912)
Aug 11th - Jani Lane, American heavy metal musician (Warrant) dies of alcohol poisoning aged 47
Aug 12th - Robert Robinson, British television presenter (Ask The Family, Call My Bluff) (b. 1927)
Aug 13th - Topi Sorsakoski, Finnish musician (b. 1952)
Aug 14th - Shammi Kapoor, Indian actor and director (b. 1931)
Aug 15th - Rick Rypien, Canadian hockey player (b. 1984)

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