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Historical Events

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Jan 1st - 13 FARC members are killed by an airstrike by the Colombian military
Jan 1st - 13 Boko Harem members are killed by Nigeria’s military in Maiduguri
Jan 1st - 60 people are killed and 200 are injured after a stampede following New Year celebrations
Jan 1st - 18 people are killed and 16 wounded after a bus and mini-bus collision in Thiès, Senegal
Jan 1st - 10 people are killed and 120 are injured in a stampede in Luanda, Angola
Jan 1st - US bi-partisan deal temporarily avoids the fiscal cliff
Jan 1st - Magnus Carlsen breaks Garry Kasparov's chess FIDE rating, reaching 2,861
Jan 3rd - 27 Shiite pilgrims are killed and 60 are injured by a suicide bombing in Musayyib, Iraq
Jan 4th - 9 people are killed by a car bomb in Damascus, Syria
Jan 4th - 8 people are killed by a gunman in Kawit, the Philippines
Jan 4th - 6 people are killed a 2 are seriously injured after a snowmobile veers off a ski slope on Mt Cermis, Italy
Jan 4th - 3 people are killed after a Beechcraft BE35 crashes into a house in Florida
Jan 6th - 10 people are killed by a US drone attack in South Waziristan, Pakistan
Jan 6th - The NHL reaches an agreement to end a 113 day lockout
Jan 7th - Lionel Messi wins the FIFA Ballon d'Or for the third consecutive year
Jan 8th - 130 wildfires across Australia’s east coast force thousands to evacuate their homes
Jan 8th - 2,130 prisoners held by the Syrian government are exchanged for 48 Iranians kidnapped by Syrian rebels
Jan 10th - 81 people are killed and 120 are wounded by a twin bombing in Quetta, Pakistan
Actress Jennifer LawrenceActress Jennifer Lawrence Jan 10th - 39th People's Choice Awards: Robert Downey, Jr & Jennifer Lawrence win (Movie Star) and Nathan Fillion & Ellen Pompeo win (TV Drama)
Jan 11th - 46 people are killed and 12 are missing after a landslide buries a village in the Yunnan province, China
Jan 11th - 29 people are killed and 12 are injured after a bus veers off a mountain road in Doti, Nepal
Jan 12th - A failed attempt to rescue a French hostage in Bulo Marer, Somalia, results in 18 deaths
Jan 12th - Beijing’s level of air pollution is declared to be at levels that are hazardous to human health
Jan 13th - Argo wins the Golden Globe awards for best drama and best director
Jan 15th - 83 people are killed and 150 are injured in a rocket attack on Aleppo University, Syria
Jan 15th - 19 Egyptian Army recruits are killed and 120 are injured in a train accident in Giza
Jan 16th - 24 people are dead after three car bombs exploded in Idlib Governorate, Syria
Jan 16th - A four day occupation of an Algerian BP facility by Amenas militants begins, killing 48 hostages
Jan 16th - 25 people are killed after an apartment block collapses in Alexandria, Egypt
Jan 17th - 106 people are massacred by Syrian army forces in Homs
Jan 17th - 33 people are killed by a series of bombs across Iraq
Jan 17th - 4 people are killed and over 2,000 are evacuated after a massive flood hits Jakarta, Indonesia
Jan 17th - 8 people are killed in a plane crash in Chiapas, Mexico
Jan 17th - Japan unveils plans to build the world’s largest wind farm near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Jan 19th - 4 climbers are killed by an avalanche in Glen Coe, Scotland
Jan 19th - Calcium deposits are discovered on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity Rover
Jan 19th - The 2012-2013 NHL season begins after a 119-day lockout
Professional Road Cyclist and Testicular Cancer Survivor Lance ArmstrongProfessional Road Cyclist and Testicular Cancer Survivor Lance Armstrong Jan 19th - Lance Armstrong admits to doping in all seven of his Tour de France victories
Jan 20th - Austria votes to maintain compulsory military service in a referendum
Jan 20th - The San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens win the NFC and AFC championship games to reach Super Bowl XLVII
Jan 21st - 30 people are killed in a car bombing in Salamiyeh, Syria
Jan 21st - 41 people are injured after two trains collide in Vienna, Austria
Jan 21st - 18 people are killed and 24 are injured after a bus falls down a ravine in Yungas, Bolivia
Jan 21st - 1 person is killed and 15 are injured by a magnitude 5.9 earthquake in Indonesia
Jan 21st - Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Netherlands’ Minister of Finance, becomes the President of the Euro Group
Jan 22nd - A series of Baghdad car bombings kill 17 people
Jan 23rd - 23 people are killed in a mosque suicide bombing in Tuz Khormato, Iraq
Jan 23rd - 18 people are killed in a market shooting in Damboa, Nigeria
Jan 23rd - US armed forces overturns 1994 ban on women serving in combat
Jan 24th - 17 people are killed and 34 are injured in a bus crash in Taperas, Bolivia
Jan 24th - A Japanese Coast guard ship engages a Taiwanese activist ship in the Senkaku Islands dispute
Jan 24th - Russian police kill 13 rebels in Vedeno District, Chechnya
Jan 25th - Tropical cyclone Oswald makes landfall in Queensland, Australia, causing mass flooding
Jan 25th - 6 civilians and 1 police officer are shot dead and 456 people are injured during a nationwide protest against Egypt’s 2011 revolution
Jan 25th - Islamist forces are driven out of Hombori by the Malian army
Jan 25th - 8 people are killed by 2 car bombs in Golan Heights, Syria
Jan 25th - 50 people are killed and 90 are injured in a prison riot in Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Jan 26th - 30 people are killed during a violent protest in Port Said, Egypt
Jan 26th - 10 people are killed and 20 are injured by a suicide bombing in Kunduz, Afghanistan
Jan 26th - The United States Sentencing Commission is hacked by Anonymous in response to the suicide of Aaron Swartz
Jan 26th - Miloš Zeman wins the Czech Republic’s presidential election
Jan 26th - Victoria Azarenka defeats Li Na to win the women's singles at the 2013 Australian Open
Jan 27th - 20 police officers have been killed in a series of bomb attacks in Kandahar, Afghanistan
Jan 27th - In Port Said, Egypt, protests result in 7 people being killed and 630 are injured
Jan 27th - 11 people are killed and 32 are injured after a bus crashes down a ravine in Serta, Portugal
Jan 27th - 7 people are killed and 3 are injured after a retaining wall collapses during a football match at the Ugur Sports Facility, Turkey
Jan 27th - Novak Djokovic defeats Andy Murray to wins his third consecutive men's singles title at the 2013 Australian Open
Jan 27th - Magnus Carlsen wins the 2013 Tata Steel Chess Tournament
Jan 27th - Spain defeats Denmark to win the 2013 World Men's Handball Championship
Jan 27th - NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 62-35
Jan 28th - 10 people are killed and 11 are injured in after a freight train collides with a bus in Heihe City, China
Jan 28th - Iran’s Pishgam rocket successfully completes a return trip of sending a monkey into space
Jan 28th - 20 people are killed after a Bombardier CRJ200 airliner crashes outside Almaty, Kazakhstan
Jan 28th - John Kerry is voted to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as the United States Secretary of State
Jan 30th - South Korea successfully launches its rocket Naro-1 which was carrying a scientific satellite
Jan 31st - 300 people are injured in a train collision in Pretoria, South Africa
Jan 31st - 36 people are killed and 126 are injured in an explosion at Torre Ejecutiva Pemex, Mexico
Feb 1st - The Nigerian Army bombs a Boko Haram camp, killing 18 people
Feb 1st - 21 people are killed and 30 are wounded by a market suicide bombing in Hangu, Pakistan
Feb 1st - 26 people are killed after a fireworks truck explodes and causes a highway to collapse in Henan, China
Feb 1st - Zenit-3SL, a Ukranian-Russian carrier rocket, fails 40 seconds after liftoff and crashes into the Pacific Ocean
Feb 2nd - 23 people are killed and 8 are injured after militants attacked an army base in the Lakki Marwat District, Pakistan
Feb 2nd - Shinzō Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister, vows to defend the Senkaku Islands "at all costs"
Feb 2nd - 18 people are killed and 34 are injured after a bus catches fire after falling down a ravine in Gansu province, China
Feb 3rd - 33 people are killed by a suicide bombing by an explosive-packed truck in Kirkuk, Iraq
Feb 3rd - Super Bowl XLVII: Baltimore Ravens beat San Francisco 49ers, 34-31 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome MVP: Joe Flacco, Baltimore, QB
Feb 4th - 20 people are killed after an apartment building was struck by a rocket in Aleppo, Syria
Feb 4th - 22 people are killed and 44 are injured after a suicide bombing in Taji, Iraq
Feb 4th - 8 people are killed and 30 are injured after a bus collides with two vehicles and flips in Yucaipa, California
Feb 4th - 22 people are killed and 24 are injured after a bus and a truck collide in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Feb 4th - Europol announces it will investigate over 680 football matches alleged to involve match fixing
Feb 5th - UK House of Commons votes in favour of same-sex marriage
Feb 5th - The US Postal Service announces the cessation of Saturday first-class mail delivery from August 2013
Feb 6th - A magnitude 8.0 earthquake occurs off the Solomon Islands coast causing the death of nine people
Feb 7th - Eugène Delacroix's painting Liberty Leading the People is vandalized at the Louvre-Lens museum
Feb 7th - Azerbaijan launches its first satellite, Azerspace-1
Feb 8th - 16 people are killed and 27 are wounded by a market bombing in Kalaya, Pakistan
Feb 8th - 100, 000 people march to demand justice for the atrocities of the Bangladesh Liberation War in Dhaka
Feb 8th - 29 people are killed and 69 are injured in a series of Iraq bombings
Feb 8th - A massive blizzard begins in the US and Canada that resulted in 15 deaths, 5,300 cancelled flights, and loss of power for 900,000 people

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 1 of 1

Jul 22nd - Prince George of Cambridge, London, England, son of Prince William of England (3rd in line to the English throne)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 14 of 14

World Middleweight Boxing Champion Jake LaMottaWorld Middleweight Boxing Champion Jake LaMotta (Jan 4th) Jan 4th - Former World Middleweight champ Jake LaMotta (90) weds his longtime fiancée Denise Baker (62) in Bisbee, Arizona
Jan 15th - "Gomer Pyle" actor Jim Nabors (82) weds retired performer Stan Cadwallader (64) at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle
Jan 19th - Figure skater five-time world champion Michelle Kwan (32) weds director of strategic planning on the National Security Clay Pell at the First Unitarian Church of Providence, Rhode Island
Jan 19th - "Big Brother" Daniele Donato (26) weds Dominic Briones at the Newland House Museum in Huntington Beach, California
Feb 14th - Wedding planner to the stars Preston Bailey (63) weds Theo Bleckmann (47) at Empire State Building
Actress Christina ApplegateActress Christina Applegate (Feb 23rd) Feb 23rd - Former "Married … with Children" actress Christina Applegate (41) weds rocker Martyn LeNoble (43) in Los Angeles
Apr 27th - NBA great Michael Jordan marries 2nd wife model Yvette Prieto
May 4th - Actress Keira Knightley (28) weds musician James Righton (29) in France
Jun 1st - Singer Diana DeGarmo (26) weds singer Ace Young (33) at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard hotel in Los Angeles
Jul 4th - Singer Tina Turner (73) weds music executive Erwin Bach (57) in Kusnacht, Switzerland
Aug 18th - Actress Rosanna Arquette (54) weds investment banker Todd Morgan at a private ceremony in Malibu, California
Sep 21st - US billionaire investor and active supporter of liberal political causes George Soros (83) weds health care and education consultant Tamiko Bolton (42) at his estate in Bedford, New York
Singer Kelly ClarksonSinger Kelly Clarkson (Oct 20th) Oct 20th - Singer Kelly Clarkson (31) weds talent manager Brandon Blackstock at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee
Nov 21st - Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt (34) weds actor Brian Hallisay (34)

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 1 of 1

Russian President Vladimir PutinRussian President Vladimir Putin (Jun 7th) Jun 7th - Russian President Vladimir Putin announces his divorce with his wife on national TV

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 100 of 315

Singer Patti PageSinger Patti Page (Jan 1st) Jan 1st - Patti Page [Clara Ann Fowler], American pop singer, dies at 85
Jan 2nd - Ladislao Mazurkiewicz, Uruguayan football player, dies from a respiratory illness at 67
Jan 2nd - Ned Wertimer, American actor, dies from complications from a fall at 89
Jan 3rd - Sergiu Nicolaescu, Romanian film director, dies from surgical complications at 82
Jan 4th - Sammy Johns, American country artist, dies at 66
Jan 4th - Derek Kevan, English footballer, dies at 77
Jan 4th - Tony Lip, American actor, dies at 82
Jan 4th - Yevgeny Pepelyaev, Soviet fighter pilot, dies at 94
Jan 5th - Bruce McCarty, American architect, dies at 92
Jan 6th - Neil Adcock, South African cricketer, dies from bowel cancer at 81
Jan 8th - Kenojuak Ashevak, Canadian Inuit artist, dies from lung cancer at 85
Jan 8th - Jeanne Manford, American gay rights activist, dies at 92
Jan 9th - James M. Buchanan, American economist and nobel laureate, dies at 93
Jan 10th - Evan Connell, American author, dies at 88
Jan 11th - Aaron H. Swartz, American computer programmer, dies from an apparent suicide at 26
Jan 13th - Rusi Surti, Indian cricketer, dies from complications from a stroke at 76
Jan 14th - Giorgio Alverà, Italian bobsledder, dies at 69
Jan 14th - Conrad Bain, Canadian-born American actor, dies from natural causes at 89
Jan 15th - Chucho Castillo, Mexican boxer, dies from a heart attack at 68
Jan 15th - Nagisa Oshima, Japanese film director and screen writer, dies at 80
Jan 16th - Yevdokiya Mekshilo, Soviet skier, dies at 81
Jan 16th - Pauline Phillips, American advice columnist, dies from complications from Alzheimer's disease at 94
Jan 17th - Robert F. Chew, American actor, dies from heart failure at 52
Jan 17th - Lizbeth Webb, English soprano, dies at 86
Jan 19th - Anatoly Bannik, Ukranian chess master, dies at 91
Jan 19th - Milt Bolling, American MLB shortstop, dies from complications from heart surgery at 82
Jan 19th - Stan Musial, American MLB hall of famer, dies from Alzheimer's disease at 92
Jan 19th - Earl Weaver, American hall of fame MLB manager, dies from a heart attack at 82
Jan 20th - Freddie Williams, Welsh motorcycle speedway champion, dies at 86
Jan 21st - Robert Michael Winner, English film director and producer (Death Wish), dies at 77
Jan 22nd - Leslie Frankenheimer, American film set designer, dies from leukaemia at 64
Jan 26th - Hiroshi Nakajima, Japanese doctor, dies at 84
Jan 28th - Eddy Choong, Chinese badminton player, dies at 82
Jan 29th - Frank Hahn, British economist, dies at 87
Jan 30th - Patty Andrews, American singer (Andrews Sisters), dies at 94
Jan 31st - Timir Pinegin, Societ sailor, dies at 85
Feb 1st - Sir Paul Holmes, New Zealand media broadcaster, dies from prostate cancer and heart problems at 62
Feb 1st - Ed Koch, American congressman and New York Mayor, dies from heart failure at 88
Feb 1st - Vladimir Yengibaryan, soviet boxer, dies at 80
Feb 2nd - Chris Kyle, American sniper, is shot at 38
Feb 2nd - Walter Francis Sweeney, American NFL guard, dies from pancreatic cancer at 71
Feb 3rd - Cardiss Collins, American Congresswoman, dies at 81
Feb 4th - Pat Halcox, British trumpeter, dies at 82
Feb 4th - Reg Presley, English rocker, dies from lung cancer at 71
Feb 5th - Stuart Freeborn, English motion picture make-up artist, dies at 98
Feb 8th - James DePreist, American conductor dies aged 76
Feb 9th - Keiko Fukuda, Japanese-born American martial artist, dies at 99
Feb 10th - W. Watts Biggers, American novelist and animator, dies at 85
Feb 10th - Eugenio Trias, Spanish philosopher, dies at 70
Feb 11th - Rick Huxley, English guitarist, dies at 72
Feb 12th - Hennadiy Udovenko, Ukranian politician and diplomat, dies at 81
Singer-Songwriter and and Guitarist Tony SheridanSinger-Songwriter and and Guitarist Tony Sheridan (Feb 16th) Feb 16th - Tony Sheridan, English singer-songwriter and guitarist, dies at 72
Feb 17th - Richard Briers, English actor, dies from emphysema at 79
Feb 17th - Mindy McCready, American country singer, commits suicide by gunshot at 37
Feb 18th - Kevin Ayers, English rocker, dies at 68
Feb 18th - Elspet Gray, Scottish actress, dies at 83
Feb 18th - Damon Harris, American soul singer, dies from prostate cancer at 62
Feb 20th - Antonio Roma, Argentinian footballer, dies at 80
Feb 22nd - Wolfgang Sawallisch, German conductor and pianist dies aged 89
Feb 22nd - Atje Keulen-Deelstra, Dutch speed skater, dies at 74
Feb 25th - Charles Koop, American pediatric surgeon and health administrator, dies at 96
Feb 27th - Stephane Hessel, German-born French diplomat, dies at 95
Feb 27th - Van Cliburn, American pianist, dies at 78
Feb 28th - Bruce Reynolds, English criminal, dies at 81
Mar 1st - Bonnie Franklin, American actress, dies from pancreatic cancer at 69
Mar 3rd - Bobby Rogers, American vocalist, dies from complications from diabetes at 73
Mar 4th - Fran Warren, American singer, dies at 87
Mar 5th - Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, dies from respiratory failure at 58
Mar 6th - Sabine Bischoff, German fencer, dies at 54
Mar 6th - Stompin' Tom Connors, Canadian country artist, dies from natural causes at 77
Mar 6th - Alvin Lee, English rocker, dies from complications from surgery at 68
Mar 7th - Peter Banks, English rocker, dies at 65
Mar 7th - Kevin Ball, English Jazz musician, dies from pneumonia at 82
Mar 7th - Claude King, American musician, dies at 90
Mar 12th - Clive Burr, English drummer, dies from complications from multiple sclerosis at 56
Mar 13th - Ducky Detweiler, American MLB player, dies at 94
Mar 13th - Malachi Throne, American actor, dies at 84
Mar 14th - Jack Greene, American country artist, dies from complications from Alzheimer's disease at 83
Mar 14th - Mirja Hietamies, Finnish skier, dies at 82
Mar 15th - Booth Gardner, American politician, dies from Parkinson's disease at 76
Mar 16th - Bobby Smith, American R&B singer, dies from complications of influenza and pneumonia at 76
Mar 18th - Muhammad Mahmood Alam, Pakistani general and fighter ace, dies at 77
Mar 19th - Harry Reems, American actor, dies from pancreatic cancer at 65
Mar 20th - James Herbert, British horror writer, dies at 69
Novelist and Poet Chinua AchebeNovelist and Poet Chinua Achebe (Mar 21st) Mar 21st - Chinua Achebe, Nigerian poet and novelist, dies at 82
Mar 22nd - Pietro Mennea, Italian sprinter, dies from cancer at 60
Mar 23rd - David Bond, British sailor, dies at 90
Mar 23rd - Virgil Trucks, American MLB pitcher, dies at 95
Mar 25th - Lou Sleater, American MLB pitcher, dies from lung disease at 86
Mar 25th - Anthony Lewis, American journalist (Pulitzer Prize 195,1963) & author, dies from kidney and heart failure at 85
Mar 26th - Tom Boerwinkle, American NBA player, dies at 67
Mar 26th - Don Payne, American television and screen writer, dies from bone cancer at 48
Mar 26th - Yury Rudov, Soviet fencer, dies at 82
Mar 27th - Hjalmar Andersen, Norwegian speed skater, dies from trauma due to a fall at 90
Mar 28th - Richard Griffiths, British actor, dies from complications from heart surgery at 65
Mar 28th - Soraya Jiménez, Mexican weightlifter, dies from a heart attack at 70
Mar 30th - Phil Ramone, South-African born American music producer, dies from an aortic aneurysm at 79
Mar 30th - Bob Turley, American MLB pitcher, dies from liver cancer at 82
Apr 1st - Nicolae Martinescu, Romanian Olympic wrestling champion, dies at 73
Apr 2nd - Jesús Franco, Spanish film director and writer, dies from complications from a stroke at 82

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