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Jan 2nd - James Longstreet, Confederate general, dies at 82
Jan 5th - Karl A von Zittel, German geologist/paleontologist (Libya), dies at 64
Jan 9th - Alfred Richard, cricketer (6 & 0 in only Test for S Af 1895-96), dies
Jan 10th - Jean-Léon Gérôme, French painter and sculptor (b. 1824)
Jan 15th - Eduard Lassen, composer, dies at 73
Jan 24th - Franz Coenen, composer, dies at 77
Jan 26th - John P R Tak, Dutch liberal politician, dies at 64
Jan 26th - Whitaker Wright, English mining tycoon (b. 1846)
Jan 27th - Adam Minchejmer, composer, dies at 73
Feb 1st - Peter PM Alberdingk Thijm, Dutch historian/writer, dies at 76
Feb 2nd - William C. Whitney, American financier (b. 1841)
Confederate General James LongstreetConfederate General James Longstreet (Jan 2nd) Feb 10th - John A. Roche, Mayor of Chicago (b. 1844)
Feb 20th - Gustav Adolf Heinze, composer, dies at 83
Feb 22nd - Leslie Stephen, English writer and critic (b. 1832)
Mar 5th - Alfred von Waldersee, Prussian field marshal/chief-staff, dies at 71
Mar 7th - Ferdinand André Fouqué, French geologist (b. 1828)
Apr 9th - Isabella II, Queen of Spain (1833-68), dies at 73
Apr 13th - Vasili Vereshtshagin, Russian painter (War & Peace), dies
Apr 16th - Maximilian Kronberger, German poet (b. 1888)
Apr 16th - Samuel Smiles, Scottish writer and reformer (b. 1812)
Apr 24th - Friedrich Siemens, German industrial, dies at 77
May 1st - AntonínDvorak, Czech composer (Slavic Dancing), dies at 62
May 1st - Antonín Dvořák, Czech composer (b. 1841)
May 6th - Franz von Lenbach, German painter, dies at 67
May 7th - Peter Hille, writer, dies
May 8th - Eadweard Muybridge, English photographer (horse trot), dies
May 10th - Henry M Stanley, [John Rowlands], British explorer, dies
May 13th - Jan Boissevain, ship owner/politician, dies
May 14th - Richard Hol, Dutch composer/organist/conductor, dies at 78
May 16th - N I Bobrikov, Russian governor-general in Finland, dies
May 19th - Auguste Molinier, French historian (b. 1851)
May 26th - Georges Gilles de la Tourette, French neurologist (b. 1857)
Jun 3rd - Vincent Tancred, cricket (Bernard & Louis bro, Test for S A), suicide
Jun 12th - Camille de Renesse, Belgian Count (b. 1836)
Jun 13th - Nikiphoros Lytras, Greek painter (b. 1832)
Jun 30th - Thomas Emmett, cricketer (English Test bowler of the sostenuter), dies
Jul 3rd - Theodor Herzl, Austrian journalist/Zionist, dies
Jul 3rd - Edouard Beaupré, Canadian giant and strongman (b. 1881)
Jul 5th - Abai Kunanbaiuli, Kazakh poet (b. 1845)
Jul 14th - President Paul Kruger, the face of Boer resistance against the British during the South African or Second Boer War (1899–1902), heart failure at 78
Jul 15th - Anton Pavlovich Chechov, Russian writer (Uncle Vanya), dies at 44
Jul 22nd - Wilson Barrett, English actor (b. 1846)
Jul 23rd - John Simon, public health pioneer, dies
Jul 28th - Plehve, Russian foreign minister (bomb under carriage), dies
Aug 4th - Arnold Krug, composer, dies at 54
Aug 6th - Eduard Hanslick, Austrian music critic (b. 1825)
Aug 9th - Friedrich Ratzel, German social-geographer (Lebensraum), dies at 59
Aug 10th - Pierre M Waldeck-Rousseau, French foreign minister (Dreyfus), dies
Aug 25th - William Hall, Canadian Royal Naval sailor (b. 1827)
Aug 29th - Murad V, sultan of Turkey (1876), dies
Aug 30th - Kate Fanny Loder, composer, dies at 79
Sep 13th - Raden Ayu Kartini, Indonesian national heroine (b. 1879)
Sep 18th - Herbert von Bismarck, German politician/son of Otto, dies
Sep 21st - Chief Joseph, US indian chief (Nez Perces), dies
Sep 26th - Lafcadio Hearn, author (Soul of the Great Ball), dies at 54
Sep 26th - John F. Stairs, Canadian businessman and statesman (b. 1848)
Sep 29th - Niels Ryberg Finnen, Danish physician (Nobel 1903), dies
Sep 30th - Sigurd Lie, composer, dies at 33
Oct 1st - William GGVV Harcourt, historian/English Sect of State, dies at 76
Designer of the Statue of Liberty Frederic Auguste BartholdiDesigner of the Statue of Liberty Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (Oct 4th) Oct 4th - Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, designer of the Statue of Liberty, dies of tuberculosis at 70
Oct 4th - Frederic Auguste Bertholdi, French sculptor (Statue of Liberty), dies
Oct 4th - Karl Bayer, Austrian chemist (b. 1847)
Oct 8th - Gustav Ratzenhofer, Austria sociologist/philosopher, dies at 62
Oct 13th - Pavlos Melas, Greek officer who organized and participated in the Greek Struggle for Macedonia (b. 1870)
Oct 17th - Nikolai Amani, composer, dies at 32
Oct 20th - Henry Hiles, composer, dies at 77
Oct 21st - Isabelle Eberhardt, Swiss explorer and writer (b. 1877)
Oct 25th - Teresa Milanollo, composer, dies at 77
Nov 3rd - Gaston Henri Charles Antoine Serpette, composer, dies at 57
Nov 4th - Jack Brown, cricketer (8 Tests for England 1894-99), dies
Nov 18th - Justus van Maurik, cigar manufacturer/author/head of Red Guard, dies
Nov 22nd - Theophile E A de Bock, painter/etcher, dies
Nov 30th - Aldine Sillman Kieffer, composer, dies at 64
Dec 10th - James Cranston, cricketer (scored 16 & 15 in Test for England), dies
Dec 24th - Juliaan Dillens, Flemish sculptor, dies at 55
Dec 25th - Per Jonas Fredrik Vilhelm Svedbom, composer, dies at 61

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