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Jan 1st - Jaroslav Jezek, composer, dies at 35
Jan 3rd - Pauline Beersmans, [PLJM van Cuyck], Flemish actress, dies at 70
Jan 4th - Leon Jessel, composer, dies at 70
Jan 5th - Yves Paringaux, French chief of staff, murdered
Jan 6th - Emma Calvé, French soprano (b. 1858)
Jan 7th - Henry, Count of Baillet-Latour, pres of IOC (1925-42), dies at 63
Jan 8th - Arvo Hannikainen, composer, dies at 44
Jan 8th - Joseph Franklin Rutherford, American religious publisher (b. 1869)
Jan 12th - George Francis, cricketer (WI Test fast-bowler, 23 wkts in 10), dies
Jan 14th - Porfirio Barba-Jacob, Colombian writer (b. 1883)
Jan 15th - Melvin Winfield Sheppard, runner (Olympic-gold-08, 12), dies at 58
Jan 16th - Carole Lombard, American actress (To Be or Not to Be), dies of plane crash at 33
Jan 17th - Frederick Jerome Work, composer, dies at 61
Jan 17th - Walther von Reichenau, German field marshal (b. 1884)
Jan 21st - Henryk Opienski, Polish composer/musicologist/conductor, dies at 72
Jan 22nd - Reimond Tollenaere, leader Flemishch Natl Front, dies at 81
Jan 22nd - Walter Richard Sickert, British painter (Free House!), dies at 81
Jan 25th - Eugene Samuel-Holeman, composer, dies at 78
Jan 26th - Gerard L F Philips, Dutch manufacturer (Philips), dies at 83
Jan 27th - Kaarel Eenpalu, Estonian Prime Minister (b. 1888)
Jan 28th - Pablo Luna y Carne, composer, dies at 61
Jan 29th - Ladislao Joseph Philip Paul Zavrtal, composer, dies at 92
Jan 30th - Vasily Pavovlich Kalafati, composer, dies at 72
Jan 31st - Henry Larkin, American baseball player (b. 1860)
Jan 31st - Rolf Wenkhaus, German actor (b. 1917)
Feb 2nd - Daniil Kharms, Russian playwright (b. 1905)
Feb 6th - Wobbe de Vries, Dutch linguist, dies at 78
Feb 7th - Dorando di Desiderio Pietri, marathoner (Oly-gold-1908), dies at 56
Feb 7th - Ivan Bilibin, Russian illustrator (b. 1876)
Feb 8th - Fritz Todt, German Reichs minister (Organization Todt), dies at 50
Feb 12th - Grant Wood, US painter (American Gothic), dies at 49
Feb 13th - Epitácio Pessoa, Brazilian president (b. 1865)
Feb 14th - Adnan Bin Saidi, Officer of the Malay Regiment killed in the defense of Singapore (b. 1915)
Feb 15th - Guido Adler, Austrian musicologist, dies at 91
Feb 15th - Stanislav Binicki, composer, dies at 69
Feb 18th - Albert Payson Terhune, American author (b. 1872)
Feb 19th - Frank Abbandando, American gangster (executed) (b. 1910)
Feb 20th - Guido Gasperini, composer, dies at 76
Feb 23rd - Stefan Zweig, Austrian writer (Die Welt von Gestern), dies at 60
Feb 25th - Leo Ascher, composer, dies at 61
Feb 27th - Karel WFM Doorman, Dutch rear-admiral (Java Sea), KIA at 52
Mar 1st - George S. Rentz, Navy Chaplain (b. 1882)
Mar 3rd - Amedeo, Duke of Aosta, viceroy (Ethiopia), dies at 43
Mar 4th - Yuliya Lazarevna Veysberg, composer, dies at 62
Mar 8th - Jose R Capablanca, Cuban chess player (world champ 1927), dies at 53
Mar 10th - William Henry Bragg, English physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1862)
Mar 12th - Enrique Morera, composer, dies at 76
Mar 12th - Robert Bosch, German industrialist (b. 1861)
Mar 15th - Alexander van Zemlinsky, Austrian and US composer (African Dance), dies at 70
Mar 19th - Clinton Hart Merriam, American zoologist (b. 1855)
Mar 20th - Theodoro Valcarcel, composer, dies at 41
Mar 26th - Jimmy Burke, American baseball player (b. 1874)
Mar 28th - Herman A van Karnebeek, Dutch foreign minister (1918-27), dies at 67
Mar 28th - Miguel Hernadez Gilabert, Spanish poet (Viento del Pueblo), dies at 31
Mar 30th - Alfred Coville, French historian (Lesson premier Valois), dies at 81
Apr 3rd - Albert Siklos, composer, dies at 63
Apr 3rd - Paul Gilson, composer, dies at 76
Apr 8th - Alfred Mombert, writer, dies
Apr 8th - Kostas Skarvelis, Greek songwriter (b. 1880)
Apr 12th - Johannes E Akkeringa, Dutch painter/etcher, dies at 80
Apr 13th - Henk Sneevliet, leader of Dutch RSAP/Spartacus, executed at 58
Apr 15th - Robert Musil, Austrian writer (Mann ohne Eigenschaften), dies at 61
Apr 17th - Jean Perrin, French physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1870)
Apr 18th - Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, American socialite (b. 1875)
Apr 23rd - Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear, pres of Argentina (1922-28), dies at 73
Apr 24th - Karin Boye, Swedish author (b. 1900)
Author Lucy Maud MontgomeryAuthor Lucy Maud Montgomery (Apr 24th) Apr 24th - Lucy Maud Montgomery, Canadian author (Anne of Green Gables), dies at 67
Apr 25th - Paul Kornfeld, writer, dies at 52
Apr 30th - Catherine Murphy Urner, composer, dies at 51
Apr 30th - J van Hoddis, writer, dies at 54
May 3rd - Johan H Westerveld, lt-col/leader Order Service, executed
May 3rd - Thorvald Stauning, Prime Minister of Denmark (b. 1873)
May 5th - Qemal Stafa, Albanian politician (b. 1920)
May 7th - Felix Paul von Weingartner, Austria conductor/composer, dies at 79
May 10th - Joseph M Weber, comedian/singer (Weber & Lewis Fields), dies at 74
May 13th - Hyam Greenbaum, composer, dies at 41
May 16th - Bronislaw Kasper Malinowski, anthropologist, dies
May 19th - [Nicoline] Magdalene Anchor-Roll, Norwegian author (Enken), dies at 69
May 29th - John Barrymore, US actor (Beloved Rogue, Dinner at 8), dies at 60
May 31st - Reinhard Heydrich, German protector of Bohemia & Moravia, assassinated
Jun 1st - Ernest Pingoud, composer, dies at 53
Jun 1st - Vladislav Vancura, Czech physician/resistance fighter, executed at 50
Jun 4th - Reinhard Heydrich, German protector (Bohemia/Moravia (Lidice)), dies
Jun 7th - Alan Blumlein, English electronics engineer (b. 1903)
Jun 10th - Jean François van Royen, Sect-Gen of Concentration Camp Amersfoort, dies at 63
Jun 10th - Ross Gregory, cricketer (Australian batsman 1937), dies
Jun 12th - Walter Leigh, composer, dies at 36
Jun 15th - Vera Figner, writer, dies
Jun 17th - Charles Fitzpatrick, Canadian politician (b. 1853)
Jun 18th - Adolf Opalka, Czech resistance fighter, shot down
Jun 18th - Arthur Willard Pryor, composer, dies at 71
Jun 18th - John Kubris, Czech resistance fighter, killed Heydrich, dies at 28
Jun 25th - Hans Lietzman, German theologist/church historian, dies at 67
Jun 30th - Arnoldus J H Aerts, Dutch bishop of New-Guinea, executed at 62
Jul 3rd - Louis Franchet d'Espèrey, French general (b. 1856)
Jul 8th - Catherinus Elling, composer, dies at 83
Jul 11th - Simon de la Bella, Dutch president (NVV), dies in Dachau
Jul 14th - Neel [Cornelia H] Doff, Neth/French/Belgian painter's model, dies
Jul 15th - Denis Moloney, cricketer (during WW II 3 Tests for NZ 1937), dies
Jul 20th - Patric Cobb, British sea officer, dies in battle
Jul 23rd - Andrew Ducat, cricketer (England 1921), dies whilst batting at 56
Jul 23rd - Nikola J Vaptsarov, Bulgaria poet/communist, executed at 32
Jul 23rd - Adam Czerniakow, Polish engineer (suicide) (b. 1880)
Jul 26th - Titus Brandsma, [Anno Sjoerd], Dutch Roman Catholic priest and philosopher (Dachau), dies
Jul 26th - Roberto Arlt, Argentinian writer (b. 1900)
Jul 27th - William Matthew Finders Petrie, Egyptologist, dies
Jul 31st - Francis E Younghusband, British journalist/explorer, dies at 79
Aug 2nd - Friedrich Aereboe, Dutch landlord, dies at 77
Aug 4th - Alberto Franchetti, composer, dies at 81
Aug 7th - Richard Gott, Brit gen/commandant of 8th Army, dies in battle at 43
Aug 9th - Edith Stein, German philosopher, dies
Aug 11th - Richard Heinrich Stein, composer, dies at 60
Aug 18th - Erwin Schulhoff, Czech/Russian composer/pianist, dies at 48
Aug 21st - Kiyoano Ichiki, Japanese colonel (WW II), dies
Aug 22nd - Henry Eichheim, composer, dies at 72
Aug 22nd - Mikhailmichel Fokine, Russian ballet dancer/choreographer, dies
Aug 25th - George EAE, English prince/earl of St Andrews, dies in battle at 39
Aug 25th - Panayot Pipkov, composer, dies at 70
Aug 25th - W van Daalen, opposition leader on Celebes, beheaded
Aug 25th - George Edward Alexander Windsor, Duke of Kent (b. 1902)
Aug 31st - Von Bismarck, German major general, (Africa Corps), dies in battle
Sep 2nd - Tom Williams, Irish republican (b. 1924)
Sep 5th - François de Labouchère, French aviator of World War II, compagnon de la Libération. (b. 1917)
Sep 7th - Cecilia Beaux, American portrait painter dies aged 87
Sep 10th - Nachman N "Neddy" Bamberg, actor, dies in Auschwitz at 63
Sep 14th - E.S. Gosney, American eugenicist (b. 1855)
Sep 15th - Jack Singer, US war reporter (Wasp), dies
Sep 15th - Joe Travers, cricketer (Australian SLA, in only Test innings), dies
Sep 19th - Condé Nast, American publisher (b. 1873)
Sep 27th - Douglas Munro, only US Coast Guard with WW II-Med of Honor, dies
Sep 28th - Evelyn Thatcher, dies
Oct 1st - Ants Piip, Estonian Prime Minister (b. 1884)
Oct 6th - Erich Kuttner, German journalist/historian (Vorwarts), dies
Oct 8th - Sergei Chaplygin, Soviet engineer
Oct 10th - Richard von Schaukal, Austria poet/writer (Schlemihle), dies at 68
Oct 11th - Leonid Vladimirovich Nikolayev, composer, dies at 64
Oct 15th - Dirk Bannink, nurse/local counciller Deventer, executed
Oct 16th - 12, Dutch Communist Party-resistance fighter/3 NVV-hostages, executed
Oct 18th - Mikhail Nesterov, Russian painter (b. 1862)
Oct 20th - May Robson, actress (Star is Born, Reckless), dies at 84
Oct 22nd - Gustave "Staff" de Clercq, leader Flemish Nationally Covenant, dies
Oct 22nd - Sybren Tulip, NSBer/supt of police in Amsterdam (1941-42), dies
Oct 23rd - Georg Stumme, German general/commandant of African corps, dies
Oct 23rd - Ralph Rainger, composer, dies at 41
Oct 24th - Arthur Dolphin, cricketer (1 Test England 1921, 1 run, 1 catch), dies
Oct 25th - Ted Arnold, cricketer (160 runs & 31 wkts in 10 Tests for Eng), dies
Oct 27th - Helmuth Hubener, Youth Political Activist against the Hitler regime (b. 1925)
Nov 1st - Hugo Distler, composer, dies at 34
Nov 3rd - Carl Sternheim, German playwright (Trousers, Snob), dies at 64
Nov 4th - Marcel Barger, [Streliskie], cabaret performer, killed in Auschwitz

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