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Jan 1st - Gertrude Michael, actress (Caged, Cleopatra), dies at 53
Jan 1st - Juan Bautista Plaza-Alfonzo, composer, dies at 66
Jan 2nd - Staf Gustaf Frans Nees, composer, dies at 63
Jan 3rd - Betty Harte, entertainer, dies at 82
Jan 3rd - Julius Tannen, comedian, dies at 84
Jan 4th - T. S. Eliot, poet and Nobel laureate (Washed Country), dies in London at 76
Jan 5th - Neil Craig, actor (Calling Dr Kildare), dies at 73
Jan 5th - Paul Arntzenius, painter/graphic artist/etcher, dies at 81
Jan 6th - John Larkin, dir (Circumstanial Evidence), dies of heart attack at 52
Jan 8th - Aloys-Henri-Gerard Fornerod, composer, dies at 74
Jan 12th - Lorraine Hansberry, US playwright, dies in NYC, dies at 34
Jan 12th - Porcupine, in Washington DC zoo, dies at 27; oldest known rodent
Poet, Author and Nobel Laureate T. S. EliotPoet, Author and Nobel Laureate T. S. Eliot (Jan 4th) Jan 14th - Jeanette MacDonald, soprano (When I'm Calling You), dies at 63
Jan 15th - Pierre Ngendandumwe, premier of Burundi, murdered
Jan 19th - Frank Reicher, actor (King Kong, Nazi Agent, Son of Kong), dies at 89
Jan 20th - Alan Freed, DJ (Big Beat), dies at 42
Jan 21st - Harvey Zorbaugh, doctor/TV host (Play the Game), dies at 68
Jan 24th - Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain (C) (1940-45, 51-55) British leader during WWII dies at 90
Jan 25th - Staff Nees, Flemish composer (Maria-oratorio), dies at 63
Jan 26th - Ali Mansoer, premier of Persia, murdered
Jan 27th - Theo Uden Marsman, Dutch orchestra leader, dies at 63
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston ChurchillSoldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Jan 24th) Jan 28th - Jef van Durme, composer, dies at 57
Jan 28th - Johan Fiolet, Dutch actor/director, dies at 63
Jan 28th - Tich Freeman, cricket (3776 FC wickets leg-spin, 304 in 1928), dies
Jan 28th - Maxime Weygand, French soldier (b. 1867)
Jan 29th - John Larkin, actor (Saints & Sinners, 12 O'Clock High), dies at 52
Jan 29th - Michael Spisak, composer, dies at 50
Jan 30th - Vic Jackson, cricketer (NSW/Leicerstershire off-spinner), dies in car
Feb 2nd - Richard P Blackmur, US, critic/publisher (Good European), dies at 61
Feb 2nd - Richard Wurz, composer, dies at 79
Feb 4th - U C Greyhound, champion trotter (horse), dies at 33
Feb 5th - Irving Bacon, actor (Fort Ti, Petticoat Fever), dies at 71
Feb 6th - Jack Wagner, actor (Jive Junction), dies at 68
Feb 7th - Nance O'Neil, actor (Cimarron, Royal Bed, Rogue Song), dies at 90
Feb 12th - Henry Kulky, actor (Otto-Life of Riley), dies at 53
Feb 13th - Jerry Burke, pianist (Lawrence Welk Show), dies
Feb 13th - William H Kilpatrick, US mathematician/philosopher, dies at 93
Feb 14th - Desire-Emile Inghelbrecht, French composer/conductor, dies at 84
Musician Nat King ColeMusician Nat King Cole (Feb 15th) Feb 15th - Nat King Cole, singer (Unforgettable, Mona Lisa), dies at 49
Feb 19th - Forrest Taylor, actor (This is Life, Man Without a Gun), dies at 81
Feb 19th - Gheorge Gheorghiu Dej, Romanian president, dies at 63
Feb 20th - Fred Immler, German actor (b. 1880)
Feb 21st - Malcolm X, [Little], African American Moslem leader and human rights activist, assassinated in NYC at 39
Feb 22nd - Felix Frankfurter, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (b. 1882)
Feb 23rd - Stan Laurel, comedian (Laurel & Hardy), dies of heart attack at 74
Feb 26th - Jimmie Lee Jackson, civil rights activist, dies from gunshot wounds at 26
Civil Rights Protestor Jimmie Lee JacksonCivil Rights Protestor Jimmie Lee Jackson (Feb 26th) Feb 28th - Adolf Scharf, president of Austria (1957-65), dies at 74
Mar 1st - Boleslav Vomacka, composer, dies at 77
Mar 3rd - Carlo Gatti, composer, dies at 88
Mar 5th - Chen Cheng, Chinese politician (b. 1897)
Mar 5th - Pepper Martin, American baseball player (b. 1904)
Mar 6th - Margaret Dumont [Daisy Baker], actress (Animal Crackers), dies at 75
Mar 6th - Ruvim Pergament, composer, dies at 58
Mar 8th - Esther Howard, actress (Detour), dies of heart attack at 72
Mar 9th - Anthon van der Horst, Dutch organist/composer, dies at 65
Mar 9th - Kazys Boruta, writer, dies
Mar 11th - James Reeb, US vicar/civil rights activist, murdered
Mar 13th - George Calinescu, Romanian author (Lauda Lucrorilor), dies at 65
Mar 13th - Corrado Gini, Italian statistician (b. 1884)
Mar 13th - Fan S. Noli, Albanian bishop, poet, and politician (b. 1882)
Mar 13th - Vittorio Jano, Italian engineer (b. 1891)
Mar 17th - Almos Alonzo Stagg, football coach (U of Chic), dies in California at 102
Mar 17th - Quentin Reynolds, newscaster (Its News to Me)/author (FBI), dies at 62
Mar 18th - Farouk I, last King of Egypt (1936-52), dies at 45
Mar 23rd - Mae Murray, actress (Bachelor Apartment), dies of heart ailment at 75
Mar 25th - Giorgio Federico Ghedini, composer, dies at 72
Mar 25th - Viola Gregg Liuzzo, US civil rights activist, murdered
Mar 28th - VAA Mary, English princess, dies at 67
Mar 28th - Jack Hoxie, American actor and rodeo performer (b. 1885)
Mar 28th - Clemence Dane, British novelist and playwright (b. 1888)
Mar 30th - Philip Showalter Hench, American physician, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1896)
Apr 1st - Henry D G Crerar, Canadian general (WW I, Normandy), dies at 76
Apr 1st - Helena Rubinstein, Polish-born American cosmetics manufacturer (b. 1870)
Apr 2nd - Renzo Bossi, composer, dies at 81
Apr 3rd - Ernst Kirchweger, Austrian communist and resistance fighter (born 1897 or 1898)
Apr 8th - Erik A Blomberg, Swedish art historian/poet/author, dies at 70
Apr 8th - Jack Durston, cricketer (one Test for England, 4-102 & 1-34), dies
Apr 8th - Lars Hanson, Swedish actor (Flesh & Devil), dies after illness at 78
Apr 10th - Linda Darnell, American actress, dies from burns received in a house fire at 41
Apr 10th - Lloyd Casner, American race car driver and owner (b. 1928)
Apr 12th - Linda Darnell, US actress (Dakota Incident), dies at 43
Apr 14th - Leonard Mudie, dies of heart ailment at 82
Apr 14th - Perry E Smith, US murderer (In Cold Blood), hanged
Apr 14th - Robert E Hickok, US murderer (In Cold Blood), hanged
Apr 15th - Syd Chaplin, dies at 80
Apr 18th - Guillermo González Camarena, Mexican inventor (b. 1917)
Apr 19th - George Davis, actor (Private Lives, Devil May Care), dies at 75
Apr 20th - Dick Wessel, dies of heart attack on 52nd birthday
Apr 21st - Edward V Appleton, English physicist (Nobel Prize 1947), dies at 72
Apr 23rd - Josephina J "Fien" de la Mar, Dutch actress (Pygmalion), dies at 67
Apr 24th - Louise Dresser, actress (State Fair, Ship Comes In, Mammy), dies at 86
Apr 26th - Aaron Avshalomov, composer, dies at 70
Apr 27th - Alan Bunce, actor (Albert-Ethel & Albert), dies at 61
Apr 27th - Edward R Murrow, newscaster (Person to Person), dies at 57
Apr 28th - Ferdinand Bordewijk, Dutch lawyer/writer (Character), dies at 80
Apr 30th - Helen Chandler, actress (Dracula, Salute, Last Flight), dies at 56
May 1st - Leo Spies, composer, dies at 65
May 1st - Spike Jones, composer (Spike Jones Show), dies at 53
May 3rd - Howard Spring, British author (Heaven Lies About Us), dies at 76
May 3rd - Otto Forst de Battaglia, Austrian diplomat/genealogist, dies at 75
May 4th - Norman Brokenshire, TV moderator (Four Square Court), dies at 66
May 8th - H T W Hardinge, cricketer (scored 25 & 5 in only Test for England), dies
May 9th - Leopold Figl, premier Austria, dies at 62
May 10th - Hubertus J van Mook, Dutch min of Colonization (1942-45), dies at 70
May 11th - Ludovicus H "Lode" Baekelmans, Flemish playwright, dies at 86
May 11th - Roger Vailland, French author, dies at 57
May 12th - Roger Vailland, French playwright (La Truite), dies at 57
May 14th - Frances Perkins, US 1st female minister of Labor (1933-45), dies at 83
May 15th - Adrian Schoevers, Dutch director (Schoevers Institution), dies
May 18th - Eduard J Dijksterhuis, mathematician (Archimedes), dies at 72
May 19th - Maria Dabrowska, Polish writer (Znaki Zycia), dies
May 21st - Geoffrey de Havilland, British aircraft designer (b. 1882)
May 22nd - Bobby Watson, comedian (Hitler Gang, Boys Town), dies at 77
May 22nd - Heinrich Barth, Swiss philosopher (Das Sein in der Zeit), dies
May 22nd - Christopher Stone, first disc jockey in the United Kingdom (b. 1882)
May 23rd - David Smith, sculptor, dies
May 23rd - Earl Webb, American baseball player (b. 1897)
May 25th - Sonny Boy Williamson, [Aleck Miller], blues player, dies at 65
NFL Head Coach Curly LambeauNFL Head Coach Curly Lambeau (Jun 1st) Jun 1st - Curly Lambeau, first coach of the Green Bay Packers, dies of a heart attack at 67
Jun 4th - Bernard Verhoeven, poet/educator (Pleidooi near een non), dies
Jun 6th - Lester Matthews, (Sir Dennis-Adv of Fu Manchu), dies at 64
Jun 7th - Judy Holliday, comedienne (Born Yesterday, Adam's Rib), dies at 42
Jun 7th - Pierre Cardevielle, Fren composer/conductor (L'ile Rouge), dies at 59
Jun 7th - Richard Billinger, Austria poet/writer (Bauernpassion), dies
Jun 8th - Edmondo Rossoni, Italian fascist (b. 1884)
Jun 11th - José Mendes Cabeçadas, 95th Prime Minister of Portugal and 9th President of Portugal (b. 1883)
Jun 13th - Martin Buber, German/Israel philosopher/zionist/theologist, dies at 87
Jun 13th - David Drummond, Australian politician (b. 1890)
Jun 14th - Guido Guerrini, composer, dies at 74
Jun 15th - E. A. Speiser, American Bible scholar (b. 1902
Jun 15th - Steve Cochran, American actor (b. 1917)
Jun 17th - Arnold Meijer, leader (Fascist Nationally Front), dies
Jun 18th - George Melachrino, composer, dies at 56
Jun 19th - James B Collip, Canadian bio-chemist (insulin), dies at 72
Jun 20th - Ira Louvin, country singer (Louvin Brothers), dies at 41
Jun 21st - Bernard M Baruch, pres advisor (termed "Cold War"), dies at 94
Jun 22nd - Adriaan F Dussenbroek, Dutch doctor/co-founder (UNA), dies at 72
Jun 22nd - David O Selznick, producer (Gone With the Wind), dies at 63
Jun 23rd - Mary Boland, actress (Boy Trouble, New Moon), dies at 83
Jun 26th - Johan C T Kikkert, painter/etcher/critic, dies at 82
Jun 26th - Reginald Beckwith, actor/writer (39 Steps, Dr in Love), dies at 56
Jun 27th - Anthony Veiller, writer, dies at 62
Jun 28th - [Theodora E] Betsy Ranucci-Beckman, actress (Dood Water), dies at 88
Jun 28th - Red Nichols, American musician (b. 1905)
Jun 29th - Sidney Marion, actor (Outlaws is Coming, Quicksand), dies at 64
Jun 30th - Bessie Barriscale, actress (Plain Jane, Show Folks), dies
Jul 1st - Claude Thornhill, composer, dies at 55
Jul 1st - Wally Hammond, South African cricketer (7,249 runs for England), dies
Jul 2nd - Theodora E "Betsy" Ranucci-Beckmann, actress (Klatergoud), dies at 88
Jul 3rd - Clarence Loomis, composer, dies at 75

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