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Jun 11th - Karen Ann Quinlan, comatose patient, dies in Morris Plains NJ at 31
Jun 11th - Sapfo Notara, Greek actress (b. 1907)
Jun 15th - Len Hopwood, cricketer (took 0-155 in two Tests Eng v Aust 1934), dies
Jun 15th - Percy Fender, cricketer (13 Tests for England, 380 runs 29 wkts), dies
Jun 15th - Andy Stanfield, American athlete (b. 1927)
Jun 15th - Robert Stethem, U.S. Navy Seabee diver murdered by terrorists on TWA Flight 847 (b. 1961)
Jun 17th - Piet De Somer, Belgian rector of University of Louvain, dies at 67
Jun 18th - Paul Colin, French poster designer (b. 1892)
Jun 21st - Tage Erlander, Prime Minister of Sweden (b. 1901)
Jun 25th - Morris Mason, American murderer (b. 1954)
Jun 28th - James Craig, actor (Human Comedy, Kismet), dies of lung cancer at 74
Jun 28th - Lambros Konstantaras, Greek actor (b. 1913)
Jun 30th - James Dewar, inventor (Twinkie), dies
Jul 2nd - David Purley, British Formula 1 driver (b. 1945)
Jul 3rd - Frank Selke, Canadian ice hockey manager (b. 1893)
Jul 4th - John de Quay, Dutch premier (1959-63), dies at 83
Jul 5th - Gerard Schmook, Flemish literature historian/custodian, dies at 86
Jul 5th - Jack Robertson, South African cricket spinner (3 Tests v Aust 1935-36), dies
Jul 5th - Marion Byron, actress (Steamboat Bill Jr), dies at 73
Jul 7th - Patti McCarty, actress (Gangster of the Frontier), dies at 64
Jul 8th - Gardner Cowles Jr, US publisher (Look Magazine), dies at 82
Jul 8th - Phil Foster, comedian (Frank De Fazio-Laverne & Shirley), dies at 72
Jul 8th - Simon Kuznets, US economist (Nobel 1971), dies at 84
Jul 9th - Rafael Campos, actor (Ramon-Rhoda, Sancho-V), dies of cancer at 49
Jul 9th - Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (b. 1896)
Jul 9th - Jimmy Kinnon, Scottish founder of Narcotics Anonymous (b. 1911)
Jul 10th - Fernando Pereira, military activist, murdered
Jul 16th - Wayne King, orchestra leader (Wayne King Show), dies at 84
Jul 16th - Heinrich Böll, German writer, Nobel laureate (b. 1917)
Jul 17th - Czeslaw Josef Marek, composer, dies at 93
Jul 17th - Margo, actress (Rumba, Viva Zapata), dies at 68 of a brain tumor
Jul 18th - Shahnawaz Bhutto, son of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
Jul 19th - Janusz A. Zajdel, Polish writer (b. 1938)
Jul 21st - Mickey Shaughnessy, actor (Chicago Teddy Bears), dies at 65
Jul 21st - Vicki Vola, actress (Miss Miller-Mr District Attorney)
Jul 23rd - Kay Kyser, bandleader (Kay Kyser's Kollege), dies at 79
Jul 23rd - Johnny Wardle, English cricketer (b. 1923)
Jul 27th - Joseph "Smoky Joe" Wood, pitcher (Boston Red Sox), dies at 95
Jul 28th - Grant Williams, actor (Shrinking Man), dies of toxic poisoning at 54
Jul 29th - James F Nolan, actor (Dante), dies of cancer at 69
Jul 30th - Julia Hall Bowman Robinson, American mathematician (b. 1919)
Jul 31st - Eugene Carson Blake, sec-gen World Council of Churches, dies at 78
Jul 31st - Murray Chapple, cricketer (14 Tests for NZ, 497 runs), dies
Aug 1st - Joseph Walker, cameraman, dies at 92
Aug 2nd - Frank Faylen, vaudevillian, dies of pneumonia at 79
Aug 2nd - Sandy Bell, South African cricket pace bowler (16 Tests), dies
Aug 4th - Zbynek Vostrak, composer, dies at 65
Aug 5th - Theodore Sturgeon, sci-fi author (Hugo, It, Caviar), dies at 67
Aug 7th - Grayson Hall, actor (Dark Shadows), dies of cancer at 58
Aug 8th - Louise Brooks, actress (Pandora's Box), dies of a heart attack at 78
Aug 9th - Clive Churchill, Australian rugby league footballer (b. 1927)
Aug 10th - Kenny Backer, comedian (Time Bandits), dies of a heart attack at 72
Aug 12th - Marcel Mihalovici, composer, dies at 86
Aug 12th - Manfred Winkelhock, German race car driver (b. 1951)
Aug 13th - Marion Martin, actress (Dakota Lil, Queen of Burlesque), dies at 67
Aug 14th - Gale Sondergaard, actress (Letter), dies of cerebral thrombosis at 86
Aug 15th - Richard Yardumian, US composer (Creator Spirit), dies at 68
Aug 20th - Harchand Singh Longowai, Sikh leader, shot by Sikh extremists
Aug 22nd - Ginty Lush, cricketer (NSW quickie of 30's), dies
Aug 22nd - Paul Peter Ewald, German Crystallographer and Physicist who devised the theory of X-ray interference by crystals and pioneered X-ray diffraction methods, dies at 97
Aug 24th - Paul Creston [Giuseppe/Joseph Guttoveggio], US composer, dies at 78
Aug 25th - Samantha Smith, actress (Elizabeth-Lime Street), dies in plane at 13
Aug 26th - Pieter Jongeling, Dutch MP/editor (GPV, Netherlands Daily), dies at 76
Aug 28th - Ruth Gordon, actress (Big Bus), dies of a stroke in her sleep at 88
Aug 29th - Alexander Abramsky, composer, dies at 87
Aug 29th - Evelyn Ankers, actress (Black Beauty, Jungle Woman), dies at 67
Aug 29th - Patrick Barr, actor (Black Orchid, On the Run), dies at 77
Aug 30th - Taylor Caldwell, English-born author (b. 1900)
Aug 31st - Frank Macfarlane Burnet, Australian biologist, Nobel laureate (b. 1899)
Sep 1st - Stefan Bellof, German race car driver (b. 1957)
Sep 1st - Jay Youngblood, American wrestler (b. 1955)
Sep 2nd - Abe Lenstra, Dutch soccer star, dies at 64
Sep 2nd - Jay Youngblood, American professional wrestler
Sep 3rd - Joe Jones, drummer, dies at 73
Sep 3rd - John Herbert McDowell, composer, dies at 58
Sep 4th - George O'Brien, actor (Daniel Boone, Salute), dies of a stroke at 85
Sep 4th - Isabel Jeans, actress (Suspicion, Easy Virtue, Tovarich), dies at 93
Sep 6th - Jane Frazee, singer/actress (Alice-Beulah), dies at 67 of pneumonia
Sep 6th - Johnny Desmond, singer (Your Hit Parade), dies of cancer at 65
Sep 6th - Leon Orthel, composer, dies at 79
Sep 8th - John Franklin Enders, American scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1887)
Sep 9th - Paul Flory, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1910)
Sep 10th - Alexa Kenin, actress (Mousie-Coed Fever), dies at 23
Sep 10th - Ernest Julius Öpik, Estonian Astronomer and Astrophysicist known for his studies of meteors and the structure and evolution of the cosmos, dies at 91
Sep 11th - William Alwyn, composer, dies at 79
Sep 11th - Andrew C. Thornton II, American drug smuggler (b. 1945)
Sep 13th - Dane Rudhyar, composer, dies at 90
Sep 17th - Laura Ashley, Welsh fashion designer, dies by accident
Sep 19th - Italo Calvino, sci-fi author (T-Zero, Mr Palomar), dies at 61
Sep 21st - Gu Long, Taiwanese writer of wuxia novels (b. 1937)
Sep 22nd - Axel Springer, German newspaper magnate (Bild Zeitung), dies at 73
Sep 23rd - Mickey Simpson, actor (Wagonmaster), dies of a heart attack at 72
Sep 25th - Albert Moeschinger, composer, dies at 88
Sep 25th - William Cumming Rose, American Biochemist, dies at 98
Sep 27th - Lloyd Nolan, actor (Dr Chegley-Julia), dies of lung cancer at 83
Sep 30th - Charles F Richter, US seismologist (scale of R), dies at 85
Sep 30th - Heleb MacInnes, US spy writer (Affiliate in place), dies at 77
Sep 30th - Simone Signoret, German/French actress (Room at Top, Gina), dies at 64
Writer E. B. WhiteWriter E. B. White (Oct 1st) Oct 1st - E. B. White, US author (New Yorker, Charlotte's Web), dies at 86
Oct 2nd - George Savalas, actor (Kojak), dies at 58
Oct 2nd - Rock Hudson, actor (MacMillian & Wife), dies of AIDS at 59
Oct 2nd - Sidney Clute, actor (Lou Grant, Cagney & Lacey), dies at 69
Oct 3rd - Charles Collingwood, newscaster (Chronicles), dies at 68
Oct 3rd - Maurice Copeland, actor (Ralph-Those Young Charmings), dies at 74
Oct 6th - Nelson Riddle, American bandleader (b. 1921)
Oct 8th - Leon Klinghoffer, hijackers of Achille Lauro, threw him off boat
Oct 8th - Ricardo Bacchelli, playwright/poet (Il malino del Po), dies at 94
Oct 9th - Emílio Garrastazu Médici, president of Brazil (b. 1905)
Actor Orson WellesActor Orson Welles (Oct 10th) Oct 10th - Orson Welles, actor/dir (Citizen Kane), dies of heart attack at 70
Oct 10th - Yul Brynner, [Taidje Khan], actor (King & I), dies of cancer at 65
Oct 11th - Tex Williams, country-western singer, dies at 68 of cancer
Oct 12th - Johnny Olsen, TV announcer (Price is Right), dies at 75
Oct 12th - Ricky Wilson, rock guitarist (B-52's), dies of AIDS at 32
Oct 13th - Jack Wilson, cricketer (Test for Australia, 0-39 & 1-25, DNB), dies
Oct 14th - Emil Gilels, Ukrainian pianist (b. 1916)
Oct 15th - Meret Oppenheim, writer, dies at 72
Oct 16th - Claude Stroud, actor (Hobart-Ted Knight Show, Duke), dies at 78
Oct 18th - Benjamin Moloisi, South African poet/Anc'er, hanged at 30
Oct 19th - Alfred Rouleau, French Canadian businessman (b. 1915)
Oct 22nd - Viorica Ursuleac, Romanian soprano (b. 1894)
Oct 24th - Richie Evans, American NASCAR driver (b. 1941)
Oct 24th - Maurice Roy, Archbishop of Quebec, (b. 1905)
Oct 25th - Elsa Moranet, writer, dies at 67
Oct 25th - Morton Downey, singer (Star of the Family), dies at 83
Oct 29th - John Lodge, actor (Sensation, In Like Flint)/(gov-R-CT), dies at 82
Oct 30th - Kirby Grant, actor/singer (Sky King), dies in an auto accident at 74
Oct 31st - Poul Reichhardt, Danish actor (b. 1913)
Oct 31st - Nikos Engonopoulos, Greek painter and poet (b. 1907)
Oct 31st - Anton Christoforidis, Greek boxer (b. 1918)
Nov 1st - Phil Silvers, comedic actor (Sgt Bilko), dies in his sleep at 73
Nov 5th - Arnold Chikobava, Georgian linguist (b. 1898)
Nov 6th - Joel Crothers, actor (Edge of Night), dies of a heart attack at 44
Nov 8th - Nicolas Frantz, Luxembourgish cyclist (b. 1899)
Nov 9th - Helen Rose, costume designer, dies at 81
Nov 9th - Mary MacLaren, actress (Black Swan), dies at 85 of respiratory probs
Nov 10th - Pelle Lindbergh, goalie (Phila Flyers), dies in drunk driving accident
Nov 13th - George Robert Vincent, American sound recording pioneer (b. 1898)
Nov 15th - Spencer W Kimball, US head of mormon church, dies at 90
Nov 16th - John J Sparkmann, (Sen-D-Ala), dies at 85
Nov 17th - Jimmy Ritz, actor (Ritz Brothers), dies of heart failure at 81
Nov 19th - Lall Singh, cricketer (Test for India 1932), dies
Nov 19th - Stepin Fetchit, [Lincoln Penny], 1st African American film star, dies of pneumonia 83
Nov 20th - Bill Scott, cartoon voice (Mr Peabody, Bullwinkle), dies at 65
Nov 21st - Ramnath Kenny, cricketer (5 Tests for India 1958-60), dies
Nov 24th - Cees Buddingh', Dutch poet/writer/interpreter/translator, dies at 67
Nov 24th - Big Joe Turner, American singer (b. 1911)
Nov 25th - Ray Jablonski, American baseball player (b. 1926)
Nov 25th - Franz Hildebrandt, German Theologian(b. 1909)
Nov 26th - Ransom Sherman, comedian (Father of Bride), dies at 87
Nov 28th - Fernand Braudel, French historian, dies at 83

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