Famous Deaths for January 1990

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1st - Charles Boost, Dutch film critic, dies at 82
1st - Joe Hardstaff Jr, cricketer (23 Tests for England, 1636 runs), dies
1st - Suzuki Sochu, Zen teacher (Rinzai line)/abbot of Ryutakuji, dies
2nd - Alan Hale Jr, Skipper on Gilligan's Island, dies of cancer at 71
2nd - Vladimir Alexis Ussachevsky, Manchuria composer (Creation), dies at 78
3rd - Ken Hill, actor (Cobra, Protocol), dies
3rd - Arthur Gold, American pianist, half of Gold and Fizdale duo (b. 1917)
4th - Alberto Lleras Camargo, president of Colombia (1945-46, 58-62), dies
4th - Robert F Adams, US, sci-fi author (Castaways in Time), dies at 57
4th - Harold Edgerton, American electrical engineer (b. 1903)
4th - Sir Henry Bolte, Premier of Victoria 1955-1972 (b. 1908)
5th - Arthur Kennedy, actor (Air Force), dies of a brain tumor at 76
5th - Bart LaRue, entertainer, dies
6th - Hans Jaray, actor (Lydia, Fedora), dies
6th - Ian Charleson, actor (Gandhi, Chariots of Fire), dies of AIDS at 40
Hall of Fame American Football Player Bronko NagurskiHall of Fame American Football Player Bronko Nagurski (7th) 7th - Bronislau "Bronko" Nagurski, football hall of famer, dies at 81
7th - Gail Lucas, entertainer, dies
7th - Horace Stoneham, baseball owner (Giants), dies at 86
7th - Joseph Robbie, lawyer/NFL owner (Miami Dolphins), dies at 73
8th - Terry Thomas, Engl comic (Heroes), dies of Parkinson's disease at 78
9th - Sir Edward McTiernan, Australian jurist, lawyer and politician (b. 1892)
9th - Spud Chandler, baseball player (b. 1907)
10th - Juliet Berto, screenwriter/actress (Bastienne Bastien), dies at 42
10th - Yvonne Peattie Marquard, actress (Donovan's Reef), dies
11th - Mary Jane Carr, actress (Forbidden Trail, Second Wife), dies
12th - Laurence J Peter, author (Peter Princible), dies of a stroke at 70
12th - Paul Amadeus Pisk, composer, dies at 96
14th - David Arkin, actor (I Love You Alice B Toklas), dies
14th - Mani Madhava Chakyar, Koodiyattam artist and Sanskrit scholar (b. 1899)
15th - Gordon Jackson, actor (Hamlet), dies after a short illness at 66
17th - Charles Hernu, French minister of Defense (1981-85), dies
18th - Melanie Appleby, rocker (Mel & Kim), dies of liver cancer at 23
18th - Rusty Hamer, American actor (b. 1947)
19th - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, indian guru, dies at 58
19th - Herbert Wehner, German ex-communist/chairman (1958-73), dies at 83
19th - Semprini, English musician (b. 1908)
20th - Barbara Stanwyck, [Ruby Stevens], actress (Big Valley), dies at 82
20th - Miloslav Istvan, composer, dies at 61
20th - Naruhito Higashi-Kuni, Japanese PM (1945), dies
20th - Hayedeh, Persian singer (b. 1942)
23rd - Albert Collins, guitarist (Lynyrd Skynyrd), dies of pneumonia at 57
23rd - Mariano Rumor, Italy's PM (1968-70, 73-1974), dies
24th - Madge Bellamy, American actress, dies of heart failure at 90
25th - Alexander Lockwood, actor (Duel), dies
Actress Ava GardnerActress Ava Gardner (25th) 25th - Ava Gardner, actress (Barefoot Contessa), dies of pneumonia at 67
25th - Ian Dudley Hardy, entertainer, dies
26th - FHP "Boy" Trip, Dutch minister, dies
26th - Lewis Mumford, American historian (b. 1895)
26th - Bob Gerard, British racing driver (b. 1914)
27th - Helen Jerome Eddy, actress (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm), dies at 92
31st - Rashad Khalifa, Egyptian-born imam (b. 1935)

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