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2nd - Jeff Hanneman, American guitarist, dies from liver failure at 49
3rd - Joe Astroth, American MLB player, dies at 90
4th - Christian de Duve, British cytologist and biochemist, dies from euthanasia at 95
6th - Giulio Andreotti, Italian Prime Minister, dies at 94
7th - George Sauer, Jr., American football player, dies from heart failure at 69
7th - Ray Harryhausen, American visual effects creator, dies at 92
8th - Brian Forbes, English director and actor, dies at 86
8th - Jeanne Cooper, American actress, dies at 84
9th - Andrew Simpson, British sailor, dies after a yacht capsize at 36
11th - Jack Butler, American football player, dies from complications from staph infection at 85
13th - Joyce Brothers, American psychologist, dies from respiratory failure at 85
13th - Chuck Muncie, American football running back, dies from a heart attack at 60
13th - Vladimir Romanovsky, Soviet sprint canoer, dies at 56
16th - Heinrich Rohrer, Swiss physicist and Nobel Laureate, dies at 79
16th - Dick Trickle, American race car driver, commits suicide by gunshot at 71
16th - Bernard Waber, American children's book author, dies from kidney failure at 88
17th - Alan O'Day, American rocker, dies from brain cancer at 72
17th - Ken Venturi, American golfer and sports broadcaster, dies from multiple infections at 82
17th - Jorge Rafael Videla, Argentinean dictator, dies from complications from a fall at 87
18th - Steve Forrest, American actor (SWAT), dies at 87
24th - Ron Davies, Welsh footballer, dies at 70
24th - Antonio Puchades, Spanish football player, dies from Alzheimer's disease at 87
25th - Marshall Lytle, American Rock bassist, dies from lung cancer at 79
26th - Jack Vance, American science fiction author, dies at 96
27th - Bill Pertwee, English Actor, dies at 86
29th - Fran├žoise Blanchard, French actress, dies at 58
31st - Tim Samaras, American tornado chaser, dies from tornado injuries at 55
31st - Jean Stapleton, American actress, dies at 90

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