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Jan 4th - -6] 1st Altenburger sermon (Luther & Karl von Miltitz)
Mar 13th - Cortez lands in Mexico
May 9th - Austrian adel/burgerij in uprising against central government
Jun 28th - King Carlos I elected Holy Roman Catholic Emperor Charles V
Jul 16th - Public debate between Martin Luther & theologist John Eck at Pleissenburg Castle in Liepzig, Luther denies the divine right of the Pope
Jul 25th - San Cristobal de la Habana forms in Cuba
Jul 26th - Francisco Pizarro receives royal charter for the west coast of South America
Aug 10th - Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan's Spanish expedition of 5 ships set sail to circumnavigate the Earth (returned 5 Sept 1522)
Aug 15th - Panama City founded
Sep 2nd - 1st Battle of Tehuacingo, San Salvador vs Mexico
Explorer Ferdinand MagellanExplorer Ferdinand Magellan Sep 5th - 2nd Battle of Tehuacingo, Mexico: Hernán Cortés vs Tlascala Aztecs
Sep 20th - Ferdinand Magellan starts 1st successful circumnavigation of the world
Nov 4th - Flood ravages Dutch/Friese coast
Nov 7th - University of Leuven convicts teaching of Luther
Nov 8th - 1st meeting of Moctezuma II & Hernán Cortés in Tenochtitlan, Mexico

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