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Jan 7th - Fire destroys Jamestown, Virginia
Mar 18th - Susenyos is formally crowned Emperor of Ethiopia.
May 14th - The Protestant Union is founded in Auhausen.
May 19th - Matthias von Habsburgs army reaches Lieben, at Prague
May 28th - Claudio Monteverdi's "Arianna" premieres in Mantua
Jun 1st - Valse Dimitri forms his 2nd Russian anti-government
Jul 3rd - Samuel de Champlain founds city of Quebec
Aug 13th - John Smith's story of Jamestown's first days submitted for publication
Aug 24th - 1st English convoy lands at Surat, India
Sep 10th - John Smith elected president of Jamestown colony council, Va
Sep 29th - Captain Newport arrives from England with supplies for colonists
Oct 2nd - Hans Lippershey applies for patent for first known early telescope in the Netherlands

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