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1st - The watch company founded in 1850 in Roxbury by Aaron Lufkin Dennison relocates to Waltham, Massachusetts, to become the Waltham Watch Company, a pioneer in the American System of Watch Manufacturing.
4th - Abraham Lincoln made his 1st political speech at Illinois State Fair
6th - The Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead started shortly after midnight, leading to 53 deaths and hundreds injured.
9th - The siege of Sebastopol begins (Crimean War)
10th - US Assay Office in NY City, NY opens
12th - Lincoln University founded as Ashmun Institute
21st - Florence Nightingale and a staff of 38 nurses were sent to the Crimean War.
23rd - The Times gives precise British positions in Crimea
25th - Charge of Light Brigade (Battle of Balaclava, Crimean War), 409 die
25th - Prince Menshikov of Crimea occupies British base at Balaclava

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