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Jan 1st - Porfirio Diaz conquers Mexico City
Jan 1st - President Lincoln declares slavery in Confederate states unlawful
Jan 2nd - SC seizes inactive Ft Johnson in Charleston Harbor
Jan 2nd - Colonel Charles Stone is put in charge of organizing DC militia
Jan 3rd - Delaware legislature rejects proposal to join Confederacy
Jan 3rd - US Ft Pulaski & Ft Jackson, Savannah, seized by Georgia
Jan 4th - Pres Buchanan appoints a fast on account of threatened succession
Jan 4th - US Ft Morgan, Mobile, seized by Alabama
Jan 5th - 250 Federal troops are sent from New York to Ft Sumter
Jan 5th - Alabama troops seize Forts Morgan & Gaines at Mobile Bay
Jan 6th - Florida troops seize Federal arsenal at Apalachicola
Jan 6th - NYC mayor proposes NY become a free city, trading with N & S
Jan 7th - Florida troops takeover Fort Marion at St Augustine
Jan 9th - 1st hostile act of Civil War; Star of West fired on, Sumter, SC
Jan 9th - Mississippi becomes 2nd state to secede from the Union
Jan 10th - Ft Jackson & Ft Philip are taken over by LA state troops
Jan 10th - US forts & property seized by Mississippi
Jan 10th - American Civil War: Florida becomes 3rd state to secedes from the Union.
Jan 11th - Alabama becomes 4th state to secede from the Union
Jan 11th - Mexico City captured by Juarez (Lib) in War of Reform
Jan 12th - FL state troops demand surrender of Ft Pickens
Jan 14th - Fort Pikens, FL, falls into state hands
Jan 15th - Steam elevator patented by Elisha Otis
Jan 17th - Flush toilet patented by Mr Thomas Crapper
Jan 18th - American Civil War - Georgia joins South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama in seceding from the United States.
Jan 19th - Georgia becomes 5th state to secede
Jan 19th - MS troops take Ft Massachusetts an Ship Island
President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson DavisPresident of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis Jan 21st - Jefferson Davis of Mississippi & 4 other southern senators resign
Jan 24th - Arsenal at Augusta, Ga seized by Confederacy
Jan 24th - Federal troops from Ft Monroe are sent to Ft Pikens
Jan 26th - Louisiana becomes 6th state to secede
Jan 29th - Kansas becomes 34th state
Jan 31st - Friedrich Hebbel's "Siegfrieds Tod," premieres in Weimar
Jan 31st - State of Louisiana takes over US Mint at New Orleans
Feb 1st - Dike breaks in Gelderland, Netherlands
Feb 1st - American Civil War: Texas becomes the 7th state to secede from the United States.
Feb 4th - Confederate constitutional convention meets for 1st time, Montgomery Ala, Ga, Fla, La, Miss & SC elect Jefferson Davis pres of Confederacy
Feb 5th - Kinematoscope patented by Coleman Sellers, Phila
Feb 5th - Louisiana delegation except Mr Bouligny withdraws from Congress
Feb 6th - 1st meeting of Provisional Congress of Confederate States of America
Feb 6th - British Vice-Admiral Robert Fitzroy issues first storm warnings for ships
Feb 8th - Confederate States of America organizes in Montgomery, Ala
Feb 9th - Jefferson Davis & Alexander Stephens elected president & VP of CSA
Feb 9th - Tennessee votes against secession
Feb 9th - Confederate Provisional Congress declares all laws under the US Constitution were consistent with constitution of Confederate states
Feb 11th - President-elect Lincoln takes train from Spingfield IL to Washington DC
Feb 11th - US House unanimously passes resolution guaranteeing noninterference with slavery in any state
Feb 12th - State troops seize US munitions in Napoleon, AK
Feb 13th - 1st military action to result in Congressional Medal of Honor, AZ
US President Abraham LincolnUS President Abraham Lincoln Feb 13th - Abraham Lincoln declared president
Feb 13th - Col Bernard Irwin attacks & defeats hostile Chiricahua Indians
Feb 15th - Ft Point completed & garrisoned (but has never fired cannon in anger)
Feb 18th - Confederate President Jefferson Davis inaugurated at Montgomery Ala
Feb 18th - King Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia becomes 1st King of Italy
Feb 19th - Russian Tsar Alexander II abolishes serfdom [NS=Mar 3]
Feb 20th - Dept of Navy of Confederacy forms
Feb 20th - Steeple of Chichester Cathedral blown down during a storm
King of Sardinia and Italy Victor Emmanuel IIKing of Sardinia and Italy Victor Emmanuel II Feb 21st - Navaho indians elect Herrero Grande as chief
Feb 22nd - On a bet Edward Weston leaves Boston to walk to Lincoln's inauguration
Feb 23rd - By popular referendum, Texas becomes 7th state to secede from US
Feb 23rd - Dutch Premier Floris A van Hall resigns
Feb 23rd - Pres-elect Lincoln arrives secretly in Wash DC to take office
Feb 27th - Russians shoot at Poles protesting Russian rule of Poland in Castle Square, Warsaw
Feb 27th - US Congress authorizes 1st stamped newspaper wrappers for mailing
Feb 28th - Territories of Nevada & Colorado created
Mar 2nd - Government Printing Office purchases 1st printing plant, Washington
Mar 2nd - US creates Dakota & Nevada Territories out of the Nebraska & Utah ter
Mar 3rd - Alexander II of Russia signs the Emancipation Manifesto, freeing serfs [OS=Feb 19].
Mar 4th - Confederate States adopt "Stars & Bars" flag
Mar 4th - Abraham Lincoln is inaugurated as 16th US President; the 1st time US has 5 former living presidents
Mar 4th - US President Lincoln opens government Printing Office
Mar 6th - Provisionary Confederate Congress establishes Confederate Army
Mar 8th - St Augustine Florida surrenders to Union armies
Mar 9th - Confederate currency authorized-$50, $100, $500, $1,000
Mar 10th - El Hadj Umar Tall seizes the city of Segou, destroying the Bambara Empire of Mali.
Mar 11th - Confederate convention in Montgomery adopts constitution
Mar 16th - Arizona Territory votes to leave the Union
Mar 16th - Confederate government appoints commissioners to Britain
Mar 16th - Edward Clark became Governor of Texas, replacing Sam Houston, who was evicted from the office for refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederacy.
Mar 17th - Italy declares independence; Kingdom of Italy proclaimed
Mar 19th - The First Taranaki War ends in New Zealand.
Mar 20th - An earthquake completely destroys Mendoza, Argentina.
Mar 22nd - 1st US nursing school chartered
Mar 23rd - London's 1st tramcars, designed by Mr Train of NY, begins operating
Mar 31st - Confederacy takes over mint at New Orleans
Apr 5th - Federals abandon Ft Quitman, Tx
Apr 8th - US mint at Dahlonega, Georgia, seized by confederacy
Apr 12th - Fort Sumter, SC is shelled by Confederacy, starting Civil War
Apr 13th - After 34 hours of bombardment, Ft Sumter surrenders to Confederates
Apr 14th - Formal Union surrender of Ft Sumter
Apr 15th - Federal army (75,000 volunteers) mobilized by US President Lincoln
Apr 16th - US president Lincoln outlaws business with confederate states
Apr 17th - Indianola TX - "Star of West" taken by Confederacy
Apr 17th - Virginia is 8th state to secede from the Union
Apr 18th - Battle of Harpers Ferry, VA
Confederate General Robert E. LeeConfederate General Robert E. Lee Apr 18th - Colonel Robert E. Lee turns down offer to command Union armies
Apr 19th - Baltimore riots-4 soldiers, 9 civilians killed
Apr 19th - Lincoln orders blockade of Confederate ports (Civil War)
Apr 20th - Battle of Norfolk, VA
Apr 20th - Colonel Robert E. Lee resigns from Union army
Apr 23rd - Robert E. Lee named commander of Virginia Confederate forces
Apr 23rd - Arkansas troops seize Ft Smith
Apr 25th - Battle of Lavaca, TX
Apr 25th - American Civil War: The Union Army arrives to reinforce Washington, D.C.
Apr 27th - President Abe Lincoln suspends writ of habeas corpus
Apr 27th - West Virginia secedes from Virginia after Virginia secedes from US
Apr 29th - Maryland's House of Delegates votes against seceding from Union
Apr 30th - President Lincoln ordered Federal Troops to evacuate Indian Territory
May 1st - Lee orders Confederate troops under T J Jackson to Harper's Ferry
May 3rd - Gen Winfield Scott presents his Anaconda Plan for the North against the South in American Civil War
May 3rd - Lincoln asks for 42,000 Army Volunteers & another 18,000 seamen
May 4th - At Gretna LA, one of 1st guns of Rebel navy is cast
May 5th - Alexandria, VA - CS troops abandon city
May 6th - Arkansas & Tennessee becomes 9th & 10th states to secede from US
May 6th - Jefferson Davis approves a bill declaring War between US & Confederacy
May 7th - Riot occurs between prosecessionist & Union supporters in Knoxville TN
May 8th - Richmond, Va, is named the capital of the Confederacy
May 10th - Union troops march on state militia in St Louis, MI
May 13th - Queen Victoria announces Britain's position of neutrality
May 13th - The Great Comet of 1861 is discovered by John Tebbutt of Windsor, New South Wales, Australia.
May 14th - The Canellas meteorite, an 859-gram chondrite-type meteorite, strikes the earth near Barcelona, Spain.
May 16th - Twiggs Surrender, San Antonio, Texas during US Civil war
May 16th - Confederate government offers war volunteers $10 premium
May 16th - Kentucky proclaims its neutrality
May 18th - Battle of Sewall's Point VA-1st Federal offense against South
May 18th - Friedrich Hebbel's "Kriemhildes Rache" premieres in Weimar
May 20th - Cornerstone of University of Washington laid in Seattle
May 20th - Kentucky proclaims its neutrality in Civil War
May 20th - North Carolina becomes 11th & last state to secede from Union
May 20th - US marshals appropriate previous year's telegraph dispatches, to reveal prosecessionist evidence
May 21st - Richmond, Va, is designated Confederate Capital
May 23rd - 3 fleeing slaves enter Fort Monroe Virginia
May 23rd - Virginia citizens vote 3 to 1 in favor of secession from the Union
May 24th - Alexandria, VA occupied by Federal troops
May 24th - Maj Gen Benjamin Butler declares slaves "contraband of war"
May 25th - John Merryman is arrested under suspension of writ of habeas corpus it later sparks a supreme court decision protecting writ
May 26th - US Postmaster General Blair announces end of postal connection with South
May 26th - Union blockades New Orleans LA & Mobile AL
May 29th - Dorothea Dix offers help in setting up hospitals for Union Army
May 31st - Gen Beauregard is given command of Confederate Alexandria Line
May 31st - Mint at New Orleans closes
Jun 1st - 1st skirmish in Civil War, Fairfax Court House, Va
Jun 1st - British territorial waters & ports off-limits during Civil War
Jun 1st - Skirmish at Arlington Mills, VA
Jun 1st - US & Confederacy simultaneously stop mail interchange
Jun 3rd - 1st Civil War land battle-Union defeats Confederacy at Philippi, WV
Jun 5th - Federal marshals seize arms & gunpower at Du Pont works DE
Jun 6th - Lincoln's cabinet declares Union government will pay for expenses once states have mobilized volunteers
Jun 8th - US Sanitary Commission is given executive approval
Jun 8th - American Civil War: Tennessee votes to secede from the Union.

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