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Jan 1st - 1st running of SF's famed "Bay to Breakers" race (7.63 miles/12.3 km)
Jan 1st - Sun Yat-sen forms Chinese Republic
Jan 1st - The Republic of China is established.
Jan 3rd - South Pacific RR offers to bring Liberty Bell to Exposition, free
Jan 3rd - 10th Davis Cup: Australasia beats USA in Christchurch (5-0)
Jan 4th - Smallest earth-moon distance this century, 356,375 km center-to-ctr
Jan 4th - The Scout Association is incorporated throughout the British Commonwealth by Royal Charter.
Jan 5th - 1st National Hockey Association game (Victoria)
Jan 5th - The Prague Party Conference takes place.
Jan 6th - New Mexico becomes 47th state
Jan 6th - Alfred Wegener, geophysicist and meteorologist, presents his controversial theory of continental drift in a lecture at a the Geological Association (Geologischen Vereinigung) at the Senckenberg-Museum, Frankfurt.
Meteorologist, Geologist, Astronomist Alfred WegenerMeteorologist, Geologist, Astronomist Alfred Wegener Jan 8th - The African National Congress is founded.
Jan 9th - US marines invade Honduras
Jan 10th - Caillaux government in France resigns
Jan 10th - World's 1st flying boat's maiden flight, (Glenn Curtiss in NY)
Jan 11th - Bread & Roses Strike begins in Lawrence, Massachusetts
Jan 12th - -47°F (-44°C), Washta, Iowa (state record)
Jan 13th - -40°F (-40°C), Oakland, Maryland (state record)
Jan 14th - Raymond Poincaré becomes premier of France
Jan 17th - Robert Scott expedition arrives at South Pole, 1 month after Amundsen
Jan 23rd - The International Opium Convention is signed at The Hague.
Naval Officer and Explorer Robert ScottNaval Officer and Explorer Robert Scott Jan 29th - Martial law declared in textile strike in Lawrence, MA
Feb 2nd - Frederick R Law, parachutes from Statue of Liberty (stunt for Pathe)
Feb 7th - 2nd Dutch 11 city skate (Coen de Koenig wins (11:40)
Feb 8th - 1st eastbound US transcontinental flight lands in Jacksonville, Fla
Feb 9th - US Tennis Association amends rule taking bye away from defending champion
Feb 10th - Hobbs & Rhodes make 323 cricket opening stand v Aust at MCG
Feb 12th - China adopts Gregorian calendar
Feb 12th - Last Ch'ing (Manchu) emperor of China, Hsuan T'ung, abdicates
Feb 13th - England regains the Ashes
Feb 14th - 1st US submarines with diesel engines commissioned, Groton, Ct
Feb 14th - Arizona was admitted to the Union as the 48th state
Feb 15th - Fram reaches latitude 78° 41' S, farthest south ever by ship
Feb 16th - VSV soccer team forms in Ijmuiden
Feb 20th - Argentina beat the MCC in their inaugural cricket 1st-class fixture
Feb 22nd - J Vedrines makes 1st airplane flight over 100 mph-161.29 kph
Feb 25th - Marie-Adélaïde, the eldest of six daughters of Guillaume IV, becomes the first reigning Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.
Feb 26th - Coal miners strike in Britain (settle on 1st March)
Feb 27th - Lord Kitchener opens Khartoum-El Obeid (Nyala) railway
Feb 28th - Victor Trumper's last Test Cricket innings c Woolley b Barnes 50
Mar 1st - Capt Albert Berry performs 1st parachute jump from an airplane
Mar 1st - Isabella Goodwin, 1st US woman detective, appointed, NYC
Mar 5th - Spanish steamer "Principe de Asturias" sinks NE of Spain, 500 die
Mar 5th - Italian forces are the first to use airships for military purposes, using them for reconnaissance behind Turkish lines.
Mar 7th - Roald Amundsen announces discovery of the South Pole
Mar 11th - 1st Stanley Cup game to be played in 3 20-min periods, formerly played in 30-min halfs, Quebec beats Moncton 9-3 on way to sweep
Mar 11th - Eleftherios Venizelos, leader of the Liberal Party, wins the Greek elections again.
Mar 12th - Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) forms in Savannah, by Juliette Gordon Low
Mar 12th - Helen Hayes Theater opens at 238 W 44th St NYC
Mar 12th - Establishment of the first football club in Bulgaria - Botev Plovdiv
Mar 13th - Stanley Cup: Quebec Bulldogs sweep Moncton (NB) in 2 games
Mar 14th - King Vittorio Emanuel III of Italy injured in an assassination attempt
Mar 15th - Pitcher Cy Young retires from baseball with 511 wins
Mar 16th - Mrs William Howard Taft plants 1st cherry tree in Wash DC
Mar 17th - Camp Fire Girls organization announced by Mrs Luther Halsey Gulick
Mar 22nd - Agnes Martin, Macklin Canada, Canadian-American abstract painter
Mar 23rd - Dixie Cup invented
Mar 27th - 1st Japanese cherry blossom trees planted in Wash DC
Mar 29th - Capt Robert Scott, storm-bound in a tent near South Pole, makes last entry in his diary "the end cannot be far"
Mar 30th - French protectorate in Morocco established
Apr 1st - The Greek athlete Konstantinos Tsiklitiras breaks the world record -in standing long jump jumping 3.47 meters.
Apr 2nd - Sun Yet Sen forms Guomindang Party in China
Apr 2nd - Titanic undergoes sea trials under its own power
Apr 4th - Army fires on striking mine workers at Lena-gold fields Siberia
Apr 4th - Chinese republic proclaimed in Tibet
Apr 6th - Electric starter 1st appeared in cars
Apr 8th - Steamers collide in Nile, drowning 200
Apr 9th - 1st exhibition baseball game at Fenway Park (Red Sox vs Harvard)
Apr 10th - RMS Titanic sets sail from Southampton for her maiden (and final) voyage
Apr 11th - RMS Titanic leaves Queenstown Ireland for NY
Apr 11th - Cornerstone of Technion in Haifa Palestine laid
Apr 13th - Royal Flying Corps forms (later RAF)
Apr 14th - RMS Titanic hits an iceberg at 11.40pm off Newfoundland
Apr 15th - RMS Titanic sinks at 2:27 AM off Newfoundland as band plays on
Apr 16th - Harriet Quimby becomes 1st woman pilot to cross English Channel
Apr 16th - Pirates turn a rare 5-3-7 doubleplay (left fielder covers 2nd base)
Apr 17th - 1st unofficial gold record (Al Jolson's "Ragging The Baby To Sleep")
Apr 18th - The Cunard liner RMS Carpathia brings 705 survivors from the RMS Titanic to New York City.
Apr 19th - 16th Boston Marathon won by Mike Ryan of NY in 2:21:18.2
Apr 20th - Fenway Park officially opens, Red Sox beat NY Highlanders 7-6 in 11
Apr 20th - Tiger Stadium in Detroit opens, Tigers beat Cleve Indians 6-5
Apr 26th - 1st homerun hit at Fenway Park (Hugh Bradley, Red Sox)
Apr 27th - Relief laws replaces those of 1854, in Netherlands
Apr 29th - 108°F (42°C), Tuguegarao, Philippines (Oceania record)
Apr 29th - Frank Wedekind's "Tod und Teufel" premieres in Berlin
May 1st - Amsterdam-North soccer team DWV forms
May 1st - Beverly Hills Hotel opens
May 4th - Italian mariners occupy Turkish Island of Rhodes
May 5th - 5th Olympic games open at Stockholm, Sweden
May 5th - Soviet Communist Party newspaper Pravda begins publishing (4/22 OS)
May 7th - Columbia University approves plans for awarding the Pulitzer Prize in several categories The award is established by Joseph Pulitzer
May 8th - Film and television production/distribution studio Paramount Pictures is founded
May 11th - 38th Kentucky Derby: Carol H Shilling aboard Worth wins in 2:09.4
May 13th - Royal Flying Corps forms in Great Britain
May 15th - 37th Preakness: Clarnence Turner on Colonel Holloway wins in 1:56.6
May 15th - Ty Cobb rushes a heckler at a NY Highlander game & is suspended
May 18th - A's beat Tigers 24-2, who use amateurs protesting Ty Cobbs suspension
May 18th - Maurits Binger establishes 2 Dutch movie companies
May 19th - AL Pres Ban Johnson tells Tigers if they continue protest of Ty Cobb's suspension, they will be banned from baseball
May 28th - Jackie Matthews takes 2 cricket hat-tricks same day Aust v South Africa
May 29th - 15 young women fired by Curtis Publishing for dancing "Turkey Trot" during their lunch break
May 30th - US Marines sent to Nicaragua
May 30th - Indianapolis 500: Joe Dawson wins in 6:21:06.144 (120.060 km/h)
May 31st - US marines land on Cuba
Jun 1st - Stormvogels soccer team forms in Ijmuiden
Jun 4th - Cone of Mount Katmai (Alaska) collapses
Jun 4th - Massachusetts passes 1st US minimum wage law
Jun 5th - US marines invade Cuba (3nd time)
Jun 6th - The eruption of Novarupta in Alaska begins. It is the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century.
Jun 7th - St Pius X encyclical "On Indians of South America"
Jun 7th - US army tests 1st machine gun mounted on a plane
Jun 8th - Carl Laemmle incorporates Universal Pictures.
Jun 13th - NY Giant Christy Mathewson wins his 300th game
Jun 15th - 26th US Women's Tennis: Mary K Browne beats Eleonora Sears (6-4 6-2)
Jun 19th - Tennessee University opened as Tennessee A & L State College
Jun 20th - NY Giant Josh Devore steals 4 bases in an inning (2nd & 3rd twice)
Jun 20th - NY Giants lead Bost Braves 14-2 into 9th, Giants win 21-12
Jun 26th - Gustav Mahler's 9th Symphony premieres in Vienna
Jul 3rd - NY Giant pitcher Rube Marquard ties record of 19 game win-streak
Jul 4th - Detroit Tiger George Mullen no-hits St Louis Browns, 7-0
Jul 4th - Jack Johnson TKOs Jim Flynn in 9 for heavyweight boxing title
Jul 6th - Donald Lippincott runs world record 100m (10.6)
Jul 8th - G E V Crutchley (Oxford) 99 retired measles v Cambridge
Jul 8th - Giants Rube Marquard loses after winning 21 straight
Jul 8th - 29th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Ethel Larcombe beats C Sterry (6-3 6-1)
Jul 8th - 36th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Anthony Wilding beats A Gore (6-4 6-4 4-6 6-4)
Jul 10th - Hannes Kolehmainen runs world record 5000m (14:36.6)
Jul 12th - 1st foreign feature film exhibited in US-"Queen Elizabeth"-NYC
Jul 14th - Kenneth McArthur runs Olympic record marathon (2:36:54.8)
Jul 15th - British National Health Insurance Act goes into effect
Jul 16th - Naval torpedo launched from an airplane patents by B A Fiske
Jul 17th - IAF (Intl Amateur Athletic Federation) forms in Sweden
Jul 18th - Chicago Cubs get 21 hits but lose to Philadelphia Phillies in 11 innings
Jul 19th - A meteorite of estimated 190kg mass explodes over Holbrook in Navajo County, Arizona, causing approximately 16,000 pieces of debris to rain down on the town.
Jul 20th - Phillies Sherry Magee steals home twice in 1 game
Jul 22nd - 5th Olympic games in Stockholm, Sweden closes
Jul 25th - Comoros proclaimed a French colonies
Jul 31st - RBC soccer team forms in Roosendaal
Jul 31st - US government prohibits movies & photos of prize fights (censorship)
Aug 2nd - 18th US Golf Open: John McDermott shoots a 294 at CC of Buffalo NY
Aug 5th - Japan's first taxicab service begins in Ginza, Tokyo.
26th US President Theodore Roosevelt26th US President Theodore Roosevelt Aug 7th - Progressive (Bull Moose) Party nominates Theodore Roosevelt for pres
Aug 14th - 2,500 US marines invade Nicaragua; US remains until 1925
Aug 15th - Yankee Guy Zinn sets record by stealing home twice in a game
Aug 19th - Percy Aldridge Grainger's "Shepherd's Key," premieres
Aug 20th - Plant Quarantine Act goes into effect
Aug 20th - Wash Senator Carl Cushion no-hits Cleve Indians, 2-0 in 6 innings
Aug 21st - Mr Carter-Cotton chosen 1st chancellor of Univ of British Columbia
Aug 22nd - England defeat Australia to win the Triangular Tournament
Aug 22nd - Richard Catling, commissioner of police (Kenya)

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