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1st - Connie Mack asks waivers on Jack Coombs, Eddie Plank & Chief Colby
1st - German-British naval battle at Coronel, Chile
1st - Pope Benedictus Xv's encyclical Ad beatissimi, against integrity
1st - Von Hindenburg named marshal of Eastern front
2nd - Great Britain annexes Cyprus
2nd - V Herbert & H Blossoms "Only Girl," premieres in NYC
2nd - Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire.
3rd - Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
4th - Vogue holds 1st model show ("Fashion Fete," NYC)
5th - Britain annexes Cyprus
5th - Great Britain and France declare war on the Ottoman Empire (Turkey)
7th - Japanese attack German concession on Chinese peninsula of Shanghai
7th - The first issue of The New Republic magazine is published.
7th - The German colony of Kiaochow Bay and its centre at Tsingtao are captured by Japanese forces.
Baseball Legend Connie MackBaseball Legend Connie Mack 12th - Turks sultan Jamal Pasja declares a German holy war
14th - Billy Mallett of Hamilton Tigers kicks 10 singles in a game
15th - Ital socialist Benito Mussolini founds newspaper Il populo d'italia
16th - Federal Reserve System formally opens
16th - Pope Benedict XV calls for peace
17th - US declares Panama Canal Zone neutral
20th - US State Department starts requiring photographs for passports
21st - Billy Mallett of Hamilton Tigers kicks 9 singles in a game
21st - British army conquerors Bazra
22nd - Ypres, Belgium, burned by German bombing
23rd - The US Army retreats from Mexico.
Italian Dictator Benito MussoliniItalian Dictator Benito Mussolini 24th - Benito Mussolini leaves Italy's socialist party
24th - Dutch Overseas Trustmaatschappij (NOT) forms
26th - Battleship HMS Bulwark explodes at Sheerness Harbour, England, 788 die
27th - 1st British woman elected political agent (Grantham, Linconshire)
28th - World War I: Following a war-induced closure in July, the New York Stock Exchange re-opens for bond trading.

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