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Jan 2nd - 1st religious service radio broadcast in US, KDKA-Pittsburgh
Jan 2nd - DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park opens
Jan 3rd - Turkey makes peace with Armenia
Jan 4th - Eugene O'Neill's "Diff'rent," premieres in NYC
Jan 12th - Kenesaw Mountain Landis becomes 1st commissioner of baseball
Jan 18th - William Archer's "Green Goddess," premieres in NYC
Jan 19th - Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador sign Pact of Union
Jan 20th - British submarine HMS K5 (which was unusually equipped with steam turbines) sank with 57 crew during exercises in the Bay of Biscay
Jan 20th - Dagestan ASSR forms in RSFSR
Jan 20th - Mountain Autonomous Republic established in RSFSR
Jan 20th - Republic of Turkey declared in remnants of Ottoman Empire
Jan 21st - The Italian Communist Party was founded at Livorno.
Jan 25th - Karel Cap├ęk's "RUR" premieres in Prague
Jan 26th - Soccer team GVAV of Groningen Neth forms
Jan 26th - Toronto St Pat Corb Denneny scores 6 goals vs Hamilton Tigers
Jan 29th - Hurricane hits Washington & Oregon
Jan 30th - French rapist-murderer Henri-Desire Landru sentenced to death
Feb 5th - Yankees purchase 20 acres in Bronx for Yankee Stadium
Comedian/Actor/Filmaker Charlie ChaplinComedian/Actor/Filmaker Charlie Chaplin Feb 6th - "The Kid," starring Charlie Chaplin & Jackie Coogan, released
Feb 11th - Ambassador Theater opens at 215 W 49th St NYC
Feb 12th - Soviet troops invade Georgia
Feb 12th - Winston Churchill becomes British Minister of Colonies
Feb 14th - Canadian 5 cent nickel coin is authorized
Feb 14th - Little Review faces obscenity charges for publishing "Ulysses," NY
Feb 15th - Arthur Mailey completes 9-121 v England, Australian Test Cricket rec
Feb 17th - Arthur Honegger's "Pastorale D'ete," premieres
Feb 18th - British troops occupy Dublin
Feb 20th - Riza Khan Pahlevi seizes control of Iran
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston ChurchillSoldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill Feb 21st - Constituent Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Georgia adopts the country's first constitution
Feb 21st - The London Conference on the Near East begins: the issue is the Allies' 1920 Treaty of Sevres, which had given part of Turkish Asia Minor to Greece
Feb 23rd - 1st US transcontinental air mail flight arrives in NYC from San Francisco
Feb 24th - 1st transcontinental flight in 24 hrs flying time arrives Florida
Feb 25th - Tbilisi, capital of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, occupied by Bolshevist Russia.
Feb 25th - The Living Buddha, Hutuktu, is crowned king of Mongolia as the country declares independence from China
Feb 26th - The USSR signs treaties respecting the integrity of Persia and of Afghanistan
Feb 27th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Theresa Weld Blanchard; US male Figure Skating championship won by Sherwin Badger
Feb 27th - The International Working Union of Socialist Parties is founded in Vienna
Feb 27th - The Fascists incite a riot in Florence, Italy
Mar 1st - Australia Cricket team complete 5-0 drubbing of England
Mar 1st - Rwanda ceded to Great Britain
Mar 1st - Sailors revolt in Kronstadt Russia
Mar 3rd - Toronto's Dr Banting & Dr Best announce discovery of insulin
Mar 3rd - The Asiatic Inquiry Commission, est. by the South African Government, proposes a system of voluntary repatriation and segregation of Indians and prohibit Indians from buying agricultural land in a specified area along the coast
Mar 4th - Hot Springs National Park created in Arkansas
Mar 4th - Warren G. Haring is inaugurated as the 29th President of the United States
Mar 5th - The Durban Land Alienation Ordinance passes, enabling the Durban City Council to exclude Indians from ownership or occupation of property in white areas, South Africa
Mar 5th - The US warns Costa Rica and Panama to settle disputes peacefully
Mar 6th - Police in Sunbury, Penn, issue an edict requiring Women to wear skirts at least 4 inches below the knee
Mar 6th - The Natal Indian Congress is resuscitated and reorganised at a meeting in Durban, with Ismail Gora as President
Russian Revolutionary Leon TrotskyRussian Revolutionary Leon Trotsky Mar 7th - Red Army under Trotsky attack sailors of Kronstadt
Mar 8th - Spanish Premier Eduardo Dato Iradier is assassinated while exiting the parliament building in Madrid.
Mar 13th - Mongolia (formerly Outer Mongolia) declares independence from China
Mar 16th - Britain signs a trade agreement with the USSR and sends a trade mission to Moscow: this goes against the US, who in the same month refused to sign a trade agreement
Mar 17th - Dr Marie Stopes opens Britain's 1st birth control clinic (London)
Mar 17th - Lenin proclaims New Economic Politics
Mar 17th - Sailors revolt in Kronstadt (thousands die)
Mar 17th - The Second Republic of Poland adopts the March Constitution.
Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir LeninMarxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir Lenin Mar 18th - 2nd Peace of Riga, Poland enlarged
Mar 18th - Steamer "Hong Koh" runs aground off Swatow China killing 1,000
Mar 19th - Italian Fascists shoot from the Parenzana train at a group of children in Strunjan (Slovenia): two children are killed, two mangled and three wounded.
Mar 20th - Upper Silesia votes for amalgamation with Germany in a plebiscite that is 63% in favor
Mar 21st - Walter Kerr Theater (Ritz, CBS, NBC, ABC) opens at 223 W 48th St NYC
Mar 23rd - Germany announces it will be unable to meet its WWI reparation payments
Mar 31st - British coal miners goes on strike
Apr 2nd - Albert Einstein lectures in New York City on his new "Theory of Relativity"
Theoretical Physicist Albert EinsteinTheoretical Physicist Albert Einstein Apr 4th - Stanley Cup: Ottawa Senators (NHL) beat Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA), 3 games to 2
Apr 7th - Revolutionary leader, Sun Yat-sen is elected President of China at Canton, though China remains divided into north and south and subject to rivalries of warlords
Apr 11th - Iowa imposed 1st state cigarette tax
Apr 11th - KDKA broadcast 1st radio sporting event, a boxing match (Ray-Dundee)
Apr 11th - Turkestan ASSR forms in Russian SFSR
Apr 11th - First sports broadcast on the radio takes place.
Apr 11th - The Emirate of Transjordan is created.
Apr 13th - Foundation of the Spanish Communist Workers' Party.
Apr 14th - NHL Championship: Ottawa Senators sweep Toronto St Patricks in 2 games
Apr 14th - Prince Henry opens Rotterdam-Amsterdam-Bremen-Hamburg air route
Apr 15th - Black Friday in Britain: leaders of transport and rail unions announce a decision not to call for strike action in support of the miners; the epithet 'black' derives from a widespread feeling that the decision amounted to a breach of solidarity and a betrayal of the miners
Apr 16th - Liberal Freedom League forms in The Hague
Apr 18th - Junior Achievement incorporated in Colorado Spring
Apr 18th - Philip James Barry's "Punch for Judy" premieres in NYC
Apr 19th - 25th Boston Marathon won by Frank Zuna of NJ in 2:18:57.6
Apr 19th - Funeral of last German Emperoress, Augusta Victoria
Apr 21st - Ottawa Senators beat Vanc Millionaires 3 games to 2 for Stanley Cup [or 4/4]
Apr 23rd - Charles Paddock runs world record 100m (10.4 secs)
Apr 24th - 1st municipal elections for men & women in Belgium
Apr 24th - Under Allies supervision, a plebiscite in the Tyrol favors merging with Germany; unhappy with the outcome, Allies give the area to Italy
Apr 27th - Hadjememaar, [Corn de Gelder] elected in Amsterdam
Apr 30th - American Professional Football Association reorganizes in Akron
Apr 30th - Pope Benedict XV encyclical "On Dante"
May 1st - Drusian sultan Pasja al-Atrasj elected governor of Suwayda
May 2nd - Start of 3rd anti-German revolt in Upper Silesia
May 3rd - West Virginia imposes 1st state sales tax
May 5th - 1st ranger for Cleveland Metroparks hired
May 5th - Miniature newspaper published (Brighton Gazette 10 x 13 cm)
May 6th - American Soccer League forms
May 7th - 47th Kentucky Derby: Charles Thompson on Behave Yourself wins 2:04.2
May 8th - Sweden abolished capital punishment
May 10th - Luigi Pirandello's "Sei Personaggi in Cerca d'Autore" premieres
May 11th - Tel Aviv is 1st all Jewish municipality
May 11th - The Allied Supreme Council warns Germany to pay reparations or the entire Ruhr Valley will be occupied; Germany agrees
May 12th - National Hospital Day 1st observed
May 14th - Florence Allen is 1st woman judge to sentence a man to death
Italian Dictator Benito MussoliniItalian Dictator Benito Mussolini May 14th - Mussolini's fascists obtains 29 parliamentary seats
May 16th - 47th Preakness: F Coltiletti aboard Broomspun wins in 1:54.2
May 17th - Belgian and Luxembourg sign customs union
May 17th - US President Harding opens (via telephone) 1st Valencia Orange Show
May 19th - Congress sharply curbs immigration, setting a national quota system
May 21st - Oldest radio station west of Mississippi River licensed in Greeley Co
May 23rd - "Shuffle Along" 1st black musical comedy, opens in NYC
May 24th - 1st parliament for Northern Ireland elected
May 24th - British Legion forms
May 24th - Bulhoek Massacre of Israelites takes place near Queenstown when Colonel Theodore Truter, a police commissioner, leads 6 squadrons, a machine gun and an artillery detachment against the Israelite religious sect collected at their annual gathering on the land of their leader and prophet, Enoch Mgijima at Ntabalanga; the slaughter takes 10 minutes and costs 190 lives
May 27th - After 84 years of British control, Afghanistan achieves sovereignty
May 30th - Lord Dunsany's "If" premieres in London
May 30th - Memorial to Capt Eddie Grant, killed in WW I, unveiled at Polo Grounds
May 30th - Salzburg, Austria, votes to join Germany
May 30th - Indianapolis 500: Tommy Milton wins in 5:34:44.578 (144.231 km/h)
May 31st - Suffy McInnis (1st base) begins an errorless string of 1,700
Jun 1st - Race riot in Tulsa Oklahoma (21 whites & 60 blacks killed)
Jun 3rd - A sudden cloudburst kills 120 near Pikes Peak, Colorado
Jun 6th - Detroit Stars' Bill Gatewood pitches the 1st no-hitter in Negro League history, defeating the Cuban Stars 4-0
King of the United Kingdom George VKing of the United Kingdom George V Jun 6th - Southwark Bridge in London is opened to traffic by King George V and Queen Mary.
Jun 8th - Babe Ruth arrested for speeding, fined $100, & held in jail until 4 PM
Jun 10th - Babe Ruth becomes all time HR champ with #120 (Gavvy Cravath)
Jun 11th - 53rd Belmont: Earl Sande riding Grey Lag wins in 2:16.8
Jun 11th - Brazil adopts women suffrage
Jun 13th - Yanks' pitcher Babe Ruth hits 2 HRs beating Tigers 11-8
Jun 15th - Bessie Coleman reaches France as US 1st black pilot
Jun 19th - Census held in Great Britain
Jun 19th - Turks & Christians of Palestine sign a friendship treaty against Jews
Baseball Legend Babe RuthBaseball Legend Babe Ruth Jun 20th - 11.5" (29.2 cm) of rainfall, Circle, Montana (state record)
Jun 20th - At the Imperial Conference in London, V.S. Srinivasa Sastri puts forward a case for the granting of full citizenship rights to Indians in South Africa and other British colonies
Jun 21st - HSC '21 soccer team forms in Haaksbergen
Jun 21st - The UK, the Dominions, and India, become the British Commonwealth of Nations
Jun 22nd - Paavo Nurmi runs world record 10,000m (30:40.2)
Jun 25th - 56th British Golf Open: Jock Hutchison shoots a 296 at St Andrews
Jun 25th - Charlie McCartney scores 300 in 205 mins Aust v Notts
Runner nicknamed the Runner nicknamed the "Flying Finn" Paavo Nurmi Jun 29th - 34th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Suzanne Lenglen beats E Ryan (6-2 6-0)
Jun 30th - The South African Reserve Bank is established.
Jul 1st - The Communist Party of China is founded.
Jul 2nd - 41st Wimbledon Mens Tennis: B Tilden beats B Norton (4-6 2-6 6-1 6-0 7-5)
Jul 2nd - Jack Dempsey KOs George S Carpentier in 4 for heavyweight boxing title 1st million dollar gate ($1.7m) boxing match (Dempsey KOs Carpentier)
Jul 2nd - Warren G. Harding signs a joint congressional resolution declaring the official end of war with Germany
Jul 11th - Mongolia gains independence from China (National Day)
Jul 12th - Babe Ruth sets record of 137 career home runs
29th US President Warren G. Harding29th US President Warren G. Harding Jul 12th - Indians (9) & Yankees (7) combine for an AL record 16 doubles
Jul 14th - Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti convicted in Dedham Mass, of killing their shoe company's paymaster
Jul 16th - Encouraged by the British, King Constantine of Greece launches a drive to take Asia Minor from nationalist under Kemal
Jul 18th - Black Sox trial begins in Chicago
Jul 20th - Congresswoman Alice Mary Robertson became the first woman to preside over the US House of Representatives.
Jul 21st - Indians (9) & Yankees (7) hit a record 16 doubles

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