Historical Events for January 1926

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1st - Flood in Rhine strikes Cologne
3rd - Greek gen Theodorus Pangulos names himself dictator
4th - Theodorus Pangalos resigns as Greek dictator
6th - Kees Boeke opens 1st comprehensive school in Holland
8th - Abdul-Aziz ibn Sa'ud becomes king of Hejaz; renames it Saudi Arabia
20th - 2nd German government of Luther begins
21st - Belgian parliament accepts Locarno treaties
22nd - Belgian chief of staff Gen Maglinse quits
23rd - Eugene O'Neill's "Great God Brown," premieres in NYC
26th - 1st public demonstration of television by John Logie Baird in his laboratory in London
27th - US Senate agrees to join World Court
27th - Physicist Erwin Schrödinger publishes his theory of wave mechanics and presents what becomes known as the Schrödinger equation in quantum mechanics

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