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Jan 1st - Jacob Cocey Sr chosen as mayor of Massillon Ohio
Jan 1st - Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt publishes Himmler's wedding laws
Jan 1st - The United States Post Office Department issues a set of 12 stamps commemorating the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth.
Jan 2nd - Young gang shoot dead 6 police in Springfield Missouri
Jan 3rd - Martial law is declared in Honduras to stop revolt by banana workers fired by United Fruit.
Jan 4th - Bradman scores 167 for Australia v South Africa at the MCG
Jan 4th - British East Indies Viceroy Willingdon arrests Gandhi & Nehru
Jan 4th - State of siege proclaimed in Honduras
Jan 7th - 1st game played at Orchard Lake Curling Club, Mich
Jan 8th - Ratification of present SF City Charter
Pacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma GandhiPacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandhi Jan 10th - "Mickey Mouse" & "Silly Symphony" comics syndicated
Jan 10th - "Pete the Tramp" cartoon strip by C D Russell debuts
Jan 12th - France's Laval government falls
Jan 12th - Hattie W Caraway elected 1st woman senator (D-Ark)
Jan 12th - Philip Barry's "Animal Kingdom," premieres in NYC
Jan 14th - 1st totalisator (to record racetrack bets) in US installed, Hialeah
Jan 14th - Horse racing legend Eddie Arcaro won his 1st race
Jan 19th - Charlie Conacher becomes 1st Toronto Maple Leaf to score 5 goals in a game, 1st coming at 7 seconds of game
Jan 21st - USSR & Finland stop non-attack treaty
Jan 23rd - El Salvador army kills 4,000 protesting farmers
Jan 25th - 1st commencement exercises at Hebrew U in Jerusalem
Jan 25th - Bradman scores 167 NSW v Victoria, 224 mins, 22 fours
Jan 26th - British submarine M-2 sinks in Channel (60 dead)
Jan 26th - KUT-AM in Austin Texas changes call letters to KNOW
Jan 28th - 1st US state unemployment insurance act enacted (Wisconsin)
Jan 28th - Japanese forces attack Shanghai.
Jan 29th - Test debut of Bill O'Reilly, vs South Africa at Adelaide
Jan 30th - Grimmett 7-116 in South Africa 1st innings at Adelaide Oval
Jan 31st - US railway unions accept 10% wage reduction
Feb 1st - Bradman makes 299* vs South Africa, runs out partner going for 300th
Gangster Al CaponeGangster Al Capone Feb 2nd - Al Capone sent to prison (Atlanta, Georgia)
Feb 2nd - Geneva disarmament conference begins with 60 countries
Feb 2nd - Grimmett takes 14 wickets v South Africa (7-116 & 7-83)
Feb 2nd - Reconstruction Finance Corp organized
Feb 4th - 3rd Winter Olympic games open in Lake Placid, NY
Feb 4th - Japanese troop occupy Harbin, Manchuria
Feb 4th - World War II: Japan occupies Harbin, China.
Feb 6th - 1st Olympic dog sled race, Lake Placid, NY (demonstration sport)
Feb 6th - Fascist coup in the Memel territory
Feb 9th - America enter Olympic 2-man bobsled competition for 1st time
Feb 9th - US airship Columbia crashes during storm (Flushing, NY)
Feb 11th - 73°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in February
Feb 12th - Communist Party of Holland forms Unemployed Combat Committees
Feb 13th - "Free Eats" introduces George "Spanky" McFarland to "Our Gang"
Feb 14th - South Africa all out for 36 in 1st innings v Aust (Ironmonger 5-6)
Feb 15th - 3rd Winter Olympic games close at Lake Placid, NY
Feb 15th - Aust beat South Africa in cricket by an inn in 5 hrs 53 min playing time
Feb 15th - George Burns & Gracie Allen debuted as regulars on "Guy Lombardo Show"
Feb 15th - John Van Druten's "There's Always Juliet," premieres in NYC
Feb 15th - US bobsled team member Eddie Eagan becomes only athlete to win gold in both Summer & Winter Olympics (1920 boxing gold)
Feb 16th - 1st patent issued for a tree, to James Markham for a peach tree
Composer and Lyricist Irving BerlinComposer and Lyricist Irving Berlin Feb 17th - Irving Berlin's musical "Face the Music," premieres in NYC
Feb 18th - Japan declares Manchuria independent
Feb 18th - Sonja Henie wins her 6th straight World Women's figure skating title
Feb 19th - William Faulkner completes his novel "Light in August"
Feb 20th - Japanese troops occupy Tunhua China
Feb 21st - Andre Tardieu becomes premier of France
Feb 21st - Camera exposure meter patented, WN Goodwin
Feb 22nd - Purple Heart award reinstituted
Feb 24th - Malcolm Campbell drives record speed (253.96 mph) at Daytona
Feb 25th - Immigrant Adolf Hitler gets German citizenship
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler Feb 27th - Explosion in coal mine Boissevain, Virginia, USA (38 dead)
Feb 29th - Failed coup attempt by fascist Lapua Movement in Finland
Feb 29th - TIME magazine features eccentric American politician William "Alfalfa" Murray on its cover after Murray stated his intention to run for President of the United States.
Mar 1st - Charles Lindbergh Jr (20 months), kidnapped in NJ; found dead May 12
Mar 1st - 12 pro-independence revolutionaries captured in and around Chittagong in Bengal province, British India are sentenced to deportation for life, two to three-year prison terms with the remaining 32 being acquitted.
Mar 7th - Riots at Ford-factory Dearborn Michigan, kills 4
Aviator Charles LindberghAviator Charles Lindbergh Mar 9th - Eamon De Valera becomes president of Ireland
Mar 9th - Former Chinese emperor Henry Pu-Yi installed as head of Manchuria
Mar 17th - German police raid Hitler's Nazi headquarter
Mar 19th - The Sydney Harbour Bridge is opened.
Mar 20th - Kara-Kalpak Autonomous Region in RSFSR becomes Kara-Kalpak ASSR
Mar 24th - 1st US radio broadcast from a moving train (Belle Baker WABC from MD)
Mar 27th - De Bataven soccer team forms in Gendt
Mar 29th - Jack Benny debuts on radio, on Ed Sullivan's New York interview program
Mar 31st - 150 wild swans die in Niagara waterfall
Mar 31st - Ford publicly unveils its V-8 engine
Apr 2nd - Charles Lindbergh turns over $50,000 as ransom for kidnapped son
Playwright George Bernard ShawPlaywright George Bernard Shaw Apr 4th - George Bernard Shaw's "Too True to be Good" premieres in NYC
Apr 4th - Vitamin C 1st isolated, CC King, Univ of Pittsburgh
Apr 5th - Dutch textile strike broken by trade unions
Apr 5th - Dominion of Newfoundland: 10,000 rioters seize the Colonial Building leading to the end of self-government.
Apr 9th - Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs sweep NY Rangers in 3 games
Apr 10th - Paul von Hindenburg elected 1st German president (Hitler is 2nd)
Apr 12th - Emmanuel Chabriers & Balanchines ballet premieres in Monte Carlo
Apr 13th - Kozakken Boys soccer team forms in Werkendam forms
Composer Georges BizetComposer Georges Bizet Apr 14th - Bizet, Massine & Mira's "Jeux d'Enfants" premieres in Monte Carlo
Apr 17th - Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia ends slavery
Apr 19th - 36th Boston Marathon won by Paul de Bruyn of Germany in 2:33:36.4
Apr 19th - President Herbert Hoover suggests 5 day work week
Apr 23rd - Shakespeare Memorial Theatre opens at Stratford-on-Avon
Apr 23rd - The 153-year old De Adriaan Windmill in Haarlem, the Netherlands burns down.
Apr 24th - German national election (NSDAP 36.3% in Prussia)
Apr 25th - Rose Franken's "Another Language" premieres in NYC
Apr 26th - Jean Anouilh's "L'Ermine" premieres in Paris
31st US President Herbert Hoover31st US President Herbert Hoover Apr 28th - 1st broadcast of "One Man's Family" on NBC-radio
Apr 28th - Yellow fever vaccine for humans announced
May 1st - 1st Suriname union congress at Paramaribo
May 2nd - Jack Benny's 1st radio show premieres (NBC Blue Network)
May 2nd - Pulitzer prize awarded to Pearl S Buck (Good Earth)
May 3rd - 24 tourists begin 1st air-charter holiday (London-Basle, Switz)
May 4th - Al Capone enters Atlanta Penitentiary convicted of income tax evasion
May 5th - Japan & China sign a peace treaty
May 7th - 58th Kentucky Derby: Eugene James aboard Burgoo King wins in 2:05.2
May 9th - 58th Preakness: Eugene James aboard Burgoo King wins in 1:59.8
May 9th - Piccadilly Circus, 1st lit by electricity
May 9th - WOC-AM in Davenport Iowa merges with WHO to become WHO-WOC
May 10th - Government declares "Wilhelmus" as the Netherlands' national anthem
May 10th - Senate chairman Albert Lebrun becomes president of France
May 12th - Body of kidnapped son of Charles Lindbergh is found in Hopewell, NJ
May 14th - "We Want Beer!" parade in NY
May 15th - The 15th May Incident: in an attempted coup d'état, the Prime Minister of Japan Inukai Tsuyoshi is killed.
May 16th - Yanks 4th straight shutout to equal record set by Cleveland & Boston
May 17th - US Congress changes name "Porto Rico" to "Puerto Rico"
Aviation Pioneer Amelia EarhartAviation Pioneer Amelia Earhart May 20th - Amelia Earhart leaves Newfoundland 1st woman fly solo across Atlantic
May 20th - Engelbert Dollfuss becomes chancellor of Austria
May 21st - 1st Curtis Cup: US wins, 5½-3½ at Wentworth Club (Wentworth, England)
May 21st - 1st transatlantic solo flight by a woman (Amelia Earhart) lands in Ireland
May 23rd - Sir Hubert Ferdinand Opperman sets 24 hr record of 860 mi, 367 yds
May 25th - Goofy, aka Dippy Dawg, 1st appears in 'Mickey's Revue' by Walt Disney
May 26th - Admiral Makoto Saito forms parliament in Tokyo
May 28th - Dam closed, at current monument (South Seas)
May 29th - The Bonus Army of World War I veterans begins to assemble in Washington, DC in to request cash bonuses promised to them to be paid in 1945.
May 30th - Yankees dedicate a plaque to Miller Huggins
May 30th - Indianapolis 500: Fred Frame wins in 4:48:03.761 (167.604 km/h)
Jun 1st - Lunteren soccer team forms in Lunteren
Jun 2nd - German Chancellor Franz von Papen forms his "Cabinet of the Barons"
Jun 3rd - John McGraw, who came to NY in 1902, resigns as manager of Giants
Baseball Player Lou GehrigBaseball Player Lou Gehrig Jun 3rd - Lou Gehrig is 1st to hit 4 consecutive HRs; Yanks beat A's 20-13
Jun 3rd - Paul Von Hindenburg disbands German Parliament
Jun 4th - 64th Belmont: Tom Malley aboard Faireno wins in 2:32.8
Jun 4th - Edouard Herriot becomes premier of France
Jun 6th - Carlos Davila coup against pres Juan Montero of Chile
Jun 6th - Ijsselmeervogels soccer team forms in Spakenburg
Jun 6th - US Federal gas tax enacted
Jun 6th - The Revenue Act of 1932 is enacted, creating the first gas tax in the United States, at a rate of 1 cent per US gallon (1/4 ¢/L) sold.
Jun 7th - Pitcher John Quinn, 47, is oldest player to have an extra-base hit (a double) & bat in a run, as the Dodgers beat the Cubs 9-2
Jun 10th - 1st demonstration of artificial lightning Pittsfield Mass
Jun 10th - 67th British Golf Open: Gene Sarazen shoots a 283 at Prince's England
Jun 13th - Air force's Marmaduke Brutal becomes leader of revolutionary junta
Jun 13th - Great Britain & France sign peace treaty
Jun 14th - German government of von Papen forms
Jun 16th - Germany forbids SA/SS-gang fights
Jun 16th - President Hoover & VP Charles Curtis renominated by Rep Convention
Jun 16th - Sutcliffe & Holmes make 555 opening cricket stand for Yorks v Essex
Jun 17th - Oil tanker Cymbeline explodes in Montreal, Canada
Jun 17th - Bonus Army: around a thousand World War I veterans amass at the United States Capitol as the U.S. Senate considers a bill that would give them certain benefits.
Jun 19th - 1st concert given in SF's Stern Grove
Jun 19th - Hailstones kill 200 in Hunan Province, China
Jun 20th - A's Roger Cramer gets 6 consecutive hits in a game (repeats in 1935)

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