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Jan 1st - Alcatraz officially becomes a federal prison
Jan 1st - Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (US bank guarantor) effective
Jan 1st - International Telecommunication Union established
Jan 1st - Nazi Germany passes the "Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring".
Jan 2nd - 1st state liquor stores open, in Pennsylvania
Jan 2nd - Bradman scores 253 NSW v Queensland, 204 mins, 29 fours 4 sixes
Jan 4th - 1st Dutch talkie movie, Jan Teunissen's "Willem of Orange," premieres
Jan 5th - Fenway Park catches fire for 2nd time (May 8th 1926 also)
Jan 5th - National & American baseball leagues select a uniform ball
Jan 7th - "Flash Gordon" comic strip (by Alex Raymond) debuts
Jan 8th - Jaap Speyers "Bluejackets" premieres in Amsterdam
Cricket Legend Donald BradmanCricket Legend Donald Bradman Jan 13th - The Candidate of Science degree is established in the USSR.
Jan 15th - 8.4 earthquake in India/Nepal, 10,700 die
Jan 15th - Babe Ruth signs a 1934 contract for $35,000 ($17,000 cut)
Jan 15th - While robbing the First National Bank in East Chicago, Indianapolis, Dillinger is shot several times by officer William O'Malley, but survives because he is wearing a bullet proof vest.
Jan 17th - Carl Hubbell, NL MVP winner, gets $18,000 contract by the NY Giants
Jan 17th - Electric Home & Farm Authority incorporated
Jan 17th - NY Giants reward MVP pitcher Carl Hubbell with $18,000 contract
Baseball Legend Babe RuthBaseball Legend Babe Ruth Jan 18th - Eugene O'Neill's "Days Without End," premieres in NYC
Jan 19th - Kenesaw Mountain Landis denies Joe Jackson's appeal for reinstatement
Jan 20th - Japan sends Henry Pu Yi as regent to emperor of Manchuria
Jan 22nd - Dmitri Sjostakovitsj' opera "Lady MacBeth," premieres in Leningrad
Jan 26th - Bradman scores 128 NSW v Victoria, 96 mins, 17 fours 4 sixes
Jan 26th - Nazi Germany & Poland sign non-attack treaty for 10 years
Jan 26th - The Apollo Theater reopens in Harlem, New York City.
Jan 26th - German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact is signed.
Jan 27th - 27th Australian Men's Tennis Open: Fred Perry beat Crawford (6-3 7-5 6-1)
Jan 27th - French government of Chautemps falls (Stavisky Affair)
Jan 27th - VARA refuses to hire after commemoration of Marinus Van de Lubbe
Jan 28th - 1st US ski tow (rope) begins operation (Woodstock Vermont)
Jan 30th - 1st theatrical presentation sponsored by US government, NYC
Jan 30th - Bert Ironmonger ends Sheffield Shield career age 51 yrs 298 days
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler Jan 30th - Hitler proclamation on German unified states
Jan 31st - FDR devalus dollar in relation to gold at $35 per ounce
Feb 1st - Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss dissolves all political parties but his
Feb 2nd - Dutch RC Bishops warn against fascism/nazism
Feb 6th - Reds purchase 43-year-old Dazzy Vance from the Cards for $7,500
Feb 6th - Far right leagues rally in front of the Palais Bourbon in an attempted coup against the French Third Republic, creating a political crisis in France.
Feb 7th - 1st contract for TVA power, Tupelo, Miss
Feb 8th - Export-Import Bank organizes in Washington, DC
Feb 8th - Gaston Doumergue forms new French government
32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt Feb 9th - -14.3°F (-25.7°C), coldest day in New York City
Feb 9th - -51°F (-46°C), Vanderbilt, Michigan (state record)
Feb 9th - Balkan Entente alliance forms (Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey & Romania)
Feb 10th - 1st Jewish immigrant ship to break the English blockade in Palestine
Feb 10th - Byrd souvenir sheet issued, NYC; 1st unperforated ungummed US stamp
Feb 10th - Howard Hanson's "Merry Mount," premieres in NYC
Feb 10th - Stalin ends 17th CPSU-congress, says "Life becomes merrier"
Feb 10th - Thomson/Gertrude Steins opera premieres in NYC
Feb 12th - Export-Import Bank incorporates
Feb 12th - France hit by a general strike against fascists & royalists
Soviet Union Premier Joseph StalinSoviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin Feb 12th - The Austrian Civil War begins.
Feb 13th - Austrian Dollfuss government bans socialist party
Feb 13th - The Soviet steamship Cheliuskin sinks in the Arctic Ocean.
Feb 14th - NHL Ace Bailey Benefit Game: Toronto beats All-Stars 7-3 in Toronto
Feb 16th - Austrian Civil War ends with the defeat of the Social Democrats and the Republican Schutzbund.
Feb 16th - Commission of Government is sworn in as form of direct rule for the Dominion of Newfoundland.
Feb 17th - 1st high school auto driving course offered (State College, Penn)
Feb 19th - US contract air mail service canceled, replaced by US army for 6 months
Feb 20th - Virgil Thomson's opera "4 Saints in 3 Acts" opens in NYC
Feb 21st - Nicaraguan patriot Augusto Cesar Sandino assassinated by Natl Guard
Feb 22nd - "It Happened One Night," opens at NY's Radio City Music Hall
Feb 23rd - Casey Stengel becomes manager of Brooklyn Dodgers
Feb 23rd - Coronation of King Leopold III of Belgium
Mar 1st - Henry Pu Yi crowned emperor Kang Teh of Manchuria
Mar 1st - Primo Carnera beats Tommy Loughran in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
Mar 2nd - Union Pacific tests light-weight high-speed passenger train, Omaha
Gangster John DillingerGangster John Dillinger Mar 3rd - John Dillinger breaks out of jail using a wooden pistol
Mar 4th - Easter Cross on Mt Davidson (SF) dedicated
Mar 5th - Mother-in-law's day 1st celebrated (Amarillo, Tx)
Mar 6th - Sidney Howard & Paul de Kruif's "Yellowjacket" premieres in NYC
Mar 8th - Edwin Hubble photo shows as many galaxies as Milky Way has stars
Mar 10th - Longest undefeated streak in Toronto Maple Leaf history (18 games)
Mar 10th - US Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Suzanne Davis
Mar 10th - US Mens Figure Skating championship won by Roger Turner
Astronomer Edwin HubbleAstronomer Edwin Hubble Mar 11th - Netherlands beats Belgium 9-3, in soccer
Mar 12th - Acting Pres Constantine Päts commits coup in Tallinn Estonia
Mar 12th - Josip Broz (Tito) freed from jail
Mar 12th - Paul Hindemith's "Mathis der Maler" premieres in Berlin
Mar 15th - US Information Service opens
Mar 16th - Congress passes Migratory Bird Conservation Act
Mar 16th - 6th Academy Awards - "Cavalcade", Charles Laughton & Katharine Hepburn wins
Mar 17th - Dollfuss, Mussolini & Gombos sign Donau Pact (protocols of Rome)
Mar 20th - Rudolf Kuhnold demonstrates radar in Kiel Germany
Italian Dictator Benito MussoliniItalian Dictator Benito Mussolini Mar 20th - Female Babe Didrickson pitches hitless inning for Phila A's in exhibition game against Brooklyn Dodgers
Mar 21st - Fire destroys Hakodate Japan, killing about 1,500
Mar 21st - Babe Didrikson pitches an inning in an A's-Dodgers exhibition game Walks 1, hits the next guy, 3rd guy hits into triple-play
Mar 22nd - 1st Masters golf championship began in Augusta, Ga
Mar 22nd - Fire destroys Hakodate Japan (kills 1,500, injures 1,000)
Mar 23rd - US Congress accepts Philippines independence in 1945
Mar 24th - U.S. Congress passes the Tydings-McDuffie Act, declaring the Philippines independent after a period of 10 years
Mar 25th - 1st Golf Masters Championship: Horton Smith wins, shooting a 284
Mar 26th - Driving tests introduced in Britain
Mar 29th - Bank of Travail in Belgium, socialist workers' movement bankrupt
Mar 31st - Netherlands Indies BC Ltd begins radio transmission (Indonesia)
Apr 1st - Bonnie & Clyde kill 2 police officers
Apr 6th - 418 Lutheran ministers arrested in Germany
Pacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma GandhiPacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandhi Apr 7th - In India, Mahatma Gandhi suspended his campaign of civil disobedience
Apr 10th - Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks beat Detroit Red Wings, 3 games to 1
Apr 12th - Second highest ever wind spped of 372 km/h (231 mph) recorded on Mt Washington
Apr 12th - The US Auto-Lite Strike begins, culminating in a five-day melee between Ohio National Guard troops and 6,000 strikers and picketers.
Apr 13th - 4.7 million US families report receiving welfare payments
Apr 13th - US Congress passes Johnson Debt Default Act
Apr 17th - New Fenway Park opens, Washington Senators beat Red Sox 6-5
Apr 18th - 1st "Washateria" (laundromat) opens (Fort Worth, Tx)
Foreign Minister of the German Reich Joachim von RibbentropForeign Minister of the German Reich Joachim von Ribbentrop Apr 18th - Hitler names Joachim von Ribbentrop ambassador for disarmament
Apr 19th - 38th Boston Marathon won by Dave Komonen of Canada in 2:32:53.8
Apr 19th - Shirley Temple appears in her 1st movie, "Stand Up & Cheer"
Apr 20th - Heinrich Himmler becomes inspector Prussian secret state police
Apr 21st - Moe Berg, Senators catcher, plays AL record 117th cons errorless game
Apr 28th - FDR signs Home Owners Loan Act
Apr 28th - Soccer team Blue White '34 forms
Apr 28th - Spanish government of Samper forms
Apr 28th - Tigers' Goose Goslin grounds into 4 straight double plays
Actress and Diplomat Shirley TempleActress and Diplomat Shirley Temple Apr 29th - Pitts is last major league city to play a home game on a Sunday
Apr 30th - Austria gets "Austrian facist" constitution
May 1st - Austria signs pact with Vatican
May 1st - Philippine legislature accepts US proposal for independence
May 1st - Water state kingdom dismisses NSB-leader Anton Mussert
May 2nd - Nazi-Germany begins People's court
May 3rd - Bradman scores 206 Aust v Worcestershire, 210 mins, 27 fours
May 5th - 60th Kentucky Derby: Mack Garner aboard Cavalcade wins in 2:04
May 6th - Red Sox score 12 runs in 4th inning including record 4 consecutive triples hit by Carl Reynolds, Moose Solters, Rick Ferrell, & B Walters
May 7th - Princess Juliana of the Netherlands opens Juliana Canal
May 7th - Part of Khabarovsk becomes a Jewish Autnomous Region
May 7th - Pulitzer prize awarded to Sidney Kingsley (Men in White)
May 7th - World's largest pearl (6.4 kg) found at Palawan, Philippines
May 9th - Bradman out for a Cricket duck against Cambridge University!
Jazz-orchestra leader, Composer, Pianist Duke EllingtonJazz-orchestra leader, Composer, Pianist Duke Ellington May 12th - "Cocktails For Two" by Duke Ellington hits #1
May 12th - 60th Preakness: Robert Jones aboard High Quest wins in 1:58.2
May 13th - Great dustbowl storm sweeps across US prairies
May 15th - US Department of Justice offers $25,000 reward for Dillinger, dead or alive
May 15th - Karlis Ulmanis names himself fascist dictator of Latvia
May 18th - Academy Award 1st called Oscar in print (Sidney Skolsky)
May 18th - Congress approves "Lindbergh Act" making kidnapping a capital offense
May 18th - Jimmie Foxx hits 1st HR in Comiskey Park center field bleachers
May 18th - TWA began commercial service
May 19th - Military coup by Col Damian Veltsjev in Bulgaria
May 19th - Sherlock Holmes crossword puzzle in "Sat Review of Lit" Males who solved puzzle became members of Baker Street Irregulars
May 21st - Oskaloosa, Iowa, becomes first US city to fingerprint its citizens
May 23rd - The Auto-Lite Strike culminates in the "Battle of Toledo", a five-day melée between 1,300 troops of the Ohio National Guard and 6,000 picketers.
May 24th - Colombia & Peru sign accord about harbor city Leticia
May 25th - Béla Bartòk's "Enchanted Deer" premieres
May 26th - Century of Progress Exposition reopens in Chicago
May 28th - Bradman gets 160 Aust v Middlesex, 124 mins, 27 fours, 1x6, 1x5
May 28th - Hobbs scores his 197th & last FC cricket ton at 51 years 163 days
May 28th - Near Callander, Ontario, the Dionne quintuplets are born to Olivia and Elzire Dionne, later becoming the first quintuplets to survive infancy.
May 28th - The Glyndebourne festival in Sussex, England, is inaugurated.
May 30th - Indianapolis 500: Bill Cummings wins in 4:46:05.254 (168.761 km/h)
Jun 1st - AFC '34 soccer team forms in Alkmaar

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