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Jul 17th - Revolt in Iraq
Jul 18th - The Intel Corporation is founded in Santa Clara, California
Jul 20th - Jane Asher breaks her engagement with Paul McCartney on live TV
Jul 20th - Iron Butterfly's "In-a-gadda-da-vida" becomes 1st heavy metal song to hit charts, it comes in at #117
Jul 21st - 50th PGA Championship: Julius Boros shoots a 281 at Pecan Valley TX
Jul 21st - Carol Mann wins LPGA Buckeye Savings Golf Invitational
Jul 21st - Jan Janssen wins Tour de France: 1st Dutchman
Jul 22nd - Sir John Newsome recommends public schools should take 50% of their intake from the state school system
Jul 23rd - Fred Blasie wins 5th wrestling world championship belt
Jul 23rd - PLO's 1st hijacking of an El Al plane
Jul 23rd - Race riot in Cleveland, 11 including 3 police officers killed
Jul 24th - Hoyt Wilhelm's 907th breaks Cy Young's record for pitching appearances
Jul 25th - Pope Paul VI encyclical against On regulation of birth
Jul 27th - Carol Mann wins LPGA Supertest Canadian Golf Open
Jul 27th - Race Riot in Gary Indiana
Jul 29th - Cincinnati Red George Culver no hits Phillies, 6-1
Jul 29th - Gram Parson refuses to play with the Byrds in South Africa
Jul 29th - Mount Arenal, Costa Rica kills 80 in Pelee-type eruption
Jul 29th - Pope Paul VI, in an encyclical entitled "Humanae Vitae" (Of Human Life), declares any artificial forms of birth control prohibited
Jul 29th - Wash DC Ron Hansen makes unassisted triple play vs Cleve
Jul 30th - Beatles' Apple Boutique closes, entire inventory is given away
Jul 30th - Wash Senator Ron Hansen makes 1st unassisted triple-play in 41 years
Jul 31st - Beatles close Apple Boutique, giving clothes away for free
Aug 1st - Canada begins replacing silver with nickel in coins
Aug 1st - Cleveland Metroparks begins operating Zoo
Aug 1st - WXIX TV channel 19 in Cincinnati-Newport, OH (IND) begins broadcasting
Aug 1st - The coronation is held of Hassanal Bolkiah, the 29th Sultan of Brunei.
Aug 2nd - 35th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Green Bay 34, All-Stars 17 (69,917)
Aug 3rd - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
Aug 4th - 100,000 attend Newport Pop Festival, Costa Mesa, Calif
Aug 4th - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Gino Paoli Golf Open
Aug 4th - WXTV TV channel 41 in New York-Paterson, NY (UNI) begins broadcasting
Aug 5th - WMCV (now WZTV) TV channel 17 in Nashville, TN (IND) 1st broadcast
Aug 8th - Jarry Park is approved by Mayor Jean Drapeau for interim use by Expos
Aug 8th - Race riot in Miami, Florida
37th US President Richard Nixon37th US President Richard Nixon Aug 8th - Republican convention in Miami Beach nominates Richard Nixon for president
Aug 9th - Yugoslav president Tito visits Prague
Aug 10th - Race riot in Miami, Chicago & Little Rock
Aug 10th - Shirley Englehorn wins LPGA Concord Golf Open
Aug 11th - Beatles launch "Apple Records" label
Aug 11th - Satchel Paige, 62, & needing 158 days on a major league payroll to qualify for a pension, is signed by Braves
Aug 11th - The last steam passenger train service runs in Britain. A selection of British Rail steam locomotives make the 120-mile journey from Liverpool to Carlisle and returns to Liverpool before having their fires dropped for the last time - this working was known as the Fifteen Guinea Special.
Aug 14th - Montreal Expos officially become a member of NL
Aug 15th - Pirate Radio Free London, begins transmitting
Aug 15th - Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu visits Prague
Aug 15th - USSR performs nuclear test at Sary Shagan USSR
Aug 17th - Dick Beyers (Dr X) beats Verne Gagne, to become NWA champ
Aug 18th - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Holiday Inn Golf Classic
Aug 20th - 650,000 Warsaw Pact troops invade Czechoslovakia
Aug 20th - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
Aug 21st - After 5 years Russia once again jams Voice of America radio
Aug 21st - Democratic Convention opens in Chicago
Aug 21st - Marine James Anderson Jr is 1st black Medal of Honor winner
Aug 21st - Radio Prague (Czechoslovakia) at 12:50 AM announces a soviet led invasion
Aug 21st - Warsaw Pact forces invade Czechoslovakia to end the reform movement known as the Prague Spring
Aug 21st - William Dana reaches 80 km (last high-altitude X-15 flight)
Aug 22nd - 1st papal visit to Latin America (Pope Paul VI arrives in Bogota)
Aug 22nd - Pope Paul VI opens Eucharistic congress in Bogota
Aug 22nd - The Society of Labour Lawyers (SLL) publishes an 'interim report' about alleged discrimination in Northern Ireland; the report is heavily criticised by unionists.
Aug 23rd - Ringo quits Beatles over a disagreement, temporarily
Aug 23rd - Yanks & Tigers play 3-3 tie in 19 due to 1 AM curfew
Aug 24th - France became world's 5th thermonuclear power with detonation on Mururoa
Aug 24th - Northern Ireland's first civil rights march held; many more marches would be held over the following year and Loyalists organized counter-demonstrations to get the marches banned
Tennis Player Arthur AsheTennis Player Arthur Ashe Aug 25th - Arthur Ashe becomes 1st black to win US singles championship
Aug 25th - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Ladies World Series of Golf
Aug 25th - NY Yankee outfield Rocky Colavito pitches 2 2/3 innings & beats Tigers 6-5; he played right field in 2nd game & homered
Aug 27th - The Derry Housing Action Committee (DHAC) organise another protest in the Guildhall's council chamber; immediately after the protest Eamon Melaugh phones the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) and invites them to organise a march in Derry
Aug 28th - Police & anti-war demonstrators clash at Chicago's Demcratic National Convention
Aug 28th - Gerry Fitt, MP, tables a House of Commons motion criticising Royal Ulster Constabulary action in Dungannon on 24 August 1968 and demands that: "citizens of Northern Ireland should be allowed the same rights of peaceful demonstration as those in other parts of the United Kingdom"
Aug 29th - 1st US Open tennis match (Billie Jean King beats Dr Vija Vuskains)
Aug 29th - Democrats nominate Hubert H Humphrey for US president (Chicago)
Aug 30th - 1st record under Apple label (Beatle's Hey Jude)
Aug 30th - John & Yoko's "One on One" benefit for children at Madison Square Garden
Aug 31st - 12,000 die in 7.8 quake destroys 60,000 buildings in NE Iran
Aug 31st - 68th US Golf Amateur Championship won by Bruce Fleisher
Artist & Musician Yoko OnoArtist & Musician Yoko Ono Aug 31st - Private Eye magazine reports a John Lennon & Yoko Ono album will have a picture of them nude on cover
Aug 31st - Roy Face ties W Johnson's record of 802 pitching appearances with club
Aug 31st - Verne Gagne beats Dick Beyers (Dr X) in Minn, to become NWA champ
Aug 31st - Garfield Sobers becomes the first cricketer to hit 6 sixes in one over.
Sep 1st - Carol Mann wins LPGA Willow Park Ladies Golf Invitational
Sep 1st - Earthquake destroys Ferdows Persia, 2,000 killed
Sep 1st - Pirate Radio Marina (Netherlands) begins transmitting
Comedian Jerry LewisComedian Jerry Lewis Sep 2nd - Jerry Lewis' 3rd Muscular Dystrophy telethon
Sep 3rd - Chicago White Sox set AL record of 39 loses by 1 run
Sep 4th - Nigerian troops conquer Aba Biafra
Sep 5th - 21 killed by hijackers aboard a Pan Am jet in Karachi Pakistan
Sep 5th - 82nd US Women's Tennis: Virginia Wade beats Billie Jean King (6-4 6-4)
Sep 5th - 88th US Men's Tennis: Arthur Ashe beats Tom Okker (1412 57 63 36 63)
Sep 5th - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
Sep 6th - Swaziland gains independence from Britain (National Day)
Sep 8th - "Funny Girl" with Barbra Striesand premieres
Sep 8th - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
Sep 8th - Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Pacific Ladies Golf Classic
Sep 8th - Saundra Williams wins 1st Miss Black America pageant
Sep 9th - 1st US Open, held as an "open", Arthur Ashe wins, defeating Tom Okker
Sep 9th - WGIQ TV channel 43 in Louisville, AL (PBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 9th - WVPT TV channel 51 in Staunton, VA (PBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 11th - Air France Flight 1611 crashes off Nice, France, killing 89 passengers and 6 crew.
Sep 12th - Albania announces it is withdrawing from the Warsaw Pact
Sep 13th - Albania leaves Warsaw pact
Boxer and Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Floyd PattersonBoxer and Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson Sep 14th - Jimmy Ellis beats Floyd Patterson in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
Sep 14th - 1st broadcast of "60 Minutes" on CBS-TV
Sep 14th - Detroit Tigers' Denny McLain's 30th victory of season
Sep 14th - Dmitri Shostakovitch' 12th string quartet, premieres in Moscow
Sep 14th - USSR's Zond 5 is launched on 1st circumlunar flight
Sep 15th - "Barbra Streisand: A Happening in Central Park" Show on CBS TV
Sep 15th - Carol Mann wins LPGA Shirley Englehorn Golf Invitational
Sep 15th - Launch of Zond 5, 1st lunar fly-around with Earth reentry
Singer-songwriter & Actress Barbra StreisandSinger-songwriter & Actress Barbra Streisand Sep 15th - NY Zendo (Shoboji) was opened by S Nakagawa & D S Harada
Sep 15th - WUAB TV channel 43 in Lorain-Cleveland, OH (IND) begins broadcasting
Sep 15th - WXON TV channel 20 in Detroit, MI (IND) begins broadcasting
Sep 15th - Probable Test flight for a manned fly-around (scooped by Apollo 8)
Sep 16th - KLNI (now KADN) TV channel 15 in Lafayette, LA (IND) begins
Sep 16th - Richard Nixon appears on "Laugh-in"
Sep 17th - Gaylord Perry (Giants) no-hits St Louis Cardinals, 1-0
Sep 17th - Zond 5 completes circumnavigation of Moon
Sep 18th - Ray Washburn (Cards) no-hits SF Giants 2-0
Baseball Legend Mickey MantleBaseball Legend Mickey Mantle Sep 19th - Denny McLain's 31st win & Mickey Mantle's 535th HR
Sep 20th - Mickey Mantle hits final career homer # 536
Sep 22nd - Iraq adopts constitution
Sep 22nd - KMTC (now KDEB) TV channel 27 in Springfield, MO (IND) 1st broadcast
Sep 22nd - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Kings River Golf Open
Sep 22nd - Twins' Cesar Tovar pitched a hitless inning & plays all 9 positions
Sep 22nd - Zond 5 completes flight
Sep 23rd - WKAS TV channel 25 in Ashland, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 23rd - WKGB TV channel 53 in Bowling Green, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 23rd - WKLE TV channel 46 in Lexington, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 23rd - WKMA TV channel 35 in Madisonville, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 23rd - WKMR TV channel 38 in Morehead, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 23rd - WKON TV channel 52 in Owenton, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 23rd - WKSO TV channel 29 in Somerset, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 23rd - WKZT TV channel 23 in Elizabethtown, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
Sep 24th - "60 Minutes" premieres on CBS-TV
Sep 24th - "That's Life" premieres-A Broadway musical type TV show
MLB First Baseman Gil HodgesMLB First Baseman Gil Hodges Sep 24th - NY Met manager Gil Hodges suffers a heart attack
Sep 24th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Sep 26th - 1st broadcast of "Hawaii Five-O" on CBS-TV
Sep 26th - Marcelo Caetano elected premier of Portugal
Sep 26th - St Louis Cards' Bob Gibson's 13th shutout, ends with 1.12 ERA
Sep 26th - Theatre censorship ends in Britain
Sep 27th - "Hair" opens in London
Sep 27th - Cardinal's super pitcher Bob Gibson's 13th shutout of year
Sep 27th - France refuses UK entry into common market
Sep 28th - "Happy Time" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 286 performances
Sep 28th - "Noel Coward's Sweet Potato" opens at Barrymore NYC for 17 perfs
Sep 28th - Alberto Giolani of Italy roller skates record 23.133 miles in 1 hr
Sep 28th - Atlanta Chiefs beat San Diego Toros 3-0 for NASL championship
Sep 28th - Beatles "Hey Jude," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 9 weeks
Sep 28th - Chuck Hixson (Southern Methodist) completes 37 of record 69 passes
Singer Janis JoplinSinger Janis Joplin Sep 28th - Janis Joplin announces she's leaving "Big Brother & Holding Co"

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