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Jan 1st - "Flying Karamzov Brothers" closes at Helen Hayes NYC after 50 perfs
Jan 1st - "Grand Night after Singing" closes at Criterion NYC after 52 perfs
Jan 1st - Aleksandr Popov swims world record 100m free style (47.83)
Jan 1st - Carquest Bowl 4: Boston College beats Virginia, 32-13
Jan 1st - Howard Stern's New Year's Eve Beauty Pageant
Jan 1st - International Year of Family
Jan 1st - Jacobs Field opens with "Gateway's New Year's Eve Countdown to '94"
Jan 1st - North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) goes into effect
Jan 1st - The Zapatista Army of National Liberation initiates twelve days of armed conflict in the Mexican State of Chiapas.
Jan 2nd - "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" closes at Beaumont NYC after 40 perfs
Jan 2nd - "Shakespeare after My Father" closes at Helen Hayes NYC after 266 perf
Jan 2nd - Battles between army & rebellious indians in South Mexico, kill 57
Jan 3rd - "Gray's Anatomy" closes at Beaumont Theater NYC after 13 performances
Jan 3rd - 100s killed in Venezuela in prison revolt
Jan 3rd - Tupolev-154M crashes at Irkutsk, Siberia: 122 killed
Jan 3rd - 35-foot-tall Chief Wahoo, trademark of Indians on top of Stadium since 1962, is taken down, to be moved to Jacob's Field
Jan 4th - 10th largest wrestling crowd (58,000-Tokyo Dome)
Jan 5th - Aleksandr Popov swims world record 100m free style (47.82)
Jan 5th - Yat Weiju swims world record 100m butterfly stroke (58.71)
Radio shock jock Howard SternRadio shock jock Howard Stern Jan 5th - Zhong Weiju swims world record 25m pool record (58.71)
Jan 6th - "Government Inspector" opens at Lyceum Theater NYC for 37 performances
Jan 6th - Dow-Jones hits record 3803.88
Jan 6th - Ice skater Nancy Kerrigan is attacked by Tonya Harding's bodyguard
Jan 6th - Yat Weiju swims world record 50m butterfly stroke (26.44)
Jan 6th - Zhong Weiju swims world record 25m pool (26.44)
Jan 7th - South Africa beat Australia in the Sydney Test by 5 runs
Jan 7th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Tonya Harding
Jan 7th - United Express commuter plane crashes in Ohio, killing 5
Jan 8th - Rintje Ritsma skates world record 1500m (1:51.60)
Jan 8th - Russian manned space craft TM-18, launches into orbit
Jan 8th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Scott Davis
Jan 9th - 14th United Negro College Fund raises $11,000,000
Jan 9th - Gunda Niemann skates world record (167.282 pts)
Jan 9th - Rintje Ritsma skates world record (156.201 points)
Jan 10th - Trial of Lorena Bobbitt who cut off her husband's penis, begins
Jan 10th - Ukraine says it will give up world's 3rd largest nuclear arsenal
Jan 10th - Uzbekistan & Kazakhstan agrees to abolish trade tariffs
Jan 11th - Hyderabad score 6 for 944 against Andhra Pradesh in Ranji Trophy
Jan 11th - Irish government announces end of a 20-year broadcasting ban on IRA
African American Activist Malcolm XAfrican American Activist Malcolm X Jan 12th - Malcolm X's daughter arrested for plotting Louis Farrakham's murder
Jan 12th - Steve Carlton (Phillies) elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
Jan 13th - Italian government of Ciampi resigns
Jan 13th - Tonya Harding's bodyguard, Shawn Eric Eckardt & Derrick Brian Smith arrested & charged with conspiracy in attack of skater Nancy Kerrigan
Jan 14th - Inna Lassovskaya triple-jumps ladies world record (14.61m)
Jan 14th - Russian manned space craft TM-17, lands
Jan 15th - 15th ACE Cable Awards: HBO wins 34 awards, Showtime wins 10
Jan 15th - Hague motorist with .51% alcohol in blood, breaks Dutch record (.47%)
Jan 15th - Queen Elizabeth falls off her horse & breaks her left wrist
Jan 16th - Scott skates world record 1000m (1:12.54)
Jan 17th - 6.6 Earthquake hits Los Angeles killing 60, $30B in damage
Jan 17th - Actress Elizabeth Taylor released from the hospital after hip treatment
Jan 18th - The Cando event, a possible bolide impact in Cando, Spain. Witnesses claim to have seen a fireball in the sky lasting for almost one minute.
Jan 19th - -20°F (-29°C) (5:32 AM) coldest day ever recorded in Cleveland Ohio
Jan 19th - -36°F (-38°C) in New Whiteland, Indiana (state record)
Actress Elizabeth TaylorActress Elizabeth Taylor Jan 21st - Dow Jones passes 3900 (record 3,914.20)
Jan 21st - Lorena Bobbitt found temporarily insane when she cut off her husband's penis
Jan 22nd - 45th NHL All-Star Game: East beat West 9-8 at NY Rangers
Jan 22nd - 5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Sumatra
Jan 22nd - 51st Golden Globes: Schlinder's List, Steven Speilberg
Jan 22nd - East beats West 9-8 in 45th NHL All Star Game at Madison Square Garden in NYC
Jan 23rd - Bernie Kosar is 2nd QB to throw TD passes in AFC & NFC Champ games
Jan 23rd - Worldwide Day for peace in Bosnia-Hercegovina
Jan 24th - Dow Jones closes above 3,900 for 1st time (3,914.48)
Jan 25th - Australia beat South Africa 2-1 to win the World Series Cup
Jan 25th - Mine fire at Asansol, India, kills 55
Jan 25th - US space probe Clementine launched
Jan 25th - Accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy, Michael Jackson settles a civil lawsuit out of court
Jan 27th - "No Man's Land" opens at Criterion Theater NYC for 61 performances
Jan 27th - Carlos Reina succeeds pres Callejas in Honduras
King of Pop Michael JacksonKing of Pop Michael Jackson Jan 27th - Romanian social democrats form government with anti-Semites
Jan 28th - Helicopter crashes into office building in San Jose California, 1 dead
Jan 28th - Inna Lassovskaja jumps ladies world record (14.78m)
Jan 30th - 68th Australian Women's Tennis Open: S Graf beats A S Vicario (6-0 6-2)
Jan 30th - 82nd Australian Mens Tennis: Pete Sampras beats Todd Martin (76 64 64)
Jan 30th - Dan Jansen skates world record 500m (35.76)
Jan 30th - Kapil Dev equals Richard Hadlee's world record of 431 Test wkts
Jan 30th - Super Bowl XXVIII: Dallas Cowboys beat Buffalo Bills, 30-13 in Atlanta Super Bowl MVP: Emmitt Smith, Dallas, RB
Jan 30th - Péter Lékó becomes the youngest chess grand master.
Jan 31st - Barcelona opera theater "Gran Teatro del Liceo" burns down
Jan 31st - Dow Jones hits a record 3,978.36
Feb 1st - Irina Privalova runs world record 50m indoor (6.03 sec)
Feb 1st - Large meteorite falls near Kusaie, Pacific Ocean
Feb 3rd - "Les Miserables," opens at Kallang Theatre, Singapore
Feb 3rd - President Bill Clinton lifts US trade embargo against Vietnam
42nd US President Bill Clinton42nd US President Bill Clinton Feb 3rd - STS-60 (Discovery) launches into orbit
Feb 4th - 10th Soap Opera Digest Awards - Days of Our Live wins
Feb 4th - 20 die in armed assault on mosque in Khartoum, Sudan
Feb 4th - Merlene Ottey runs world record 50 m indoor (6.00 sec)
Feb 4th - Russian team beats ladies world record 4x800 m indoor (8:18.71)
Feb 5th - "Where On Earth Is Carmen San Diego," debuts on Fox TV
Feb 5th - Medgar Evers' murderer Byron De La Beckwith sentenced to life, in Jackson Miss, 30 years after the crime
Feb 6th - "Government Inspector" closes at Lyceum Theater NYC after 37 perfs
Feb 6th - Dawn Coe-Jones wins LPGA Healthsouth Palm Beach Golf Classic
Feb 6th - Jose Maria Figueres elected president of Costa Rica
Feb 6th - Leonid Voloshin triple jumps world record 17.77m
Feb 6th - Martti Ahtisaari elected president of Finland
Feb 6th - NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 17-3
Feb 7th - 21st American Music Award: Whitney Houston wins
Feb 7th - Howard Stern stops a would-be jumper on the George Washington Bridge
Singer and actress Whitney HoustonSinger and actress Whitney Houston Feb 7th - Jim Nabors undergoes a liver transplant
Feb 8th - Jack Nicholson uses a golf club to attack a car
Feb 8th - Kapil Dev sets world record for Test Cricket wickets with 432
Feb 8th - Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee charge with possession of loaded firearm
Feb 9th - Israeli minister Shimon Perez signs accord with PLO's Arafat
Feb 11th - Lu Parker, (South Carolina), crowned 43rd Miss USA
Feb 11th - Space shuttle STS-60 (Discovery 18), lands
Feb 12th - 17th Winter Olympic games opens in Lillehammer, Norway
Feb 12th - 20th century premiere of 6 restored Haydn-sonatas in Boston
Feb 12th - Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream" stolen (in Oslo)
Feb 12th - Inna Lassovskaya jumps world record 14.90m
Feb 12th - Model Anna Nicole Smith hospitalized for drug overdose
Feb 13th - 44th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 127-118 at Minneapolis
Feb 13th - Inna Lassovskaya jumps world record 14.9m
Feb 13th - Johann Olav Koss skates world record 5000m 6:34,96
Actor Jack NicholsonActor Jack Nicholson Feb 13th - Ship disaster near Ranong Thailand, kills 200
Feb 14th - Alexander Golubev skates Olympic record 500m (36.33)
Feb 14th - Andrei Chikatilo, a Russian serial killer is executed by shooting.
Feb 14th - 2nd ESPY Awards: Barry Bonds, Julie Krone win
Feb 15th - US asks Aristide to adopt a peace plan from Haiti
Feb 16th - 6.5 earthquake strikes SE Sumatra, kills 200
Feb 16th - Johann Olav Koss skates world record 1500m (1:51.29)
Feb 16th - Premier Alfonso Bustamente ends government in Peru
Feb 18th - Dan Jansen skates world record 1000m (1:12.43)
Feb 18th - Shreveport Pirates join CFL as 4th US team
Feb 19th - Marta Figueras-Dotti wins Cup o' Noodles Hawaiian Ladies Golf Open
Feb 20th - 3 Afghans take 70 Pakistani children hostage
Feb 20th - Johann Olav Koss skates world record 10 km (13:30.55)
Feb 20th - Pope John Paul II demands juristic discrimination of homosexuals
Feb 22nd - "Les Miserables," opens at Chunichi Theatre, Nagoya
264th Pope John Paul II264th Pope John Paul II Feb 23rd - Indians owner Richard Jacobs announces he will pay $10 million to name baseball field (Jacobs Field) at Gateway (becomes official 3/23)
Feb 24th - Scoreboard is unveiled at new Cleve Indians' park (Jacobs Field)
Feb 25th - Israeli extremist Baruch Goldstein massacres 30 Palestinians in Hebron
Feb 25th - Peruvian Yak-40 crashes into mountain near Tingo Maria, kills 31
Feb 25th - Phil Rizzuto elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
Feb 26th - St Louis Blues beat Ottawa Senators 11-1
Feb 27th - 17th Winter Olympic games closes in Lillehammer, Norway
Feb 27th - Maronite church near Beirut bombed, 10 killed
Feb 28th - 100 agents raid Branch Davidian compound at Waco Texas
Feb 28th - Brady Law, imposing a wait-period to buy a hand-gun, went into effect
Mar 1st - 36th Grammy Awards: I Will Always Love You, Toni Braxton wins
Mar 1st - Martti Ahtisaari inaugurated as president of Finland
Mar 1st - Senate rejectes a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution
Mar 2nd - Miami begins a latin walk of fame, 1st star for Gloria Estefan
Mar 2nd - William Natcher, (Rep-D-Ky), casts his 18,401 & last consecutive vote
Singer Gloria EstefanSinger Gloria Estefan Mar 2nd - Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh promises to surrender if taped statement is broadcasted, it is, but he doesn't
Mar 3rd - "Damn Yankees" opens at Marquis Theater NYC for 510 performances
Mar 3rd - "Philoktetes Variations," with Ron Vawter, premieres in Brussels
Mar 3rd - IRS investigates Darryl Strawberry
Mar 4th - 4 Arab terrorist founded guilty of bombing the World Trade Center
Mar 4th - Space shuttle STS-62 (Columbia 16), launches into orbit

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