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1 - 1st Christmas, according to calendar-maker Dionysus Exiguus
274 - Roman Emperor Aurelian dedicates a temple to Sol Invictus on the supposed day of the winter solstice and day of rebirth of the Sun.
337 - Earliest possible date that Christmas was celebrated on Dec 25th
352 - 1st definite date Christmas was celebrated on Dec 25th
390 - Roman emperor Theodosius admits debt on mass murder in Thessalonica
498 - French King Clovis baptises himself
597 - England adopts Julian calendar
604 - Battle at Etampes (Stampae): Burgundy beat Neustriers
800 - Pope Leo III crowns Charles the Great (Charlemagne), Roman emperor
875 - Charles, the Bare, crowned emperor of Rome
967 - John XIII crowned Otto II the Red German compassionate emperor
Holy Roman Emperor CharlemagneHoly Roman Emperor Charlemagne 969 - Johannes I Tzimisces crowned emperor of Byzantium
979 - Rotardus appointed as bishop of the kingdom
999 - Heribertus becomes bishop of Cologne
1000 - Monarch Istvan crowned king of Hungary
1046 - Pope Clemens VI crowns Henry III as Holy Roman Emperor
1048 - Parliament of Worms: Emperor Henry III names his cousin count Bruno van Egisheim/Dagsburg as Pope Leo IX
1066 - Duke William of Normandy ('William the Conqueror) crowned king of England
1100 - Boudouin I of Boulogne crowned king of Jerusalem
1101 - Henry I of Limburg becomes duke of Neth-Lutherans
1121 - Norbertus van Xanten finds order of the Norbertijnen
1130 - Anti-pope Anacletus II crowns Roger II the Norman king of Sicily
Catholic Friar and Preacher, Saint Francis of AssisiCatholic Friar and Preacher, Saint Francis of Assisi 1223 - St Francis of Assisi assembles 1st Nativity scene (Greccio, Italy)
1261 - John IV Lascaris of the restored Eastern Roman Empire is deposed and blinded by orders of his co-ruler Michael VIII Palaeologus.
1492 - Columbus' ship Santa Maria runs aground and sinks on Hispaniola
1522 - Turkish troops occupy Rhodos
1553 - Battle of Tucapel: Mapuche rebels under Lautaro defeats the Spanish conquistadors and exetutes the governor of Chile Pedro de Valdivia.
1582 - Zealand/Brabant adopts Gregorian calendar, yesterday was Dec 14th
1599 - The city of Natal, Brazil, is founded.
Explorer of the New World Christopher ColumbusExplorer of the New World Christopher Columbus 1613 - Johan Sigismund of Brandenburg becomes protestant
1621 - Gov William Bradford of Plymouth Colony (now in Massachusetts) forbids game playing on Christmas
1640 - Pierre de Fermat writes to Marin Mersenne about Fermat's church thesis
1641 - Emperor Ferdinand III makes appointments with Sweden & France
1643 - Christmas Island founded and named by Captain William Mynors of the East India Ship Company vessel, the Royal Mary.
1651 - Massachusetts General Court ordered a five shilling fine for "observing any such day as Christmas"
1683 - English Whig leader Duke of Monmouth flees to Holland
1688 - British king James II lands in Ambleteuse, France
1688 - Lord Delamere sides with King James II
1717 - Floods ravage Dutch coast provinces, thousands killed
Astronomer Anders CelsiusAstronomer Anders Celsius 1741 - Astronomer Anders Celsius introduces Centigrade temperature scale
1745 - Prussia and Austria sign Treaty of Dresden giving much of Silesia to the Prussians
1758 - Return of Halley's comet 1st sighted by Johann Georg Palitzsch
1760 - Jupiter Hammon, NY slave, publishes poetry in "An Evening Throught"
1769 - First Christian service in New Zealand; Mass is celebrated in Doubtless Bay by Father Paul-Antoine Léonard de Villefeix of the de Surville expedition
1775 - Pope Pius VI encyclical on the problems of the pontificate
1776 - Washington crosses Delaware & surprises & defeats 1,400 Hessians
1809 - Physician Ephraim McDowell performs the first abdominal surgery in the U.S, an ovariotomy to remove a 22 lb ovarian tumor
1814 - Rev Samuel Marsden of the Church Missionary Society holds the first Christian service in New Zealand on land, at Rangihoua
1818 - 1st known Christmas carol ("Silent Night, Holy Night") sung (Austria)
1818 - Handel's Messiah, premieres in the US in Boston
1830 - Hector Berlioz's "Symphony Fantastic" premieres
1831 - Louisiana & Arkansas are 1st states to observe Christmas as holiday
Naturalist Charles DarwinNaturalist Charles Darwin 1832 - Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas in St Martin at Cape Receiver
1833 - Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas in Port Desire, Patagonia
1834 - Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas on Beagle at Tres Montes, Chile
1835 - Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas in Pahia, New Zealand
1837 - Battle of Okeechobee-US forces defeat Seminole Indians
1843 - 1st theatre matinee (Olympic Theatre, NYC)
1848 - New Haven Railroad opens
1862 - 40,000 watch Union army men play baseball at Hilton Head, SC
1868 - Despite bitter opposition, President A Johnson grants unconditional pardon to all persons involved in Southern rebellion (Civil War)
1875 - Lambs Club in NY forms
1888 - 1st indoor baseball game played at fairgrounds in Philadelphia
1894 - 1st midwestern football team to play on west coast, University of Chicago defeats Stanford 24-4 at Palo Alto, CA in football
Composer John Philip SousaComposer John Philip Sousa 1896 - "Stars & Stripes Forever" written by John Philip Sousa
1899 - Farmers send/guide belegerd Ladysmith Kerstpudding/desire in grenade
1900 - Arthur Schnitzlers "Leutnant Gustl" forbidden in Germany
1901 - Battle at Tweefontein Orange-Free state: Boers surprise attack Brits
1901 - At Tweefontein, a British force is camped on a hill slope; at 2am it is attacked by Boers coming down from the other side
1902 - Clyde Fitch' "Girl with Green Eyes" premieres in NYC
1902 - Pope Leo XIII, at his annual Christmas reception, endorses the Christian Democratic movement now emerging in Europe as an attempt to offer an alternative to more radical movements
1905 - V Herbert/H Blossoms musical "Mlle Modiste" premieres in NYC
1911 - Edward Knoblock's "Kismet" premieres in NYC
1914 - Legendary "Christmas Truce" takes place on the battlefields of WWI b/w British & Germans troops - gifts exchanged and football played
Composer and Lyricist Irving BerlinComposer and Lyricist Irving Berlin 1915 - Irving Berlin & Harry B Smith's musical premieres in NYC
1917 - "Why Marry" 1st drama to win Pulitzer Prize, premieres in NYC
1917 - Hirsch/Harbach's musical "Going Up" premieres in NYC
1922 - -Dec 26] Lenin dictates his "Political testament"
1923 - Imperial Theater opens at 249 W 45th St NYC
1926 - Prince-regent Hirohito becomes Emperor of Japan (1926-1989) upon the death of his father Yoshihito
1928 - Christmas Day attendance at cricket MCG (Vic v NSW) 14,887
1928 - NSW (v Vic) go from 8-74 to 9-113 to be 9-367 at stumps
1929 - Grimmett takes 6-146 for SA, Queensland all out 380 Crowd 5,390
Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir LeninMarxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir Lenin 1930 - 1st US bobsled run open to public (Lake Placid, NY)
1930 - Mt Van Hoevenberg bobsled run at Lake Placid, NY opens
1930 - Slinger Nitschke scores 142 SA v Qld at Adelaide before 5,422
1930 - Tasmania all out 280, WI 2-139 at Hobart Crowd 2,500
1931 - Albert Lonergan scores 137 SA v Qld at Adelaide before 5,697
1931 - Fleetwood-Smith takes 5-69 Victoria v Tas at Hobart
1931 - NY's Metropolitan Opera broadcasts an entire opera over radio
1932 - 7.6 magnitude earthquake ravages Qansu, China, kills 275
1932 - During King George V's Christmas dinner speech his chair collapes
King of the United Kingdom George VKing of the United Kingdom George V 1933 - Another Christmas Day five-wicket haul by Clarrie Grimmett
1933 - Belgian Working people's party accept Henry de Mans Plan of Labor
1933 - Stan Smith takes 8-33 for Victoria v Tasmania at Hobart
1934 - Four centuries for SA as they make 7-644 v Qld before 6,180
1934 - Samson Raphaelson's "Accent on Youth" premieres in NYC
1936 - Belgian bishops condemn fascism & communism
1936 - Ron Hamence scores 104 for SA v Queensland before 4,865
1937 - Arturo Toscanini conducts 1st Symphony of the Air over NBC Radio
1937 - Queensland all out for 93 v SA in front of 10,436
1938 - George Cukor announces Vivien Leigh will play Scarlett O'Hara
1939 - Grimmett & Ward rip through Qld except Bill Brown (156)
1939 - Montgomery Ward introduces Rudolph the 9th reindeer
Cricket Legend Donald BradmanCricket Legend Donald Bradman 1940 - Bradman out 1st ball for SA v Victoria before 6213
1940 - Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Harts "Pal Joey" premieres in NYC
1941 - Japan announces surrender of British-Canadian garrison at Hong Kong
1941 - Japanese aircraft carriers Akagi/Kagu back in Kure, Japan
1942 - Admiral Dalans murderer of Bosinier de la Chapelle, sentenced to death
1942 - British Col S W Bailey reaches Mihailovics headquarter
1942 - Russian artillery/tank battle on German armies at Stalingrad
1946 - Constitution accepted in Taiwan
1947 - Taiwan passes Human Rights laws (Day of Earth Law)
1947 - The Constitution of the Republic of China goes into effect.
1950 - Cleveland Browns beat LA Rams 30-28 in NFL championship game
1950 - Coronation Stone, taken from Scone in Scotland by Edward I in 1296, stolen from Westminster Abbey & smuggled back to Scotland
1951 - 1st Christmas Day in Test Crickets, Aust v WI at Adelaide
1951 - West Indies defeat Australia by 6 wkts on 3rd day of 3rd Test Cricket
1953 - Avalanche of lava kills 150 (Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand)
1954 - WSFA TV channel 12 in Montgomery, AL (NBC) begins broadcasting
1955 - Pope Pius XII encyclical on sacred music & popular music
Murderer and Body Snatcher Ed GeinMurderer and Body Snatcher Ed Gein 1957 - Ed Gein found insane of murder
1958 - Alan Freed's Christmas Rock & Roll Spectacular opens
1959 - A synagogue in Cologne Germany desecrated with swatstikas
1959 - Richard Starkey receives his 1st drum set
1959 - Sony brings transistor TV 8-301 to the market
1962 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1962 - "To Kill a Mockingbird", the film adaptation on the novel by Harper Lee, starring Gregory Peck, is released
1963 - Walt Disney's "The Sword in the Stone" is released
1964 - "Goldfinger" premieres in US
1964 - George Harrison's girlfriend Patti Boyd attacked by female Beatle fans
1965 - The Yemeni Nasserite Unionist People's Organisation is founded in Taiz
Musician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartneyMusician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartney 1967 - Paul McCartney & Jane Asher get engaged
1968 - Frank Borman's Christmas reading while orbiting Moon
1968 - 42 Dalits are burned alive in Kilavenmani village, Tamil Nadu, India, a retaliation for a campaign for higher wages by Dalit labourers.
1969 - 5 Israeli gunboats escape from Cherbourg harbor
1969 - India all out for 163 at Madras v Aust, Ashley Mallett 5-91
1971 - Longest NFL game (82m40s) as Dolphins beat Chiefs 27-24
1971 - Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) form Jesse Jackson
1971 - Worst hotel fire in history kills 163 at Taeyokale Hotel in Seoul
1972 - England beat India by six wickets in the 1st Cricket Test in Delhi
1973 - Tommy Chambers (Scotland) finishes 51 yr cycle tour (799,405 miles)
1973 - The ARPANET crashes when a programming bug causes all ARPANET traffic to be routed through the server at Harvard University, causing the server to freeze.
1973 - Arab oil ministers cancel January 5 percent production cut; Saudi Arabian oil minister promises 10 percent OPEC production rise
1974 - Cyclone Tracy virtually destroys Darwin, Australia
1974 - Marshall Fields drives a vehicle through the gates of the White House, resulting in a four-hour standoff.
1976 - Egyptian SS Patria sinks in Red Sea, about 100 killed
1976 - Takeo Fukuda becomes Japanese premier
Israeli Prime Minister Menachem BeginIsraeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin 1977 - Israeli PM Menachem Begin meets Egyptian Pres Sadat in Egypt
1979 - Opening day of 4th Test Cricket, India 8-112 v Pakistan at Kanpur
1979 - USSR airlifts invasionary army to Afghanistan
1982 - Mudassar Nazar scores century, then Imran Khan rips through Indians
1983 - 1st live telecast of Christmas Parade at the EPCOT Centre, Disney World Florida
1984 - NBA's Bernard King scores 60 points
1987 - Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, who escaped 2 days earlier, recaptured
1989 - Japanese scientist achieve -271.8°C, coldest temp ever recorded
1990 - "Godfather III" premieres
1990 - The first successful trial run of the system which would become the World Wide Web.
1991 - Last day of a washout Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Gujranwala
General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Mikhail GorbachevGeneral Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev 1991 - Mikhail Gorbachev formally resigns as President of USSR in a televised speech
1994 - "Comedy Tonight" closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC after 8 perfs
1997 - For 1st time US movie box office receipts pass $6 billion
1997 - Jerry Seinfeld says this is the final season of his TV show
2003 - The ill-fated Beagle 2 probe which was released from the Mars Express Spacecraft on December 19, disappears shortly before its scheduled landing.
2004 - Cassini orbiter releases Huygens probe which successfully landed on Saturn's moon Titan on January 14, 2005.
2008 - Phil Jackson becomes the sixth coach in NBA history to win 1,000 games
Coach Phil JacksonCoach Phil Jackson 2009 - Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab unsuccessfully attempts a terrorist attack against the US while on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253
2012 - 27 people are killed after an Antonov An-72 plane crashes near Shymkent, Kazakhstan
2012 - 8 people are killed and thousands left homeless after two fires strike Manila, Philippines
2013 - "The Wolf of Wall Street", starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, is released

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