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816 - Frankish emperor Louis grants archbishop Salzburg immunity
1428 - King Alfonso V, orders Sicily's Jews to attend conversion sermons
1488 - Roman catholic German emperor Maximilian I caught in Belgium
1512 - French troops under Gaston de Foix rescues Bologna
1556 - Kings Henri I & Philip II sign Treaty of Vaucelles
1572 - Beggars assault Oisterwijk Neth, drive nuns out
1576 - Henry of Navarre (later Henry IV of France) abjures Catholicism at Tours
1597 - A group of early Japanese Christians are killed by the new government of Japan for being seen as a threat to Japanese society.
1631 - Rhode Island, founder, Roger Williams arrives in Boston from England
1644 - 1st US livestock branding law passed, by Connecticut
1649 - Prince of Wales proclaimed King Charles II of Great Britian by Covenanter Parliament of Scotland
King Charles IIKing Charles II 1663 - Charlevoix Earthquake in Quebec, felt strongly in New England
1679 - German emperor Leopold I signs peace with France
1736 - Methodists John & Charles Wesley arrive in Savannah, Georgia
1777 - Georgia becomes 1st US state to abolish both entail & primogeniture
1778 - Articles of Confederation ratified by 1st state, South Carolina
1782 - Spanish take Minorca (western Mediterranean) from British
1783 - Earthquakes ravage Calabria, killing 30,000
1783 - Sweden recognizes US independence
1795 - Zealand, Netherlands, surrenders to French general Michaud
1817 - 1st US gas co incorporated, Baltimore (coal gas for street lights)
1818 - Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte ascends to the thrones of Sweden and Norway.
1825 - Hannah Lord Montague of NY creates 1st detachable shirt collar
1831 - Jan van Speijk blows up his gunboat in Antwerp, killing about 30
1846 - "Oregon Spectator" is 1st newspaper to be published on the West Coast
1850 - Adding machine employing depressible keys patented, New Paltz, NY
1855 - British government of Palmerston forms
1859 - Wallachia and Moldavia are united under Alexander John Cuza as the United Principalities.
1861 - Kinematoscope patented by Coleman Sellers, Phila
1861 - Louisiana delegation except Mr Bouligny withdraws from Congress (US Civil War)
1864 - Federals occupy Jackson, Mississippi
1865 - Battle of Hatcher's Run, VA (Armstrong's Mill, Dabney's Mill)
1870 - 1st motion picture shown to a theater audience, Philadelphia
1879 - Joseph Swan demonstrates light bulb using carbon glow
1881 - Phoenix, Az incorporates
1885 - News of fall of Khartoum reaches London
1885 - King Leopold II of Belgium establishes the Congo as a personal colonial possession
Composer Giuseppe VerdiComposer Giuseppe Verdi 1887 - Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Otello" premieres at La Scala in Italy
1887 - Snow falls on San Francisco
1893 - Alfred Naess skates world record 500m (49.4 sec)
1894 - Female suffrage organization in Amsterdam forms
1897 - Marcel Proust meets Jean Lorrain in a pistol duel
1900 - British troops under Gen Buller occupy Vaal Krantz, Natal
1900 - The United States and the United Kingdom sign treaty for Panama Canal
1901 - Loop-the-loop centrifugal RR (roller coaster) patented by Ed Prescot
1901 - Pierpont Morgan forms US Steel Corp
1904 - American occupation of Cuba ends
1907 - Arnold Schoenberg's 1st string quartet premieres in Vienna
1911 - Society of Dutch Composers forms in Amsterdam
1916 - Enrico Caruso recorded "O Solo Mio" for the Victor Talking Machine Co
1917 - Congress overrides Wilson's veto, curtailing Asian immigration
1917 - Morosco Theater opens at 217 W 45th St NYC (demolished 1982)
1917 - The last of the American troops commanded by General John Pershing leave Mexico; President Carranza will be assassinated within the next year
1918 - 1st US pilot to down an enemy airplane, Stephen W Thompson
1918 - Separation of church & state begins in USSR
1919 - NL pres John Heydler dismisses charges that Hal Chase bet against his team & threw games in collusion with gamblers
1921 - Yankees purchase 20 acres in Bronx for Yankee Stadium
1922 - Reader's Digest magazine 1st published
1923 - General mine strike against wage cuts in Saar
1923 - Mass arrests of socialists & communists in Italy
1924 - The Royal Greenwich Observatory begin broadcasting the hourly time signals known as the Greenwich Time Signal or the "BBC pips".
1927 - Buster Keaton's movie "The General" released & bombed
1929 - Jimmy Hatlo's "They'll Do It Every Time" cartoon debuts in SF
1930 - 5th Aliyah to Israel begins
1931 - Maxine Dunlap becomes 1st US women to earn a glider pilot license
1933 - Marinus van der Lubbe passes Dutch/German boundary
1936 - National Wildlife Federation forms
Comedian/Actor/Filmaker Charlie ChaplinComedian/Actor/Filmaker Charlie Chaplin 1937 - 1st Charlie Chaplin talkie, "Modern Times," released
1937 - FDR proposes enlarging Supreme Court, "court packing" plan failed
1938 - Hans Engnestangen skates world record 500m (41.8 sec)
1940 - Gen Winckelman replaces Gen Reijnders as Dutch supreme commander
1940 - Glenn Miller & his Orchestra record "Tuxedo Junction"
1941 - Dutch Premier De Geer returns from Lisbon to Netherlands
1942 - "Woman of the Year," starring Hepburn & Tracy opens at Radio City
1942 - Braves get Tommy Holmes from Yanks for Buddy Hassett & Gene Moore
1943 - Amsterdam resistance group CS-6 shoots nazi general Seyffardt
32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1943 - Clandestine Radio Atlantiksender, Germany, 1st transmission
1944 - 358 RAF bombers attack Stettin
1945 - Big Racket becomes fastest race horse at 69t.6 kph (440 yd/20.8 s)
1945 - British premier Churchill arrives in Yalta, the Crimea
1945 - US troops under General Douglas MacArthur enter Manilla
1946 - The Chondoist Chongu Party is founded in North Korea.
1947 - Bolewet Beirut becomes president of Poland
1948 - "Nature of Things" science show premieres on NBC prime time
1948 - Dick Button becomes 1st US figure skating Olympic champion
1948 - Gretchen Fraser becomes 1st US woman Olympic slalom champion
WW2 General Douglas MacArthurWW2 General Douglas MacArthur 1949 - Huaso sets official world equestrian high-jump record, 2.47 m, Chic
1953 - "Peter Pan" by Walt Disney opens at Roxy Theater, NYC
1953 - 5th Emmy Awards: I Love Lucy, Thomas Mitchell & Helen Hayes win
1953 - Sweet rationing imposed in WWII ends in Britain
1954 - WCDC TV channel 19 in Adams, MA (ABC) begins broadcasting
1956 - 7th Winter Olympic games close at Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy
1956 - Louise Suggs wins LPGA Havana Golf Open
1956 - NY Mayor Robert Wagner & Bkln Boro Pres Frank Cashmore sponsor a bill to create a $30M Brooklyn Sports Center Authority to build
1957 - Dmitri Shostakovitch completes his 2nd Piano Concert
1958 - Clifton R Wharton confirmed as 1st US black foreign minister (Romania)
1958 - Gamel Abdel Nasser nominated 1st president of United Arab Republic
1958 - Test Cricket debut of Lance Gibbs, WI v Pakistan, Port-of-Spain
1958 - Vanguard TV-3 back-up launches into Earth orbit; reaches 6 km
1959 - "Redhead" opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 455 performances
1959 - Australia regain the Ashes with a 10 wicket victory at Adelaide
1962 - French President de Gaulle calls for Algeria's independence
1962 - Suit to bar Englewood NJ from "racial segregated" schools, filed
1962 - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn within 16 degrees
1963 - Maarten Schmidt discovers enormous red shifts in quasars
1963 - Soviet lunar probe failure
1965 - Beursschouwburg opens in Brussels
1966 - BBC opens a relay radio station on Ascension Island
1967 - "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" premieres on CBS (later ABC, NBC)
1967 - Anastasio Somoza elected president of Nicaragua
1967 - Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Robert Penn Warren
1968 - KDTV TV channel 39 in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (IND) begins broadcasting
1968 - Skater Kees Verkerk wins olympic gold in the 1500m
1968 - Vietnam War: Battle of Khe Sanh begins.
1969 - "Turn-On," debuts & cancelled by ABC after flopping so badly
1969 - US population reaches 200 million
1969 - Vince Lombardi, becomes part owner, vp, gm & head coach of Redskins
1970 - 1st Test Cricket ton of Barry Richards, 126, 164 balls, 20 fours 1 six
1970 - Test Cricket debut of John Traicos, South Africa v Australia, Durban
1970 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1970 - WSCV TV channel 51 in Fort Lauderdale, FL (IND) suspends broadcasting
1971 - Apollo 14, 3rd US manned Moon expedition, lands near Fra Mauro Alan Shepard & Edward Mitchell (Apollo 14) walk on Moon for 4 hrs
1972 - "Another Puff" by Jerry Reed peaks at #65
1972 - Bob Douglas is 1st African American elected to Basketball Hall of Fame
1972 - US airlines begin mandatory inspection of passengers & baggage
1972 - Two IRA members are killed when a bomb they were planting exploded prematurely
1973 - Comic strip "Hagar The Horrible" debuted
1973 - Funeral for LC William Nolde, last US soldier killed in Vietnam War
1973 - Juan Corona sentenced to 25 consecutive life terms for 25 murders
1974 - British mine strike
1974 - Mats Wermelin, Sweden, scores all points in 272-0 basketball win
1974 - Maximum speed on Autobahn reduced to 100 kph
1974 - US Mariner 10 returns 1st close-up photos of Venus' cloud structure
1974 - John Murtha becomes the first Vietnam War veteran elected to the Congress of the United States.
1976 - Australia complete 5-1 series drubbing of West Indies
1976 - Last day of Test Cricket for Lance Gibbs & Ian Redpath
1977 - "CB Savage" by Rod Hart peaks at #67
1977 - "Dis-Gorilla (part 1)" by Rick Dees peaks at #56
1977 - "In The Mood" by Henhouse 5 Plus Too (Ray Stevens) peaks at #40
1977 - "Turn Loose On My Leg" by Jim Stafford peaks at #98
1977 - "Up Your Nose" by Gabriel Kaplan peaks at #91
1977 - General Mills Adventure Theater premieres on CBS radio
1977 - Sugar Ray Leonard beats Luis Vega in 6 rounds in his 1st pro fight
1977 - US female Figure Skating championship won by Linda Fratianne
1977 - US male Figure Skating championship won by Charles Tickner
1978 - Fred Newman makes 88 consecutive basketball free throws blindfolded
1979 - Costliest single periodical ad, $3.2 million, Gulf + Western in Time
1979 - Sears Radio Theater premieres on CBS
1980 - 32nd NHL All-Star Game: Wales beat Campbell 6-3 at Detroit
1980 - Egyptian parliament votes to end boycott of Israel
1981 - "Piaf" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 165 performances
1981 - Largest Jell-O made (9,246 gallons of watermelon-flavor) in Brisbane
1981 - Milt jury in NC convicts Robert Garwood of collaborating with enemy
1982 - Chin A Sen ends term as president of Suriname
1982 - DEA announces seizure of 3,192 tons of marijuana, 495 people
1982 - British airline Laker Airways collapses owing 270M pounds ($351M)
1982 - Suriname pres Chin A Sen resigns & flees to Neth
1983 - Former Nazi Gestapo official Klaus Barbie brought to trial
1984 - NZ beat England (82 & 93) by an innings in 3 days
LPGA Golfer Patty SheehanLPGA Golfer Patty Sheehan 1984 - Patty Sheehan wins LPGA Elizabeth Arden Golf Classic
1986 - Corazon Aquino & Ferdinand Marcos appear on "Nightline"
1987 - Dow Jones avg closes above 2,200 for 1st time
1987 - Soyuz TM-2 launches
1988 - 1st prime-time wrestling match in 30 yrs-Andre beats Hulk Hogan
1988 - Arizona House of Reps vote to impeach Republican Gov Evan Mecham
1988 - Panamanian Gen Manuel Noriega indicted by US grand jury for drugs
1989 - Kareem Abdul-Jabar becomes 1st NBA player to score 38,000 points
1990 - Notre Dame becomes 1st team to sell its game to a major network (NBC)
WWF Wrestler Hulk HoganWWF Wrestler Hulk Hogan 1991 - A Michigan court bars Dr Jack Kevorkian from assisting in suicides
1991 - All American Bowl ends after 14 years
1991 - Big East Football conference forms
1991 - Joni Mitchell inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame
1991 - LA King Dave Taylor becomes 29th NHler to score 1000 points
1991 - Howard Stern kisses NY Giant Leonard Marshall's ass over bet, Stern lost claiming the Giants would lose the Superbowl
1992 - Jury selection begins in the LA police beating Rodney King case
1992 - Last day of Test Cricket cricket for Dilip Vengsarkar
1992 - Mike Whitney career-best 7-27 at WACA in Test Cricket win v India
Victim of Police Violence Rodney KingVictim of Police Violence Rodney King 1993 - Grenade explodes in Sarajevo, killing 63 & injuring 160
1993 - R James Woolsey, becomes 16th director of CIA
1994 - "Where On Earth Is Carmen San Diego," debuts on Fox TV
1994 - Medgar Evers' murderer Byron De La Beckwith sentenced to life, in Jackson Miss, 30 years after the crime
1995 - Japan's Shinshinto Party wins local elections
1995 - NFL Pro Bowl: AFC beats NFC 41-13
1995 - Sandra Volker swims female European record 50m backstroke: 27.77
1997 - OJ Simpson found liable in the deaths of Ron Goldman & Nicole Simpson in a civil court action.
1997 - 3 Swiss banks create $70 million Holocaust fund
1997 - Brook Lee, Hawaii, crowned 46th Miss USA (en route to Miss Universe)
NFL Running Back and Convicted Criminal OJ SimpsonNFL Running Back and Convicted Criminal OJ Simpson 1997 - Japan's Ministry of Finance announces plans to cut import tariffs on crude oil and most petroleum products
1998 - Alberto Acciarito convicted of harassing his ex-wife Ingrid Rossellini
1998 - Author Tom Clancy confirms he signed agreement to purchase Minnesota Vikings for slightly more than $200 million, an NFL franchise record
1998 - Nancy Kerrigan & Tonya Harding talk on FOX (Taped Dec 22nd)
2004 - Twenty-three Chinese people drown when a group of 35 cockle-pickers are trapped by rising tides in Morecambe Bay, England. Twenty-one bodies are recovered.
2004 - Rebels from the Revolutionary Artibonite Resistance Front capture the city of Gonaïves, starting the 2004 Haiti rebellion.
2006 - Super Bowl XL: Pittsburgh Steelers beat Seattle Seahawks, 21-10 at the Ford Field MVP: Hines Ward, Pittsburgh, WR
2008 - A major tornado outbreak across the Southern United States leaves at least 58 dead, the most since the May 31, 1985 outbreak that killed 88.
2009 - The United States Navy guided missile cruiser Port Royal runs aground off Oahu, Hawaii, damaging the ship as well as a coral reef.
American Filmmaker and Founder of NFL Films Ed SabolAmerican Filmmaker and Founder of NFL Films Ed Sabol 2011 - Ed Sabol, co-founder of NFL Films, elected for enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
2012 - Super Bowl XLVI: New York Giants beat New England Patriots, 21-17 at the Lucas Oil Stadium MVP: Eli Manning, New York, QB
2013 - UK House of Commons votes in favour of same-sex marriage
2013 - The US Postal Service announces the cessation of Saturday first-class mail delivery from August 2013

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