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565 - Eutychius is deposed as Patriarch of Constantinople by John Scholasticus.
871 - Battle of Basing: Danish invasion army beats Saxon Ethelred of Wessex
1371 - King Robert II Stuart of Scotland crowned
1506 - The first contingent of 150 Swiss Guards arrive at the Vatican.
1510 - Jews are expelled from Colmar Germany
1517 - Turks conquer Cairo
1528 - England & France declare war on Emperor Charles V
1575 - English Queen Elizabeth I grants Thomas Tallis & William Byrd music press monopoly
1584 - Parts of Switzerland adopt Gregorian calendar (& parts in 1812)
1588 - Pope Sixtus V decrees "Immense aeterni" (Reformed curia)
1673 - Postal service between New York & Boston inaugurated
1689 - Lord Halifax becomes Speaker of English House of Lords
English Monarch Queen Elizabeth IEnglish Monarch Queen Elizabeth I 1689 - Prince William of Orange (future King William III of Britain), summons Convention Parliament to discuss ruling jointly with his wife Mary
1690 - Iroquois tribes renew allegiance to British against French
1758 - Russian troops occupy Königsberg, East Prussia [OS=Jan 11]
1760 - Battle at Wandewash India: British troops beat French
1771 - Spain cedes Falkland Islands to Britain
1775 - Marshal Oscar von Lubomirski expels Jews from Warsaw Poland
1798 - Coup of Midderigh
1813 - Americans capture Frenchtown, Michigan Territory
1814 - 1st Knights Templar grand encampment in US held, NYC
1816 - Lord Byron completes "Parisina" & "Siege of Corinth"
1817 - British freighter Diana sinks off Malaysia
1824 - Ashantis defeat British forces in the Gold Coast.
Naturalist Charles DarwinNaturalist Charles Darwin 1831 - Charles Darwin takes his Bachelors of Art exam
1837 - Earthquake in southern Syria kills thousands
1840 - British colonists reach New Zealand.
1840 - New Zealand Company settlers arrive aboard the Aurora at Te Whanganui a Tara, which becomes Port Nicholson, Wellington
1850 - Alta California becomes a daily paper, 1st such in Calif
1857 - National Association of Baseball Players founded, NY
1859 - Brahms' 1st piano concerto (in D minor) premieres, Hanover
1862 - Confederate government raises premium for volunteers from $10 to $20
1863 - Union General Burnside's "Mud March"
1873 - British SS Northfleet sinks at Dungeness, England, 300 die
1877 - Arthur Tooth, an Anglican clergyman is taken into custody after being prosecuted for using ritualist practices.
1879 - Zulus attack British Army camp in Isandhlwana South Africa
1879 - James Shields (D) elected US senator from Missouri after previously serving as US senator from Illinois & Minnesota
1879 - Battle at Rorkes Drift: British garrison of 150 holds off 3,000-4,000 Zulus
1881 - Ancient Egyptian obelisk "Cleopatra's Needle" erected in Central Park, New York
1883 - England complete 1st innings victory in Tests v Aust MCG
1889 - Columbia Phonograph was formed in Washington, D.C.
1890 - Jose Marti forms La Liga (Union of Cuban exiles) in NYC
1895 - National Association of Manufacturers organized in Cincinnati
1899 - Leaders of six Australian colonies meet in Melbourne to discuss confederation.
1901 - After 63 years Britain stops sale of Queen Victoria postage stamps series & begins King Edward VII series
1903 - The Hay-Herran Treaty concerning the USA's right to the Panama Canal is signed by the Colombian Charge d'affaires in Washington DC (never ratified)
1905 - In St Petersburg, Russia, a large demonstration of workers led by Father Gapon, march to the Winter Palace with a petition to the Tsar; troops fire on protesters in what becomes known as 'Bloody Sunday'
1906 - SS Valencia runs aground on rocks on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, killing more than 130.
1909 - Vassily Kandinsky forms Kunstlerverein in Munich
1910 - Opera "Germania," premieres in NYC
1914 - Paul Claudel's "L'échange," premieres in Paris
1918 - Ukraine proclaimed a free republic (German puppet)
1924 - Government of Stanley Baldwin resigns in Great Britain
1924 - Dutch Blast Furnace & Steel Factory opens
1924 - KGO-AM in San Francisco CA begins radio transmissions
1925 - Albania Republic proclaimed under Pres Achmed Zogu
1926 - Belgian chief of staff Gen Maglinse quits
1930 - -35°F (-37°C), Mount Carroll, Illinois (state record)
1931 - French government of Steeg falls
1931 - VARA begins experimental TV broadcast in Diamantbeurs Amsterdam
1931 - Sir Isaac Isaacs is sworn in as the first Australian-born Governor-General of Australia.
1934 - Dmitri Sjostakovitsj' opera "Lady MacBeth," premieres in Leningrad
1936 - French Laval government falls
1938 - "Our Town," Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer-winner of small-town life in Grover's Corners, NH, premieres (NJ)
1939 - Aquatic Park, near Fisherman's Wharf, SF, is dedicated
1940 - 1st radio broadcast of "Road to Happiness" on CBS
1941 - 1st mass killing of Jews in Romania
1941 - British/Australian troops capture Tobruk from Italians
1942 - Japanese air raid on Rabaul, New Britain
1942 - Sietze de Groot wins 8th Dutch 11 city skate (8:44:06)
1943 - 66.3 cm precipitation at Hoegees Camp, California (state record)
1943 - Battle of Anzio: Italy; Allies stopped on beach[1944]-
1943 - Joint Chiefs of Staff determine invasion in Sicily for July 10th
1943 - Temperature rises 49°F (9°C) in 2 minutes in Spearfish, SD
1944 - During World War II, Allied forces begin landing at Anzio Italy
1945 - Burma highway reopens
1945 - Heavy US air raid on Okinawa
1946 - US president sets up CIA, Central Intelligence Agency
1947 - 1st commercial TV station west of Mississippi opens, Hollywood CA
1947 - KTLA TV channel 5 in Los Angeles, CA (IND) begins broadcasting
1948 - Jim Laker takes 7-103 in his 1st Test Cricket innings v WI Barbados
1949 - "All for Love" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 121 perfs
1949 - Chinatown telephone exchange closed
1950 - Polly Riley wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open
1951 - Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Johncrowe Ransom
1951 - Fidel Castro ejected from a Winter League game after beaning batter
Playwright Arthur MillerPlaywright Arthur Miller 1953 - Arthur Miller's "Crucible," premieres in NYC
1955 - Norwegian government of Einar Gerhardsen forms
1956 - 30 die in a train crash in Los Angeles
1956 - Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open
1956 - Canadian Football Council forms
1957 - Israeli forces withdraw from Sinai Peninsula
1957 - Mad Bomber (George P Metesky) accused of 30 explosions, arrested
1958 - KRSD (now KEVN) TV channel 7 in Rapid City, SD (ABC) 1st broadcast
1959 - USAF concludes that less than 1% of UFOs are unknown objects
1960 - 10th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 125-115 at Philadelphia
LPGA Golfer Betsy RawlsLPGA Golfer Betsy Rawls 1960 - French president De Gaulle escape attempt by general Massu
1960 - Paul Pender beats Sugar Ray Robinson for middleweight boxing title
1962 - The Organization of American States suspends Cuba's membership.
1963 - Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Naples Professional Golf Tournament
1963 - The Elysée treaty of cooperation between France and Germany was signed by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer.
1964 - Kenneth Kaunda becomes premier of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia)
1964 - World's largest cheese (15,723 kg) manufactured, Wisconsin
French President Charles de GaulleFrench President Charles de Gaulle 1965 - US launches TIROS 9 weather satellite
1967 - NFL Pro Bowl: East beats West 20-10
1968 - "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" premieres on NBC
1968 - Apollo 5 launched to Moon; unmanned lunar module tests made
1968 - NBA announces it will expand to Milwaukee & Phoenix
1969 - "Celebration" opens at Ambassador Theater NYC for 110 performances
1969 - Orbiting Solar Observatory 5 launched into earth orbit
1969 - Roy Campanella & Stan Musial elected to baseball Hall of Fame
1970 - 1st commercial Boeing 747 flight, NY to London in 6½ hours
1970 - Test debut of Barry Richards, South Africa v Australia, Cape Town
Musician and Beatle John LennonMusician and Beatle John Lennon 1971 - John Lennon & Yoko Ono record "Power to the People"
1972 - "Emergency" with Robert Fuller premieres on NBC TV
1972 - 22nd NBA All-Star Game: West beats East 112-110 at LA
1973 - George Foreman TKOs Joe Frazier in 2 for heavyweight boxing title
1973 - Roe vs Wade: US Supreme Court legalizes some abortions
1973 - US, North & South Vietnam & Vietcong sign boundary accord
1975 - Landsat 2, an Earth Resources Technology Satellite, launched
1976 - Bank robbery in Beirut nets $20-50 million (record)
1980 - Russian dissidents Andrei Sakharov & Jelena Bonner arrested in Moscow and banished to Gorky
1980 - PGA begins a senior golf tour
Nuclear Physicist & Soviet Dissident Andrei SakharovNuclear Physicist & Soviet Dissident Andrei Sakharov 1980 - West Indies beat England 2-0 to win 1st World Series Cup
1981 - 40th Islander shut-out opponent-3-0 vs Red Wings-Billy Smith 15th
1981 - O A "Bum" Phillips becomes head coach of New Orleans Saints
1982 - 75% of North America is covered by snow
1983 - 2nd flight readiness firing of Challenger's main engines; 22 seconds
1983 - Houston is 1st NBA team to be held scoreless in an overtime Portland Trail Blazers out score them 17-0 & win 113-96
1984 - Annette Kennedy of SUNY sets women's basketball record with 70 pts
1984 - Hilbert van de Thumb becomes European all-round skates
1984 - Super Bowl XVIII: LA Raiders beat Wash Red Skins, 38-9 in Tampa Super Bowl MVP: Marcus Allen, LA Raiders, RB
1985 - -30°F (-34°C), Mountain Lake Bio Station, Virginia (state record)
1985 - Cold wave damages 90% of Florida's citrus crop
1985 - Kelly Hu, 16, of Hawaii, crowned 3rd Miss Teen USA
1986 - Ghorbanifar 1st suggests diversion of cash to contras, says North
1987 - Blizzard in NJ, as 334 attend Devils-Flame NHL game, NJ wins 7-5
1987 - Pennsylvania politician R. Budd Dwyer shoots and kills himself at a press conference on live national television, leading to debates on boundaries in journalism.
1988 - 1st-class cricket debut of Brian Lara, Trinidad & Tobago v Leeward Is
1988 - 1st-class cricket debut of Hansie Cronje, OFS v Transvaal
Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike TysonHeavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson 1988 - Mike Tyson TKOs Larry Holmes in 4 for heavyweight boxing title
1989 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1989 - Super Bowl XXIII: San Francisco 49ers beat Cincinnati Bengals 20-16 in Miami Super Bowl MVP: Jerry Rice, San Francisco, WR
1989 - After winning his third Super Bowl as head coach of the San Fransisco 49ers, Bill Walsh retires
1990 - 17th American Music Award: Paula Abdul & Bobby Brown win
1990 - Wasim Akram scores Test century (123) at Adelaide
1990 - Will Clark, NL's MVP signs a $15M 4-year contract with SF Giants
Singer & Judge of American Idol Paula AbdulSinger & Judge of American Idol Paula Abdul 1990 - Robert Tappan Morris, Jr. is convicted of releasing the 1988 Internet worm.
1991 - Gulf War. Three SCUDs and one Patriot missile hit Ramat Gan in Israel, injuring 96 people. Three elderly people die of heart attacks.
1992 - Princess Sarah Ferguson wears paper bag over her head on airline ride
1992 - Space Shuttle STS-42 (Discovery 15) launches into space
1992 - Rebel forces occupy Zaire's national radio station in Kinshasa and broadcast a demand for the government's resignation.
1993 - Johan Koss skates world record 5 km in 6:38.77
1994 - 45th NHL All-Star Game: East beat West 9-8 at NY Rangers
1994 - 5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes Sumatra
1994 - 51st Golden Globes: Schlinder's List, Steven Speilberg
1994 - East beats West 9-8 in 45th NHL All Star Game at Madison Square Garden in NYC
1995 - Palestinian bomb attack in Beit Lid Israel, 21-22 killed
LPGA Golfer Pat BradleyLPGA Golfer Pat Bradley 1995 - Pat Bradley wins LPGA HealthSouth Inaugural Golf Tournament
1997 - Space shuttle Atlantis successfully returns to Earth
1998 - NHL's Minnesota franchise selects the nickname Wild
1998 - Rickey Henderson, rejoins Oakland A's for 4th time
1998 - STS 89 (Endeavour 12) launches into orbit
1998 - World League of American Football renamed as NFL Europe
1999 - Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons are burned alive by radical Hindus while sleeping in their car in Eastern India.
2002 - Kmart Corp becomes the largest retailer in United States history to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
2003 - Last successful contact with the spacecraft Pioneer 10, one of the most distant man-made objects.
MLB Outfielder Rickey HendersonMLB Outfielder Rickey Henderson 2006 - Evo Morales is inaugurated as President of Bolivia, becoming the country's first indigenous president.
2006 - Kobe Bryant scores a career-high 81 points in a victory against the Toronto Raptors, the second most in NBA history in one single game
2007 - The jury portion of the trial against Robert Pickton, accused of being Canada's worst serial killer, opens in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.
2010 - Conan O'Brien's last Tonight Show episode after a big controversy over the Tonight Show timeslot.
2013 - A series of Baghdad car bombings kill 17 people
2013 - The Bank of Japan doubles its inflation target to 2% and announces open-ended asset purchases for 2014 in the hope of ending deflation
TV Host Conan O'BrienTV Host Conan O'Brien 2014 - Water vapour is detected on the dwarf planet Ceres

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