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314 - St Silvester I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
876 - Charles becomes king of Italy
1504 - By treaty of Lyons, French cede Naples to Ferdinand of Aragon
1531 - Kings Ferdinand of Austria/Janos Zapolyai of Hungary accept each other
1578 - Battle of Gembloers (Gembloux); Dutch and English forces overcame the Spanish
1596 - Catholic League disbanded
1609 - Wisselbank of Amsterdam established
1627 - Spanish government goes bankrupt
1675 - Cornelia/Dina Olfaarts found not guilty of witchcraft
1679 - Jean-Baptiste Lully's opera "Bellerophon" premieres in Paris
1696 - Revolt by undertakers after funeral reforms (Amsterdam)
1747 - The first venereal diseases clinic opens at London Lock Hospital.
1779 - Charles Messier adds M57 (Ring Nebula in Lyra) to his catalog
1804 - British vice-admiral William Blighs fleet reaches Curacao
1814 - Gervasio Antonio de Posadas becomes Supreme Director of Argentina.
1817 - Franz Grillparzer's "Die Ahnfrau" premieres in Vienna
1846 - After the Milwaukee Bridge War, Juneautown and Kilbourntown unified as the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
1849 - Corn Laws abolished in Britain
1851 - Gail Borden announces invention of condensed milk
1851 - SF Orphan's Asylum, 1st in California, founded
1854 - Dutch KNMI established (Royal Meteorological Institute)
1855 - Western railroads blocked by snow
1861 - Friedrich Hebbel's "Siegfrieds Tod" premieres in Weimar
1861 - State of Louisiana takes over US Mint at New Orleans (U.S Civil War)
1862 - Astronomer Alvan Graham Clark makes first observation of Sirius B (first known white dwarf star) in Cambridgeport, Massachusetts while testing his new telescope
1863 - 1st black Civil War regiment, SC Volunteers, mustered into US army
1865 - Congress passes 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery in America (121-24)
Confederate General Robert E. LeeConfederate General Robert E. Lee 1865 - Gen Robert E. Lee named Commander-in-Chief of Confederate Armies during US Civil War
1867 - Maronite nationalist leader Youssef Karam leaves Lebanon on board of a French ship for Algeria
1871 - Millions of birds fly over western SF, darkening the sky
1874 - Jesse James gang robs train at Gads Hill, Missouri
1876 - The United States orders all Native Americans to move into reservations.
1891 - The first attempt of a Portuguese republican revolution breakes out in the northern city of Porto.
1893 - "Westminster Gazette" begins publishing
1895 - Jose Martí & others leave NYC for invasion of Spanish Cuba
1900 - The final report of the USA's Philippine Commission is released, favouring territorial government for the islands with home rule in local affairs, but with US assumptions of ultimate responsibility for the government.
Outlaw Jesse JamesOutlaw Jesse James 1901 - Boer general John Smuts & De la Rey conqueror Mud river Transvaal
1901 - Chekhov's "Three Sisters" opens at Moscow Art Theater
1901 - Winnipeg Victorias sweep Montreal Shamrocks in 2 for Stanley Cup
1901 - Austro-Hungarian Empire: The Reichsrath, disolved on 7 September 1900 by Emperor Franz Joseph, reopens after the recent elections have defeated extremists
1904 - Bela Bartok's symphony "Kossuth" premieres
1905 - 1st automobile to exceed 100 mph (161 kph), A G MacDonald, Daytona Beach
1905 - Carroll Wright appointed 1st Commissioner of Labor, USA
1906 - Strongest instrumentally recorded earthquake, Colombia, 8.6 Richter
1911 - Congress names SF as Panama Canal opening celebration site
1915 - 1st (German) poison gas attack, against Russians
1916 - Dutch Girl Guides form
Author and Playwright Anton ChekhovAuthor and Playwright Anton Chekhov 1917 - Germany notifies US that U-boats will attack neutral merchant ship
1917 - Mexican President Carranza announces a new constitution with many liberal elements; most of which his regime will not implement
1918 - A series of accidental collisions on a misty Scottish night leads to the loss of two Royal Navy submarines with over a hundred lives, and damage to another five British warships.
1919 - The Battle of George Square takes place in Glasgow, Scotland: troops deployed against protesters for fear of a Bolshevik uprising
1920 - 1st Ukrainian daily newspaper in US (NYC) begins publication
1920 - Joe Malone, Quebec Bulldogs, sets NHL record with 7 goals in a game
1920 - Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, at Howard University, incorporates
1925 - Premier Ahmed Zogu becomes president of Angola
1927 - Internationall allied military command in Germany disbands
1927 - NL Pres John Heydler rules Rogers Hornsby can't hold stock in the Cardinals & play for the Giants
1928 - Scotch tape 1st marketed by 3-M Company
1929 - Erich Maria Remarque publishes "Im Westen nichts Neues" in Berlin
Russian Revolutionary Leon TrotskyRussian Revolutionary Leon Trotsky 1929 - Leon Trotsky expelled from Russia to Turkey
1930 - 1st US glider flight from a dirigible, Lakehurst, NJ
1931 - NHL's Quebec Bulldogs' Joseph Malone scores a record 7 goals
1931 - Philip Barry's "Tomorrow & Tomorrow" premieres in NYC
1932 - US railway unions accept 10% wage reduction
1933 - French government of Daladier takes power
1933 - Hitler promises parliamentary democracy
1934 - FDR devalues US dollar in relation to gold at $35 per ounce
1936 - "Green Hornet" radio show is 1st heard on WXYZ Radio in Detroit
1940 - 40 U-boats sunk this month (111,000 ton)
1940 - C Turney & J Horwin's "My Dear Children" premieres in NYC
1941 - 21 U boats sunk this month (127,000 ton)
1941 - Anti-German demonstration in Haarlem, Netherlands
1941 - Joe Louis KOs Red Burman in 5 for heavyweight boxing title
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Joe LouisBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis 1941 - Layforce set sail.
1942 - 62 U-boats sunk this month (327,000 ton)
1943 - 39 U-boats sunk this month (203,100 ton)
1943 - Chile breaks off relations with Germany & Japan
1943 - Gen Friedrich von Paul surrenders to Russian troops at Stalingrad
1944 - Operation-Overlord (D-Day) postponed until June
1944 - U-592 sunk off Ireland
1944 - US forces invade Kwajalein Atoll
1945 - US 4th Infantry division occupies Elcherrath
1945 - Russian troops reach the Oder River, less that 50 miles from Berlin
1946 - Yugoslavia adopts new constitution, becomes a federal republic
1948 - J D Salinger's "A Perfect Day for Banana Fish" appears in NY
1948 - Magnetic tape recorder developed by Wireway
1949 - 1st daytime soap on TV "These Are My Children" (NBC in Chicago)
33rd US President Harry Truman33rd US President Harry Truman 1950 - US President Harry Truman publicly announces support for development of Hydogen bomb
1952 - Dutch Lutheran Church reunites after 1½ centuries
1952 - Harry Heilmann & Paul Waner elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
1953 - "Princess Victoria" capsized off Stanraer Scotland; 133 die
1953 - Hurricane-like winds flood Netherlands drowning 1,835
1953 - NY, Cleveland, & Boston retaliate at Bill Veeck, forcing the Browns to play afternoon games to avoid sharing TV revenues
1955 - RCA demonstrates 1st music synthesizer
1956 - French government of Mollet forms
1956 - Juscelino Kubitschek becomes president of Brazil
1956 - Guy Mollet becomes Prime Minister of France.
1957 - Trans-Iranian oil pipe line finished
1957 - Eight people on the ground in Pacoima, California are killed following the mid-air collision between a Douglas DC-7 airliner and a Northrop F-89 Scorpion fighter jet.
Baseball Player and Manager Leo DurocherBaseball Player and Manager Leo Durocher 1958 - "Jackpot Bowling" premieres on NBC with Leo Durocher as host
1958 - James van Allen discovers radiation belt
1958 - US launches their 1st artificial satellite, Explorer 1
1959 - Joe Cronin signs 7 year pact to become head of AL
1961 - David Ben-Gurion resigns as Prime Minister of Israel
1961 - Ham the chimpanzee is 1st primate in space (158 miles) aboard Mercury/Redstone 2
1961 - Houston voters approve bond to finance luxury domed stadium
1961 - Kanhai completes twin tons (117 & 115) v Aust at Adelaide
1961 - NATO secretary-general Paul-Henri Spaak says he'll resign
1961 - USAF launches Samos spy satellite to replace U-2 flights
1962 - Gen Charles P Cabell, USAF, ends term as deputy director of CIA
1962 - Samuel Gravely assumes command of destroyer escort "USS Falgout"
1963 - Tony Sheridan & Beat Brothers record "What'd I Say" & "Ruby Baby"
Singer-Songwriter and and Guitarist Tony SheridanSinger-Songwriter and and Guitarist Tony Sheridan 1964 - US report "Smoking & Health" connects smoking to lung cancer
1965 - Pud Galvin elected to baseball Hall of Fame
1966 - Belgian state police kills 2 striking mine workers
1966 - USSR launches Luna 9 towards Moon
1968 - Bobby Simpson takes 5-59 v India in his last Test for ten years
1968 - Nauru (formerly Pleasant Island) declares independence from Australia
1968 - Record high barometric pressure (1083.8 mb, 32"), at Agata, USSR
1968 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1968 - Viet Cong Tet offensive begins
1969 - Vice Admiral Rufus L Taylor, USN, ends term as deputy director of CIA
1970 - Grateful Dead members busted on LSD charges
1971 - "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison hit #1 on UK pop chart
1971 - Apollo 14 launched, 1st landing in lunar highlands
1971 - Jake Beckley, Joe Kelley, Harry Hooper, Rube Marquard, Chick Hafey
Singer-Songwriter George HarrisonSinger-Songwriter George Harrison 1971 - US female Figure Skating championship won by Janet Lynn
1971 - US male Figure Skating championship won by John Misha Petkevich
1971 - & Dave Bancroft & George Weiss elected to baseball Hall of Fame
1972 - Aretha Franklin sings at Mahalia Jackson's funeral
1972 - Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev becomes 11th King of Nepal
1972 - Military coup ousts civilian government of Ghana
1972 - US launches HEOS A-2 for interplanetary observations (396/244,998)
1972 - British Home Secretary Reginald Maudling makes statement to the House of Commons on the events of 'Bloody Sunday' "The Army returned the fire directed at them with aimed shots and inflicted a number of casualties on those who were attacking them with firearms and with bombs"
1975 - Barry Manilow's "Mandy" goes gold
1975 - John Lennon releases "#9 Dream"
1975 - UCLA wins NCAA basketball championship
Musician and Beatle John LennonMusician and Beatle John Lennon 1976 - "Love Rollercoaster" by Ohio Players hits #1
1976 - Lance Gibbs becomes highest Test wicket-taker at 308
1976 - 3rd American Music Award: Olivia Newton-John & John Denver win
1977 - Frenchman Francois Claustre freed, after 33 months as hostage in Chad
1977 - Joe Sewell, Amos Rusie, & Al Lopez elected to baseball Hall of Fame
1977 - 4th American Music Award: Olivia Newton-John & Elton John win
1978 - "Elvis: The Legend Lives!" opens at Palace Theater NYC for 101 perfs
1978 - Israel turns 3 milt outposts in West Bank into civilian settlements
1980 - Police storm occupied Spanish embassy in Guatemala City, killing 41
1981 - "The Tide Is High" by Blondie hits #1
1981 - 38th Golden Globes: Ordinary People, Coal Miner's Daughter
1981 - Gaetan Boucher skates world record 1000m (1:13.39)
1982 - 10 Arabian oryx (extinct except in zoos) released in Oman
1982 - 12th AFC-NFC pro bowl, AFC wins 16-13
Singer Olivia Newton-JohnSinger Olivia Newton-John 1982 - 32nd NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 120-118 at New Jersey
1982 - Gustafson skates world record 10 km (14:26.59)
1982 - Hollis Stacy wins LPGA Whirlpool Golf Championship of Deer Creek
1982 - NFL Pro Bowl: AFC beats NFC 16-13
1982 - US male Figure Skating championship won by Scott Hamilton
1983 - In an effort to reduce driving deaths, a new law in UK requires drivers and front-seat passengers to wear seatbelts
1984 - 36th NHL All-Star Game: Wales beat Campbell 7-6 at NJ
1984 - Edwin Newman retires from NBC News after 35 years with the network
1984 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1985 - "Harrigan 'n Hart" opens at Longacre Theater NYC for 5 performances
1985 - South African president PW Botha offers to free Mandela if he denounces violence
1986 - Mary Lund of Minn, is 1st female recipient of an artificial heart
Deaf Actress Marlee MatlinDeaf Actress Marlee Matlin 1987 - 44th Golden Globes: Platoon, Marlee Matlin win
1987 - United Steel workers union ratified a concessionary with USX Corp
1988 - Barge sinks near Anacortes, WA, spills 70,000 gallons of oil
1988 - Super Bowl XXII: Wash Redskins beat Denver Broncos, 42-10 in San Diego Super Bowl MVP: Doug Williams, Washington, QB
1990 - 1st McDonalds in Russia opens in Moscow, world's biggest McDonalds
1990 - 1st ever all-sports daily "National" begins publishing
1990 - Jushin "Thunder" Liger beats Naoki Sano to become New Japan IWGP champ
1990 - The first McDonald's in the Soviet Union opens in Moscow, USSR.
1991 - Nugget's Michael Adams becomes shortest NBAer to get a triple-double
1991 - Robert Gibson flies record 27,040 feet altitude
1992 - MTA raised tolls on most NYC bridges from $2.50 to $3.00
1993 - "St Joan" opens at Lyceum Theater NYC for 49 performances
1993 - 81st Australian Mens Tennis: Jim Courier beats S Edberg (62 61 26 75)
1993 - Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas Cowboys beat Buffalo Bills, 52-17 in Pasadena Super Bowl MVP: Troy Aikman, Dallas, QB
1994 - Barcelona opera theater "Gran Teatro del Liceo" burns down
1994 - Dow Jones hits a record 3,978.36
42nd US President Bill Clinton42nd US President Bill Clinton 1995 - President Bill Clinton authorizes a $20 billion loan to Mexico to stabilize its economy.
1996 - 50 people die and many more injured in a suicide bombing in Sri Lanka by separatist Tamil Tigers
1998 - 72nd Australian Womens Tennis: Martina Hingis beats C Martinez (63 63)
1998 - STS 89 (Endeavour 12) lands
1999 - Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy" first airs on Fox
1999 - Super Bowl XXXIII: Denver Broncos beats Atlanta Falcons 34-19 at Pro Player Stadium, Miami, John Elway MVP
2000 - Alaska Airlines flight 261 MD-83, experiencing horizontal stabilizer problems, crashes in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Point Mugu, California, killing all 88 persons aboard.
2000 - A fight between Ray Lewis and his companions and another group of people results in the stabbing deaths of Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar, resulting in the indictment of Lewis 11 days on murder and aggravated-assault charges
NFL Legend Ray LewisNFL Legend Ray Lewis 2000 - Family GP Dr Harold Shipman is jailed for life for murdering 15 of his patients, making him Britain's most prolific convicted serial killer
2001 - In the Netherlands a Scottish court convicts a Libyan and acquits another for their part in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 which crashed into Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988.
2003 - The Waterfall rail accident occurs near Waterfall, New South Wales, Australia.
2006 - Alan Greenspan retires as Chairman of the Federal Reserve
2007 - Suspects are arrested in Birmingham in the UK, accused of plotting the kidnap, holding and eventual beheading of a serving Muslim British soldier in Iraq.
2009 - In Kenya, at least 113 people are killed and over 200 injured following an oil spillage ignition in Molo, days after a massive fire at a Nakumatt supermarket in Nairobi killed at least 25 people.
US Fed Chairman & Economist Alan GreenspanUS Fed Chairman & Economist Alan Greenspan 2010 - 52nd Grammy Awards: Use Somebody, Zac Brown Band wins
2010 - NFL Pro Bowl: AFC beats NFC 41-34
2013 - 300 people are injured in a train collision in Pretoria, South Africa
2013 - 36 people are killed and 126 are injured in an explosion at Torre Ejecutiva Pemex, Mexico
2015 - Lydia Ko at 17, becomes the youngest golfer in men's or women's golf history to be ranked No. 1 in the world
2015 - Australian Tennis Open: Serena Williams defeats Maria Sharapova to win the Womens' title 6-3 7-6 in Melbourne

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