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306 - Constantine I is proclaimed Roman emperor by his troops.
864 - The Edict of Pistres of Charles the Bald orders defensive measures against the Vikings.
1139 - Count Alfonso I of Portugal proclaimed King
1261 - Constantinople recaptured by Nicaean forces under Alexios Strategopoulos for Emperor Michael VIII, re-establishing Byzantine Empire.
1360 - Jews are expelled from Breslau, Silesia
1511 - Portuguese forces under Afonso de Albuquerqu first assault the properous trading city of Malacca, Malay Penninsula
1519 - San Cristobal de la Habana forms in Cuba
1521 - About 300 heretics burned in Vrijdagmarkt Gent
1536 - Sebastián de Belalcázar on his search of El Dorado founds the City of Santiago de Cali.
1538 - The City of Guayaquil is founded by the Spanish Conquistador Francisco de Orellana and given the name Muy Noble y Muy Leal Ciudad de Santiago de Guayaquil.
King of France Henry IIKing of France Henry II 1547 - Henry II of France is crowned.
1564 - Maximilian II succeeds his father Ferdinand I as Holy Roman Emperor
1567 - Don Diego de Losada founds the city of Santiago de Leon de Caracas, modern-day Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela.
1570 - Battle at Arnay-le-Duc Bourgundy: Huguenots-French government army
1585 - Amsterdam bans 45 roman catholics
1593 - France's Protestant King Henri IV converts to Roman Catholic faith
1603 - James VI of Scotland is crowned James I of English uniting kingdoms of England and Scotland
King of Great Britain James I and VIKing of Great Britain James I and VI 1652 - Nikita Minin becomes patriarch of Russian-orthodox church
1670 - Austrian Emperor Leopold I expels 4,000 Jews from Vienna
1670 - Don Juan Domingo Zuniga y Fonseca becomes gov-gen of Southern Neth
1689 - France declares war on England
1693 - Ignacio de Maya founds the Real Santiago de las Sabinas, now known as Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo León, México.
1722 - The Three Years War begins along the Maine and Massachusetts border.
1729 - North Carolina becomes a royal colony
1745 - Bonnie Prince Charlie lands on Eriskay, Hebrides in the last Jacobite Rebellion
1758 - Seven Years' War: the island battery at Fortress Louisbourg in Nova Scotia is silenced and all French warships are destroyed or taken.
1759 - British capture Fort Niagara from French (7 Years' War)
1775 - Maryland issues currency depicting George III trampling Magna Carta
1792 - Dutch patriots exiles finds "Bataafs Legion"
1792 - The Brunswick Manifesto issued to population of Paris promising vengeance if French Royal Family harmed.
1795 - The first stone of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is laid.
British Naval Officer Horatio NelsonBritish Naval Officer Horatio Nelson 1797 - Horatio Nelson loses more than 300 men and his right arm during the failed conquest attempt of Tenerife (Spain).
1799 - French-Egyptian forces under Napoleon I beat Turks at Battle of Abukir
1814 - Battle of Niagara Falls (Lundy's Lane); Americans defeat British
1814 - George Stephenson introduced the 1st steam locomotive
1822 - General Agustin de Iturbide crowned Agustin I, 1st Emperor of Mexico
1824 - Costa Rica annexes Guanacaste from Nicaragua.
1832 - 1st railroad accident in US, Granite Railway, Quincy, Mass-1 dies
1835 - Ibrahim Pasha's army attacks Jewish settlers of Hebron Palestine
1st Emperor of Mexico Agustín de Iturbide1st Emperor of Mexico Agustín de Iturbide 1837 - The first commercial use of an electric telegraph was successfully demonstrated by William Cooke and Charles Wheatstone on 25 July 1837 between Euston and Camden Town in London.
1848 - 1st battle at Custozza: Austrians under Radetzky beat Italian
1850 - Gold discovered in Oregon (Rogue River)
1853 - Joaquin Murietta, the famous Californio bandit known as "Robin Hood of El Dorado", is killed.
1854 - Walter Hunt is awarded the first U.S. patent for a paper shirt collar
1860 - 1st US intercollegiate billiard match (Harvard vs Yales)
1861 - Washington DC - Crittenden resolution is passed stating that the war is to be fought to preserve union & uphold the Constitution, not to alter slavery
1861 - Skirmish at Fort Fillmore, NM Terr - Rebels attack Union troops
1863 - Skirmish at Barbee's Crossroads, Virginia
1866 - 25th US Postmaster General: Alexander W Randall of Wisconsin takes office
1866 - David Faragut appointed as 1st admiral in US Navy
US President & Union General Ulysses S. GrantUS President & Union General Ulysses S. Grant 1866 - Ulysses S. Grant named 1st general of Army
1868 - US Congress forms Wyoming Territory (Dakota, Utah & Idaho)
1871 - Carousel patents by Wilhelm Schneider, Davenport, Iowa
1897 - Writer Jack London sails to join the Klondike Gold Rush where he will write his first successful stories.
1898 - 1st US troops land & occupy Puerto Rice, at Guanica Bay
1900 - Gilbert Jessop hits his 2nd 100 before lunch in same cricket match
1901 - Emily Hobhouse addresses public meetings in Britain on the concentration camps during the South African War
1902 - james j jeffries KOs Bob Fitzsimmons in 8 for heavyweight boxing title
1903 - Castle on top of Telegraph Hill closes
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. JeffriesBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. Jeffries 1907 - Korea becomes a protectorate of Japan.
1908 - Ajinomoto is founded. Kikunae Ikeda of the Tokyo Imperial University discovers that a key ingredient in Konbu soup stock is monosodium glutamate (MSG), and patents a process for manufacturing it.
1909 - France's Louis Bleriot, makes 1st airplane flight across English Channel
1912 - Comoros proclaimed a French colonies
1913 - Carl Weilman strikes out 6 times in a 15 inning game
1913 - Pirates Max Carey goes hitless, but scores 5 runs against Phillies
1913 - A meeting in Johannesburg, called by the South African Native National Congress, now African National Congress, is attended by a large number of people from South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland
1914 - Germany Socialist-Democrat Party declares: "No German blood for Austrian tyrant" in response to German support of Austria-Hungary
1914 - Last day of club cricket for W G Grace at age 66: he made 69 runs
1914 - Serbia meets the deadlines of Austria-Hungary's ultimatum and gives a conciliatory reply, though Serbia is mobilizing
1916 - Explosion at Lake Erie & Cleveland Waterworks
1917 - Sir Thomas Whyte introduces the first income tax in Canada as a "temporary" measure (lowest bracket is 4% and highest is 25%).
1918 - Annette Adams sworn in as 1st woman district attorney of US, Calif
1918 - Race riot in Chester Pennsylvania (3 blacks & 2 whites killed)
1920 - Red Sox turn triple-play, but Ruth's 35th HR leads Yanks to 8-2 win
1922 - AT&T begins broadcasting on WBAY (NYC-later WEAF, WNBC, WRCA & WFAN)
1923 - German mark devalued to 600,000 Mark=$1
1930 - Phila Athletics triple steal in 1st & 4th innings vs Cleveland
Jazz-orchestra leader, Composer, Pianist Duke EllingtonJazz-orchestra leader, Composer, Pianist Duke Ellington 1933 - 1st Dutch live radio concert: Duke Ellington
1934 - Failed nazi coup in Austria
1936 - 115 acre Orchard Beach opens in the Bronx
1938 - Jewish artisans not allowed in Germany
1938 - Revolutionary offensive of Ebro Spain (Hollander Piet)
1939 - 5th & last Dutch government of Colijn, forms
1939 - NY Yankee Atley Donald sets AL rookie record with 12 consecutive win
1940 - John Sigmund begins swimming for 89 hrs 46 mins in the Mississippi River
1941 - FDR bans selling benzine/gasoline to Japan
1941 - Red Sox Lefty Grove becomes 12th to win 300 games (his last victory)
1942 - German troops occupy Rostov
32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1942 - German troops strike at Tsym Lyanskaja
1943 - 1st warship named after an African American launched - USS Leonard Roy Harmon, a Buckley class destroyer
1943 - Benito Mussolini dismissed as Italian Premier and arrested on authority King Victor Emmanuel II
1943 - Opposition group Zwaantje forms in Delfzijl
1943 - RAF bombs Fokker airplane factory in Amsterdam
1944 - -26] Japanse banzai-attack on Guam
1944 - 1st jet fighter used in combat (Messerschmitt 262)
1944 - Allied jailbreak at St-Lo (behind German lines)
1944 - US troop march into Guam
1944 - USAAF kills 136 and wounds 621 GI's at St-Lo
1944 - World War II: Operation Spring - one of the bloodiest days for Canadians during the war: 18,444 casualties, including 5,021 killed.
Italian Dictator Benito MussoliniItalian Dictator Benito Mussolini 1946 - US detonates underwater A-bomb at Bikini (5th atomic explosion)
1946 - At Club 500 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis stage their first show as a comedy team.
1947 - US Air Force, Navy & War Dept form US Department of Defense
1947 - US Department of Army created
1949 - St Louis Cardinal Stan Musial hits for the cycle beating Bkln 14-1
1952 - Puerto Rico becomes a self-governing US commonwealth (Constitution Day)
1953 - NYC transit fare rises from 10 cents to 15 cents, 1st use of subway tokens
1954 - Marilynn Smith wins LPGA Fort Wayne Golf Open
MLB Legend Stan MusialMLB Legend Stan Musial 1956 - 38th PGA Championship: Jack Burke at Blue Hill CC Boston
1956 - Italian liner Andrea Doria sinks after colliding with the Stockholm
1956 - Jordan attacks UN Palestine force
1957 - Monarchy in Tunisia abolished in favor of a republic
1957 - Peter Loader takes a cricket hat-trick for England v WI at Headingley
1957 - US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1958 - The African Regroupment Party (PRA) holds its first congress in Cotonou.
1959 - SR-N1 hovercraft crosses the English Channel from Calais to Dover in just over 2 hours.
1960 - Companie Industrielle et Forestere (Indufor) forms in Brussels
1961 - Maris hits home runs 37, 38, 39 & 40 in a doubleheader
35th US President John F. Kennedy35th US President John F. Kennedy 1961 - In a speech John F. Kennedy emphasizes that any attack on Berlin is an attack on NATO.
1963 - Belgian Senate accept Law on language regulations
1963 - US, Russia & Britain sign nuclear Test ban treaty
1964 - "Here's Love" closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 338 performances
1964 - Beatles' album "A Hard Day's Night" goes #1 & stays #1 for 14 weeks
1964 - Bob Simpson out for 311 at Old Trafford
1964 - Race riot in Rochester NY
1965 - Folk-rock begins, Dylan uses electric guitar at Newport Folk Festival
1965 - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Buckeye Savings Golf Tournament
LPGA Golfer Kathy WhitworthLPGA Golfer Kathy Whitworth 1966 - Brian Jones final perfomance as a Rolling Stone
1966 - Eric Clapton records guitar tracks for Harrison's "While My Guitar..."
1966 - Mao Zedong swims Yangtse River
1966 - Supremes release "You Can't Hurry Love"
1966 - Yankee manager Casey Stengel elected to Hall of Fame
1967 - Construction begins on SF MUNI METRO (Market Street subway)
1968 - Pope Paul VI encyclical against On regulation of birth
1969 - 1st performance of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Fillmore East, NY)
1969 - 70,000 attend Seattle Pop Festival
1969 - Edward Kennedy pleads guilty to leaving scene of an accident a week after the Chappaquiddick car accident that killed Mary Jo Kopechne
Chinese Communist Revolutionary Mao ZedongChinese Communist Revolutionary Mao Zedong 1970 - "(They Long to Be) Close to You" reaches #1
1971 - Judy Kimball wins LPGA O'Sullivan Ladies Golf Open
1972 - 43rd All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 4-3 at Atlanta-Fulton County Stad
1972 - All star MVP: Joe Morgan (Cin Reds)
1972 - US health officials concede African American were used as guinea pigs in 40 year syphilis experiment
1973 - George Harrison pays £1,000,000 tax on his Bangladesh concert & album
1973 - USSR launches Mars 5
1975 - "A Chorus Line", longest-running Broadway show (6,137), premieres
1976 - Annegret Richter runs 100m (11.01)
1976 - Susie Berning wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
Singer-Songwriter Bob DylanSinger-Songwriter Bob Dylan 1978 - Bob Dylan booed off Newport Folk Festival for using electric guitar
1978 - Bob Lemon replaces Billy Martin as Yankee manager
1978 - Cin Red Pete Rose sets NL record hitting in 38 consecutive games
1978 - John Lydon forms rock group Public Ltd Image
1978 - The Cerro Maravilla Incident occurs.
1978 - Louise Brown, the world's first test tube baby is born at Oldham General Hospital England
1979 - 109 cm rainfall at Alvin Texas (state record)
1980 - Train crash at Winsum, 9 die
1980 - US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1981 - Voyager 2 encounters Saturn
MLB Player and Manager Pete RoseMLB Player and Manager Pete Rose 1981 - Anti-apartheid protesters in Hamilton, New Zealand, force the cancellation of a rugby test between New Zealand's All Blacks and South Africa’s Springboks by invading the pitch during the game.
1982 - 20th Tennis Fed Cup: USA beats Germany in Santa Clara USA (3-0)
1982 - 37th US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Janet Anderson
1982 - France performs nuclear Test
1983 - 1st non-human primate (baboon) conceived in a lab dish, San Antonio
1983 - Washington Public Power Supply System defaulted $2.25 billion
1984 - Cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya becomes 1st woman to walk in space
1985 - Spokeswoman for Rock Hudson confirmed he had AIDS
1985 - Steve Cram runs world record mile (3:46.32)
1985 - US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1985 - USSR performs nuclear Test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1985 - Uganda suspends constitution following coup
1986 - Sikhs extremist kill 16 hindus in Muhktsar India
1987 - Sherri Martel beats Fabulous Moolah for WWF Woman's Championship Belt
1987 - USSR launches Kosmos 1870, 15-ton Earth-study satellite
1988 - Mindy Duncan, 16, of Oregon, crowned 6th Miss Teen USA
1988 - Pedro Delgado wins Tour de France
1989 - Brandi Sherwood of Idaho crowned 7th Miss Teen USA
1990 - "Les Miserables" opens at Princess Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver
MLB Third Baseman George BrettMLB Third Baseman George Brett 1990 - KC Royal George Brett hits for the cycle
1990 - Nadezhda Ryashkina of USSR sets 10K walk woman's record (41:56.23)
1990 - Roseanne Barr sings National Anthem at Cincinnati Reds-San Diego Padres game
1990 - US Ambassador tells Iraq, US won't take sides in Iraq-Kuwait dispute
1990 - US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1991 - Howard Stern adds a 4th radio market (KLSX FM-97.1 Los Angeles)
1991 - Seattle Jay Buhner hits a 479' HR in Yankee Stadium
1991 - Pittsburgh Steelers guard Terry Long treated for an apparent suicide attempt after he learned he tested positive for steroid use
Comedienne and Actress Roseanne BarrComedienne and Actress Roseanne Barr 1992 - 25th Olympic Summer games opens in Barcelona, Spain
1992 - Army refused to overturn 127 year old conviction against Dr Mudd
1993 - 31st Tennis Fed Cup: Spain beats Australia in Frankfurt Germany (3-0)
1993 - 48th US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Lauri Merten
1993 - Israeli offensive against terrorist bases in South Lebanon
1993 - Miguel Indurain wins his 3rd Tour de France
1993 - The St James' Church massacre in Kenilworth, Cape Town by Azanian Peoples' Liberation Army
1994 - Jordan & Israeli end 46 year state of war (Wash DC)
1995 - A gas bottle explodes in Saint Michel station of line B of the RER (Paris regional train network). Eight are killed and 80 wounded.
1996 - Kim LaPlante of Washington state crowned Mrs United States
Actor/Comedian Bill CosbyActor/Comedian Bill Cosby 1997 - Autumn Jackson, found guilty of trying to extort $40M from Bill Cosby
1997 - Carroll O'Connor found not guilty of slandering Harry Perzigian
1997 - Howard Stern is fired from radio station, KEGL Dallas
1997 - QB Brett Favre, re-signs with Green Bay Packers for $50M for 7 yrs
1997 - Rocker Rick Danko gets suspended sentence in Japan for drug smuggling
1997 - Vincent "The Chin" Gigante found guilty of racketeering in NYC
1997 - K.R. Narayanan is sworn-in as India's 10th president and the first Dalit— formerly called "untouchable"— to hold this office.

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