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1079 - Omar ibn Ibrahim al-Chajjam completes Jalali-calendar
1205 - Aken, [Philips van Zwaben], crowned Roman-Catholic German King
1323 - Treaty of Paris - Flemish relinquish claims over the County of Zeeland
1447 - Tommaso Parentucelli succeeds Pope Eugene IV as Nicolas V
1454 - Thirteen Years' War: Delegates of the Prussian Confederation pledge allegiance to Casimir IV of Poland, and the Polish king agrees to help in their struggle for independence from the Teutonic Knights.
1479 - Treaty of Alcaçovas - Portugal gives the Canary Islands to Castile in exchange for claims in West Africa.
1521 - Magellan discovers Guam
1579 - Veluwe joins Union of Utrecht
1590 - A Dutch and English army led by Maurice of Nassau captured the heavily protected city of Breda using a small assault force hid in a peat barge.
1628 - Emperor Ferdinand II delegates Restitutie-edict
1646 - Joseph Jenkes, MA, receives 1st colonial machine patent
1664 - King Louis XIV & Emperor of Brandenburg signs covenant
1665 - Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society starts publishing
The Sun King of France Louis XIVThe Sun King of France Louis XIV 1714 - Peace of Rastatt - French emperor Charles VI of Habsburg
1728 - Spain & Britain sign (1st) Convention of Pardo
1775 - 1st Negro Mason in north America initiated, Boston
1788 - The First Fleet arrives at Norfolk Island in order to found a convict settlement.
1799 - Napoleon Bonaparte captures Jaffa, Palestine
1808 - 1st college orchestra in US founded, at Harvard
1810 - Illinois passes 1st state vaccination legislation in US
1816 - Jews are expelled from Free city of Lubeck Germany
1831 - Edgar Allen Poe removed from West Point military academy
1831 - Vincenzo Bellini's opera "La Sonnambula" premieres in Milan
1834 - Toronto incorporated with William Lyon Mackenzie as its 1st mayor
1836 - Battle of the Alamo: after 13 days of fighting 1,500-3,000 Mexicans overwhelm the Texans at the Alamo, killing 182-257 Texans including William Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett
Naturalist Charles DarwinNaturalist Charles Darwin 1836 - HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reach King George's Sound, Australia
1838 - Franz Grillparzer's "Weh dem, der Lugt" premieres in Vienna
1851 - Dion Boucicault's "Love in a Maze" premieres in London
1853 - Giuseppe Verdi's Opera "La Traviata" premieres in Venice
1855 - Gustave Flaubert writes goodbye to Louise Colet
1857 - Dred Scott Decision: US Supreme Court rules Africans cannot be US citizens
1861 - Provisionary Confederate Congress establishes Confederate Army
1862 - Battle of Pea Ridge, AR (Elkhorn Tavern)
1865 - Battle of Natural Bridge, Florida
1865 - President Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Ball
1869 - Dmitri Mendeleev presents the first periodic table to the Russian Chemical Society.
US Slave Dred ScottUS Slave Dred Scott 1882 - Monarch Milan Obrenovic of Serbia crowns himself king
1886 - 1st US alternating current power plant starts, Great Barrington, MA
1886 - 1st US nurses' magazine, The Nightingale, 1st appears, NYC
1895 - England beat Australia to win one of the best cricket series ever, 3-2
1895 - J T Brown hits the fastest 50 in Test Crickets (28 mins) Eng v Aust
1896 - 1st auto in Detroit, Charles B King rides his "Horseless Carriage"
1899 - "Aspirin" (acetylsalicylic acid) patented by Felix Hoffmann at German company Bayer
1900 - After a meeting in Indianapolis, USA, a group forms the Social Democratic Party and nominates Eugene Debs as its candidate for President in the forthcoming election (becomes the Socialist Party in 1901)
1901 - In Bremen an assassin attempts to kill Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.
1902 - US Census Bureau forms
German Emperor and King of Prussia Wilhelm IIGerman Emperor and King of Prussia Wilhelm II 1904 - The Japanese fleet bombards Vladivostok, the major Russian port on the Pacific
1906 - Cubs sign 3rd baseman Harry Steinfeldt to complete Tinker-Evers-Chance
1906 - Heavy storm bursts dike, flooding Vlissingen, Netherlands
1906 - Nora Blatch is 1st woman elected to American Society of Civil Engineers
1909 - Gerhart Hauptmann's "Griselda" premieres in Vienna
1915 - Greek King Constantine I fires premier Venizelos
1918 - US naval boat "Cyclops" disappears in Bermuda Triangle
1919 - NHL Championship: Montreal Canadiens beat Ottawa Senators, 3 games to 1 with 1 tie
1921 - Police in Sunbury, Penn, issue an edict requiring Women to wear skirts at least 4 inches below the knee
1921 - The Natal Indian Congress is resuscitated and reorganised at a meeting in Durban, with Ismail Gora as President
Baseball Legend Babe RuthBaseball Legend Babe Ruth 1922 - Babe Ruth signs 3 year contract with NY Yankees at $52,000 a year
1922 - GB Shaw's "Back to Methusaleh III/IV" premieres in NYC
1923 - Cards announce their players will wear numbers on their uniforms
1924 - British Labour government cuts military budget
1925 - Belgium annexes Eupen, Malmö dy & Sankt Vith
1926 - China asks for a seat in the Security council
1929 - Turkey & Bulgaria sign friendship treaty
1930 - Clarence Birdseye develops a method for quick freezing food
1933 - FDR declares a nationwide bank holiday
1933 - Maxwell Anderson's "Both your Houses" premieres in NYC
1933 - Poland occupies free city Danzig (Gdansk)
1934 - Sidney Howard & Paul de Kruif's "Yellowjacket" premieres in NYC
1935 - Frank Bartell (Czech), cycles record 80.584 mph in LA
32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1936 - Belgium ends Locarno pact
1940 - 1st US telecast from an airplane, NYC
1943 - Battle at Medenine, North Africa: Rommel's counterattack
1943 - Sukarno asks for cooperation with Japanese occupiers
1944 - USAAF begins daylight bombing of Berlin
1945 - 117 SD-prisoners executed at Savage Farm
1945 - Chinese 38th division occupies Lashio
1945 - Erich Honnecker & Erich Hanke flee nazis
1945 - Federico Garcia Lorca's "La Casa" premieres in Buenos Aires
1946 - France recognizes Vietnam statehood within Indo-Chinese federation
1947 - XB-45, 1st US 4-engine jet bomber, makes 1st test flight, Muroc, CA
1950 - Silly Putty invented
1951 - Belgium extends conscription to 24 months
1953 - Malenkov becomes chairman of the USSR
Playwright, novelist, and poet Samuel BeckettPlaywright, novelist, and poet Samuel Beckett 1955 - Dutch premiere of Samuel Becketts' "Waiting for Godot"
1955 - Jackie Pung wins LPGA Jacksonville Golf Open
1957 - Ghana (formerly Gold Coast) declares independence from UK
1957 - Centenary of Dred Scott slavery court decision marked by rediscovery of Scott's grave
1959 - 11th Emmy Awards: Playhouse 90, Jack Benny Show, Raymond Burr win
1959 - Farthest radio signal heard (Pioneer IV, 400,000 miles)
1960 - President Sukarno disbands Indonesia's parliament
1961 - 1st London minicabs introduced
1961 - Dutch Queen Juliana celebrates 12½ year jubilee
1961 - Dutch guilder revalued 4.74%
1962 - St Louis vote to build a new downtown stadium for the Cardinals
1962 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1962 - US promise Thailand assistance against communist aggression
1964 - Constantine succeeds Paul I as king of Greece
1964 - Cassius Clay joins the Nation of Islam and its leader Elijah Muhammad renames him Muhammad Ali
1964 - Tom O'Hara runs world record mile (3:56.4)
1965 - "How to Succeed in Business" closes at 46th St NYC after 1415 perfs
1965 - 1st nonstop helicopter crossing of North America, JR Willford
1965 - Bruce Taylor hits 105 for NZ v India in 1st Test Cricket innings
1966 - Barry Sadlers' "Ballad of the Green Berets" becomes #1 (13 weeks)
1967 - 2nd Academy of Country Music Awards
1967 - Jimmy Hoffa enters Lewisburg Federal Prison
1967 - Muhammad Ali is ordered by selective service to be inducted
1967 - Stalin's daughter Svetlana Allilujeva asks for political asylum in US
1967 - WACS TV channel 25 in Dawson, GA (PBS) begins broadcasting
1970 - Beatles release "Let it Be" in UK
1970 - A Catholic man is shot dead by British soldiers in Belfast, North Ireland
1971 - Test Cricket debut of Sunil Gavaskar, v West Indies at Port-of-Spain
Golfer Jack NicklausGolfer Jack Nicklaus 1972 - Jack Nicklaus, passes Arnold Palmer as golf's all-time money winner
1972 - Keswick to Penrith railway officially closes
1973 - In an exhibition game with the Pirates, Twins Larry Hisle becomes the 1st designated hitter (he hits 2 HRs & knocks in 7 RBIs)
1974 - "Over Here" opens at Shubert Theater NYC for 341 performances
1974 - An Italian loses a record $1,920,000 at roulette in Monte Carlo
1974 - Ian & Greg Chappell score cricket
1975 - Algiers Accord: Iran and Iraq announce a settlement of their border dispute.
1976 - Ice Dance Championship at Gothenburg won by Pakhomova & Gorshkov (URS)
1976 - Ice Pairs Championship at Gothenburg won by Rodnina & Zaitsev (URS)
1976 - Men's Fig Skating Championship in Gothenburg won by John Curry (GRB)
1976 - Worlds Ladies Fig Skating Champ in Gothenburg won by Dorothy Hamill
Magazine Publisher Larry FlyntMagazine Publisher Larry Flynt 1978 - Hustler publisher Larry Flynt shot & crippled by a sniper in Georgia
1980 - Emmy 7th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 1st time
1980 - Princess Theater (Latin Quarter, Cotton Club) opens at 200 W 48th NYC
1980 - French Academy, founded in 1635, elects it 1st woman novelist (Marguerita Youcenar)
1981 - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1981 - Soyuz 39 returns to Earth
1981 - Walter Cronkite signs off as anchorman of "CBS Evening News"
1981 - Worlds Ladies Fig Skating Champ in Hartford won by Denise Biellmann
1982 - NBA highest scoring game: San Antonio beat Milwaukee 171-166 (3 OT)
1982 - Susan Birmingham makes loudest recorded human shout (120 dB)
1983 - "On Your Toes" opens at Virginia Theater NYC for 505 performances
1983 - Anne-Marie Palli wins LPGA Samaritan Turquoise Golf Classic
1983 - Helmut Kohl's CDU/CSU wins West German parliament elections
Broadcast Journalist Walter CronkiteBroadcast Journalist Walter Cronkite 1983 - New Bedford, Mass woman charges she was gang-raped atop a pool table
1983 - US Football League begins its 1st season
1984 - Twelve-month-long strike in British coal industry begins.
1985 - Enos Slaughter & Arky Vaughan are elected to baseball Hall of Fame
1985 - Mike Tyson KOs Hector Mercedes in 1 round in his 1st pro fight
1985 - Yul Brynner appears in his 4,500th performance of "The King & I"
1985 - Atlantis (OV-104) rollout at Palmdale
1986 - Ken Ludwig's "Lend me a Tenor" premieres in London
1986 - USSR's Vega 1 flies by Halley's Comet at 8,889 km
1987 - 6.8 earthquake hits Ecuador, kills 100
1987 - Belgium ferry "Herald of Free Enterprise" sinks; 192 die
1988 - 18th Easter Seal Telethon raises $35,200,000
1988 - 3 IRA suspects shot dead in Gibraltar by SAS officers
1988 - Betsy King wins LPGA Women's Kemper Golf Open/Helene Curtis Pro-Am
LPGA Golfer Betsy KingLPGA Golfer Betsy King 1988 - Julie Krone becomes winningest female jockey (1205 victories)
1988 - Orville Moodey shoots 63 at Seniors golf tournament
1989 - Yanks beat Mets 6-4 in exhibition game (1st meeting since 1985)
1990 - SR-71 sets a transcontinental record, flying 2,404 miles in 1:08:17
1991 - Following Iraq's capitulation in the Persian Gulf conflict, President Bush told Congress that "aggression is defeated. The war is over"
1992 - Yankee pitcher Pascual Perez suspended for 1 year due to cocaine
1992 - The Michelangelo computer virus begins to affect computers.
1992 - Founding of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.
1994 - Colin Jackson runs world record 60m hurdles indoor (7.30 sec)
1994 - United Arab Emirates beat Kenya by 2 wickets to win ICC Trophy
1994 - Referendum in Moldova results in the electorate voting against possible reunification with Romania.
Comedian and Actor Rodney DangerfieldComedian and Actor Rodney Dangerfield 1995 - 9th American Comedy Award: Rodney Dangerfield
1995 - American Express Travel begins charging for domestic air tickets
1995 - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Phoenix AZ on KEDJ 106.3/100.3 FM
1995 - US 4.5 cents equals 156.30 Dutch guilder (record)
1996 - 10th American Comedy Award
1996 - Aravinda De Silva smashes 145 v Kenya in cricket World Cup at Kandy Sri Lanka score 5-398 in 50 overs in World Cup v Kenya
1997 - Picasso's painting Tête de Femme is stolen from a London gallery, and is recovered a week later.
1998 - First time the British Union Flag is flown over Buckingham Palace (following the controversy after Princess Dian's death; formerly the only flag flown was the Sovereign's standard indicating the monarch's presence.)
1998 - Matt Beck, an angry lottery accountant kills 4 at Connecticut state lottery
NHL Legend Ray BourqueNHL Legend Ray Bourque 2000 - Long-time Boston Bruin defenseman Ray Bourque is traded to the Colorado Avalanche
2001 - US Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham establishes the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve to be used in emergency circumstances
2006 - South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds signs a bill into legislation that would ban most abortions in the state.
2007 - Former White House aide I. Lewis Libby, Jr. is found guilty on four of five counts of perjury and obstruction of justice trial.
2010 - 30th Golden Raspberry Awards: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen wins
2012 - 9,000 residents are evacuated from Wagga Wagga, Australia, as the Murrimbidgee River threatens to overflow
2012 - Francisco Xavier do Amaral, East Timorese President, dies at 75
2013 - Syrian rebels capture Ar-Raqqah, their first major city
2013 - Microsoft is fined €561 by the Euro Commission for not providing alternative web browsers
2013 - 9 people die after a plane crashes after being ensnared in power lines in Peru
2014 - Crimea's parliament votes unanimously to make the Crimea a part of Russia
2015 - US State Department charges 2 Vietnamese and a Canadian citizen with cyberfraud, for stealing 1 billion email addresses for spam

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