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70 - Walls of upper city of Jerusalem battered down by Roman army
489 - Odoacer attacks Theodoric at the Battle of Verona, and is defeated again.
1066 - William the Conqueror's troops set sail for England
1290 - Earthquake in Gulf of Chili China, reportedly kills 100,000
1312 - Duke John II of Brabant ends Charter of Kortenberg
1331 - The Battle of Płowce between the Kingdom of Poland and the Teutonic Order is fought.
1509 - Storm ravages Flemish/Dutch/Friese coast, 1000s killed
1540 - Society of Jesus (Jesuits) founded by Ignatius Loyola
1590 - Pope Urban VII dies 13 days after being chosen as the Pope, making his reign the shortest papacy in history.
1605 - The armies of Sweden are utterly defeated by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Battle of Kircholm.
1694 - Hurricane hits Carlisle Bay Barbados; 27 British ships sink & 3,000 die
1777 - British General William Howe occupies Philadelphia during American Revolution
2nd US President John Adams2nd US President John Adams 1779 - John Adams negotiates Revolutionary War peace terms with Britain
1787 - Constitution submitted to states for ratification
1794 - French troops conquer Crèvecoeur
1821 - Mexican Empire declares its independence; Mexican revolutionary forces occupy Mexico City as Spanish withdraw
1822 - Jean-François Champollion announces that he has deciphered the Rosetta stone.
1825 - Rail transport is born with the opening of the Stockton-Darlington line
1830 - Dutch army leaves Brussels, after 100s killed
1833 - Charles Darwin rides horse to Santa Fe
1834 - Charles Darwin returns to Valparaiso
Naturalist Charles DarwinNaturalist Charles Darwin 1852 - George L Aiken's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" premieres in Troy, NY
1854 - Steamship "Arctic" sinks with 300 people on board
1855 - George F Bristow's "Rip Van Winkle", 2nd American opera, opens in NYC
1863 - Jo Shelby's cavalry in action at Moffat's Station, Arkansas
1864 - Battle at Pilot Knob (Ft Davidson) American Civil War, Missouri: 1700 killed/injured
1864 - Centralia Massacre (Missouri): 24 unarmed Union soldiers captured and executed by "Bloody Bill" Anderson/Frank
1864 - Jesse James' gang surprise attack train: 150 killed
1877 - John Mercer Langston named minister of Haiti
Outlaw Jesse JamesOutlaw Jesse James 1881 - Chicago Cubs beat Troy 10-8 before record small "crowd" of 12
1892 - Book matches are patented by Diamond Match Company
1894 - Aqueduct racetrack opens in NY
1900 - Victory Theater (Republic, Belasco) opens at 207 W 42nd St NYC
1903 - Wreck of the Old 97, a train crash made famous by the song of the same name.
1905 - 1st published blues composition forms sale, WC Handy Memphis Blues
1905 - Boston's Bill Dinneen no-hits Chicago White Sox, 2-0
1905 - The physics journal Annalen der Physik publishes Albert Einstein's paper "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?", introducing the equation E=mc².
Ford Motor Company Founder Henry FordFord Motor Company Founder Henry Ford 1908 - Henry Ford's first Ford Model T automobile was leaves the Piquette Plant in Detroit, Michigan.
1909 - 29th US Mens Tennis: W A Larned beats W J Clothier (6-1 6-2 5-7 1-6 6-1)
1909 - US President Taft sets aside some 3 million acres of oil-rich public land (including Teapot Dome, Wyoming) for conservation purposes
1910 - 1st test flight of a twin-engined airplane (France)
1912 - W C Handy publishes "Memphis Blues" 1st Blues Song, 1912
1914 - Cleveland 2nd baseman Nap Lajoie collects his 3,000th hit
1916 - 1st Native American Day celebrated, honoring American Indians
27th US President William Howard Taft27th US President William Howard Taft 1916 - Emperor Lidj Jasu of Ethiopia flees
1916 - Iyasu is proclaimed deposed as ruler of Ethiopia in a palace coup in favor of his aunt Zauditu.
1917 - Broadhurst Theater opens at 235 W 44th St NYC
1917 - EHC soccer team forms in Hoensbroek Neth
1919 - British troops withdraw from Archangelsk
1919 - Democratic National Committee voted to allow female members
1919 - Pitcher Bob Shawkey sets then Yank record with 15 strike-outs
1919 - Babe Ruth's 29th HR is 1st of year in Wash (1st in every park in league in one season)
1921 - Yanks beat Indians 21-7 in Polo Grounds
1922 - King Constantine I of Greece abdicates
Baseball Legend Babe RuthBaseball Legend Babe Ruth 1923 - Italian troops leave occupied Korfu
1923 - NY Yankee Lou Gehrig hits 1st of his 493 HRs
1924 - Giants clinch their 4th straight pennant, beating Phils 5-1
1928 - The Nationalist Republic of China is recognised by the United States.
1930 - 34th US Golf Amateur Championship won by Bobby Jones
1930 - Cub's Hack Wilson's 2 HRs give him NL record 56 HRs
1930 - White Sox 1st baseman Bud Clancy didn't handle ball at all in a 9 inning game vs St Louis Browns
1931 - Lou Gehrig completes his 6th straight season, playing in every game (.3486) Jim Bottomley (.3481)
1931 - Closest NL batting race ends Chick Hafey (.3488) beats Bill Terry's
Baseball Player Lou GehrigBaseball Player Lou Gehrig 1935 - Chicago Cubs win 21st consecutive game & clinch NL pennant
1936 - 1st baseman Walter Alston plays in his only major league game
1936 - Franco troops conquer Toledo
1936 - Netherlands leave Gold Standard/devaluate guilder
1937 - 1st Santa Claus Training School opens (Albion NY)
1937 - Balinese Tiger declared extinct.
1938 - British ocean liner "Queen Elizabeth" launches at Clydebank Scotland
1938 - Jewish lawyers forbidden to practice in Germany
1938 - League of Nations declares Japan the aggressor against China
Spanish Dictator and General Francisco FrancoSpanish Dictator and General Francisco Franco 1939 - Warsaw Poland, surrenders to Germans after 19 days of resistance
1939 - White Sox host 1st "day-night" doubleheader, lose to Cleve, 5-2 & 7-5
1940 - 55 German aircrafts shot down above England
1940 - Black leaders protest discrimination in US armed forces
1940 - Floyd Giebells, 1st game, 2-0 pennant clinching beating Bob Feller
1940 - Nazi Germany, Italy & Japan sign 10 year formal alliance (Axis)
1940 - Yankees, lose to A's & eliminated from pennant for 1st time since 1935
1941 - 1st WW II liberty ship, freighter Patrick Henry, launched
1942 - Heavy German assault in Stalingrad
1942 - NY Giants beat Wash Redskins 14-7 without making a 1st down
1942 - Reinhard Heydrich, "butcher of Prague," appointed SS-general (Gruppenfuehrer)
1942 - St Louis Cards win NL pennant on last day of season
1943 - Anti-fascism opposition begins in Naples
1943 - Dutch opposition newspaper "The Slogan" publishes KZ-Lower letter
1944 - Helmond & Oss Neth liberated
1946 - King George II of Greece returns from exile
1947 - "Sweethearts" closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 288 performances
1948 - "Carib Song" opens at Adelphi Theater NYC for 36 performances
Diplomat and Nobel Laureate Ralph BuncheDiplomat and Nobel Laureate Ralph Bunche 1950 - Dr Ralph Bunche receives Nobel Peace Prize
1950 - Ezzard Charles beats Joe Louis in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1950 - Heavyweight champ Ezzard Charles defeats Joe Louis in 15 in Yankee Stadium, Bronx NY.
1951 - Persian troops occupies oil refinery at Abadan
1953 - Bert Bechichar, Baltimore Colts, kicks a 56-yard field goal
1953 - KCMO (now KCTV) TV channel 5 in Kansas City, MO (CBS) begins
1953 - KNOE TV channel 8 in Monroe-West Monroe, LA (CBS) begins broadcasting
1953 - KOLO TV channel 8 in Reno, NV (ABC/CBS) begins broadcasting
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Ezzard CharlesBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion Ezzard Charles 1953 - KQTV TV channel 2 in Saint Joseph, MO (ABC) begins broadcasting
1953 - St Louis Browns play last game in Sportsman's Park, losing 100th game
1953 - Typhoon destroys 1/3 of Nagoya Japan
1953 - WHBQ TV channel 13 in Memphis, TN (ABC) begins broadcasting
1953 - WMAZ TV channel 13 in Macon, GA (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
1953 - WTOK TV channel 11 in Meridian, MS (ABC/CBS) begins broadcasting
1954 - 1st African American Supreme Court page is CV Bush
1954 - School integration begins in Wash DC & Baltimore Md public schools
TV Personality, Comedian and Composer Steve AllenTV Personality, Comedian and Composer Steve Allen 1954 - Steve Allen's "Tonight Show" premieres
1957 - Giants rent Seals Stadium until Candlestick is built
1959 - Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Opie Turner Golf Open
1959 - Braves & Dodgers finish in a tie (86-68)
1959 - Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev concludes his US visit
1960 - Europe's 1st "moving pavement" (travelator), opens at Bank station on the London Underground
1961 - Sandy Koufax sets NL strikeout season record at 269
1961 - Sierre Leone becomes 100th member of UN
1962 - Military uprising under Col Abdullah as-Sallal North Yemen
1962 - US sells Israel, Hawk anti-aircraft missiles
1962 - Rachel Carson publishes 'Silent Spring' about the deleterious impacts pesticide use in the US on the environment
First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Nikita KhrushchevFirst Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev 1963 - At 10:59 AM census clock, records US population at 190,000,000
1963 - Lee Harvey Oswald visits Cubans consulate in Mexico
1964 - Despite 3 HRs by Johnny Callison, Phils are 14-8 losers to Braves
1964 - Mickey Wright wins LPGA Visalia Ladies' Golf Open
1964 - Phillies 7th straight loses sends them into 2nd place
1964 - Findings of the Warren Commission into the assassination ofe President John Kennedy released, finds Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone
1967 - Phillies Jim Bunning ties NL record of 5, 1-0 losses in a year
1967 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1968 - "Hair" opens in London
1968 - Cardinals' super pitcher Bob Gibson's 13th shutout of year
Ex-soldier, drifter Lee Harvey OswaldEx-soldier, drifter Lee Harvey Oswald 1968 - France denies UK entry into common market
1970 - Ken Boswell sets 2nd baseman record of 85 games without an error
1971 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1972 - 1st game at Nassau Coliseum, Rangers beat Islanders 6-4 (exhibition)
1973 - Nolan Ryan strikes out 16 in 11 innings, for record 383 of season
1973 - Soyuz 12 carries 2 cosmonauts into Earth orbit (2 days)
1973 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1974 - -10/26] Rome: 4th bishop synod
1974 - Austr National Gallery buys W de Kooning's "Woman V" for $850,000
1975 - Government De Uyl recalls Dutch ambassador from Spain
MLB Pitching Legend Nolan RyanMLB Pitching Legend Nolan Ryan 1977 - Phillies clinch 2nd straight NL East Division title
1978 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1978 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1979 - US Congress' final approval to create Dept of Education
1979 - Elton John, sick with flu, collapse on Hollywood Universal Ampitheater
1979 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1980 - WHOT (Brooklyn New York pirate radio station) begins on 1620 AM & 92.5 FM
1980 - Marvin Hagler defeats Alan Minter to claim boxing's world Middleweight championship in London. They have to be escorted away by police after a riot forms.
Singer Elton JohnSinger Elton John 1981 - "Day in Hollywood, A Night.." closes at John Golden NY after 588 perf
1982 - Cards clinching NL East title
1982 - Filming begins on "Never Say Never Again"
1982 - Jan Wolkers awarded but refuses Constantine Huygens-prize
1982 - John Palmer becomes news anchor of Today Show
1983 - South Africa worker's union leader Curnick Ndlovu freed after 19 years
1983 - Tim Raines is 1st since Ty Cobb to steal 70 & drive in 70 runs
1985 - 8 killed as roof collapses in Brussel's supermarket
1985 - Hurricane Gloria's 130 MPH wind hits Atlantic coast
MLB Outfielder Tim RainesMLB Outfielder Tim Raines 1986 - Senate joins House of Reps voting for sweeping tax reforms
1987 - 27th Ryder Cup: Europe beats US, 15-13 at Muirfield Village GC (Ohio)
1987 - Jan Stephens wins LPGA Konica San Jose Golf Classic
1987 - NFL players' strike
1987 - Phil Niekro final appearance & is pounded for 5 runs in 3 innings
1988 - Grand jury evidence shows Tawana Brawley fabricated rape story
1988 - Senate votes for major federal tax code changes
1988 - The National League for Democracy, led by Aung San Suu Kyi is founded in Burma (Myanmar)
Burmese Politician Aung San Suu KyiBurmese Politician Aung San Suu Kyi 1989 - Oakland wins AL West & SF wins NL West title
1989 - Sony purchases Columbia Pictures for $3.4 billion cash
1990 - Dee Dee Ramone arrested on marijuana possession
1990 - Deposed emir of Kuwait address UN General Assembly
1990 - Gunman holds 33 people (killing 1) hostage in Berkeley Calif
1990 - Senate Judiciary committee approves Souter's Supreme Court
1990 - Tour de France champion Greg LeMond visits White House
1990 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1991 - "Princesses" premieres on CBS TV
1991 - President Bush decides to end full-time B-52 bombers alert
1991 - 1st scheduled NHL exhibition game in St Petersburg Fla, is cancelled due to poor ice conditions (NY Islanders vs Boston Bruins)
US President George H. W. BushUS President George H. W. Bush 1992 - ASPCA stops Santeria ceremony in Bronx halts sacrifice of 42 animals
1992 - LA Dodgers for 1st time in history clinch last place
1992 - Military transport plane crashes in Lagos, Nigeria killing 163
1992 - Nancy Scranton wins Los Coyotes LPGA Golf Classic
1992 - Pittsburgh Pirates win their 3rd straight NL East title
1992 - Seattle's Randy Johnson ties AL record for lefties with 18 strike outs
1993 - Actor Daniel Day Lewis pleads guilty to speeding charges
1993 - The Sukhumi massacre takes place in Abkhazia.
1996 - Balt Oriole Roberto Alomar spits in face of umpire John Hirschbeck
1996 - In Afghanistan, the Taliban capture the capital city Kabul after driving out President Burhanuddin Rabbani and executing former leader Mohammad Najibullah.
1996 - The Julie N. tanker skip crashes into the Million Dollar Bridge in Portland, Maine spilling thousands of gallons of oil.
1998 - Core States Betsy King Golf Classic
1998 - Google is launched.
2002 - Timor-Leste (East Timor) joins the United Nations.
2003 - Actress Halle Berry announces her separation from second husband, R&B singer Eric Benet
2003 - Smart 1 satellite is launched.
2005 - Atlanta Braves clinch their 14th straight division title thanks to Philadelphia's loss to the New York Mets
2008 - CNSA astronaut Zhai Zhigang becomes the first Chinese person to perform a spacewalk while flying on Shenzhou 7.
MLB Pitching Legend Greg MadduxMLB Pitching Legend Greg Maddux 2008 - Greg Maddux wins his final start of his career (#355)
2012 - UN publicly releases documents from China and Japan detailing their contesting claims for the Senkoku Islands
2012 - The Mars Curiosity rover discovers what evidence of a fast-moving streambed-in Mars
2012 - The 2004 Japanese discovery of the 133th element has been confirmed
2013 - 7 people are killed in mosque bombings in Baghdad, Iraq
2013 - 19 people are killed and 45 are injured in a bus bombing in Peshawar, Pakistan
2013 - At least 22 people are killed after a refugee ship capsizes off the island of Java
2013 - 60 people are killed after a building collapses in Mumbai, India

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