Famous Weddings & Divorces for Year 1955

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Famous Weddings

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Jan 15th - Film director Stanley Kubrick (26) weds theatrical designer Ruth Sobotka (29)
Jan 17th - Murderer Charles Manson (20) weds waitress Rosalie Jean Willis (17)
Feb 16th - Playwright Brendan Behan (32) weds Beatrice Salkeld at Donnybrook Church in Dublin, Ireland
Feb 17th - Novelist J. D. Salinger (36) weds Claire Douglas
Mar 17th - Erotic writer Anaïs Nin marries actor Rupert Pole at Quartzsite, Arizona, while still married to her first husband
Apr 5th - Musician Ray Charles (24) weds Della Beatrice Howard
Jun 18th - Former World No. 1 tennis player Lew Hoad (20) weds tennis player Jenny Staley (21) at St Mary's Church in Wimbledon, England
Jun 26th - Actor Geoffrey Holder marries Carmen de Lavallade
Jul 2nd - Desmond Tutu marries Leah Nomalizo Shinxani
CBS, Fox, and ESPN Sportscaster Pat SummerallCBS, Fox, and ESPN Sportscaster Pat Summerall (Jul 2nd) Jul 2nd - NFL placekicker Pat Summerall (25) weds Kathy Jacobs
Jul 11th - "Gone with the Wind" actor Clark Gable (54) weds former fashion model and actress Kay Spreckles
Jul 29th - Mexican artist Diego Rivera (68) marries 4th wife art dealer Emma Hurtado
Aug 25th - "Dracula" actor Bela Lugosi (72) weds Hope Lininger (36)
Aug 29th - "Untamed Youth" actress Mamie Van Doren (24) weds trumpeter and actor Ray Anthony (33)
Sep 18th - Actress-singer Debbie Reynolds (23) weds singer Eddie Fisher (27)
Sep 18th - Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara (27) weds Peruvian economist Hilda Gadea (34) in Mexico
Oct 2nd - Actress Joyce Randolph marries publisher Richard Charles
Physicist William ShockleyPhysicist William Shockley (Nov 23rd) Nov 23rd - Physicist William Shockley (45) weds psychiatric nurse Emmy Lanning
Dec 17th - Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (47) weds Cecilia Suyat
Dec 31st - Actor Gregory Peck (39) weds philanthropist Veronique Passani (23)

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 2 of 2

Actress Elizabeth MontgomeryActress Elizabeth Montgomery (Aug 9th) Aug 9th - Actress Elizabeth Montgomery (22) divorces socialite Frederick Gallatin Cammann after more than a year of marriage
Dec 30th - Actor Gregory Peck (39) divorces real estate broker Greta Kukkonen (44) after 13 years of marriage

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