Famous Weddings & Divorces for Year 1975

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Famous Weddings

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Jan 21st - Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor (57) weds toy inventor Jack Ryan (48) (div. 1976)
Feb 21st - Cincinnati Reds catcher Johnny Bench (27) weds Vickie Chesser in Cincinnati, Ohio
Mar 29th - Molecular biologist Peter Agre (26) weds Mary Macgill
Apr 2nd - Actress Jane Curtin (27) weds television producer Patrick Lynch
May 6th - Actor Sean Connery (44) weds Micheline Roquebrune in Casablanca
Jun 7th - Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard (21) weds Cheryl Alley (21) at Magnolia Park United Methodist Church in Burbank, California
Jun 30th - Cher, just 4 days after divorcing Sonny Bono marries Gregg Allman
Jul 20th - "The Exorcist" writer William Peter Blatty (47) weds tennis player Linda Tuero (24) in Las Vegas
Aug 5th - Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry (25) weds Elissa Jerret
Actress Maggie SmithActress Maggie Smith (Aug 23rd) Aug 23rd - Actress Maggie Smith (40) weds playwright Beverley Cross (44) at the Guildford Register Office in Surrey, England
Sep 1st - Broadcasting pioneer Roone Arledge (44) weds Ann Fowler
Sep 13th - Novelist Danielle Steel (28) weds Danny Zugelder in the prison canteen
Oct 10th - Actress Elizabeth Taylor (43) 6th marriage and remarriage to actor Richard Burton (49)
Oct 11th - Future US President Bill Clinton weds future Secretary of State Hillary Rodham
Oct 17th - Bee Gees Maurice Gibb weds Yvonne Spencely
Nov 8th - NBA legend Larry Bird (18) weds highschool sweetheart Janet Condra
Dec 6th - US Senator Bob Dole (52) weds former senator Elizabeth Hanford (39)
Astronaut Buzz AldrinAstronaut Buzz Aldrin (Dec 19th) Dec 19th - Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (45) weds Beverly Zile
Dec 30th - Director Martin Scorsese (33) weds teacher and author Julia Cameron (27) in Libertyville, Illinois

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 4 of 4

Jun 26th - Cher divorces Sonny Bono
Jul 10th - Cher files for divorce from Gregg Allman, 10 days after they married
Beatles Drummer Ringo StarrBeatles Drummer Ringo Starr (Jul 17th) Jul 17th - Ringo Starr & Maureen Cox divorce
Nov 10th - Journalist Ben Bradlee (54) divorces Antoinette Pinchot after 19 years of marriage

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